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Friday, 10-11-19: Dakota is a good screwer.
I thought it would take Dakota and I about 10-12 hours to finish the large deck down at Phil's yesterday and today, but Dakota worked the drill like a boss and we stayed on it so we put the last screw into that deck by around 1400. Awesome! He fastened, I cut, and it was a great success. He screwed like a boss hehe. He is a good worker. After we installed all the decking we still had some cleanup and misc to do, but we were on the road around 1530 and home at a very reasonable time yesterday. Plenty of time to relax and then kiss my wife goodnight after the first quarter of the Patriots-Giants Thursday Night Football game. I actually stayed up and watched the entire game. Pats won, 35-14, and are now 6-0 on the season. Their defense is phenomenal so far.

I went to bed too late and got up too soon today gods damn it. Sounds like a line from a 1986 Poison song, eh? I didn't feel that tired earlier, but this evening I have felt wiped out, drained. I got a lot done today and played racquetball earlier. Mike crushed me and I sucked. Felt a little dizzy at the end and lost two of the four games 15-0. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I haven't played that poorly in forever.

So Phil's deck is all done now. I still have to get him an invoice and get paid, but he is a good guy and I'm not worried about getting stiffed. I think I'm done working down there for the year, but who knows maybe he will have an urgent need and I'll go back. Hopefully he is happy with the end result because I know I am. There were some challenges tying in the new framing to the existing framing, but in the end we made it work well and the things looks quite nice.

^Not perfectly level, but never expected to be so considering we reused existing framing. It was actually much worse before I put some effort into making adjustments and corrections.

^Corners went faster than expected because thankfully the cuts were an exact 45-degree so my carpenter square worked great for that part. Since we finished down in Oakland earlier than expected that meant today was a sorta "bonus" day. I worked on some tree and debris removal at Allen Rd this morning before Dakota saw a giant rat in the basement at the two-unit building, the other building next to the gym. Finding rats = what a bunch of crap! I got a lot more firewood here that needs to be cut and stacked, but at least it is all chainsawed up into firewood length already. This afternoon I made time to do some trim work for Deno before he crushed me at rball. I already billed him for the work over three friggin' months ago so it's about time I get that shit done. It's not a lot, but it will take me a couple more hours there to 100% finish. Needs a little more mud and sanding. Not a huge job, but still a nagging thing that needs to get checked off the list.

I should have just taken today off gods damn it. However, if I took the day off I would have felt like I should have been working. Tomorrow is a day off, but I will be busy visiting Dad and bowhunting with Jason. Actually it's not even a real day off because I have to spend some time with Jason and talk about his business tax planning. Then Sunday I have a tax appointment with a client up here and next week I install siding. I fucking SUCK at taking days off lately. What a bunch of crap! Sometimes I don't feel like I work too much but I obviously do. Hopefully I do better in 2020 and work less after tax season. Reducing my work load by two properties should make a sizeable difference and give me more precious... precious free time. I need to spend more time with my wife so I don't get hauled on.

Tonight will be an unusual Friday night for me. I'm not going to get drunk and go to the bar because I need a break from that place. Plus last week I was a drunk asshole and that is a bunch of crap. I got friggin' wrecked and don't even remember some of the things I was saying, but apparently I told half the bar I was getting a divorce and then I told the town drunk to fuck off. I also danced with chicks and Kat says she never dances with men so not cool I danced with chicks. I've known these girls forever and I am NOT interested in any other women. I just put my arm into my shirt and pretended to be Rick Allen (the one-armed drummer) from Def Leppard and didn't actually touch any other woman, but I guess my bad there anyway.

I'm not going to get drunk tonight, but I did have one coffee brandy and milk. I'm going to bring Kat two shots of Hornitos and then have one more coffee brandy and milk before I bivouac. I don't even want to get drunk tonight, and I don't want to be at Jester's. I'm just going to have a little to help me sleep because I have too much on my mind right now. I feel drained both physically and mentally so hopefully I can sleep ok until I get up at 1245 to go help my outstanding DJ-wife break down to finish her karaoke show. Maybe 2 hours of sleep before, go back to bed at 0200 and get a few more hours, wake up at a decent hour feeling ok and then head down to the midcoast to hang out with family tomorrow.



Thursday, 10-10-19: Almost time for another hour drive to the work site.
Revielle for my loser-ass was 0525 today. I didn't set my alarm, I just woke up. We bivouaced around 2115 last night and I fell asleep fairly quickly and slept well so Oh Jesus Hell Ya to that! A solid 8-ish hours of sleep = plenty for me and too much to get every single night on a consistent basis. Sometimes it's 5, sometimes it's 9, but mostly it's somewhere in between.

