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Saturday, 11-10-18: Wife appendix blowout.
All I wanna know is why? Why did my wife see two different doctors when she was feeling like 10 pounds of shit stuffed into a 5 pound bag earlier this week to no avail? Her gastro doc and her primary doc = epic failer. Finally it took a trip to the ER and someone who possesses competency to realize her appendix was on the fritz. Diagnosos = appendicitis needing immediate surgery.

Last night was a rough one, and today hasn't exactly been a piece of cake. I had to drive in heavy wet snow back over to the hospital at 0130 when the forecast was for rain. Roads slippery, but thankfully no traffic and thankfully back over to rain eventually before any plowing or shovelling needed. I got to the hospital just in time to get the news that appendix removal was needed, and I stayed for about another hour before I came home to watch the dogs and to bivouac for 3.5 hours. My poor Sweet Pea was stuck there overnight, and the surgery happened just after 0600 today.

I've been back and forth to nearby St. Joseph's twice today, and thankfully my awesome wife seems to be doing better. I'm incredibly glad that we actually went to the ER last night. When we got to the hospital there were several other people (some of whom did NOT look very ill) ahead of us and Kat just wanted to quit and to go back home. I said no way, we waited, and the wait was worth it because the doc said her appendix had actually burst by the time they were doing the surgery. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP THAT CAN KILL YOU FAST.

Medical science is mostly above my paygrade, but from what I understand a ruptured appendix meaans you check out fast and don't ever check back in. Guy Googles how long it takes to die from a burst appendix with no medical attention...

This is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Having a ruptured appendix is a life-threatening situation. Rupture rarely happens within the first 24 hours of symptoms, but the risk of rupture rises dramatically after 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.

Okay I read a little more. You don't always die, but if causes infection that can kill eventually. No one even knows exactly what an appendix does, but probably it takes some function away from a body when it is removed. Kat joked it is her dancing organ so now she will dance a little less. Hehehehe. Docs say you don't need an appendix so all we can do is roll with it.

Man, I am just fried. Beat up from the feet up. I felt ok this morning, but I feel like I could sleep for a day and still not be caught up. Plus to make matters worse my electricians told me the heat is not working over at our newest property. I stopped in to see what appears to be evidence of a lot of water getting into and through the vent pipe and into the furnace. A BRAND FUCKING NEW FURNACE THAT WAS INSTALLED THURSDAY AND THAT WAS JUST BROUGHT TO LIFE YESTERDAY. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Furnace gets installed, we get heavy rains and even heavy wet snows, and furnace is dead. I think (but cannot yet confirm) that the vent was improperly installed to cant downhill to basically feed the furnace rainwater on a north wind, which is exactly the wind we had last night. Gods damn it.

I know my heating guys will make it right, but time is not exactly on my side with this god damn forecast:

^Friggin' winter forecast in mid-November what a bunch of crap! Tonight it won't freeze (probably?), but by tomorrow night I might have issues with my limited water if there is no solution. I really don't want things to freeze over there since not only do I have my working crapper but also since I have paint and caulk stowed there. Plus how the fuck am I going to work over there when it is in the 30s both inside and outside? I wasn't planning to work there tomorrow anyway, but come Monday I'd like to get more work done. Epic fuckin' fail.

I am so far off from where I should be right now not only on that building but also in life that it is ridiculous. It pisses me off, and I really have no one to blame but myself for some of it. However, Kat getting appendicitis and extreme weather really aren't things I can control. I also hired professional heating guys for that furnace and not just some hacks so how could I know that would end so badly? I hope it is an easy fix, but I would not be surprised if water fried some important parts in that furnace and special ordering may be needed. If that is the case then bye bye precious... precious money and time for a salamander-style heater so I can actually keep working over there this coming week. We have heaters now, but I'd need something more industrial-grade for the scope of work that place requires.

Kat has to spend tonight at St. Joseph's convalescing, and it seems likely she can come home tomorrow. She does seem better this afternoon so that is encouraging. The staff over there have all been great so far, too. I'm leaving in a few to go visit her again, and when I get home this evening I have a feeling I will fall asleep very fast. It sucks going to bed when my best friend is in the hospital and I can't see her in person to say goodnight. I might not fall asleep fast because I am not used to sleeping alone anymore. I can do it, but it just feels weird now. The end. Fin.



Friday, 11-09-18: Anything but a routine Friday night.
My Sweet Pea is in the hospital right now. My amazing wife has been feeling terribly for most of this week, and things have been progressing downhill for her each day. She suffers from gastroparesis, a lupus-side disorder of the digestive system, but normally she can manage it well enough. Unfortunately, this time she is in tremendous pain and she can't even drink water anymore without extreme pain in her stomach and gut area. What a bunch of crap!

