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Saturday, 10-16-21: Wow we got busy last night.
Our Q3 sales tax return for the bar was due yesterday to the state so I got that filed in the morning, and paying that four times a year will suck. A lot. $18,860 goes bye bye and we don't even have that much precious... precious money in the bank account. What a bunch of crap! However, that doesn't get deducted until probably Monday so we should have some money coming in from our Thurs, Fri, and today's sales by then. Last night at the bar was BUSY. It was our best Friday night since we opened. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Not our best day ever, we had some really good ones in the beginning, but definitely the best nighttime revenue. Kat ran the karaoke like a boss, great show, and we had a big crowd all night long. This is looking to be a good week for the business, and we really need it so we can *hopefully* start at least breaking even instead of losing a little money each month. If we have a good last half of this month we might not be in the red for October. Maybe? Hopefully!

We are working with a local company to get a brand new business website since the one we have now is a total bootleg piece of shit. The designer sent us a draft of what the main page will look like, and we like it a lot so far...

^The main page has a few different scrolling images, and there will be separate links for events, menus, the banquet room, etc. Speaking of the banquet room, we are currently renting that space to a BDSM group. I didn't even know what that was until recently! They are using the projector screen to do a presentation on the proper and safe ways to do weird sex things like choking and shit. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AWESOME! Kat and I only had the stipulation that they don't take off their clothes and hang ropes and shit off our ceiling and walls. No real crazy shit, just an educational seminar-thing. I guess? I dunno and I don't really care I definitely do NOT want to ever sit in on one of those things I'm too old for that shit!

One of my tenants just texted me that their fridge bulb blew. Hahahaha! All I wanna know is why? Why do you need your landlord for that? I do keep a spare one on-hand because they are cheap. I actually have considered selling Allen Rd and just being all done as a landlord, but I don't want to give it up yet because of the gym. I don't hate being a landlord, but I feel like I have enough else going on between the restaurant and the tax business that I don't even need to be one. However, if the restaurant doesn't make it then it's nice to have Allen Rd still as a resource. I don't think the restaurant will fail because lately it has really done well, but things can change fast...

I gotta go down to the ol' homestead tomorrow and most likely until later Tuesday.Dad needs to go to Maine Med in Portland so I'll take him down, spend some time with him. I'm guessing while he's with the docs in the hospital there I'll be sitting in the car since they won't even let me in. Who knows, maybe I can sit in some waiting area there. I'll bring a book and other stuff so I can pass the time. Maybe drive over to Cabela's, we'll see how it goes. They might put a stent in his heart so I think that would take several hours. Maybe he'll have to stay the night, but I hope not because hotels down there are epic expsnsive. I think Covid made lodging prices jump into the hundreds of dollars everywhere. Not really sure so I should look, just in case...

Ok the prices aren't horrible, probably because it's a Monday I searched. $75 for the cheapest, $150 for something not looking like the Roach Motel. I probably won't have to stay the night, but I should be prepared. If I do have to stay in Portland Monday night it's because something went wrong with Dad so I'd pray to God that doesn't happen. However, there is no God so I'll just stay hopeful and optimistic.

Poor Dad hasn't even been able to do any hunting this fall. What a bunch of crap! It's what he loves to do so I hope this appointment helps him feel better. I'd love to do some rifle hunting with him next month. I want to hunt this month since there are lots of deer, but I don't think I'll have the time. Maybe I'll go Mon evening if things go perfectly and we leave Portland by early afternoon. I doubt that will happen, but his appointment is for 0800 so it's not impossible.



Friday, 10-15-21: Almost nap-time!
I was the bar MOD last night, a relatively rare occurrance for a Thursday lately. On most weeks I "only" work Friday and Saturday nights. Of course I'm there a lot more than that doing paperwork, carpentry, misc, but officially I'm not on the schedule too often. However, since Dillon has baby Damon (kids fucking suck but they do have a very cute newborn) he is taking time off so we are all working more. I'm fine with it, happy to help, small price to pay for the family no worries at all.

