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Welcome to my crappy website. It truly is a bootleg bunch of crap, but I don't care. Not at all. I'm not doing it just to entertain you scumbags; I'm doing it because writing is fun but I am too lazy to actually write a real book. Don't laugh because I'm serious.

If you want to know who the hell I am and why I spent my hard-earned $18.17 to register this domain and to share my thoughts with the world then you can click here to find out. I have no update schedule so if you don't like it then you can ggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt oooooooouuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt!

"Babies suck all they do is cry and whine and make a mess." -
"So do you!" -Kat

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ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Why are you still here? Chances are pretty damn good that I WILL insult you in some fashion if you choose to continue beyond this point. The purpose of this site is to entertain me, and I am often entertained at the expense of others. Therefore, prepare to be slandered. A lot. It's still not to late to leave with your feelings intact!

Tuesday, 7-20-21: This room is still not done!
I can't seem to finish the event room down at the bar. What a bunch of crap! I've been working on the frigging thing for around 10 weeks so all I wanna know is why? Why am I taking so long? The answer is actually obvious. I have too much else to do so I can't really focus on the work back there for any stretch. I start on some work, something comes up, and the day flies by. Today I got a good start and then the womens' bathroom stall dividers arrived via freight truck, pallet dropped out front, took a hour to get all the supplies in the event room and the bootleg pallet and cardboard removed and hauled-on.

After that I had to go to the tax office to do things for a couple clients and then it was already time to put the dogs out and do lunch. That friggin' tax office is a pain in my arse and I am looking forward to moving it over to the bar. I probably won't even promote the tax business anymore. I'll *hopefully* just keep the clients I have and not look for new business (other than a referral every once in a while, no advertising or signs up.) I dunno I still need to coordinate all of that with the landlord. He and I haven't even talked in a couple weeks because things stay busy. Very busy.

I need to finish this part of the event room within the next couple days so I can do the floor:

^The back-bar. The bar itself isn't done yet either. What a bunch of crap! In the area pictured above there will be a countertop, a shelf or two for some liquor, a sink or two, and a fridge for bottles of soda and beer. We had planned for a kegerator system for 2-4 draft beers back there, but F that there is limited space and that room won't be used by drinkers on a regular basis.

I leave for blueberry raking in only 10 days. OMG! I don't feel ready, but I am looking forward to it because working outside this time of year is awesome. Sadly I don't work outside anymore. What a bunch of crap! I have an occasional lawn to mow, but that doesn't take too long. I'm not even very tan so if I don't get more tan I'll be pwned during the week or 9 days of raking. I'd love to work outside more, but that gods damned event room is a time-suck and here it is the middle of summer and I keep working indoors in a room with no window. What a bunch of crap!

All joking and complaining aside I am proud of the event room. It is starting to look really nice, and it is mostly done. I need to do the floor this Friday, no excuses or delays because raking will be happening and I need that room ready to go before I leave. We have a party booked in that room on August 6th so the thing needs to be done with a working bar, working bathrooms, and a FLOOR that does not look bootleg.

I have all the supplies to do the floor, a beige epoxy, so once the floor is cleaned and prepped it won't take too long to actually do. Maybe? Hopefully! My plan right now, as always subject to change, is to roll out the floor Friday so it can dry over the weekend. the bathrooms work right now, but the stall dividers are not installed yet in the ladies' room and the mirrors, TP holders, soap dispensers, etc still need to find their way from boxes onto the walls. That won't take too long, but it still requires precious... precious time that seems to be at a premium lately.



Tuesday, 7-13-21: Long time no write.
Epic failer me on updating this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads anyway. I am too busy doing other things. Hopefully I'll have more precious... precious free time between now and blueberry raking, but probably not because I still haven't finished the event room at the bar. I started the thing 8 frigging weeks ago so all I can say about my timeline = what a bunch of crap! I thought I'd have it done by June 7th. My bad on that plan.

^Mostly done, but not ready just yet. Bar in photo on left needs finishing, floor needs epoxy, and bathrooms still getting put back together...

^I worked on the mens' bathroom today, and I got all the plumbing closed up under the sink and in the toilet stall. Bruce will hopefully be back later this week or next week to do the toilet and urinal. Women's room plumbing 100% done with stall dividers on order and possibly arriving this week.

I don't work on the event room full-time because I want to help run the restaurant and bar. I'm only officially on the schedule as manager on duty about 3 days a week. However, I'm there every day because there is so much to do. Plus I also do have other things to do like a call from an occasional tax client, a lawn to mow, a property to prepare to sell, etc. Days just fly by now, and as I grow older it seems time speeds up. Especially when I drink hehehe! I am having a couple drinks tonight, my first drinks in 9 days. I won't drink too much tonight, though. 9 days ago I got totally wrecked.

The bar was closed on July 4th for Independence Day so we had a big party here at the house. Again. The Independence Day party has become a tradition here, and half the time I get totally obliterated. This year was no different. I stayed sober-ish under early evening, and after that both Kat and I were shitfaced. I got blackout drunk and don't even remember doing things like playing dodege ball, watching fireworks in the yard, and singing karaoke. Oh, I also facetiously fired all the staff. What a bunch of crap! They all thought it was hilarous, and almost all of our employees were at the house with us. It was epic fun and one for the ages. Des fell into the fire, but thankfully she got out before she could get burned. People puked, people passed out on couches, it was awesome. It took hours to clean the next day, but it was totally worth it for all the memories (that other people have but that I don't have because I was too drunk for half of it what a bunch of crap!)

On Monday the 5th I was actually hungover. I woke up with a pounding headache so I went back to sleep. Epic failer me! I took a couple asprin and felt better by early afternoon, but I was by no means feeling great. Too bad because the weather was perfect. I did find the energy to go for a short jog later that afternoon, but I was sssssllllloooooowwwwww.

I can't believe this month is already almost half over and this is my first bootleg update. Doug is back! He got back 1.5 weeks ago, and he is mostly set up in the in-law apartment here at the house. So far so good, and I am glad he is not interested in drinking and partying because those days are long past. I still like to drink and party some (July 4th hehehe), but not like back in the day when he and I lived together over at Allen Rd and really did crazy shit. No more wrestling matches in the street, no more jumping out windows, no more wheeling kegs into the place...

I can't possibly write about all that has happened so far this month. Too much has happened, some good, some bad. I have gotten more exercise, and the weather has been overall decent. No 90-degree days like we had a few times in June. We did get a huge rainstorm last week that caused a huge leak in Paradis and into part of our bar. What a bunch of crap that was! I was behind on the insurance payment so needless to say after that one I paid the damn bill. The policy had not cancelled, but it was close...


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