I am not good at this medical stuff. The hospital feels like a foreign country to me, and I can't stand being there. Even worse is being there with a loved one and knowing you can't do a damn thing but sit there and watch and wait. I can go fix an ailing building, but I can't fix my ailing wife and that eats away at me. I'm "emotionally impotent" (exaggeration but with at least a modicum of truth) so that makes it even worse. I'm not good at showing her that I do care a lot. I just want her to finally be able to have a healthy period in her life since in the last year she has had a left knee replacement, a heart abation, and now this ongoing digesting problem. Gods damn it they better find a solution. As of yet there are no answers, but hopefully tonight some tests bear useable results.

Going to the ER is never an easy decision for my wife (or for me!), but I pushed a bit for it after I got home from another full work day and saw how she was doing. At first she said nope, but then after a couple hours she agreed to go. She is very dehydrated, has a fever, and is in exhorbitant pain to the point even touching her stomach causes waves of pain. Not helping is our puppy, Groot, who thinks jumping all over her is fun times. What a bunch of crap!

On a normal Friday night we'd both be at Jester's right now. She would be working, and I would be half in the bag. Thankfully she got her gig covered by DJ EJ (former Jivin' Jimmy Capone IWE IWE IWE!) It will be a LATE night for us both, and who knows we might not bivouac until sunrise. I spent a few hours at the hospital with Kat earlier while Katherine watched the dogs, but I came home about an hour ago to take over dog-duty for a bit. I'll definitely head back to St. Joseph's soon, and thankfully it is only 2 miles away and an easy drive at this time of day with little traffic. It is 37 degrees, and there were a few wet snowflakes hitting the windshield on the drive home, but the temp will rise and we won't have any snow. It is another close call for us, though. Once again a few inches up north. No accumulating snow is in the forecast for us yet, but I know it's coming since we're expecting a cold stretch starting Sunday and lasting into Thanksgiving week at least. What a bunch of crap that is!

I feel like I am under an enormous amount of stress lately, and that sucks. A lot. Not only do I have an ailing wife whom I cannot help in any way, but I also have North Main firing on all cylinders so to speak. I'm also behind schedule on that place and feeling the pressure of the coming cold, bigtime. On Wednesday my plow/landscaper was there to build a back driveway, yesterday was a new furnace install, and today was the busiest of all with a helper doing earth work out back, Katherine painting some, Ben and John doing electrical, my heating guys and Bangor Gas firing up the new furnace, and even a guy whom I know cleaning some "junk" out of the garage. I have been getting pulled in a lot of different directions at that job site each of the past three days, but it has been worth it because we've collectively gotten a lot done.

^Even though I was getting pulled in all kinds of different directions for parts of today I still got this front entry porch about 50% done. Off to the left will be a ramp, on the right will be a step, and a railing will be in the center. I did the door and both bay windows yesterday and Wednesday. Unfortunately it is going to get COLD so I might not do much exterior work for the next week or two. Oh well I need to finish that upstairs apartment anyway. Next week that will be my primary focus.

I feel like a piece of shit writing on this bootleg site that no one ever reads anyway while my wife is in a hospital bed in the ER, but what the fuck else am I going to do? I did update my business records and take care of a few other things. I'm trying to stay occupied until I go back over to St. Joseph's. I don't want to leave too early because I want the dogs to be mostly supervised. Copper and Tiger Lily would be fine, but Groot is still a puppy and prone to bouts of misdeeds. Yesterday she figured out how to hop the gate and get into the cat area. What a bunch of crap! We can't have her eating cat food and/or cat crap.

I actually hate being in the hospital. I can't stand that fucking place. I feel relieved when I can walk out the door, but I don't feel good about it knowing that my wife is stuck there. Sadly in the last year there have been several trips to and from the hospital for varying reasons, most of which I already mentioned above. It is extremely difficult for me to just hang out in the hospital; I bring a Reader's Digest and leaf through some of it, but it is hard to concentrate on any reading or anything at all for long.

I don't want to write on this bootleg shitty site anymore so I am going to do a little research and budgeting and then head back over to the ER. Hopefully when I am gone the dogs just sleep. It is 1237, and I expect we'll be at the hospital for at least a couple more hours. Hell they might keep her overnight, and if so then I will have to come back home without my lovely wife and that will suck. A lot. I don't give a crap when I sleep because I fixed that bullshit with some MIO energy water. It is a short solution since I am mentally and probably physically wpied out, but I'll man up like a boss and stay up as long as needed. I can sleep at some point this weekend and catch up. Maybe. Hopefully...


