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"I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall." -Donald Trump during his presidential campaign

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Friday, 1-18-18: Another seizure and another huge storm looming.
Tiger Lily had a seizure about 30 minutes ago, and it was a long 8-minute long seizure. It was her second seizure (that we know of) in her 2.5 years of life, and we don't know what has caused both of them. Her first seizure was back in last October last year, and we rushed her to the vet where she was tested extensively (and expensively!) and given a clean bill of health. It seems certain dogs are just prone to random seizures, and she is one of them. I feel badly for her because when it happens there is no easy solution but to stay close and wait it out. Thankfully both times she has had the seizures I have been at North Main right around the corner and able to come right home.

It is 0945, and normally I'd be at North Main working right now. However, Kat had some things to do so I volunteered to stay home and watch Tiger Lily until my awesome wife returns. I'll eat a very early lunch shortly and then spend a few hours over at North Main installing most of the final sections of ceilings that remain to be done there. Tiger Lily seems okay now, and I hope it stays that way. We have a call into the vet, and hopefully we can get Tiger Lily some seizure medications ASAP.

Jeremy is at North Main today mudding and taping as I write this bootleg blog that almost no one will ever read. I'll have him there tomorrow as well, and then he starts a new job so he might not be available to work with me for any other days on this current project. The timing actually works out well because if he and I can finish all the ceilings today and tomorrow then I can finish the rest of it up solo. It will be a lof of mudding and sanding, but not an overwhelming amount if I'm snart about how I do it. Plus for financial reasons it will be good for me to finish the rest of it by myself. Hiring out help costs precious... precious money that I'd rather save for other important things like heat and plowing.

We're expecting to get a massive snowstorm Sunday so that puts added pressure on to get the last of the 5/8" sheetrock out of the garage over there and up onto the walls and ceilings. I started with 52 pieces of 5/8" thick 12-foot sheetrock for the celings there, and I am down to 18 left on the pile. The ceilings remaining should only need another 10 pieces so score there I'll have 8 extra sheets to use on the remaining walls. Awesome!

^WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Two feet of snow is fairly crippling, especially when I'm not even sure if the snowblower works. I did replace the fuel last week, but I didn't try to start it because I was afraid it would turn into a shit-show epic failer. I'll try to get it going later today, and if it doesn't start then I'll just pay to have the driveway plowed. That will suck, but it will suck less than shovelling huge snows. I don't mind shovelling some for the exercise, but 18-24" is just too much to do manually.

So far this winter has fucking SUCKED. I guess if this whole tax business plan of mine doesn't work out as I hope it does then it will be time to leave this state, maybe forever. If I can do taxes and work a fair amount (but not too much!) each winter on my own terms then I think I can handle being here in the winter. Maybe? [Hopefully.] Kat's health is another serious thing to consider for us in the winter up here. Lupus and cold weather = all bad for her joints and for everything else.

Alright turds, all two of youz, I'm gonna get off this bootleg piece of dump site and make my lunch. I'll probably come back on later tonight to write some more when I'm home watching the dogs and losing at Super Metroid. Hopefully Tiger Lily is fine for the rest of the day and beyond.



Wednesday, 1-16-18: A trip to Portland for a desk.
We are planning to go to Portland today to take a look at this desk:

It is a used desk that I found on Craigslist, and if the photos are an accurate representation of the desk then it's coming home with us. I'll stick in in the garage over at North Main for a week or two, and then it will go into my new tax office and be my tax desk.

Driving 266 round-trip miles for a desk is a bunch of crap, but there is nothing around here even close to that desk in the photo above. I could order a desk, but I'd pay $500+ and the one above is $250. Plus while we are in Portland we can shop at some of the other furniture stores and get my Sweet Pea her Panda Express that she loves so much. I'm not a huge Chinese-food fan, but I gotta admit Panda is pretty good. Hopefully it will be a nice day-trip to Portland for us both, and thankfully the weather isn't looking too bad today so that is a huge plus. Bigtime snow and cold is coming to end the week and to start next week gods damn it.

