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Tuesday 6-08-21: Two drinks and no way my ass is driving.
I burned a shitload of energy today, and my ass is feeling it right now. I spent several hours today working in the event room at the bar, and the outside air temperature was around 90 so it was incredibly hot in there. Even worse I was doing the ceiling so the hot air seemed to be trapped up there. What a bunch of crap! I was a filthy mess with bits of insulation and dust on my aging body. I didn't leave with too much insulation on me because I kept cleaning it off (somewhat), but I felt gross. Hawk and I made some great progress, though.

^From yesterday. Hawk painting the wall above the chair-rail while I worked out in the bar.

^My awesome wife picked good color for the upper wall, and I'm sure the lower part will look just as nice. Too bad I have to wait for the plumbers to finish that area of exposed framing. That is the back end of the female restroom, and we are redoing all the plumbing because the junk we inherited = what a bootleg bunch of crap!

I have only had two of my usual drinks (fatass in a glass!), but I feel like I am half in the bag so F that. I didn't plan to drink that much tonight anyway because I actually want to work tomorrow and be productive. When was the last time Kat and I had a day off? Probably May 7, but even that was not a day off so nevermind. Kat worked down at the bar most of that day while I stayed away from the world on my final day of a Covid-19 quarantine. I did some work at home through the computer. We both need a day off together, and hopefully we can get one later this month. Maybe? Hopefully! She works way too much down at that bar for no pay since we don't make a profit yet. I've never in life seen anyone more dedicated to making something work than she is to that bar. It will succeed due to her efforts. I don't slack off myself, I work a shitload down there, but she does more of the important things. I do worry it will wear her down, though. I need to cut her hours, but how do I do that when she seems to want to be there all the time?

My awesome wife did have time to pick me up a couple jelly donuts earlier today from the WalMart bakery clearance rack. WM bakery rules man! Where is my Full Metal Jacket quote? Guy dredges it from the archives now...

What is that Private Markwith?!
Sir, a jelly donut, sir.
How did it get there?
Sir, my awesome wife bought it for me and I burned 10000 calories today so I will enjoy every bite!

That photo makes me want to watch Full Metal Jacket now. What a great movie. If you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

I think I am still exhausted? I dunno, but I ain't going to bivouac at only 1925. I should call and catch up with Mom, but F that I will be on the phone for 1.5 hours and I don't have the energy for that. I did sleep decently enough last night, no small feat with a low outside temp of 70 and no A/C. It was brutally hot yesterday, 93 degrees and a record high, and it sucked. However, the bar has extra A/C now thanks to a badass 36k heat pump that we got hooked up at about 2230 on a busy Saturday night. John worked well into the night to connect the wiring, and that was really awesome of him to do. It does help a lot. A LOT.



Friday 6-04-21: Sales are up, spending is up, event room timeline failer.
This has been a decent week for the bar. Our sales are better than they were the week before, and last week was better than the week before that. It's been about 3 weeks since we repoened after a disasterous Covid-19 shutdown in early May, and we are trending in the right direction. We're nowhere near profit, not even close, but if things keep going the way they have been going we'll get there eventually. Maybe? Hopefully!

We've spent a lot of precious... precious money this week working on the event room. I've had Hawk painting and mudding, Bruce and Kevin have been working on the bathroom plumbing (total overhaul), and Jon and Jake have redone a bunch of the wiring to include all new dimmable LED lights. Thankfully I still have a little left for credit on the Home Depot and Lowe's cards because paying for all the materials up front right now = not possible. I thought we'd have more money from the sale of this land:

The tiny little 0.12-acre parcel was under contract last month, but then one of the neighbors called the city and code said the only good use for that small plot is a garage. The people who had put it under contract before wanted to throw a trailer on it (or a small home) and live there for part of the year. I didn't think it was zoned for a home, but I got bad info when it first listed. What a bunch of crap!

Jody (long-time realtor who treatss me well) texted me earlier and said there will be a contract for the land tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it. I don't even know what we are selling it for right now I suck! I think we started at $19,500, but it should be down to $13,500 right now. Guy looks it up on the MLS...

