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Welcome to my crappy website. It truly is a bootleg bunch of crap, but I don't care. Not at all. I'm not doing it just to entertain you scumbags; I'm doing it because writing is fun but I am too lazy to actually write a real book. Don't laugh because I'm serious.

If you want to know who the hell I am and why I spent my hard-earned $18.17 to register this domain and to share my thoughts with the world then you can click here to find out. I have no update schedule so if you don't like it then you can ggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt oooooooouuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt!

"When I taught my kids to take in strays I didn't mean humans." - Kat regarding the dating choice of one of her kids.

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Tuesday, 3-17-23: Will we set our record today on St. Patrick's Day?
I'm not Irish, and I don't really give a crap about St. Patrick's Day. However, it's a mega-drinking day for many people and our bar is going to be PACKED later. I think it will be the busiest day we've ever had. Maybe? Hopefully! It's around 1400 now, mid-afternoon, and so far things aren't too crazy. We did open at 0900 instead of the usual 1200, and there are Irish-themed specials. Guinness 20oz drafts for $4 each, boiled dinner, bangers and mash, etc. The boiled dinner = what a bunch of crap! Corned beef hash = CORNED BEEF TRASH.

If you like corned beef I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. I don't loathe the taste of corned beef, but it's too salty and it looks like it's 50% animal fat. Plus cabbage is just terrible. WHo thought eating cabbage was a good idea? I'll eat it if there is nothing else and I'm wasting away so I guess during the potato famines of many years past in Ireland there probably wasn't much else to eat.

^WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Just give me a burger. (I do like the carrots and potatos.)

All I wanna know is why? Why is it called CORNED BEEF? Is it infused with actual corn? It does not look like it has corn in it, and I never taste corn. However, I rarely eat it so that last part is more theory. I should Google the answer to that thank you Interweb:

It's actually pretty simple — corned beef got its name from the dry curing process used to preserve the meat. A slice of beef was covered in “corns” (large, coarse pellets of salt), which would draw out the moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Okay, so it should be called SALTED BEEF. Gotcha. Friggin' weirdos hehehe.

Paddy Murphy's, an Irish bar downtown Bangor, opened at 0500. Hahahaha. Supposedly the cops had to break up some kind of fight there before they even opened what a bunch of crap! Hopefully there are no fights in out place tonight. We do have extra help and a bouncer for tonight, and we might put him on every Friday and Saturday soon because weekends get VERY busy. Tonight will be epic not only because it's St. Patrick's Day but also because it's on a Friday and it's also our 2-year anniversary of our public grand opening.

I've already been at work for a few hours already today. Since it wasn't a crazy busy start I worked on some drop-off tax stuff. I was incredibly busy yesterday doing taxes, and I had several different clients at the desk. I did that on purpose so I didn't have to schedule any in-person clients today or tomorrow. I could squeeze one or two in tomorrow if necessary, but I might be beat up from the feet up after what should be a really crazy busy night tonight. Plus we have a couple smaller events tomorrow so I'll be at work a little extra for those ones. I'm only taking a relatively small break today so I can update this bootleg site that no one ever reads and lift a few weights downstairs. Who knows, I might jog a mile on the treadmill also. It's almost the time of year when I can start jogging outside, but not quite yet. We got a few inches of heavy, wet snow Tuesday night so that's still melting away. When I do jog outside it'll be BRUTAL since I've only used the treadmill for about one mile in the past two months. What a bunch of crap! I have been better with yoga and lifting weights lately, though.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this trash-pile of a website, I gotta go do other things now. Happy anniversary to our bar/restaurant!



Tuesday, 3-07-23: Level-up sales, level-up in the gym.
I had a chance to compare our business sales for the first two months of this year vs. the first two months of last year, and the results are great. We're not making money yet, but we're on the right track. We have more ads running, we've gotten a lot of positive buzz in the community, and the event room is really ripping lately. Lots of bookings, lots of inquiries, a variety of different groups coming to our restaurant/bar for big events and group parties.