A trip to Portland today means another lost day of carpentry at North Main; I will definitely be working there Saturday this week and I'll also likely have Jeremy come Saturday if he has no other obligations. In a perfect world both Jerremy and I will work there for each of the next three days and get a lot done. Maybe? Hopefully! My tax office will be ready for paint by the end of the week, but I might not paint it until next week depending on how the surrounding rooms come together. Or I'll start painting it Friday and Saturday nights when Kat is doing the Jester's karaoke. She works Saturday there this week filling in for the pro-wrestler who usually hosts that karaoke night there.

I feel much better now than I did two days ago. Yesterday wasn't too bad for me either, and I was able to work all day mudding, taping, and sanding over at North Main with only one little side-trip needed to replace a torn dryer-vent hose at one of my bootleg rental properties. I also paused for a productive phone call with the owner of a local sign company, and as soon as I finish this useless update that no one will ever read then I'll email him Kat's design and a photo of the front of that property.

The dogs really annoyed me this morning. All they wanted to do is play and jump on me, and when they are really loud in the early morning they can wake up Katherine downstairs. I like to let them play and rumble around, but their timing is not the best. Plus no matter how cold it is outside I have to go out with them half the time so Groot doesn't eat dog shit. What a bunch of crap that is! I actually regret getting a third dog, and lately she has made me question our decision because she has regressed. She's eaten cat-food, and she has pissed on the floor three times in the past two days. Epic fail. The cat food-theft is really amazing because she has to sneak through two tiny little cat-doors just to get to that food. She is 7 months old now and should be behaving better. Right? The pissing on the floor failer is really perplexing because she had gone a very long time without doing that. What a bunch of crap!



Monday, 1-14-18: A mostly-lost work day.
I couldn't work today over at North Main. What a bunch of crap! I am pretty gods damned sick, and that sucks. A lot. I could have worked, but F it the quality would have been poor and there is no sense going over there to half-ass it or to go half-speed. So instead I at least forced myself to do some shopping with my awesome wife who is also not feeling the best. We made a helluva team this AM, her with a migrane and me with plugged up sinuses and feeling like I got beat up by the local bully.

My goal is to have my tax office ready in two weeks (two weeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssss!) However, after losing today that might not work out so well. I could have the tax office itself ready by Wednesday, but that's just dumb because you have to walk through Kat's area and a waiting area before you get to the tax office. Neither of those spaces are ready, and I haven't even put a first coat of mud onto most of the waiting area. Also it would be nice to have a working bathroom for people to use. Right now a crapper in a sheetrock-dust-covered space is a bootleg bunch of crap. There's not even a door on the bathroom yet ahahahahaha!

The IRS opens for tax-processing on the 28th so that is why I think opening on that day makes the most sense. Unfortuantely, the stuff I have to do between now and then is almost overwhelming. I need all kinds of important things like a desk, computer, printer, phone, etc. Yeah, I have a phone number right now that I haven't even called or hooked a phone up to. What a bunch of crap!

Thankfully in the short amount of time that we went out and about this morning we made a few decisions about what products to pick up. Staples doesn't even have desks on display anymore (what a bootleg bunch of crap!) but they had some nice-looking waiting-room chairs and a Brother all-in-one printer/scanner/copier that I plan to pick up later this week:

We also spent some time this afternoon looking at reviews and specs on computers so now I have a pretty good idea which computer I'll buy. We already have two office chairs that we picked up at Marden's last week, but I'm still not sure what I'll do for a desk. I did reach out to someone selling a nice-looking desk in Portland so hopefully that can come together. Driving to Portland for a desk is a bunch of crap, but I need a good desk and finding one locally might not work out so well.

I slept half the afternoon, and hopefully that doesn't screw me over for sleeping tonight. I slept very badly last night because my nose was all plugged up and Groot needed to go take a shit a few times. She had the runs, and we think she got through our two levels of "security" and ate a shitload of cat food. What a bunch of crap! She pissed on the floor twice yesterday, too. Revielle for my loser ass was 0522 when one of the cats decided to bring a loud jingle-ball-toy over by the bedroom door. I felt like 10 pounds of shit stuffed into a 5-pound bag, and it was all bad. I played a little more Super Metroid, but I couldn't figure out what to do next because that fucking game is a lot harder than I remembered it being when I was younger. Killing the enemies isn't too hard to do, but finding the right way to go sure as hell sucks. A lot. I finally had to get back online to look up what to do so that's twice now I've needed the Interweb to bail me out. What a bunch of crap!