Wednesday, 11-07-18: Election aftermath.
Kat, Katherine, and I went to the auditorium yesterday to cast our ballots in the highly touted midterm election. The Republicans have had a majority control in the White House, in the senate, and in the house. However, after yesterday it appears the Democrats have taken the house nationwide. It took us over an hour just to cast our votes because the auditorium was so friggin full. What a bunch of crap! They only had two machines to take the papers, and it seemed like there were 10,000 people there voting. It was an amazing voter turnout and the busiest I've ever seen that place.

Most of the local results are in, but the Poliquin vs. Golden race is still too close to call at this early hour. I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life (Golden), and I have no regrets about doing so. I voted for Independent Terry Hayes for governer, but she lost to Democrat Janet Mills. Controversial blowhard Paul LePage is all done after 8 years and two terms. I never disliked LePage at all, I think he tried to do what was best for Maine, but at times he did come off as a pompous ass. Sorta like a tamer version of Trump!

Today we'll be in the 50s with some sun, and I plan to get some serious front exterior work done at our new property. Yesterday I prepped some of the front including the main entry door for the downstairs and one of the bay windows. That should make things a little easier today since a lot of my prep is done. If I don't get AT LEAST the new main door installed and one of the bay windows done today so I can J-channel that side then I will have failed and that would be an unacceptable bunch of crap.

^I removed the bay window on the left side yesterday, one of the two identical old and rotting display windows, and I threw some scrap wood over the hole as it started to rain hard. We've gotten a lot of rain lately, but thankfully there has been no accumulating snow yet. That might change next week, though...

Today I have my plow/landscape guys coming to install a back driveway. I also have a guy coming to haul on some of the old bootleg junk from the garage. Tomorrow is the new furnace install and the washer/dryer delivery for Dillon and Debbie. It looks to be a very busy next two days for that property, and hopefully we all get a lot done there. Tomorrow will be 48 so I should be able to work on that front some more. In a perfect world I'll get both bay windows and both front doors done by the end of tomorrow and then hopefully Friday I can start some of the front entry porch and siding. I definitely won't finish it all, but if I can get it to the point where only the siding is left to do then that would be a huge win. We'll see...

^Yesterday I also removed tht bootleg metal awning above the main door in the middle. I still don't know when Emera will connect my new electrical service, but hopefully it is soon. I'll call them later this week if they don't reach out to me first.



Sunday, 11-04-18: Hey cool a "free" hour.
Daylight savings time occurred last night at 0200. Or did it end? I dunno which is actually the "savings" part and which is the "normal" part, but I suspect the "savings part is now through some point in March. That means revielle was 0545, but wait thanks to the time bank account collecting 60 units of interest it was really 0445! Getting up that early was a giant bunch of crap, but it needed to be done because Groot had to go outside. Thankfully I did sleep another 30 minutes after that. I like to sleep in a little more on a Sunday, and I usually do just that because Friday night we bivouac late and I am normally at least half in the bag (or more hehehe.) That means Saturday night we make up for the little sleep from Friday.

I don't plan to do much work today, and it could be my last day off working at N Main for a couple weeks. It seems likely I will work there at least a little next weekend so I can get that upstairs apartment finished. Yesterday I didn't work there at all, but Gavin and I did team up for a dump-run so we stopped in briefly so he could see my progress and so we could grab a little bit of tree debris to haul on. I took a few pictures when I was there Friday night with the dogs.

^I 100% finished all my sheetrock install for the entire upstairs, and after I took that picture I even did half the bathroom ceiling and got a first coat of mud on the walls in there. Thankfully Tiger Lily didn't get in my way anymore because that space is way too small for even one of our three dogs and I. All those dark splotches on the walls where there is not new sheetrock is from glue that held on cheap panel-board in the past. I plan to panel the bottom half again so my sheetrock work on the lower half doesn't need to be perfect, just needs to be flat.

^Living room area; walls are done and painted, ceiling is done, and trim will be done in the next few days so I'll be prepped for the floor.

Even though I won't be working over there today I will be doing a little more work building my soon-to-be tax business. I need to register a website name, and I need to research what I'll need for technology (good computer, printer/scanner, phone, antivirus, etc.) I did sign up for phone and Interweb already for the property. On November 15th I'm getting my business phone line and a blazing 400-something-speed Interweb. I was going to do the 100-speed since that is plenty fast (we have 60 here at our house), but the 400 isn't that much more costly and it is A LOT faster. That will be great for Dillon, Debbie, and Travis for when they move in since their rent will include heat, hot water, and Internet. That 400-speed will be for the entire building and not just for my bootleg little tax corner.

