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Welcome to my crappy website. It truly is a bootleg bunch of crap, but I don't care. Not at all. I'm not doing it just to entertain you scumbags; I'm doing it because writing is fun but I am too lazy to actually write a real book. Don't laugh because I'm serious.

If you want to know who the hell I am and why I spent my hard-earned $18.17 to register this domain and to share my thoughts with the world then you can click here to find out. I have no update schedule so if you don't like it then you can ggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt oooooooouuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt!

"We have too many animals" -Me
"You can have no animals when you move out and go live by yourself." -Kat
"Would you choose Groot (our youngest asshole 3rd dog that we got 16 months ago) over me?" -Me
"At least she shows me affection." -Kat

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ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Why are you still here? Chances are pretty damn good that I WILL insult you in some fashion if you choose to continue beyond this point. The purpose of this site is to entertain me, and I am often entertained at the expense of others. Therefore, prepare to be slandered. A lot. It's still not to late to leave with your feelings intact!

Friday, 12-06-19: Another job mostly well-done. The best-worst president of all-time?
I checked another couple things off my long "to-do" list this week. First, I finished the last of two bedroom floors at Mom and Dad's Wednesday and yesterday. Second, I finished the floor today in the final office space area at our North Main building. Oh Jesus, hell ya!

^The "computer room" at Mom and Dad's. Back in the day, let's say the glorious 1980s into the early 90s, that was Jason and Doug's bedroom. Then I joined the Navy in 1993 and shipped my ass out so that became Doug's room and Jason took over my old bedroom.

I did a damn good job in those two rooms. I felt no compulsion to rush the job like I might have felt at some of my bootleg rental properties in the past. I actually even allowed myself a couple hour break on Wednesday afternoon to go sit out back in the blind with Dad. We were deer hunting even though neither one of us brought a weapon or had any intention of tagging any game. Nope, we were spectators that night just hoping to watch something pass on by. We didn't see any deer, but that is fine by me I enjoyed just spending the time with my aging father. Man does he love hunting. I've actually enjoyed just going into the woods and hanging out a few times this fall. Being in the woods in the fall is awesome and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

Nadia left me a sweet note because I did the remodel in her "room" which funny enough was once my bedroom and for a few years was also Jason's bedroom. Wow that is a HUGE mind-fuck of sorts. One day when Mom and Dad can't keep that house anymore I will really be sad. Unfortunately it's coming sooner rather than later at this point, too...

Oh hey, The Cutting Crew (I Just) Died In Your Arms. Great song! Not sure why the I Just part needs parenthesis, but I already stopped caring. I don't even care... whether or not I care. hehehe. I need more booze!

So because Mom and Pop have lived in the same house since about 1982 there is bigtime history there. They have been married for over 45 years now. OMG! Sometimes I wonder why they never split up since they seem like two different people. Mom doesn't give a shit about the woods and hunting, and Dad probably shits lead. Dad could have become a badass carpenter, artist, or both, but he would rather shoot, hunt, and fish so good for him. That means he is a tad lacking in the carpentry department. Thankfully for both he and Mom they pumped out a kiddo who would grow up to become a slumlord so I "accidentally" got a bunch of carpentry skills along the way. Now I'm pretty much their carpenter so the two bedrooms were assigned to me.

^I fucking hate kids they can all kiss my hairy ass. However, that is a really cute note so that makes me hate kids a little less. I should tell my 8-year old niece that bedroom and "bead room" are NOT the same thing. IT'S NOT A BEADROOM YOU PATHETIC SIMP! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! THERE ARE NO BEADS IN THERE THIS IS NOT MADRI GRAS. I really know nothing about kids. Shouldn't an 8-year old know how to spell bedroom? I dunno, but I just wrote sleep and had to rewrite it to read spell so that's what I get for being half-drunk and writing on this bootleg site that no one will ever read! I suck.

Oh, my frigging niece should also know how to SPELL MY FUCKING NAME GET IT RIGHT YOU FUTURE DROOL BUCKET! I don't really know if she is 8 or not, but probably she is 8. Her birthday is in 5 days and I need to get her a horse-riding lesson because that is what she wants. $45/hour or $25/half-hour. Of course I'll do an hour because I'm cheap, but I'm not that cheap. If she could spell my damn name maybe she'd get 2 hours! Hehehe.

On a side-note, horse riding is fucking stupid. She should be learning how to shoot a 30.06, how to gut a deer, and how to install sheetrock. Also knowing how to change a car tire and write a check would be good. I guess knowing how to ride a horse would be great maybe 3 years into an apocalypse after all the gas goes bad. However, if you are in The Walking Dead universe then give that ten years. What a bunch of crap! I'll never live 3 years into an apocalypse because I would just look into the light and die. Preferably wasted drunk along the way... zombies can eat me I'd rather be dead that living in a trashed-out future shit-world.

Where's my psychologist gods damn it?

So I've been trying to follow politics a bit more lately. I'm not doing great at it, but I did listen to some Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh when I was doing that bedroom midweek. I also watched some Fox News yesterday and tonight. Not much, just a little. Mom and Dad are conservative Republicans so no doubt they support Trump. They just about shit in their britches a couple years ago when I told them I voted for a Democrat, Jared Golden. Hey, Golden is an ex-Marine and seems somewhat squared away. It has been the first and only time I ever voted for a Dem, and I'd do it again for sure if the right person puts in for the cicrus.