We didn't have a dishwasher last night, we only had one bartender for half the night, and we had no host so we were all busy for quite some time. Kat was the DJ, and she was pouring beers at the bar in between putting up different singers. 4 minutes between songs does not give her much time to do other stuff. Plus people coming up to the DJ booth to make requests, her having to look up songs and adjust vocal levels for each singer, etc. It keeps her busy. I am glad she was there with me last night because she did a lot to help. Short staff and busy = what a bunch of crap!

To make matters worse I had to throw some douchebag kid out, permanent ban, and I had to yell at him to GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR. I tried to be like Dalton from the epic great movie Road House. I was nice until it was time to not be nice. The kid just would not get it, and he was like a turd that would not flush. He was trying to plead his case as to why he should be allowed to stay so I had to use my usual reply. This is not a negotiation. When my staff say you need to go then it is my job to make that happen. I don't even know what he did to get the boot last night, but we've had to kick him out before so I'm not surprised at all.

I still feel like a have a shitload to do this fall, but the roof is almost done. I was a nincompoop and didn't buy enough shingles, but I came close! I had to drive down to Belfast Wed morning for 18 more bundles, 6 square, and that afternoon I used about 10 bundles doing the north side of the roof. I got a lot done in 4.5 hours of roofing before I had a tax client later in the day. I don't have too many tax clients this time of year, but a couple of them do extensions so their deadline to file becomes Oct 15th, today. Thankfully they are all filed and done. Later this fall I need to focus on tax updates and training, and the new office needs just a little more work before I call it officially done.



Tuesday, 10-12-21: More roof photos, great weather, did I get a sunburn today?
I think I'm about 70% done with our roof now. Maybe? Hopefully! I spent yesterday stripping off the remaining shingles from the front side, and I did a shitload of cleanup and two trips to the dump totalling over 2000 pounds. A ton of debris like a boss. At first I wasn't sure I'd even get to the front this year, but it makes the most sense so I don't have to replace the ridge vent and cap shingles twice. Plus I'm already all set up with tools in place, etc. The weather is also perfect for it. Warm temps, no rain, and best of all, hardly any wind.

Should I have started the roof this fall? That's a 50/50 question and one that is hard to answer. I kept pushing it back, and I feel like if I waited all winter I'd have some other reason not to do it in the spring. Plus the thing was actually frigging leaking. What a bunch of crap! I was up there today on the roof, 78 degrees and much hotter in the sun, and poor Kat was getting crushed at the bar with an incredibly busy lunch rush. Busy = good, but not so much when I'm only 1/3 of a mile away yet not available to help on short notice because I'm a grimy, slimy, sweaty mess and in no shape to go serve tables to customers.

^I had to cut out a section of plywood that was quite rotten and replace it today while Kat was busy at the bar. The roof is only 1/2" ply, but at least the joists are 16" on center. I'd love to have 3/4 sheating, but F that replacing it all is way too expensive and way too much work. All the other sheathing is good enough to last another few decades. Maybe? Hopefully! The new piece I installed today is 5/8, but not really because of manufacturer cheapout. 19/32 so close enough. I used Ice/Water shield over all of that section so it better not leak ever again!

I let the dogs run around and play outside quite a bit while I do the roof:

^No Copper anymore = sadness. Groot and Tiger Lily need the exercise and they seem to enjoy being out there chasing birds, chipmunks, and squirrels.

I had to pull siding off so I could flash this new addition part properly:

When I built that new addition several years ago I knew I was not doing a great job with the waterproofing along that edge. Now it should be waterproof for a long time, but who knows maybe not since I'm not really a professional here. I really don't want this new roof to leak again until maybe 2046.

I ran out of shingles today around 1600, just as my awesome CEO-wife was rolling in after working at the bar all day. Supposedly Viking Lumber in Belfast has more shingles so her and I were going to go tomorrow and walk along the waterfront, have lunch, do some shopping, etc. Too bad all those plans went to shit because the bar takes up too much precious... precious time. So I'll call Viking early tomorrow to confirm they have what I need before I drive down to get 18 more bundles, 6 square. I think I could get away with 16 bundles, but F that I want extra in case I failed at math or at anything else.