Last Sunday I downloaded a trial version of tax software so today I'll play around with that some and see how I like it. I've used TaxAct in the past, but if I want to be more serious about this tax thing then I need to see what else makes sense for me. I don't even know how many tax returns I'll do, but hopefully I'll have a few dozen paying clients this season. Of course that all depends on how my signage and website come along, and right now I have neither one.

I think this morning I'll do some DDP Yoga, lift some weights in my bootleg gym, do some house cleaning, and take the dogs into the woods with me so I can swap out my SD card in the trail camera. The dogs LOVE going into those woods and it gives them a great workout. Speaking of the dogs, they are all fired up this morning so I just threw them outside so they could run and play. However, I had to go scoop up some fresh poop because Groot will on occasion stop to eat poop. What a bunch of crap! All I wanna know is why? Why do some dogs think it is okay to eat turds?

We are ony two days away from the midterm electrion, and Kat and I will for-sure go vote Tuesday. In the past I have always voted for either Independents and Republicans, but this time around at least one Democrat will be getting my vote. I have NEVER voted for a Democrat, ever. However, this time around I think Democrat Jared Golden will be a better option than Republican Bruce Poliquin. Golden is an ex-Marine, and we need more leaders representing this great state and great nation who have actually served in the military. Unfortunately more often than not we get stuck with shit-heels like our current draft-evading president Trump (foot issue kept him out of the draft during 'Nam?)

Many of the political ads on TV are brutal, especially the senator race between Golden and Poliquin. I saw on the news that the race between those two has had a record amount of money poured into it with a record amount of advertising. The Republicans really put me off with their low-brow attacks of Golden including the example that I posted below for the two of you who read this pathetic excuse for a website to see:

^Golden has tattoos, and his tats are featured prominently in some of the ads. It is clearly implied in the ads, especially the one above, that if you have tattoos you are somehow not qualified to be a senator. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I don't even have a tattoo, and I never want one, but I don't fucking care if he has a tattoo or multiple tattoos. The guy was a Marine and I'd bet at least one of his tats has a tie-in to the military. That should be respected and not exploited.

Poliquin might be a good guy, I dunno. However, he looks just like all the rest of them to me. Older white guy, could be the bad guy in a RoboCop movie running OCP. All set with that bullshit we need fresh blood and a more varied demographic. When I was at Mom and Dad's on Monday eating supper with them they asked who I was voting for. I said I was not sure about some of the races yet, but I was definitely going to vote for Golden. Dad almost spit out his food, and Mom started to blame Kat for "corrupting" me before she thankfully stopped herself. It was written all over their faces, though. What a bunch of crap! Dad went on some speech about how Golden is a liberal who doesn't even shoot guns, etc. My parents are HARDCORE Republicans. Good for them, but that doesn't work for me anymore and in all honesty Kat had nothing at all to do with my decision. I just don't want to vote for this guy:

^I picked a fair photo off Google because I have nothing against the guy. Just does not fit what I want for a Maine representative at this point. Most likely he had nothing to do with the Golden attack ads, but his party fucked him because I found those ads to be disgusting and totally off-putting. Therefore, Golden gets my vote and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. Hehehe.



Friday, 11-02-18: When I can play video games again.
I bought a SNES classic about a half a year ago, and I have not even taken it out of its package yet and plugged it in. What a bunch of crap! The damn thing better work or else bye bye $80 or whatever I paid for it at Best Buy. All I wanna know is why? Why do I feel so compelled to go do work on a Friday night when I could be chillin' here at the house and beating the crap out of Bowser or the Mother Brain?

^I am super-excited to play my SNES Classic, and the game I look forward to the most is SUPER METROID. The other games should be awesome, too. Metroid for the NES and for the SNES is awesome, and if you think otherwise then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

Sadly I do not make time for video games anymore. Instead I work, and when I am not working I spend quality time with my amazing wife. I also exercise some, and I have deer hunted a pathetic two times so far this season. What a bunch of crap that is! I just need to get North Main done so I can screw off more. Earlier this year I had time to play Super Mario Wii, but then I got busy gods damn it.

Thankfully I do like to work. Doing remodeling is a challenge, but when it is done and when it looks nice then the work is *mostly* worth it. I will be glad when North Main is all done, though. It is a HUGE project, and I think moving forward I should not take on something so epic anymore. Work to live, not live to work gods damn it.

