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"Today Pop turns 46 years old." - My June 7, 1995 journal entry (I'm 46 years old now.)

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Friday, 6-10-22: We're both getting better.
Kat had COVID and a stroke a couple weeks ago, and I've been sick with some sort of chest cold/sinus problem for just over three weeks. What a bunch of crap! I should have gone to a doc, but I didn't. I saved a couple hours (or more) of precious... precious time by not going, and I saved a couple hundred bucks (or more) as well. I should get signed up through the VA, but I never make things like that a priority.

I have been feeling better lately, and I keep improving. Kat is also improving, and her memory seems much better. She has been able to work down at the bar for a few hours each of the past few mornings until she gets tired and needs to call it a day. She tries to do too much, but I don't blame her for not wanting to just sit around all day. Right now she's cleaning her studio here at the house. That studio has been a catch-all for everything lately so she can't even use it for anything. What a bunch of crap!

I worked some more on this yesterday:

I got a 30-minute lift done and then I did some more painting. I need to get that other stuff out of there, but this is the back-cellar storage area right now:

^What a bunch of crap! Hopefully next week we can get that cleaned out, but I don't want my awesome wife to overdo it so maybe we won't. I can't do it without her because she has to decide what to do with a lot of that stuff. That bed in the first gym photo that I posted was Jason and Doug's bunk bed from our childhood. It's been in the family for decades, and I don't want to get rid of it or take it to Goodwill. Maybe Jason will want it back one day? I'd love for him to have it for his family, but I don't think they will want it.

That bunk-bed set was part of a bunch of other things that I pulled from the Allen Rd cellar when I was cleaning it out 1.5 months ago. I had a lot of stuff left over there, things that were covered in dust and forgotten. I have a box full of old journals as well so I'm planning to read through at least a few of them over the summer.

I don't miss Allen Rd at all so far. I'm quite relieved to not have to do the landlord thing anymore, and I feel like I finally have some precious... precious free time. The new landlords for Allen Rd rented our old apartment 2 to a husband and wife traveling nurse couple. They'll be there for three months, and I'm sure they're paying at least $1600 a month. They actually came into our restaurant a couple days ago and met Dillon. He was their server (also manager on duty) and got to talking to them. Pretty cool he lives right across the street from them with his own family.

Doug, Jon, and I rented that apartment September 1, 1998 for $545 a month with heat included. That place was a piece of shit that smelled like cat piss. The entire property was dumpy and ghetto, and now it's pretty nice.

The new owners of Allen Rd seem friendly, but they are tough on tenants compared to me. They sent me best wishes for Kat, and they sent me a few photos of the apartment. The place has never looked better, but OMG on the rents. That still pisses me off how much they are increasing rents, but there are two things I can do about it now: nothing and like it. I don't giv a shit if they charge $100,000 a month for my old apartment since that one was vacant, but all the other tenants are getting hosed later this year including poor Daniel and Emily. Rent now $950/month. Rent come fall = $1500/month plus $100/year nonrefundable pet fee. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! The market right now is just broken. Thanks for the bad economy and inflation, Biden.

I took a little break from getting some of my projects done while I focused on Kat and seeing her improve, and now it's time to get back to it. I'll try to do a little more in the cellar today before I work tonight, and who knows maybe I'll take a nap. We're expecting a 75-degree, low humidity day today so I'd love to go for a jog and sit outside with my best friend/wife. It's 1000 now, and I already spent an hour or more cleaning the house. Soon I'll get off this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads and I'll get to work for a while.

Gas is close to $5 a gallon here now. What a bunch of crap! The Red Sox lost late last night to the Angels after winning 7 in a row. No complaints there. The Celtics are up 2-1 against Golden State in the NBA finals with game 4 in Boston tonight. Go Celtics! Tom Brady is back for what is likely a final season with Tampa Bay for this upcoming NFL season. That guy is going to play QB at age 45, just like he said he would all those years ago when he was still with the Patriots. Wow!



Monday, 6-06-22: Guy needs to learn how to use his newer phone.
I have this newer Motorola cellphone, and I barely know how to use it. I think I've had it around 4 months? I could check the archives, but it doesn't matter. Whether it's been 3 months, 4 months, or 5 months that's still plenty of time to learn the thing. Unfortunately I haven't made it a priority at all so I am still quite useless with the thing. I have photos in it, but I don't even know how to put them onto my computer. I dunno how to install my Legacy of the Wizard ringtone either. What a bunch of crap!

Yesterday was Kat's 47th birthday, and we tried to do some things and had a bit of success. I got her to the restaurant mid-late morning for our Sunday brunch birthday breakfast. She had COVID and a stroke late last month, but thankfully the COVID test was negative and she is showing some improvement. She's still not close to better, but I see progress. She did better today as well and was able to show me how to do some of our food inventory. I'm not good at inventory at all, and she can fly through it when she is feeling well. Her and I spent 3 hours down at the bar before I brought her home for the day. We had lunch together then I went back to the bar to finish a few things before a trip to the bank and Wal-Mart.

We watched a mediocre movie called Old before bed, and I was happy to be able to talk to her about parts of the movie today. I think if we watched the movie a few days ago she wouldn't have remembered much about it. The short-term memory is seriously impaired still, but on certain things she is really sharp. The movie was about some hidden beach that makes people age rapidly so 30 minutes on the beach equals one year, or something like that. It was an interesting concept, but flawed execution with lots of plot holes. I'd rate it 5/10.