I have two more days to *mostly* finish the roof before rain showers arrive. The timing is bad since Dillon is off work this week, but the timing was never going to be good no matter what. I am MOD this week Thursday night as well as my usual Friday and Saturday nights. Then next week I take Dad to Portland for a very important medical appointment. I'm still so jammed up with things I need to do it is ridiculous and what a bunch of crap all rolled up into one. Tonight I actually thought a bit about selling Allen Rd as well, and the ONLY reason I don't is I like the gym. However, I don't really even use the gym that often anymore it is more Doug's thing. I have been using the gym two times a week, but this week probably not happening since this roof job uses up most of my precious... precious energy.

I don't think I am going to do many more roofs in my lifetime. I notice a HUGE difference in what it takes physically to do a roof these days vs. what it took a decade ago. Last year doing Jason't showroom roof wasted me like DOc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket. That was a huge roof that Neil and I did in only 4 days, though. At least here at the house I don't have to commute to a job-site. It still takes a ton of effort to strip off old shinges and to throw them away. Plus all the trips up and down the ladder, often up with shingles and gear. It burns epic calories and is a great workout, but it's more of a workout than I want. I don't have a helper either so it's all me, myself, and I. Makes the total cost less, but a good helper would have been nice. Too late now!

I actually planned to take a short break from roofing mid-afternoon and go for a jog. I went 0.17 miles and then I quit because F that. I just didn't have the energy. What a bunch of crap! So I walked back home and got my ass back up on the roof to shingles a bit more around the front stink-pipe and bathroom vent. I sealed the hell out of all that stuff so it better not leak. I hope this roof lasts 25 years. By then Kat and I won't even live here we will be in a warmer climate or maybe not even alive anymore. Maybe in 25 years Covid-19 and all its variations will waste us all? Except for Will Smith. He can live in NY with his dog and all the zombies...

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site, I'm gonna go do other things now. Goonies never say die!



Thursday, 10-07-21: Roof started. Sox in postseason.
The Red Sox beat the Yankees in the Wild-Card game Tuesday night at Fenway. Oh Jesus, hell ya! The Sox played horribly for a stretch late-season last month, but then they swept the Nationals to end the season last weekend and that earned them the #1 wild-card slot. I watched some of the game Tuesday, but then I went to sleep because the game was on until past my bedtime.

The Sox just started playing tonight in Tampa Bay, and I probably will be awake until that one ends. Best of 5 series, and the Sox are serious underdogs. Kat is the karaoke DJ tonight so I will end up at the bar for at least part of the night. Her and I had a nice date evening at the bar last night for our first ever live music, 1600-1900, and that went great. We'll definitely do more live music in the future. Just a solo act, Navy veteran like myself, seems like a great guy whom we met last month and booked. He did a wonderful job for us. He and I have a tour in the Navy in common, but he is a great talent with the music and I am terrible. I can't sing and I can't play even one instrument yet I co-own a music-themed bar. What a funny bunch of crap!

Rays already have a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 1st inning in Florida. Not good!

I had a fantastic visit with Dad down at the ol' homestead Monday and Tuesday this week. I stacked all their 2 cords of firewood like a fucking boss, 6 total hours of work while I listened to talk radio as I moved each piece of hardwood from the back yard into their cellar. Sometimes I like the talk radio, especially when they rant about what a piece of shit Joe Biden is. Jason was able to get off work in time for a hunt, too. We brought our bows and camo gear and went in off the Keating Road for a great hunt. I sat in the spot where I shot a doe a couple years ago, and within 15 minutes I had deer action. A doe and a spike hanging around, but never close enough to shoot with a bow. If I was in there rifle hunting in November it would have been easy to shoot the buck. I enjoyed just watching them and was A-ok with not getting a chance to shoot one. It's a lot of work dragging out a deer plus I have lots of deer meat left here from last year. Just being in the woods was really nice, especially with perfect early fall weather.

I started the firewood Monday afternoon, and I finished it Tuesday morning before a good lunch with Dad and the trip home. I did find some roof shingles that *mostly* match the ones on the new addition at Viking Lumber in Warren so I did this today:

^Roughly 5.5 total square on that side. Not a huge surface area to do, but still took a while to prep.