So overall the weekend sucked because I was sick, and today hasn't been so great either. First weekend I take off in seemingly a long time and I waste most of it away. What a bunch of crap! Oh well at least the Patriots beat the shit out of the Chargers in their divisional playoff game. The Greatriots DOMINATED that game, and it was awesome. Next week they travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs, and I think the Chiefs will be favored to win that game because they have a great team. The Pats have been great at times this season, but all too often they have not been great. They need to be great if they want to go to the Superbowl this year.


Sunday, 1-13-18: A rough start to 2019 and a look back at 2018.
So far this year has kinda sucked. I spent the first day of the year being hungover because my dumb loser ass drank too much on New Year's Eve at Jester's. I'm prety sure the bartender overserved my ass (when I ordered a shot I got closer to a double), but it's still my fault for drinking that much. Then last week I felt depression because I have been behind schedule, and it was a frustrating few days. Now I have a head cold. What a bunch of crap! Hopefully the rest of the year, the remaining 352 days, are better.

2018 wasn't a bad year; I had many different adventures and did many different odd jobs in order to cobble together a semblance of a living. Last year at this time of year I was working close to full-time hours and just starting to get busy at the Jackson Hewitt tax office in the Bangor WalMart. That was a good job, but no part of me misses it because I know owning my own little tax office is the right move for us long-term. The one HUGE drawback of JH was having to work many days until 1900 or even 2000 even when there were no customers at all. Sometimes it was boring, especially in March when things slowed down.

After the JH seasonal job ended in mid-April it was time to start focusing more of my efforts on the rental properties. From April through the end of July I didn't have any major rental-property projects, but I did a few smaller things in between helping Jason on a huge mansion in Stockton Springs and installing new shingles on Phil and Danielle's house.

^A little retaining wall that I took care of just before blueberry raking. Phil's house is still only half-done so Kat and I will head back down to Oakland this spring to finish the other half for them.

^Both my awesome wife and I got pretty good at installing cedar shakes!

It was a good blueberry raking season from a financial standpoint because we raked Cliff's own fields behind his house, and Cliff didn't make us mess around in the areas where the berries were sparse. The extra $1300 in 46 hours worth of raking plus the money we made working on Phil and Danielle's house allowed us to pay off the Lowe's and Home Depot cards for the first time in years (I usually rotate special financing deals so carry some kind of balance.)

The day before blueberry raking began, literally the DAY BEFORE, Kat and I closed on this property:

At this time one year ago I was NOT a buyer. Not even close, and in fact I had a contract in place to fast-track my bootleg Bangor duplex the hell out of the inventory. Jody had a buyer, and for $90k I agreed to say farewell to that place forever. Still no regrets about that even though I did sell if for $13k less than what I paid for the place back in 2004. What a bunch of crap! Oh well I had a lot of equity from the years of owning it so it all worked out.

The decision to buy North Main, the bootleg and run-down property in the photo above, came about after time and time again of driving by the building and seeing the huge FOR SALE sign. The place is perfectly located right on busy North Main Street, and it is only 2/10 of a mile from our own house here on Parkway North. How cool is that?! However, the best feature of the building was the fact that it could be a split-level with an upstairs apartment and downstairs office space. PERFECT! I imagined Kat and I using the downstairs for her DJ business and for me to open my own tax business, and now 9 months after I had that vision I am only a couple weeks away from seeing that become a reality.