I made a bootleg little schedule for myself on a post-it note earlier. It's not really so much a schedule as it is a timeline so I have a rough idea how many more hours of my precious... precious time I need to put in before that upstairs apartment is done. It is a list with things like CEILINGS 3HRS, FLOORS 20 HRS, etc. The total I have here is now 62 hours so if I work 31 hours each week for the next couple weeks then I have won. Unfortunately a schedule written on a post-it note does not guarantee jack friggin shit. What a bunch of crap!

While I was working today I heard a few political ads including one from some scocialist-chick. A SOCIALIST. OMG ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WHO WOULD ACTUALLY VOTE FOR A SOCIALIST THESE DAYS? SOCIALISM IS A GIANT BUNCH OF CRAP! Capitalism is flawed, greatly flawed (IE: Trump, Donald, J.) However, at least capitalism rewards people who work hard. Fuck socialism it is a toilet. I don't want to work harder than the average simp and then have to give my precious... precious resources away because other people are gods damn lazy.

\Oh wait our society now is essentially a welfare capitalist society, and that is not too far off the communist/socialist agenda. Make the wealthy pay a ton so the poor and useless can mooch. That's how we roll! I am okay with helping those in need, but a lot of people including MANY whom I know just abuse the system to get free hand outs. Like the government can just give and give and give forever without any adverse effects. What a bunch of crap that is! If you are able-bodied and take more than you give then fuck you up your fucking ass.

Thank the gods who do not really exist that I never reproduced. The net generations have a tough row to hoe thanks to the epic failer that is the current regime and mindset of this great nation. (It still is great but perhaps not as great as it was in year past because everywhere I look I am surrounded by assholes. What a bunch of crap!)

^AHAHAHAHAHAA! ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES, EVER. If you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. The end. Fin.

I am half in the bag. Time to go to the bar thankfully it is right around the corner so I can get borderline too drunk and still drive...



Friday, 11-02-18: Early revielle gods damn it. Okay maybe not all bad...
I was up at 0400 again today. What a bunch of crap! I was up at 0400 Wednesday morning, and yesterday I "slept in" until 0500. I've been falling asleep around 2200 so that's 6 hours of sleep last night. Not great, 7.5 or 8 is better, but maybe as I get older I don't need as much sleep? I know the dogs have been stirring and that kinda wakes me up, but also this morning I had to take a leak and that sucks. So not only did I have to get out of bed for myself but I also had to get out of bed to put Groot out. After that I could not go back to sleep. Pwned. I tried for a bit, but then I gave up and ate Corn Pops, yogurt, and a donut.

Donuts are awesome, and I like to have one with my breakfast. Sometimes I eat them at lunch and supper, too. If you don't like donuts then I hate you. I might hate you anyway, but I'd hate you a little more...

To quote Homer Simpson from a TV show that is still on but that should have ended 20 years ago:


I guess getting up three hours before sunrise isn't all bad. I have been able to take the dogs with me over to North Main so I can get some work done. 1.5 hours this morning from 0530 to 0700, and now I am back home for a bit. I might do Yoga or I might use my bootleg gym, and then it's back to work for the rest of the morning. I'll probably work some more this afternoon, but not too much because I plan to take a nap at some point. Kat has Jester's tonight so we won't go to bed until closer to 0200 tonight.

I want to have the upstairs apartment at North Main done in two weeks (twwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooo weekkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssss! Total Recall like a boss.) but that depends upon Emera and my electricians. I still have a lot of work to do in that apartment, but I am making good progress. Yesterday I worked outside for most of the day because it was cloudy and around 50 with light winds. Not bad for this time of year. I FINALLY finished the back deck and back siding yesterday. Oh Jesus hell ya! Hopefully I can post photos of the back side soon. We're going to get a lot of rain today and tomorrow so I probably won't take any pictures back there just yet. Plus I still do have a bit of tree debris to haul on, and next week the driveway should get installed and then the back truly will be all done.

I think when I go back there this morning I'll finish my last few little sheetrock pieces to install in the bathroom, mud, sand, and then start some trim. Most of the sheetrock work upstairs is done, and the only ceilings I have left to do are half a bedroom and the bathroom. Most of the prep is already done so I'd guess I could have all the ceilings 100% done in 4 or 5 hours. I won't get that all done today because I will need to buy more tiles, and I'd also like to take care of a few other things up there today and tomorrow. By this time next week the ceilings will be 100% done as will the sheetrock work and *hopefully* I'll have a lot of the painting done, too. Then the week after I can finish the kitchen (countertop, stain and polyurethane cabinets, trim, etc) and do the floors.


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