So I got the back side all stripped down, prepped by staging new shingles up there, and cleaned up the majority of this shit-show:

^Cleaning up old roof shingles = what a bunch of crap! There is no easy way to do it. I got a bunch of the debris off that deck and into the truck. 820 pounds left at the local transfer station before a stop at Lowe's for some underlayment, caulk, etc. I'm all set up to do some shingling tomorrow. Maybe? Hopefully!

The weather today was perfect. 72 degrees, unlimited sun, not humid. Couldn't ask for a better day to be on the roof. I actually might have gotten a little sunburn, but this time of year the sun gets so low on the horizon plus we have big maple trees around so I didn't get sun all day long. It took around 4 total hours to strip off the old shingles on that side. By the time I loaded the truck up with debris, tossed the stuff, and got my supplies at Lowe's it was later in the afternoon and time to quit. I didn't even start until 0900 because everything was all wet from a heavy morning fog.

I probably won't get much time to work on the roof over the next couple days because I'll have to work at the restaurant a lot. Dillon was the scheduled MOD tomorrow day shift, but he's off for several more days because Debbie had their child at 1234 this morning. Kat is officially a grandmother now and I am a step-grandpa! Little Damon was born fast and healthy. Debbie went into labor mid-afternoon yesterday and probably only 10 hours later the little guy was born. We were up a bit in the night getting updates, and I'm very happy for them.

I don't really like babies. They puke and cry and shit and don't know anything. However, I like seeing everyone in the family happy so I have no real complaints. Kat spent a lot of precious... precious time getting the spare room ready for Damon. Check this out:

^Freash paint, Snoopy on the wall, happy wife = happy life. Or something akin to that. I did help do some painting in that room, but Kat did most of the work. I hope I don't get asked to change Damon's diapers. F that! I'm proud of the fact I'm almost 46 years old and have never had to change a baby shit-diaper. It doesn't really gross me out to the point of nausea, but I just don't want to do it. Hell, I don't even like to hold a baby! I'm not very good at it. I'd rather hold a power tool hehehe.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site, I gotta get ready to go down to the bar for a while. Goonies never say die!



Friday, 10-01-21: Tax office, gym, hunting, sports, stuff.
I installed most of the floor in my soon-to-be tax office yesterday, and today I spent a little time in there setting up my desk. It's not done yet, but it's damn close. I should have had it done a month ago, but things always happen to pull me away. What a bunch of crap! I could have had it done a month ago, but I would have had to work epic-long hours. I didn't need the office last month anyway.

^Photo taken around midday yesterday. I got most of the floor done during the afternoon.

My first tax client is scheduled for next Wednesday morning so that should give me enough time to put on the finishing touches. Maybe? Hopefully! I'll rent that area from the Mad Kat Restaurant, but it's really just a formality and a paper-trail since Kat and I also own the restaurant. I don't plan to put up any signs that say "Taxes done here", none of that stuff, for two reasons. First, the landlord wants to charge my ass a lot of extra rent if I put the tax office there. Second, I don't even want many new tax clients this season since the restaurant takes up so much of our precious... precious time already. I'll keep most of the ones I have and call that good enough. I don't want to take advantage of the landlord, but I don't want to pay him extra rent either so I'll tell him I'm only keeping my small client list and not advertising at all. It's 100% the truth, and it's what we need to do to help keep the restaurant going for now.

I have to work tonight as manager-on-duty so I just have enough time to update this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read before I clean the house some, feed myself and the dogs, and head out. Kat is the daytime MOD and the bartendette right now down there. I helped her earlier before I got a reprieve. Just long enough to use my bootleg gym and talk to the tenant in the apartment where Doug and I used to live. Her family is spreaing out of there mid-month next month so that place will be available. I don't think it will be too hard to rent, but the time of year is less than ideal for it. I'll worry about that later.