I spend more time than ever responding to phone calls and e-mails regarding our beautiful banquet space. I did a showing Saturday at noon, and the people are coming tomorrow to pay a deposit for an upcoming sorority formal-thing. A bunch of drunk 21/22-year old college chicks running around the place. What could possibly go wrong?! It could end up as a train wreck, but 50-75 of them are coming so let's see how it goes. It's actually the SECOND big sorority party we have on the calendar for this spring. Those could be two very interesting Saturdays. Bitches better behave or they will all have to ggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttt oooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

25 years ago I would have paid money to work that shift, but now I'm only looking forward to it because of the revenue it will likely generate. Where there are a bunch of women the men always seem to follow so let's see how full the bar gets for those ones. Hell, the bar gets packed lately regardless, as long as we have karaoke, food, and drinks. (and we do!) Weekends are nuts at our place to the point we've tried to use the event room more and more for overflow. We can't always use it for overflow when there are private parties and when no staff are available to work it. We need at least one employee back there to keep an eye on things, and in a perfect world we put a bartender on as well as a DJ.

^Banquet room = key to making a profit in the future.

So the place is really starting to level-up this year, and sales have been up 18.5%. More impressive are food sales: up 38.4%. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I didn't look at event-room rental, but that is up as well and by A LOT. The most impressive stat of all is the fact we are open 9 fewer hours per week. At this time last year we opened at 1200 on Tues, Wed, and Thurs and now we don't open until 1600. However, we did add a breakfast "brunch" Saturday mornings so now we open at 0900 instead of 1200 that day. Labor is down a tad as compared to last year, but we still aren't breaking even yet. Heat and electric this time of year = what a bunch of crap!

I've also been leveling-up my gym use lately. I'm not using it as much as I did years ago, but I'm very pleased with where I have been with it. I used the downstairs gym 4 times last week, and the total time I spent lifting weights last week was better than it's been in almost 3 years. OMG! I don't lift as heavy as I did in the past, but I don't give a shit my body tells me if I'm where I want to be with it. Gavin and I played three epic racquetball games Sunday, best games we've maybe ever had, and I'm glad I squeezed it in around work. I wanted to play Saturday, but it snowed 6" so I had to clean up the driveway and then there was no more precious... precious time before I had to go to work. What a bunch of crap!

We actually had three snow events last week. No ridiculous cold, just quite a bit of snow. About 4.5" last Tuesday, 5" Thursday, and 6" Saturday. All three snow events were ongoing during our open hours at the restaurant so sales were down some during that time, but we more than made up for it on the good days and we had a GREAT week of sales. On Saturday morning and into the midday we had a steady, sometimes heavy snow. Sales sorta sucked and then the snow ended and it was game-on. We got so busy that night we could barely keep up. Weekends are really tough when it's packed for hours on end and people are drunk and stupid. Thankfully there are never fights, and when people get hot-headed we wash them out before it can turn into a meelee. My awesome wife is really the best at breaking up would-be fights. She solved a couple of them Friday night so I'm glad she was there. We also have enough regulars who are willing to jump in to break up anything before it can actually happen.

The tax business is going steady and is roughly half-over. I had a few drop-offs yesterday so today I got through most of those. Yesterday we had contractors at the restaurant cleaning the kitchen hoods and installing new lights for the back hall. That back hall looks GREAT with the new lights, and I think if I stay back there too long I'll get a tan hehehe. We got rid of the old fluorescent and now have LED. Eventually the entire place will have all LED lights, but not for a while. Everything costs precious... precious money and takes even more precious... precious time.

I talked to Dad on the phone not long ago, a quick 15-min call. I gotta time my calls around Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News hehehe. I know they both watch it at 2000. They need a friggin DVR so they can just record it! I did catch the beginning of Tucker tonight, but I usually don't watch it because I'm either at work or hanging out with my awesome wife. I do lean hard into their political views (F.U. BIDEN), but some of their stuff is borderline too much even for me.

Alright losers, all two of you who read this bootleg site, I'm gonna go down to the bar in a few minutes. Kat works tonight for a couple more hours, and at times a Tues or a Thurs feels like what our weekend used to be since we work so much on the actual weekend. I haven't drank that much lately, but I *almost* had a hangover last Friday. We had a good time Thursday night down at the bar, the first time both my awesome wife and I have been down there together as customers in a long time, and it was worth it. Tonight she's working, but I don't want to sit here and watch TV I'd rather go see her for a bit and hang out. It's never packed on a Tuesday so we'll see how it goes...

Goonies never say die!

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