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Friday, 12-08-17: Can I finish it today?
If I busted my ass all day then I think I could finish our new floor today. However, first I need to clean up some of my mess because I am like a tornado when I do carpentry and my stuff ends up all over the place. What a bunch of crap! I took a couple pictures of my shit-show.

^Stuff all over the couch, chairs strewn about, epic fail.

^No room on the bar for much of anything. Same for the kitchen table. I did get the floor wrapped around the bar yesterday so I met my goal for the day. I even had time to lose to Mike at racquetball in the afternoon, too. I've played more racquetball this year than I ever have in any other year, and it is great exercise and a lot of fun despite the fact that I lose 90% of the time. Mike and Gavin are both a little better than me. What a bunch of crap!

I wanted to remodel the bar before tax season begins, but F that there is no time. After I finish the floor I need to finish my baseboard trim, and I'd like to have all that cut by tomorrow midday before snow moves in. For days forecasters said a storm would linger offshore and most likely be a miss for us, but now we are going to get 3-5" tomorrow PM and night. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, it happens. I have been cutting all my flooring and trim outside so dust doesn't get everywhere in here, but if I have to I can use the chop-saw indoors. However, it would be nice to be able to finish it all outside. We'll see...

If I do good work on the floor this morning and early afternoon I might go deer hunting one more time. I'd like to go either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. Maybe tomorrow would be better if there is snow. I dunno yet, but I'll make my final decision early this afternoon. For now it's time to clean up some and then get my arse to work. I woke up at 0530 so I could get an early start and make some good progress.



Thursday, 12-07-17: I need to finish this friggin' floor.
The new floor in our living room/kitchen is about half done now. Maybe I could be generous and say is is closer to 3/5 done since yesterday I spent a lot of time doing corner/edge cuts, some of which seemingly took gods damn forever. Over by the bathroom I had to quote Scarface and drop a bunch more four-letter words in order to get that flooring in. I also had to remove some trim and fire up the power tools. What a bunch of crap that was. Oh well, at least I finally got the floor done to the bar area so there is a spot for the Christmas tree.

Today I'll hopefully get the floor wrapped around the bar and into the kitchen. I definitely won't finish it today, but if I can get it past the bar then the hardest part will be over. Except under the fridge because doing that part will suck a bit. Moving the fridge would be no big deal, but I'll have to disconnect the water-line. Oh well, by then I'll be so close to the end that it will all be worth it.

I'll probably only have a couple hours to work on the floor today because I have to fill potholes, do a little paperwork, run some errands, and maybe play racquetball this afternoon. I can rarely ever work on the house all day from start to finish because different things pull me away. Some of it is my own doing, things like deer hunting the gym and racquetball, but other things just need doing no matter what. on Tuesday I finally fixed this shit-show at the building where I once lived:

^What a bunch of crap that was! It happened over a month ago, but I had to have the power company come wrap those wires before I could get up there on my ladder. I overall did decent work; the siding looks good from the ground and I used 3" roofing nails instead of the 2" that was there before. Ordinarily 2" nails would be more than enough, but not when 75% of the nail is only in that blue foam insulation. The siding blew off because of the epic fail original install using those too-short nails. What a bunch of crap!*

Today will be 41 degrees, tomorrow and Sat upper 30s, and then next week we stay at or well below freezing for a long time. That means all the reclaim asphault that I just had delivered Tuesday will be one giant frozen mass if I don't use what I can by the end of the week. I actually fear a lot of it will freeze just during the overnights when it drops down into the lower-mid 20s so that is why I want to fill my potholes today. I'm actually lucky that things aren't frozen solid aready since in many years December is a very cold month.

I can't wait to finish all these projects. I only have 1.5 weeks before I start the JH job, and I actually start for one day next week when I drive down to Augusta for team training. This year I am hosting some of the training. I am not a teacher and will probably F it up, but hopefully I do okay. I was at JH yesterday for 1.5 hours helping to set up the shop, and the boss said they are still in bigtime need of help. Right now they have one person for my location: ME. What a bunch of crap! All I wanna know is why? Why don't more people want to work? It is a good job that can pay well for the right kind of motivated individual. They need to find me some help because I definitely can't keep it all running just by myself.

Alright turds, all two of youz, I need to clean this shit-show and start doing some real work. Goonies never say die!

*I use roofing nails for siding because F it. I read or was told once that aluminum siding nails are better because roofing nails can rust and bleed through. However, siding nails are more expensive than roofing nails and I've never had a problem in all these years when using roofing nails. Plus the motto, as always, It's just a rental!



