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Wednesday, 12-01-16: I got a deer!
I got my deer yesterday afternoon. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I shot a small "skipper" doe at 1525 at my favorite Supertree from a half-assed ground blind.

I was actually planning to hunt in a gully at the front end, closer to where I park. Deer sign there is great. However, another hunter was right in the field behind some fan-looking popup blind (what a bunch of crap!) so I decided to go back further to my tree stand. As I was walking to the stand I decided I've hunted that too much lately and the tree it watches doesn't have much fruit left so I sat in my old ground blind from last year. I got there at 1505, a little later than I would have liked because of the other hunter being near where I wanted to hunt. Fortunately the woods were wet so I got in quietly. I had only been sitting for about 20 minutes when I saw two deer coming from exactly the perfect spot relative to my position. I drew before they stepped out, but the first deer turned at the last minute. Thankfully the second deer stepped out broadside and gave me a great opportunity for a 27-28 yard shot. The arrow was a pass-through, a good hit. At first I thought I hit the deer too far back, but I watched it run about 70 yards and then lie down. She then moved slightly but then all was still. Turns out it was a good kill shot and not too far back on the body at all.

^Not the best photo, but hey sometimes you just gotta make due with what you have.

After I saw the deer lay down I sat and waited in my blind, and only a couple minutes later the other deer reappeared and walked the same route that the deer I just shot had run. It followed to where the other deer was laying and then moved on. Then, only a minute or two after that, a larger doe followed and went near the spot where my deer was laying. By then I was almost positive I had a kill because both deer got to the spot within minutes of each other and each deer seemed confused. The deer had no clue I was there at all. Leafy wear is good stuff! In hindsight maybe I could have waited for that third and larger doe to come along before I shot one of the smaller ones, but I have no regrets because now I will have some meat for the freezer.

I waited a couple more minutes and made a half-assed effort to find my arrow (did not see it) before I slowly went over to the deer. Sure enough it was right where I saw it lay down and already dead as expected. I felt bad, I always feel bad when I kill an animal, but then I got to work. I had time to gut the deer and drag it out all before full 100% dark. The good thing about shooting a small deer is the drag, especially from way back where I hunt. The damp ground helped, too. Maybe today I'll go look for my arrow if I get my butchering done fast enough. I did use an illuminated nock, but I don't think it lit upon release. If it did it buried in leaves or something so I couldn't see it. Of course it was still broad daylight when I poked around in search of the arrow. I didn't look for long because I knew where my deer was and I wanted to get it gutted, washed out, tagged, and back home.

I left my deer in the back of the truck last night as opposed to hanging her from the back new deck because I didn't want the puppies to have a new interest out back for any longer than necessary. It stayed around 35-38 all night, and now just after 0700 it is up to 39 enroute to the low 40s for midday. I think the standard fridge temp is 38, right? No way my meat will have spoiled overnight, and that is important because every single useable piece of meat from that deer is going into my freezer. I saved the heart and the liver, too. The heart tastes good when cooked on a skillet with butter or bbq sauce. The liver, I dunno about that one but I'll give it a try and see what I think.

When I shot the deer yesterday there was a very fine mist in the air, light NE wind, and 100% cloudy. We got a rainstorm (snow up north) overnight, and only in the last few minutes has the deluge let up to a lighter rain. Everything is soaked outside. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, it happens and I am glad it's not snow.

^Was pouring here only 30 minutes ago. Thankfully it looks to be ending soon so I can start cutting up my deer. It will take me several hours to do including final cleanup, sharpening knives, etc. I should get off this turd-heap site that no one ever reads and start getting my materials ready. meat grinder, knives, gambrel for hanging the deer, etc. It's been two years since I got a deer; the last one I shot I believe was a doe down in Warren with my 30.06. I hung her in the garage, but now the garage is Dillon and Debbis's bedroom/Kat's future DJ studio. Actually, there is no garage anymore because it is all finished, heated, functional living space.

^11-12-2014. I think she weighed 110? Hmmm... she looks a lot bigger than the deer I shot last night. What a bunch of crap! Maybe the deer I shot is only 60 pounds? I was thinking 75-80 last night. I'll never know because Van Raymond's doesn't have a scale and I'm not messing around with trying to figure it out. It doesn't matter, and I don't even care... whether or not I care. I got a deer, meat for the freezer, and that is awesome.

My hunting season is over. I got my deer! I should have had two deer, but I suck and do not. One is better than none, though. I should thank that other hunter again because I talked to him at the end of my hunt as I was dragging my deer out, and he didn't see jack friggin' shit. If he wasn't there I would have been there, and I would not have seen a deer either. Sometimes other hunters screw me all up (last Friday), but last night another hunter worked to my benefit. Awesome!

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