North Main has been a massive project. I started the remodel in early August right after blueberry raking, and I am behind schedule because I sorta bit off too much. In hindsight I should have taken out a little more money for a loan so I could have hired more help. I've done 90% of everything carpentry-related myself, and when you have a property that needs everything then it is daunting. There have been a few times, especially lately, where I regretted buying the place. Thankfully I cleared that mental hurdle last week when we had a good, productive few days there, and now I feel like it will all work out. I did spend too much for the place at $75,000. What a bunch of crap! I don't think we got hosed, but I do think $65-70k would have been more feasable. I'm up to $50k spent on the renovations already plus nearly 600 hours of my own time, and I keep pretty damn good records so those numbers are not just guesses. The only silver lining in it all is the fact that when it is all done the property will be amazing. Maybe? Hopefully!

^The huge garage at North Main still needs several thousand dollars worth of work. I'll have to deal with that this year. The garage is a great place to stage debris and sheetrock, though. I also traded use of part of the garage for our plow/landscape people in exchange for some work.

I didn't meet my exercise goals for 2018, but I came damn close and I don't feel like I failed. Epecially with all the carpentry that I did during the year. I didn't do enough cardio, though. What a bunch of crap! However, I did add yoga to my routine and that has been fantastic. 3 or so times a week of a 30-minute DDP Yoga stretch really compliments everything else that I do. Unfortunately for most of the fall I have had on and off tennis elbow issues because of all the hammering and other work. Hopefully when North Main is done (next month?!) I will get a break in March and the first part of April from carpentry before we get on it again in the spring to shingle at Phil's and to do that North Main garage. I have a lot of work scheduled for 2019 so I won't be bored this year.

We took two vacations last year. Awesome! My favorite of the two was a trip back to the Royal Haciendas in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in May. Thanks for paying for that vacation, Jackson Hewitt! We actually already booked a room again at the RH for this coming May because we got a great deal on a "Getaway" through Interval International. $500 for an entire 2-bedroom suite with a full kitchen and living room for an entire week = Oh Jesus hell ya!

^The view from our 4th-floor villa in May.

This year I would like to sell my Holyoke Street property because I have one too many right now. I got lucky last year with very little tenant turnover; the only turd in the proverbial punch-bowl was the vacancy that I had for most of December at the apartment above my gym. That was a bunch of crap and a thorn in my side in a major way, and it is the reason why I got all stressed out about North Main at the end of the year and at the very beginning of this year. I had to do a lot of showings and put a bunch of work and money into the place in order to get it rented last week. Hopefully I don't have any more vacancies this winter because having people move out this time of year sucks. A lot.

I'm not sure if I will sell Holyoke this year because I have had the same tenants there for 6.5 years, and kicking out rent-paying long-term tenants is just bad business. I definitely can't put it on the market with them still living there so we'll see how the year goes. For now I need to focus more on the impending next few weeks, and that means getting my tax office 100% done and open.

This year I definitely need to free up more of my precious... precious time for the things that I enjoy doing. I barely went deer hunting at all in the fall, and that bums me out. I was just too busy with North Main. It is actually amazing that I even got a deer this past season since I only went 6 or so total times. Finding that life-work balance is never easy because you can easily work too much or you can work not enough, and when you work not enough then you start to run out of money!



Friday, 1-11-18: Is it bedtime yet?
I'm beat. My stupid body is fighting a cold, and that is a bunch of crap. I'm all stuffed up and worn down, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm sick. 50/50 right now. I'm drinking some coffee brandy and milk, and sadly we won't bivouac for about another three hours from now. Kat doesn't feel well either, but she decided to go to work anyway because that is what workers do. At last check the bar is totally packed so I'm guessing the owner will be glad that Kat decided to work tonight. For a while last month we weren't even sure that this Jester's gig would continue, but for now Friday nights at Jester's belong to my awesome wife.

Thankfully I plan to take the weekend off from working, barring any urgent needs of course. I will work on our own house some if I don't get 100% sick; the upstairs needs some paint and trim work and then Katherine can move up to there. We've had that upstairs space empty for just over a month since Debbie, Dillon, and Travis all moved over to North Main. Katherine has been living in the basement, and yes I know it does fit a stereotype (living in parents basement!), but at least it is a lot nicer down there since I did a remodel 1.5 years ago. Katherine did live in the upstairs new addition, but she kindly gave it up so Dillon and Debbie could have it. Then Travis sorta entered the picture at some point last year...