Tuesday, 12-05-17: More photos of the living room remodel.
I have been taking care of some business stuff, paying a few bills and updating some of the bootleg properties records. The apartment-rental business has had a very good year, and I thank the gods who do not exist for that. I did have a dishwasher die last week, but I replaced it on Saturday. No problems, only solutions! Unfortunately, that was a $360 solution. What a bunch of crap! $60 to pay the repair guy (who was very good to me by the way) to have him tell me that the old dishwasher needed $330 in parts, and $300 for a new dishwasher at Lowe's. Paying $330 to fix a $300 dishwasher did not make sense at all even though fixing it would have saved me about three hours of my own time.

Today I have another load of reclaim asphault scheduled for delivery, and hopefully I can fill in some potholes before the stuff freezes. The next few days will be seasonable with rain tonight, but by the weekend there will be winter cold and chances for snow. So far we have had no snow at all so I know we are overdue for something. Hopefully we don't get any snow again, ever, but nevermind a couple inches later this week would be nice so I can track deer.

Speaking of deer, I went bowhunting yesterday PM but didn't see jack shit. My "Supertree" is not so super anymore because there are no more crabapples left. What a bunch of crap! I did have 636 photos on the trail camera, about two weeks' worth. I saw the deer I shot back in October so that was nice knowing he is still alive. Hi deer who should be in my freezer right now...

^I have multiple pictures of him, and in each photo you can see what looks like a scar from where I hit him. When I shot him back in mid-October I knew my shot was too high so I am glad he lived and seems to be okay.

This poor doe was on my camera for multiple photos over the course of a day:

^I do not know what the hell happened to her, but it is all-bad. I don't think it is from a hunter because there is no exit wound. An arrow would not do that to her. Jason thought maybe hit by a vehicle? In other photos you can see where her shoulder is all messed up, too. I feel badly for her. Hope she makes it. Deer are TOUGH. It really does take a good and/or a lucky shot to kill one with a bow.

It is already 0806, I have been up for 1.75 hours, and I have not yet started working on the house. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, I will do some work on it today. Hopefully. I just took a couple more pictures:

^Channel 1928, all 80s music, Oh Jesus hell ya!

The entertainment center still needs some organization, the ceiling recessed lights need fixtures, and obviously the floor is only half-done in the living room area. Yesterday I worked to finish the ceiling beyond the fireplace and by the bedroom and bathroom.

I came damn close to finishing, but then it was time to go deer hunting so I'll just finish it today. I skipped hunting both Thursday and Saturday last week to work on the house so there was no way I was skipping the hunt again. I'm hoping to go bowhunting at least once more before the season ends this Saturday. I'd like to get one more deer. I'm not too worried about it, though. I already got one deer which is more than I can say some other years.

Alright droolbuckets, all two of you who read this bootleg site, I need to go do some work now. I "only" have a couple weeks left to get my shit done before the JH job starts consuming lots of my precious... precious time.



Friday, 12-01-17: I CANNOT SLEEP GODS DAMN IT.
Kat and I bivouaced at 2200. In the Navy that was taps, taps, lights out. All hands maintain silence about the decks. However, there were still a lot of lights on aboard the ship. That fucking thing never slept, and damn it was a long time ago when I heard that taps call for the last time. (August 17, 1998?) I don't miss being in the Navy, and I don't miss being aboard the ship. However, I did have some good friends back then whom I have slowly lost contact with. Matt and I still do Christmas cards, but maybe we don't because I can't remember getting one from him last year. I lost track of Chase years ago, too. What a bunch of crap!

It is now 2300 and here I am. I tried unsuccessfully to fall asleep for 50 minutes before frustration starting winning the battle so I am up now. I have so many thoughts racing through my head, and I can't calm down enough to sleep yet. I keep thinking about Jester's (hoping PJ is doing ok down there in place of Kat), I keep thinking about things I have to do for the apartments tomorrow, I keep thinking about things still left to do on the house, and I keep thinking about Kat and hoping she is okay.

I have what I hope will be a good solution for this awake problem. First is a little bit of booze. Not enough to get drunk, F that, but enough to settle me down so to speak. I am out of coffee brandy (What a bunch of crap I love that stuff!) so I am drinking two of these nips that have been buried in he fridge since our stop at the NH liquor store way back in September enroute to the Poccinos in Pennsylvania:

^I actually have RED BERRY, but that did not appear on the top of my Google images search so F it this one is good enough. 99 cent each, I probably overpaid even at that price. Oh well, no sales tax. Beotches!

In other news, the senate is up late voting on a major tax reform bill that seems likely to pass. It is a horrible case of republicans vs. democrats, and they all fucking suck for sticking so hard to their party lines. All the dems will not vote for the bill, and almost all the reps will vote for it. I hope like hell the bill passes for the major reason that it supposedly will eliminate the penalty for not having health insurance. What a bunch of crap that provision to the tax code is! I hate Obama for doing that bullshit. He has already gotten my bootleg fake toilet fail trophy before, but just for fun here it is again.

