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Thursday 3-04-21: Can we open and sell anything tomorrow?
Our first soft-open, a limited event for friends and family, is supposed to happen tomorrow at our new bar. Will it happen? I think so, but it's not a given. The fuckin' dishwasher sat in a local warehouse for 6 gods damned days because they had the wrong phone number to call to set up a delivery time. What a bunch of crap! The dishwasher is badass, and it is rated for heavy commercial use. We can't wash all the dishes by hand given the amount of volume we will *hopefully* do once we are fully open.

The dishwasher is heavy. HEAVY. Getting it into place was a challenge, but we had most of the new hires there for training yesterday morning when it finally did arrive. A bunch of us maneuvered the nearly 500-pound machine through a few doors and into place. Bruce was a champion and came right over to plumb it for us. Ben stopped by to figure out the materials needed for the 3-phase wiring, and he plans to get most of that part done today. If we don't have that dishwasher running by tomorrow AM we will be hurting for precious... precious time since we are trying to open for our friends/family by 1700 (5PM) tomorrow.

Today is more staff training starting at 1030 so I'll head down to the bar in a little bit to take care of a few things and meet with Neil and Ang before I have to go take care of a tax client at 0900. The AM tax appointment should be easy, and I think I can get it done well within an hour. Maybe? Hopefully! If I can get my ass back to the bar by 1020 that would be great so I can give a little pre-work speech to the staff and start them at 1030 for more training.

Yesterday was hectic and stressful down there, and I had more than a few second thoughts about doing this whole thing. I still do regret agreeing to open a bar and restaurant so I hope we can get it up and running smoothly enough to at least pay back the initial investment. I don't even give a shit about making a profit anymore, I just want to break even to pay back the loans to the business that I made. I do think the place, if run properly, can turn a great profit and be a huge boost for the community. Things are looking awesome now. Liquor is in place on the bar, beer is pouring from the taps, and yesterday the new kitchen staff helped receive our first massive food order.

Social media, a platform I do NOT use at all, is a big part of our advertising, promotion, and hype for the place. Failbook can eat the peanuts out of my ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttt. However, there is no denying the girls have done a great job managing the business Failbook page in order to create a buzz. I should go look at it now since I have not seen it maybe ever? Kat probably showed me some things on it, but I don't remember ever going to it on my own computer. I can't do it on my phone since that thing does not do Internet hehehehe!

Okay I did a Google search for Mad Kat & Company Bar & Grill and saw two reviews. We are not open yet so all I wanna know is why? Why are there two reviews already? One from Adam says awesome place awesome people. Thanks, Adam! Do I know you? Did we hire you? Hehe.

This review, WTF?!:
Not much to go on here. Can't find their hours. No website. All it says is that it is a Grill. But what kind? Is it sports oriented. Do they serve alcohol with meals? I just don't know and I'm not traveling there to find out.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Hey "Major Pike", we have not even opened yet you useless pile of civilian shit! I looked for a REPLY button, but there is not one. Gods damn it! Okay where is that Faibook page of ours? I hate going to Failbook because I will get that stupid popup every 5 seconds asking me to join the cult or to log in. Sometimes I have to get on a Failbook when I am looking up a business that does not have its own web page, and I hate doing that shit.

^Hey cool those were from yesterday awesome. Yesterday was another long day, and I am getting tired of the long days. I did make time to play racquetball for the first time in a couple weeks, though. I lost as ususal, but it was great exercise. As an added bonus my tennis-elbow, something that has been bothering me quite a bit more often than not over the past 6 months, is not too bad lately. The carpentry is finally coming to an end. Oh Jesus, hell ya! We still have a lot of little things left to do, though. Once I finish this bootleg update that almost no one will ever read I plan to go install new toilet seats in the ladies' bathroom and secure one of the two vanities to the wall properly before I do go to the tax office.



Tuesday 3-02-21: Three days until we make our first dollar from food/alcohol?
Our epic soon-to-be bar/restaurant is opening for friends and family in just three days. Maybe? Hopefully! We should have a better idea by later today if we can actually do that or not. If not that will suck. A lot. Code comes this morning at 0830 to *hopefully* give us a COO (Certificate of Occupancy) so that part is quite critical to us being able to do any business. Also quite critical will be the POS (Point of Sale) system that has already shipped and arrived. The company we are using, Upserve, is supposed to be sending someone to hook it all up for us no later than tomorrow. We could do a little opening for friends/family without Upserve, but that would also suck. A lot. Having the perfect technology there for new hires to ring in sales the right way is incredibly important.

Finally, we still don't have a dishwash machine. What a bunch of crap! It was supposed to come last Thursday so not having it yet is all-bad. Once it arrives it is not plug-and-play so we will need our contractors to wire it and plumb it. Without a dishwasher we will have to serve pizza on paper plates and that is not ideal. We want to have a full menu with all products available; the food order is already written up and is going to be finalized today assuming we can locate our friggin' dishwasher. Washing all the kitchen pots and pans by hand is not an ideal scenario for us, and I don't even think we are set up properly to do that. We've always planned to have a commercial dishwash machine.

All our new hires officially start today, including the four of us owners who are also going on the payroll as employee/owners. We hired 21 people plus the 4 of us, and I think we have a good mix of people to start. Almost everyone whom we are hiring has experience in the industry. The plan today is to have our initial company meeting at 1030 so I have my part of the welcome-speech all ready to go. Just kidding it's not ready at all! However, I can just talk on the fly no worries at all. We have a lot to do today. A LOT. I guess that is why it is 0100 and my loser-ass is awake. Could not sleep. What a bunch of crap!

We hung out again down at the bar last Friday, but not as long as we did the week prior. I did take some pictures:

^Kat singing karaoke. Once we open we have a Covid-19 barrier for people to stand behind. Gods damned 'ronavirus = what a bunch of crap! It set us back on our opening for sure, but we also set ourselves back some by underestimating how much work was needed just to get it mostly code-compliant and not looking like a dumpy ghetto.

^Thanks to Jason all the TVs are working great as well as the sound, cameras, and even our phone. I have no idea what our phone number even is. What a bunch of crap! The liquor bottles will sit on and in front of that illuminated shelf under the mirrors and should look awesome, especially at night. The 12-tap beer system to the right of the mirrors is not hooked up yet, but we are getting kegs this morning and our excellent beer guy, Jim, is coming later to get it all finished. We might have draft beer by the end of today at our bar. Oh Jesus, hell ya!

I hope I can go back to bed because being up at this hour sucks a little. I got about 3 hours of sleep, give or take, so that is enough for now. It is only 0114 so I can rack out for a couple more hours at some point. Maybe I'll shovel in a little food and read some tax forums. That tends to get tedious after too long and it might help put my ass to sleep. If I still feel wide awake in a little bit then I will just do yoga. I hope we don't lose power. Temps are falling and will be around 5 degrees at first light with 40-50MPH winds. Winter ain't done just yet. What a bunch of crap! It is almost done, though. One frigid day then things look a little better. Sunday was in the mid 40s and I went for a 2-mile jog outside. My first jog of 2021 OMG. I was slow, but I did okay.

I should take a day off at some point this month. However, I don't see how I can with the new bar/restaurant opening and with my tax office being fairly busy. There are 6 weeks and two days until the filing deadline so at some point after we open the bar I need to sit down in the office and really work on our own taxes. I know we will owe a lot. What a bunch of crap!


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