I feel a lot better about North Main than I did at this time one week ago. I got a LOT done there this week, and these past two days were fantastic work days. Jeremy helped me both yesterday and today, and he was well worth the money because we got walls and ceilings up just about everywhere except for the office space that we plan to lease out. My tax office is almost ready for paint, too. Awesome! However, yesterday PM I did have to waste about an hour of my precious... precious time dealing with all these wires:

I took that picture AFTER I got all the cables up into the stringers and through that hole in the ceiling sheetrock. 8 cables, 4 for Interweb (yellow) and 4 for security cameras (black.) I don't even possess the security cameras yet, but hopefully I can get those through Jason later this month. I think having the cameras up there is important to deter would-be thieves, especially since I will have tax records there and since Kat will have speakers and other expensive DJ-stuff there on display. Fortunately so far there have been no break-ins, and having family living there in the upstairs apartment definitely helps to deter crooks. The building is right on North Main so that also helps deter theft since it is a high-visibility area.

^We got all the ceilings installed in Kat's area yesterday morning, and I took this picture this morning right before lunch. Jeremy is fastening the last of the 5/8" sheetrock ceilings in that waiting-area room through the doorway. Double 5/8 is a pain in the arse, but oh well gotta meet code. It complies with code or else it gets the hose again. It does this whenever it is told...

Monday through Wednesday next week I will do a LOT of mudding, taping, and sanding. If all goes as planned then Jeremy can help me next Thursday and Friday, and we can finish the ceilings everywhere and use the leftover 5/8 sheetrock to install on some of the walls. I expect it will be a couple weeks before all the sheetrock is installed 100% everywhere so I guess that really means 3 weeks since staying on schedule is damn near impossible. What a bunch of crap!

The last area to sheetrock will be the space through those two interior wall-windows in the photo above. Mom thought my idea of having windows on the INSIDE is retarded, but she can eat the peanuts out of my sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt because I know it is a great plan long-term. Maybe in the future we will want to use the entire space ourselves and keep it semi-open and inviting. Windows do just that. However, maybe we won't and in that case there are these awesome things called BLINDS that give plenty of privacy. I also think it makes the property more desirable for a potential buyer in the future in case we decide to just haul on the place. One professional business could use that entire downstairs and have a few separate yet still interconnected offices.

In other news, the government shutdown is entering record territory as I write this pathetic excuse for a blog that maybe two people will ever read. 21 days is the record, and we are there right now. Trump wants a $5 billion southern-border wall and he won't compromise yet most everyone else including some members of his own Republican political party think "FUCK THAT." I think the entire thing is a bunch of crap, but no need to harp on that since I have already written about it in a past update not that long ago. $5 billion is way too much to spend on a frigging wall. What a bunch of crap! I lost a lot of faith in the Republican party over the last few years. They all suck, and we need a new system.

Oh, I played Metroid a little this morning and a little more tonight. This morning I was about to beat the "Wrecked Ship" enemy boss when the game turned off. At first I thought the SNES Classic malfunctioned, but then I realized Groot knocked a pillow off the couch and right into the power cord. That unplugged it just enough so I lost my game. What a bunch of crap! I since beat that boss and got a few power-ups along the way. There are 4 main bosses whom you have to beat before you can go to the MOTHER BRAIN stage, and I have two beaten with two to go. I got my grappling hook and my gravity suit now. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I haven't played that much because I have to work and stuff, but 30-45 minutes of retro-gaming a few times a week is a lot of fun.

My thumb kinda hurts because I hammered it today. What a bunch of crap! I just forgot to move it when I was knocking a little 2x4 piece into place before I hung my sheetrock. Oh well at least I didn't really stave it up too badly. I don't even think the nail will fall off. At least I hope not. Every day that I am over at North Main I make about 1000 decisions so every once in a while I make the wrong decision. Most decisions are pretty minute like where a screw will go. A decision like when to move my left hand before my right hand throws the hammer down (literally!) is a bigger decision that I should take more seriously.

