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Welcome to my crappy website. It truly is a bootleg bunch of crap, but I don't care. Not at all. I'm not doing it just to entertain you scumbags; I'm doing it because writing is fun but I am too lazy to actually write a real book. Don't laugh because I'm serious.

If you want to know who the hell I am and why I spent my hard-earned $18.17 to register this domain and to share my thoughts with the world then you can click here to find out. I have no update schedule so if you don't like it then you can ggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt oooooooouuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt!

"I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money." - Actual song lyrics and title from 1986, Pet Shop Boys, song title Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money.) hahahaha!

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Wednesday, 4-10-24: The great eclipse and the end of tax season.
Most of the daily weather lately has been ten pounds of shit stuffed into a ten-pound bag, and that's often the case for early April in our area. What a bunch of crap! However, Monday and yesterday were fan-friggin-tastic. Monday we hit 66 degrees, not one cloud, and I was able to go for a mid-afternoon slow 2-mile jog/walk (I did better than I thought I would) before I got home just in time for 1420 and the very beginning of the big solar eclipse that people have been talking about for months.

So funny that just four days prior we were waking up to 8" of heavy, wet snow and we didn't even open the restaurant at all last Thursday due to garbage winter-weather. We had a lot of snow (a foot total maybe) so there was no sense. Then by Monday it was mostly all melted and I could sit in the back yard with no shirt on and get a little bit of sun before the eclipse shut down the sun. Northern and western Maine got a total eclipse, but here it was "only" 99%. Still good enough for viewing in the back yard with cheap glasses I got a few days ago. I didn't really even have this eclipse thing on my radar, but we had a customer come in Friday night who was selling them so I bought a bunch and handed them out to staff. I'm glad I did because it was a neat experience and something we won't ever see again in our lifetime. The next solar eclipse in Maine will be 2079 and my loser-ass is NOT going to be alive for that one.

^Bangor area on the outskirts, but close enough to get a good show.

We are really lucky to get a day of unlimited sun since most of the time we get trash weather this time of year. Even better, we are closed on Mondays so we didn't have to worry about work. Oh Jesus, hell ya! It just felt nice to be outside since most of the winter the weather is too cold to enjoy being outdoors. So funny today we're actually back to crap weather with temps in the 40s and rain showers. What a bunch of crap! The gods who do not exist looked out for us here in Maine on Monday...

In other news I was watching some of the Red Sox earlier when I got home from work. They're playing at Fenway Park right now, it was 5-0 Red Sox in the 5th, but I balied and put on channel 1928 for 80s music and now it's 7-5 Baltimore. What a bunch of crap! I had some tax clients this afternoon and then I helped in the kitchen at the restaurant for about an hour before I came home. It was a decent dinner-rush. Not packed-full but not totally dead either. We had a cook call out, but we covered it like a boss. Hopefully this will be the first week for us in three weeks where we can be open for normal business for our entire work-week. Three weeks ago we had a huge Saturday winter storm that really hurt sales. The week after that we were closed for Easter Sunday, and last week we had another snow storm that cost us Thursday. What a bunch of crap!

I've finished around 125 tax returns this season so I "ony" have 20-25 left including our own. A few of those are mostly done as well, just waiting on signatures and/or payment, so I really have 10-15 left to do for the rest of the year. Not bad! As the tax season winds down I can focus on other things and catch my breath some. I have work to do on our house and a list of things at the restaurant. I have plenty I can do to keep me busy enough through the end of May and then early June looks BUSY at the restaurant based on the events we currently have booked. Turns out June will be a decent month for us thanks to high school graduations.

Tax season doesn't really even end for me until June 17. Most of my clients are done, but a few will stagger in. The deadline was exended due to the huge storms we got earlier this year and late last year. It varies by county, but our county and 9 others have the extra precious... precious time. Knox county where I grew up just got pushed to July 17 so I have a couple clients there I won't be finishing until mid-summer. These huge storms are ridiculous and really costly.

We need a generator for the house for when the power goes out for days on end. My friend, Mike, has one for sale and I'm thinking about it. However, I'm not sure it's exactly what I want. Plus I have to pay who knows how much money (probably a lot) next week when I take the truck to the shop. It's running poorly and I only dare drive it around town. What a bunch of crap! The check-engine light is on and I can feel it struggling. In a perfect world I'd get a newer one, but that is too expensive so F that.

I think I'll enjoy more 80s music before I rack out with my crack out. Let's listen to Pet Shop Boys on Youtube again because this song is really catchy and fun and totally 1980s:

^This song is hilarious and it totally rules. If you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more... so funny I never even heard of this song until a couple months ago. Man I love discovering "new" 80s music at this point in my worthless life.

I don't think this song would work as a new song in today's candy-ass world. "I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money." does not seem gender-riffic to me. Fuck 'em!