Listed for $14,500. We won't get that for it, but it would be great if we did. I'd probably be okay with a few grand less, but that depends on the offer and how much red tape is involved. A quick cash sale would be enticing at a lower price point. We'll see. Maybe it will never sell and one day I will put a garage there.

A huge chunk of precious... precious money disappears tomorrow when we pay ~$6000 to have a 36k roof-mounted heat pump installed near the stage in the bar. We need A/C in there because it gets hot. Fans help, but they are not a solution for a true heat wave. Monday we are expected to hit 93 degrees. OMG what a bunch of crap! Even worse, Monday is the day we were supposed to have the event room ready for a group of bridge players who want to use that space twice a week. The event room is a mess right now, and it doesn't have A/C so hopefully I can put the players in the back end of the bar/restaurant on Monday, near the stage and the new heat pump. I'll try to sort that all out tomorrow when the guy comes to take a look with me.

Things will have to go perfectly for the A/C to actually get installed and functional tomorrow. The guys brought all the materials over today and rented a lift for the room-mounted part and seem to think it will be working at this time tomorrow. They are starting at 0800 so my ass ain't getting shit for sleep tonight. I tried to take a nap not long ago, but I only slept a few minutes. What a bunch of crap! Until I get through this weekend I can forget getting a solid night of sleep.

My awesome wife's birthday is tomorrow, and I am pwned. I did get a start on it, but I have yet to finish. What a bunch of crap! I just work too much, and that is my bad.



Tuesday 6-01-21: Hey awesome I finally feel pretty good.
So far this week I have gotten exercise 3 out of the 3 days, and I still feel pretty good. I'm not in the gym banging out 500-lb benchpresses, f that. I haven't even used my bootleg gym in maybe 3 weeks. What a bunch of crap! I played racquetball Sunday, I played again yesterday, and I slowly jogged 2 miles this evening. I am NOT in good cardio shape at all right now. Thank you Covid-19. Thank you restaurant/bar. May was a shit-show so hopefully June will be better. For most of May I either had covid or serious seasonal allergies. Epic fuckin' failer = May, 2021. I couldn't even go turkey hunting. What a bunch of crap indeed.

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and the weather gods who do not really exist send us a well-timed gift. Shit weather booya! Normally shit weather = me do not want. However, owning a bar/restaurant during shit weather this time of year is good. It was rainy, cool, and raw for a big part of the weekend so that helped business. A lot. We had great Friday and Saturday nights, and I am really proud of the staff we have in place right now. We actually got full to fire-code capacity on Saturday night for a while. Oh Jesus, hell ya! We are a long way from turning any sort of profit, but it is nice to see revenues increasing week over week. Plus we are getting *mostly* good feedback from our customers. We don't always get the food and drinks perfectly right, but we are providing exceptional service and we are all good at making customers feel welcome and comfortable.

The event room is a mess, and we have people who want to use it in 5.5 days. Guy will have to upload a photo of the room and post it on here tomorrow. The room is nice and bright because sparkies got the new LED troffers installed today. Oh Jesus, hell ya! They can all dim as well, a feature we have in the restaurant that is incredibly valuable. No one wants to have a restaurant/bar experience that feels lit up like a cafeteria. The lighting helps set the mood. For some events the lights will be all the way up, but for others we can lower them down and really create a party atmosphere.

^Photo posted days later because I don't have enough free time. (What a bunch of crap!) Ceiling tiles get painted a light blue before they go up. Thank you, Hawk.

I think the event room will take a couple more weeks to finish, and I have less than 6 days. OMG! I have a group of bridge players planning to start next Monday. My plan? Not charge them to use the unfinished room. As long as we can get the walls painted and the floor done good enough, right? Maybe? Hopefully! The bathrooms will definitely NOT be done, and that is okay. There are other bathrooms people can use for now. Bruce and Kevin did major demolition Friday on those restrooms. Today I didn't work on the event room very much because I had to mow lawns and run errands, but I did have electricians and Hawk in there making progress.

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