I have to REALLY watch how much alcohol I imbume tonight. That last word "imbume" is totally fictional, but I don't even care... whether or not I care to rewind and use a real word. Since I am half-sick I know it won't take much alcohol to put me in a world of shit. I already started off this 2019 by getting way too drunk and by wasting the first day of the year away with a hangover so I do NOT want the same thing to happen tomorrow. Sadly the first 11 days of 2019 have been rough because I haven't been 100% for most of the time. What a bunch of crap! Between fighting off this cold, stressing over North Main, and it being the middle of winter and most depressing time of the year for me, the past 1.5 weeks have had many challenges. Thankfully I know better times are ahead. Maybe? Hopefully!

Oh wow it is 4 degrees and feels like -8 tonight. What a bunch of crap! FU winter. We've actually been lucky because most of the past few Fridays have been above-average temps. On "ugly sweater" Friday a few weeks ago it was 50 degrees. Tonight is a great night for my Ninja Turtles knit-hat that Angela made for me. She made hats for all of us, but mine is the best.



Tuesday, 1-08-18: Stupid Metroid failer.
I have played a little Super Metroid these past few days (not too much due to work and other obligations), and I have just been wandering around not knowing where to go or what to do in order to advance into certain unobtainable areas of the game. I can't find the grappling hook gods damn it, and also I can't find the suit that lets you go through lava. What a bunch of crap! You need those if you want to beat the game.

I finally and begrudgingly went back to the spot where you have to do difficult wall-jumps, but that turned up to yield nothing but frustration so I just said to myself "F this" and went online to find out where the next thing that I need to obtain is located. Turns out the grappling hook is in Norfair so back to there I shall go to seek out the enemy boss. I didn't watch any videos or get the exact location for the boss, though. Hell maybe I already beat that boss? I think there are four main level bosses before the Mother Brain level, and I have beaten one of those four so far.

^I need that friggin' grappling hook/beam! All I wanna know is why? Why can I not advance in this game without help from the Interweb whereas 20 years ago we figured it out without the 'web or cheat books? I thought I played this game when I was a teenager back in the early 90s, but the game didn't come out until 1994 and I was in the Navy then so I must have played it when I came home on leave. Or I played it when I got out of the Navy in the late 90s? I dunno for sure because getting old has its drawbacks.

It is just starting to snow at this predawn hour. We're expecting 1-3" and then some rain with possibly a bit more snow tomorrow. We haven't gotten a huge snowstorm yet this winter, and I thank the gods who do not exist for that. However, we have gotten many small storms with just enough needing to be plowed. If only I bought my own plow truck for this winter I would have saved a ton. The plows have it easy so far; pushing 3-4" of snow is easy. However, I know what would have happened if I did buy a plow truck, we would have been buried with some 18" storm that I wouldn't have been able to handle since I have ZERO experience plowing snow. Hell this year I haven't even been able to snowblow since I can't get the snowblower working. What a bunch of crap!

Last week I was about ready to sell everything and leave and start a new life somewhere else. I felt extremely defeated and ready to give up. Thankfully the past couple days have been better, not including Metroid frustration that doesn't really bother me too much. I got new tenants moved into that vacant apartment, and I got a second coat of mud on all the walls at my future tax office.

^Jeremy did the first coat and he did a GREAT job. I didn't even need to sand before I started the second coat because he did such a nice job on that first coat. He was slower than I would have been, but I am fine with that because the work is quality. Better than what I would have done for a first coat without question.

I think I can have all the walls in that office 100% ready for paint by the end of the week. Oh Jesus hell ya! Also by the end of the week I'd like to have the sheetrock up in Kat's office area. Before I quite yesterday I headed up to Lowe's for another $300 in supplies so I can finish this wall and start my tax office ceiling painting later this week or early next week:

Right now I have her ~400 square foot area about 50% sheetrocked (no mud yet.) Ben, my very handy electrician, actually suggested that false-wall in the photo. My plan was to box in three of those ducts that you can see off to the left in the photo, but a straight wall will make the sheetrock work a ton easier. Same for trim and flooring installs. No edges and nooks. I lost a few inches of wall-space, but as an added bonus I can stuff extra insulation in there and save money on heating costs as well. I think I'll have the rest of that wall framed and sheetrocked by the end of tomorrow. Maybe? Hopefully! The beam barely visible at the ceiling top left in the photo is roughly the midpoint of that area. My tax office will be in the back, and you can see part of that through the opening off to the right in the photo.