I've still not been feeling well, and I almost went to walk-in care this morning to get checked out. This gods damned cough is like a turd in my life punch-bowl. I've had it for three weeks now, and every time I think I'm doing better it turns out I'm not. I felt like ten pounds of crap stuffed into a five-pound bag this morning, but I did feel somewhat better this afternoon and did better on a jog than I thought I would. Went 2.25 miles and had to walk a bit at the end, but I had only been able to jog/walk for a slow and pathetic one mile Saturday.

^This cough and Kat's stroke = massive turds in the punch-bowl of life. What a bunch of crap!

I haven't gotten anything really productive done lately. I haven't felt good, I've been worried about Kat, and I don't want to start something that pulls me away from her for too long. We are getting a pool table for the bar Thursday, but I don't think that will take up too much of my precious... precious time. We plan to put it in the event room, and we need to figure out how to best utilize it. Maybe on certain nights of the week we can open up the room, staff it with a bartender, and use it as an alternate/overflow. We have done that a few times to mixed success. It's hard to get a lot of people back there just to hang out so the pool table should help with that. Maybe? Hopefully!

On Monday next week I will be busy and probably be putting in a full day of work ripping out our old walk-in freezer and having a new one installed. Our HVAC guy will be there helping, and I have no idea how long it will take. We did buy it from Flagg's and they will come set up the new box. However, getting rid of the old one and clearning out the space is not going to be a fast endeavor.



Thursday, 6-02-22: Goodbye to another terrible month.
I couldn't even start this bootleg update that almost no one will ever read because I had to sneeze a couple times and blow out some snot. My health was poor for the last half of May, but I really can't complain that much because my poor wife's health ended up even worse. I had to take her to the ER Saturday night from work because she was a physical mess, and I had to take her again Monday morning. On Monday they determined that not only did she have COVID but she also had a stroke. OMG.


What caused it? Docs think COVID had a part, maybe caused it all, but it very well could be other factors including the stress of running the restaurant/bar. Kat pours her soul into the place, and she has been working there way too much. We both have been, but especially her with doing inventory, schedules, dealing with reps, hosting karaoke, and dealing with most of the employee gripes, complaints, and stupid shit.

My poor wife had been feeling off for at least a week, and last Thursday she couldn't do her karaoke show because she felt too shitty. Nate covered for her at the last-minute, and I went down to the bar and got drunk while she slept. She was pissed off at me for getting drunk, but I wasn't really sorry. I had to go anyway since Travis didn't have a key (new MOD) and I had to lock up. I did have one too many drinks, though. No booze for me tonight, and none since then. I haven't even had the desire because Kat is not okay right now and I want to be ready if she gets worse. Last week I didn't know she was sick from the 'rona; she gets sick often so it becomes almost the norm at times. Not proud of that, but it's the truth.

Strokes can be scary because you can end up like this guy from Legend of the Fall:

A stroke can turn anyone into a mental baked potato (BIDEN?) so thankfully Kat is not a mental invalid. She is weak, but she is aware. Her short-term memory needs work, but I think she'll get there. I spent time today quizzing her on little things. Stuff like "What do the neighbors have on their porch across the street" and "How many times have I filled up your water bottle for you?" She usually can answer, but it is a slow response. She has to think about it, and sometimes she loses her words for a moment. Sounds terrible when described that way, but it really could be so much worse. She passes all of my tests, but it takes her a little longer than I'd like.

Fucking COVID. What a total shit-show this world has become. Lately I get drunk and write on here how much I hate my life, and it's basically true. My life is a train-wreck ever since we did the restaurant. Covid is like the shit-cherry on top. Now there is sometime called MONKEY POX, but I don't even care about that right now. There is no room for that in my life at the moment. I took two COVID tests recently and they both came back negative, but something questionable is going on since I haven't been well for a couple weeks.

May was a bad month. What a bunch of crap! How many more bad months can I take? Kat was not doing well at all yesterday, but I did see a small improvement today. Plus the weather was perfect so we could go outside for a while, and that helped. I'm also improving, but I'm not great. I did use my bootleg new cellar gym both yesterday and today. Not a long or arduous workout, but it's a start. Yesterday I was finishing up a short, 25-minute lift when I heard a THUD on the floor above. My first thought was Kat fell, but then I heard the dogs prancing around and thought maybe they were playing. I came upstairs ASAP, and Kat was on the kitchen floor. OMG. She landed on her ass so she was not hurt, but it still sucked. She gets dizzy and has a hard time walking around. She's beat.

Thankfully we haven't been needed too much at the restaurant so I've been able to spend time with my wife. I go down and work some here and there because it needs to be done. A little inventory, some bills, payroll, the usual. I got called in to help for a half hour last evening because it got busy for supper. Not full, but hit all at once. Nothing taking me away for too long. Tomorrow I work 1700-close so that will be a 9-hour shift. I don't like leaving Kat at home by herself for that long so I'll count on Dillon and Daniel to check in on her here at the house. Even though work is really close to our house Friday nights get incredibly busy so I can't just take off on a whim.

The Celtics are on right now, and it's 66-60 Golden State in the 3rd. Boston beat Miami in game 7 a few days ago to advance to the finals. Golden State is favored so all I can hope for is a good, close series. I'm not a HUGE fan, but it's interesting enough to watch most of. Go Boston! Kat went to sleep, but I'm staying up just in case I'm needed at the bar. I don't want to leave the house if I don't have to; things are not busy at the bar right now so I think I can stay here and bivouac soon. Maybe? Hopefully!

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