^This time awarded to not only Obama but also to Trump and everyone in the senate who has turned due process into a friggin' circus. Gods damn it!

I also like the proposed higher standard deduction under this new tax plan. Up from $12,600 to $24,000 for MFJ. Oh Jesus, hell ya! We don't itemize so that will save us some money. The child tax credit is also supposed to double, from $1000 up to $2000, so that means higher refunds for many of my JH tax clients if this bill passes. Oh, it will add a trillion dollars to the deficit, but F it I guess our kids and their kids can deal with that fallout [sarcasm.]

Good god how in the hell does this great nation even function? Dow just passed $24,000, a record high, and our debt is in the trillions. Cannot be explained. Oh, we also have an egomaniac for a president. I hope we get a good president one day who actually is a true patriot. When was the last time we had one of those?

All I wanna know is why? Why can I not sleep? It is only December 1st, but I think this month is going to fly by. I have a lot to do this month. A lot. I still have to Christmas shop. Kat is like a saint and has done a lot of it "for" me these past three years, but this year she has a new bionic knee so I am kinda on my own. Oh, Nadia also has a birthday in 9 days and I have no clue what to do about that. Hell, I don't even know how old she is. (Maybe going on 7?) I saw her like twice all year this year. What a bunch of crap! Once was at Jason and Holly's wedding and the other time was last Saturday when I stopped by their house to drop off Jason's generator. I am a horrible uncle. Wait I think I saw her three times because I slightly remember playing tag with her at Mom and Dad's during warmer weather months ago. Tag sucks when you are old, but it made her happy so no big deal.

I JUST WANT TO FALL ASLEEP GODS DAMN IT. I got pretty good nights' sleep most of the week so I had a feeling one of these nights was coming. As I get older I realize that I can only have 3-4 "good" nights of sleep in a row before I have a night where it takes me longer to fall asleep. I should STFU, though. Poor Kat has a rough night of sleep at least 50% of the time.

WTF is this frigging cat doing? Squidward (spelling?) is making this weird loud meow like he is lost in the woods or some shit. What the hell does he want? I can give him a pop tart but nevermind these things are mine. I actually will eat one now as a late-night snack. I think I am hungry? Squid better not wake up my awesome wife with these meows or else I will throw him out the slider like Uncle Phil used to throw DJ-Jazzy on The Fresh Prince of Belair*

*I would nevaaaahhhhhh toss a cat outside. Sometimes one of them escapes and that sucks. A lot. Especially when Mittens decides to pull chocks and fly his ass out that slider.



Friday, 12-01-17: Entertainment center = DONE. Oh, I am 42 years old.
I finished our entertainment center this morning at about 0630 after a half-hour of a final coat of stain/polyurethane on the bottom shelves. Gods damned two or three days behind schedule. What a bunch of crap! Building this thing took forever:

^Looks nice but was a tremendous amount of work. The 18 shelves took much longer than I expected to both build and to install, but they look nice so I think it was worth the extra time to do it right. Kat and Katherine put DVDs on the shelves and plugged all the stuff in while I ran cable and ethernet wires down in the cellar. Moving the wires was a pain in the arse, but at least I didn't have to go buy longer cords. I found extra cables to reach because downstairs there are a few random cables that seem to go to nowhere. What a bunch of crap! Hopefully I can post a photo of the 100% finished and decorated system soon. We still have some stuff to put along the top, but that ain't happening today.

It's only 1520 and I feel like I have already worked a full 8-hour day. It took all morning to move everything onto that new entertainment center. I did take a short lunch break and I did lift weights for a half-hour, but other than that I have been working. Kat worked way too hard helping to get everything all set up; her left knee is only three weeks post-replacement surgery so she is in a lot of pain and is very limited in her mobility. She is making good improvements so far, though. They say it takes up to 13 weeks to recover and lingering pain can last a year or more. OMG.

My birthday came and went on Tuesday. I don't really give a crap about my birthday, but Katherine was thoughtful and got me a small cake from her Hannaford bakery, Mom and Dad got me .22 ammo, and Kat got me the best gift of all, this book:

^Oh Jesus hell ya! The jacket for the book looks like a classic NES cartridge. How cool is that? I have only been able to briefly leaf through the book, but I plan to read all of it ASAP. Old video game stuff rules! Nintendo and Super Nintendo are like gifts to the world from gods who do not really exist.

One of these days (2018?) I plan to play old video games on our brand new badass 70" TV that we just hooked up a few hours ago. That TV is so nice. Merry Christmas to us 25 days early. We could have put a bow on it, but F that it is better on our new entertainment center fully operational than sitting in its box in Kat's studio for another 3+ weeks. I'll put a bow on the thing Christmas morning. Maybe? Okay, most likely not.

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