I guess I should go do things now. No more Metroid this morning, F that, but hopefully tomorrow morning I can go to Norfair and find that grappling thingie. If I can't find it then I won't screw around and waste too much precious... precious time wandering about; I'll just get back online and see the path that I need to take.



Friday, 1-04-18: Not time for Jester's yet.
It is 2300, and on most Fridays I either would be at Jester's or would have just recently arrived there. However, tonight I am in no rush to show up at the bar because I am still embarassed and mad at myself about how wasted-drunk I got New Year's eve there on Monday night. Plus I had a lot of work that needed to get done today, and only shortly ago did I finish for the day.I was filling out lease papers only 20 minutes ago for the new tenants who moved into this vacant apartment today:

^Doug's old apartment from about 12 years ago! Damn maybe 13-14 years ago now. The fake-brick was his idea, and I was the installer. It didn't cost too much to do, and it has held up fairly well. Some people really like it and others things it is bootleg. What a bunch of crap! I don't care either way as long as I can keep the place occupied with rent-paying tenants.

I should have put more work into that apartment in the four weeks that it was vacant, but North Main has been kicking my loser ass. I did install a new bedroom ceiling in that vacant apt as well as new faucets, upgraded plumbing, and fresh paint. However, in a perfect world I would have also installed new bedroom and closet doors and done several other improvements. I think a white kitchen there would look great and really make the place pop, something like what I just finished about a month ago:

^Now that kitchen came out looking GREAT. It's my best kitchen remodel, ever. It probably won't be the best one that I ever do, but it is a huge improvement over some of my past projects. All these years of experience are starting to pay off, at least a little. That white wainscoating looks really awesome, and the photo doesn't even really show how nice it looks overall.

I finished a section of my bootleg gym ceiling today as well. Awesome! I should have been at North Main, but I had Jeremy there so at least some stuff got done in my mostly-absence. I need to spend some time at my office/gym property so the new tenants can rest assured that I am not a complete scum-lord. I'm lucky to have found renters so fast. I only met this woman yesterday AM, I approved the application that PM, and she was paying and moving in this morning. How cool is that? Hopefully she and her kids really like it there and stay for a while. The better I can make the place the better luck I can have with longer-term renters. Having that apartment vacant for almost a month was a sobering experience for me because normally the only longer vacancies I have are the ones that I plan for while doing renovations. Having a month-long unplanned vacancy right before Christmas when gas and plow bills are rolling in = WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

I've been all stressed out about not finishing North Main on time, but I guess in the grand scheme it doesn't matter that much. The upstiars apartment has been rented for almost a month (almost exactly when that other apt became vacant!) and so far they like it there. The upstairs looks great. The downstairs is not where I needed it to be, but I don't want to do a lot of taxes this year anyway, and the government has been shut down for a couple weeks so the IRS might not even process tax returns until next month. What a bunch of crap that shutdown is. I think by the end of this month I can get my tax office open, but it will be tight. My office has one good coat of mud, but I still need to do the waiting area, the bathroom, and Kat's larger DJ area before I can have tax clients. If I put a total rush on it I could have my tax office 100% done in one week, but that makes no sense because the other areas that I just mentioned need to be done as well.



Thursday, 1-03-18: This is NOT a good start to 2019.
Gods damn it, I am awake at 0200 when I should be bivouaced. I slept for a couple hours, give or take, and then I was awake. Finally after an hour of being uncomfortable and not even close to sleep I decided to get up. I just drank one coffee brandy and milk, and I had a little snack. I don't want to get boozed up, F that (especially after Monday night), but I need a little help if I have any chance of sleeping more. I guess if I go back to bed soon and still can't fall asleep then I'll just go to work. Seriously. It will suck, but oh well lots of things in life suck.