The video for this song is epic in its cheesiness, and I love it all. Is that guy in the red hat in the Pet Shop Boys band? The guy in the suit makes sense, but who is that stained tee-shirt, sledge-hammer-wielding guy who randomly appears all over the video? I guess it's the lead singer's carpenter? I think they're from Europe so enough said about that one...

Man I miss the 1980s. I was only 5-15 years old in the 1980s and in many ways my life peaked at that point and it's been a slow downhill roll since then. Is that really true? Nope, but in some ways it is. My life sucks now and it my own fault. What a bunch of crap!

Okay, I was going to bivouac but I see my wife doing shots down at the bar so fuck it let's roll on and I just made another drink. The place closed already, but she has her other DJ and traniee DJ there so I guess it's bonus-levels for them. Are there bonus-levels for me? YUP. Everything since about age 38 is bonus for me so there's a "free" ten years. I can't even imagine living to be old, fuck that shit. Some ancient 111-year old who served in WWII was on TV a day or two ago from over in Europe and I just don't get it? He said something about eating lots of fish and chips hahahaha! What about coffee brandy and Teddy Grahams for me?

I'm doomed.



Wednesday, 4-03-24: Oh great here comes another winter storm... in spring.
According to all official forecasts tomorrow is going to be busted. Snow, wind, fail. Here it is from the National Weather Service:

^8-12 inches of snow in our area, and not too far away from the 12-18" range. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Meteoroligists have been talking about this one for days, and many schools and businesses are already closed tomorrow. We're closed tomorrow gods damn it! Thursdays are our second-slowest day of the week lately so oh well, better than a Friday or a Saturday. We lost most of our busy Saturday 1.5 weeks ago from a huge storm. What a bunch of crap! We made it all winter with no major winter-weather closures and now here they come. Gods damn it!

It was 54 degrees and sunny yesterday and I went for a 1.67-mile jog/walk and tomorrow we get up to a foot of snow and 34 degrees ahahahahaha! Next week back near 60. Welcome, spring.

This will be our third consecutive week of losing substantial revenue due to either winter weather or a holiday. 1.5 weeks ago was that other big storm, Sunday was Easter, and tomorrow will be this soon-to-be snowstorm. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, at least payroll is lower as well as product cost. Good thing it's still tax-season so we still have extra precious... precious money coming in.

I've been frustrated this week, and I hate my life again. What a bunch of crap! I'm sick of not having enough money in the bank and having to deal with the stupid shit from the restaurant. I don't think I can do it much more. I realized I still enjoy doing taxes, and I've learned a lot from this tax season. I learn every season as clients bring me new and unique things to work on, and these past few weeks have been no exception. What do I enjoy doing more, taxes or the restaurant?

I'd enjoy the restaurant more, but managing that place sometimes feels like a losing battle. Especially with these chicks creating drama all the damn time. Last Friday one server almost got into a fist-fight with another server AHAHAHAHA. I was oblivious because I was doing taxes in the office at the time, but my wife got called in to deal with it and last night I had to suspend one of the servers for being... unruly? She legit wanted to get into a fight hahahaha! The other server gets off duty and then drinks too much at our bar hahahaha! Fuck my life.

Oh, I had to review camera footage for an hour with a sheriff because we had a custmer get an OUI after he left Friday night. This was his car around 0200:


We are lucky the guy didn't hurt anyone or himself or else I think that would end our business. We have insurance, but they would drop our worthess asses like a bad habit and getting new insurance would cost too much. Hopefully the homeowner doesn't sue for... wheel ruts in their lawn? The guy told the sheriff he wasn't driving and only had two beers, but his tab certainly shows otherwise. Gods damn it! Plus the footage and other evidence proves he was the guy driving down Route 15 towards Bucksport when he epic failed.

In other news that doesn't make me hate my life as much, the Red Sox are 5-2 after they swept the hapless Oakland A's in California, and the Celtics just clinched the #1 best record in all of the NBA when they beat the OKC Thunder at home tonight. Oh Jesus, hell ya!

I was going to hook up the Nintendo Wii and play Super Mario Wii, but I ended up watching the Celtics and then talking to Mom for an hour so nevermind. I think I need to buy one of those Nintendo Switches because I heard you can download all the old games, but I dunno and I'm bad at video games anyway. However, I hope that, as tax season winds down, I can play some old video games. I'd rather do that than hang out with my own wife. What a bunch of crap!

Oh hey, there's a cat doing stupid shit again. One of the grey ones thinks it's fun to get into the kitchen sink and all I wanna know is why? Why does that happen? THERE IS NOTHING FUN IN THERE JUST A PLATE AND MY BOOZE-GLASS THAT I RINSED OUT YA FUCKIN' DINK. I should put rat poison in there but I'm not quite that cruel so instead I'll just complain on this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads. What a bunch of crap!


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