I think Trump is a scumbag piece of shit human being, but gods damn if he is not killing it as our president. He just doesn't give a fuck, and I do kind of respect and like that. Our economy is doing very well despite Democrats trying to downplay that all. Trump is probably a horrible human who has likely cheated on his wife, on his draft-notice back in 'Nam, and on his taxes, but he is running America like a frigging boss. He just gives no fucks, and he wants to make America great. That is a stupid red hat slogan, but it is working. Now that scabby beotch Pelosi hates him so much she is leading a bogus impeachment charge, and that really pisses me off. Like, a lot. I think I'm actually going to vote for Trump in 11 months (assuming he is not impeached) because he is great and terrible all rolled up into one enigma of prosperity.

Kat might divorce my loser-ass over that one, but she might haul on my anyway. My quote of the month for this month is funny yet terrifying at the same time. This is an exchange we had 8 days ago, Thanksgiving and my birthday morning:

Me: We have too many animals.
Kat: You can have no animals when you move out and go live by yourself.
Me: Would you choose Groot (our youngest asshole 3rd dog that we got 16 months ago) over me?
Kat: Silence for a few moments before saying "At least she shows me affection."


Okay you turds, all two of youz who actually read this bootleg site, I am going to mostly drunk-drive my ass to the bar. My life is some kind of weird shit-show that entertains even myself in some perverse way. I think I hate my life, but at the same time it is great. Is that even possbile? It might be possible for a little while, but in the end it probably results in EPIC FAILER.

Oh well, at least I never get bored. Hehehee.



Tuesday, 12-03-19: Our first big winter storm of the seaon.
I had bedbug remediation, follow-up appointments, schedule for today. Unfortunately we got shit on by a big winter storm so nevermind to that. We got ice, sleet, and snow all day long and a few times this morning the storm was really cranking. Thankfully we didn't get feet of heavy snow since the snowblower is still in the shop. I'd guess we got 4-5 inches of snow and sleet/ice as well. Since we got the ice the snow was pretty damn heavy and I still had to waste a good 45 minutes of my precious... precious day shovelling before supper. What a bunch of crap!

The roads were pretty terrible this morning, and my truck was not doing so good. I think the 4WD is not working. Again. The 4WD didn't work for the first snowstorm of last year either gods damn it. I had to spend a lot of precious... precious money to get it fixed so it sucks I need repairs again. I'm wanting to get a newer truck, hopefully something with a plow, so maybe it is time to start shopping around. This is most likely NOT the time of year to be getting a plow since they will all be full price, though. Oh well, no harm in starting the process to see what is available. My 2010 F150 only has about 86k for mileage, but there is rust, the door seals leak in heavy rains, the tires slowly leak, and I pretty much beat on the thing. I've had it for over 9 years and it has been a good vehicle for me. Maybe I'll end up keeping it for another couple year, who knows...

I did some online shopping just to get an idea. Craigslist = mostly just dealers in NH throwing their stuff on there. What a bunch of crap! I really like doing business with Central Maine Auto in Waterville. They have some half-decent-looking used trucks in the $20-30k price ranges. A new f150 can be seen here:


I guess that one is $40,135? Not sure because of all the green pricing discounts there. Do I get an even lower price or is that $40k after every gods damn one of those discounts, many of which I do not qualify for (college student -500 for example.)

Alright, that gives me a good range to start with. I was talking to Gavin earlier about the siding I did for him. I got his invoice all ready and he has the money for me now. I told him to wait a bit in case his insulation comes in higher than expected. He was wondering why I just didn't take cash and not claim it on my taxes to which I replied I need to show some half-decent income if I want any bank to cough up precious... precious money. Same for getting a newer truck. I'd prefer to do a sizeable down payment and finance the rest, and when I got my F150 back in 2010 the dealership in Georgia wanted my tax returns. Plus who knows we might get a different house next year. Plus I'm a friggin' tax preparer so I can't really work the system too hard and call myself a professional in the tax business. Well I could, but I don't want to be that guy...



Sunday, 12-01-19: Two road trips to make this week.
Kat and I have a trip to Portland planned for tomorrow so she can see her new lyme disease doc, and then later this week I'm going down to the ol' homestead to finish the last bedroom floor for Mom and Dad. Unfortunately it's winter now so we have some snow on the ground, and more snow is forecast for tomorrow. Road trips in wintry weather = what a bunch of crap! No snow expected here tomorrow until after we get home, but Portland area will see snow on and off all day tomorrow. It's been very cold lately and overall well below average so that means my next heating bills will totally suck. Gods damn it!

I need to start filling out Christmas cards, and I need to get serious about some Christmas shopping. Also in 1.5 weeks is Nadia's birthday so she will need a gift. I already sent Holly a txt and am just waiting and hoping to hear back so I have some ideas. Hopefully she still likes dolls and toys and shit. I dunno maybe she is too old for dolls? I think she's 8, but because I am a turd uncle I really don't even know for sure. What a bunch of crap!

Today has been a decent day so far. Kat and I did yoga and used my bootleg gym this morning. It's already down to 58 degrees in that gym. I don't think it has been so cold there for so early in the winter before, at least not since I did upgrades and insulating over all the years. Probably like 15-20 years ago it was colder down there when I didn't even own the building. There was a window with a small-caliber bullet hole in it so that didn't help at all in winter. The gym now is much nicer that it was way back then. In the beginning it was just some cheapo all-in-one used thing that I found in Uncle Henry's. Drove down to Orland to get it if I recall correctly. Now I'd laugh at something like that, but back then it was at least something to start with.

^From 2007. By then we had a nice gym setup; I don't have any earlier photos of the gym from when it was really bootleg. Even in 2007 there was room for improvement; the window in that photo is the one with the bullet hole. What a bunch of crap!

I still have that leg-sled and squat rack. Doug owned both of those about 15 years ago, but he sold them to me/traded for free rent before he moved to AZ for the first time. Now my old office is located where that pink-ish colored rug sits in the photo. The office room is still there, but I mostly use it for storage these days.


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