Part of the reason that I can't sleep is stress. It weighs on me constantly, and as an added FU from the gods who do not really exist I have been wasting even more of my precious... precious time on a vacant apartment located above my bootleg gym. Before daybreak yesterday morning I posted new photos and a brand new ad for the place, and I had huge response. Several phone calls, a few emails, and even a text. That's great, but not when some of the prospects are epic failers. I had some older-sounding and likely insane lady call early in the afternoon telling me that she already had an application. I had no idea who she was so I asked if we had met before. That's when she told me that she and her friend saw the apartment, noticed the door was unlocked, and just went right on in and grabbed an application from my clipboard that was on the counter there.


I'm not going to rent to someone who just fucking walks into one of my places without being invited. I left the door unlocked there because I had to scoot up to the bank and to Lowe's, and I was not gone very long. Plus to make matters worse this fucking lady just rambled on and on and on and kept me on the phone for 15 minutes while she wasted my precious... precious time talking about her useless life. It was ridiculous and I almost hung up on her.

^If she does drop off the application then she has no chance in hell of getting that apartment. I can't stand people who don't know how to STFU, and even worse is someone who had the audacity to ask if she can put $500 down for the deposit and pay the rest later. OMG IF YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR AN APARTMENT AND DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR FIRST-MONTH'S RENT AND A SECURITY DEPOSIT THEN YOU CAN GGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

My life still fucking sucks right now. Even worse, I got completely wasted-drunk on New year's eve at Jester's and dropped one of Kat's speakers. I'm pretty sure I fell right on top of it late-night, but hell if I know for sure since I was in a world of shit. She says it still works but has a rattle so that is all-bad. $400 speaker. I already owe her a new Christmas present since she had to return the bootleg GoPro that I bought for her. I guess that thing doesn't work with the technology that she possesses, and I can relate because once upon a time not so long ago I got a FitBit that was a bootleg piece of dump. She did say she wanted a GoPro so I don't think I 100% blew it, but when your wife gets a refund and uses half the money to buy groceries and supplies for the house that is epic failer and what a bunch of crap all rolled up into one. If I were her I would have hauled on me a long time ago. I basically am an emotionally impotent shitty husband, but hey at least I know how to work and keep the bills paid. Maybe that counts for a little bit of something. I don't cheat on her or download porn either so I also gots that going for me.

I spent New Year's day hungover. Badly hungover. So much for exercise and racquetball as originally planned. I was incredibly dissapointed in myself, and I still am disappointed. I don't even know how I got so wasted, but a shitload of Fireball whiskey sure didn't help. I don't remember paying my tab, but I guess I paid. Maybe? Hopefully. I think it's the most drunk that I've ever been at Jester's, and that is saying a lot because I have a LONG drinking history at that bar. In fact if all my bar-tabs there were ever tallied then I would probably go commit suicide immediately when I saw how much precious... precious money I have drank away over all the years. Most weeks the tab is only $15-20, but at 50 weeks a year & many years that is a shitload. Oh well might as well spend it can't take it with me when I die and if I have extra when I do check out I want it to all go to charity anyway. Make a Wish will probably get it all because that in a great organization. I won't leave much if any to family because F that they are all capable and intelligent and have the means to EARN their way in this world. No free rides for the able-bodied on my watch; we as a society do enough of that already thanks to a flawed system that will surely collapse one day in the future.

Where's my psychologist gods damn it?

I think 2019 will get better, hell it's only been a couple days. If I can get North Main done then things will start looking up. I've only worked at North Main for 4.5 hours since last Friday. How sad is that? I just can't get things where I need them to be, and every day that passes I feel like I am falling more and more behind. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully I have Jeremy coming tomorrow so I can have him mud/tape while I do another showing at that vacant apartment. I have two showings lined up for tomorrow morning, but nevermind that is this morning in only a few hours. I gotta get tenants in there ASAP, but not ones who just decide to walk in and help themselves to my paperwork (that was in a folder, even worse.) Reason #657,802 why it's time for a giant asteroid to just blast us all back to the stone age.

The end. Fin.

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