I got a really good workout in at my gym today. I've been lifting weights twice a week for the past several weeks, and that is good enough. I need to do more cardio and yoga this month. My goal was to exercise more last month, but that went to shit for various reasons. Mostly it was too much work at the restaurant, but it was also my ass getting really sick for a couple days. I was wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket last Sunday. What a bunch of crap! It was all-bad, one of the worst sick days I've ever had. I tried to work at the restaurant for a while in the morning, but I only made it about an hour. Poor Kat was also sick, but she is tougher than me hehe. Thankfully it was a short-lived stomach flu [guessing on that] and by Monday I started to feel better. I was well enough to go for a jog Tuesday and today I feel just fine.

On Wednesday I dragged out my bow and practiced for a bit. Waxed the strings, gave it a good inspection, etc. I shot fairly well, and I just shot some today from 30 yards and feel a lot more confident about my chances if I'm in the woods next week and have a deer encounter. I'm going down to the ol' homestead for an overnight Monday and Tuesday to spend time with Dad and to also see Jason for a Monday evening bowhunt on the new piece of land he bought. Mom will be out west with Aunt Susie visiting Uncle Kevin so Dad will be home all alone for next week. His health is not so great these days so I don't want him alone the whole time. Jason is close, but he works a lot and does enough for them as-is. I gotta spend more time down there this fall or else I'll have regrets to last the rest of my life.

Dad's health has been a serious concern for us all since he had a heart attack last summer. For a while he seemed to be doing better, but lately things are worse for him. I'm also taking him to Maine Med in Portland on the 18th so I really hope they can get him feeling better. Maybe a stent? Doug just had one of those because he almost friggin' died last month. No joke, he had a heart attack at age 41 and it was all-bad. The doc told him to lay off the gym, but he doesn't give a crap and still uses it every day. I can't stop him from using it so I only hope he's taking it easy.

September was a rough month with everyone having health issues and our favorite dog dying. I still think of Copper often, and it's not the same here without him. Groot plays fetch some, but not nearly as much. It's hard to play fetch with Groot without feeling a sadness that Copper is also not there to try and get the ball first. I've tried to play with Tiger Lily and Groot more, but time is fleeting these days because we still have so much going on all the time...

I've had time to watch some of the Red Sox lately, and that has been a disaster. Epic failer them. In a playoff race, lead Wild-Card spot, got swept at Fenway by the Yankees last weekend then just lost 2 of 3 to the terrible Orioles. What a bunch of crap! 3 games left and they are about to not even make the playoffs. One more loss and one more Seattle win puts the Sox behind. I'm busy and don't really care that much, but it is nice to see the team I cheer for actually do well.

The Patriots kinda suck this year, too. New QB, rookie, one win and two losses. What a bunch of crap! I hope I can get some rest in advance of a huge Patriots vs. Tampa Bay game Sunday night so I can watch some or all of it. Tom Brady (left the Pats and won the Superbowl with Tampa Bay last year) vs. his old team should be fun to watch. If I bet on the game I would NOT bet against Brady. Normally Kat and I are totally wiped out Sunday night and bivouac early so we'll see...

Last weekend was going great for the bar, lots of customers and shaping up to be a great Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately we got 4" of heavy rain over the weekend and I guess one of the downpours took out a transformer because we had a packed bar Saturday night when the power went out. We were fucked! Good thing Ben and his boys spent precious... precious time working on the emergency lights so we could at least *mostly* see. I set up my little work radio for some tunes, but the power stayed off for an hour from about 2330 through 0030 and all the customers took off by then. We actually wanted them to leave after the lights stayed out for 45 minutes so we hollered out last call to those who remained.

Our bar/restaurant is not making a profit yet, but we are heading in the right direction. When the power went off we had tons of people there, and almost all of them came back in Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to settle up their tabs with us. It was literally hundreds of dollars we could have lost out on, but we have such a great, loyal group of regulars who support us week in and week out that it was heartwarming to see. I know we lost out on a few smaller tabs, but the bigger ones were all settled. Losing power on a busy Saturday night = worst-case scenario. Hopefully we can install a generator in the future. A long-duration outage that lasts over a day will really fuck us as far as food and beer waste. I hope we don't have one of those for a very long time...

Alright turds, all two of you who actually read this bootleg site of mine, I gotta vacuum the floor and do other things. Goonies never say die!

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