I hear Dakota shuffling around upstairs, presumably getting ready to hop into the truck with me and head down to Oakland. It is a 61.5-mile drive one-way, but thankfully most of those miles are on Interstate 95 where the speed limit it 70. Set cruist at around 73, rip out some tunes, and usually it's a piece of cake. I wish Phil did live closer, but on the flip side of the coin he could live further away like when he lived in Alaska and Michigan all those years ago. Financially Phil makes sure it is worthwhile for us to come do his work and I do appreciate that because it does make for a long day with the travel included. We'll be gone at least 10 hours today if we work 8, and who knows we might work even more.

Right now Phil and Danielle's large back deck looks like this:

In a perfect world we would finish it 100% today, but I think that would take 10 friggin hours, maybe more, so it seems very likely at least I will have to go back down one more time tomorrow to finish everything up. I fully intend to finish by tomorrow so I can refocus my efforts elsewere. This weekend will be a trip down to the ol' homestead Saturday, hopefully some yard work here at the house Sunday, and then starting siding for Gavin Monday. Mom is out west with Aunt Susie visiting her family in California so Dad is flying solo for the week. Mom wasn't planning to go out west this fall because she has been busy with her work, but sadly Uncle Jimmy has a brain tumor and is in poor health. Uncle Jimmy is a great guy and not even that old, maybe 56, so that is a bunch of crap. He is in shape, too. Spent a career on the police force as a decorated officer. Poor Mom has already lost two of her siblings at too young of an age. I hope Uncle Jimmy can recover, but the tumor is inoperable so there is only a slim chance he will be okay. Gods damn it.

I feel wide awake and Dakota just showed up downstairs so I won't write too much more. Almost time to load up some gear, snacks, drinks, charged drill battery, etc. We have three drills down there and still struggle to keep up with the battery rotation because that deck needs so many screws. We get a battery on the charger and it barely charges before it it needed. I could bring a corded drill, but F that we are making it work okay with the cordless. I'd guess we'll use well over 2000 screws on that deck. I still never measured exactly since Phil ordered our lumber, but I'd guess 650-700 square feet. Huge!



Sunday, 10-06-19: Tree limbs disappear. Oh, football Sunday and hunting season.
The big back parking lot at my Allen Rd rental property is slowly getting choked away by large tree limbs. On one side there is a row of very big maple trees, and on the other side there is a mix of various hardwoods including an oak tree that likes to dump acorns on parked cars. I tried to cut back one branch myself a couple weeks ago, but then I quit because I would rather pay a professional to handle that shit. I was up on the ladder hanging off precariously with my chainsaw, and it just didn't feel safe enough so I quit. I'm comfortable on a ladder and with my saw. I just couldn't get a good angle for the awkward cut. I did get the branch down, but only that one.

^From a couple weeks back. There is still plenty of parking space, but the trees are starting to become more than a nusiance. I'm actually amazed none of the tenants have complained at all to me yet about branches that hang too low and acorns that bounce hard when they fall.

I was leaning towards having the trees cut back next spring, but during the teardown of the North Main garage I met a guy who has a lift and who does tree work. The guy, Ron, is retired ex-Navy and helped with that garage just because he is friends with Jim. Jim was my "contractor" for that job, but I didn't pay him in cash. I paid him in the value of all the useable lumber from the garage, and there was a LOT of useable lumber. Jim and Ron were both awesome with that garage, and if not for them that garage would not even be close to down yet. Both guys are 70+ years old, too. Much respect for their efforts and knowledge. Now not only is the garage down, but the lot is also mostly cleared except for the concrete slab. I'll have a photo of that next time or later on the week. Maybe? Hopefully!

I had Ron look at the jungle in that back parking lot about 1.5 weeks ago, and in a funny twist of fate I happened to be finishing up in my bootleg gym there Friday morning when he called me. He gave me a very fair price, and he was at the property looking at the trees so I got a chance to talk to him in person. Yesterday he arrived with his lift and saw, and he got all of this done:

^LOOKS A LOT BETTER OH JESUS HELL YA! The side off to the left still needs to be cut back, but the side in the photo was the most work. I was at a wedding in friggin' Southport (next to Boothbay) all day yesterday so I only had a chance to connect briefly with Ron. Thankfully Dakota worked for 3 hours over there helping to pile up brush. Ron downed the tree limbs and has them in manageble chunks, but I need to get rid of it all. I plan to rent a chipper and have Dakota run the small debris through it. I'll saw up the bigger pieces for good hardwood firewood.

Yesterday was a long day for my awesome wife and I because Southport is two hours away. Plus it was cold and we were outside. What a bunch of crap! All I wanna know is why? Why do people get married outside in October? The ceremony itself was sunny and in the 50s, not bad and actually beautiful by the ocean, but the reception was damn cold. We did have a badass propane heater that I bought so we didn't freeze too much. Unfortunately the gear clipped some and we ended up having the dance floor on a deck that was built with 2x4 joists 16" on center. OMG HOW IS THAT EVEN CODE COMPLIANT ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OR IN THE COUNTRY?! The deck was only a foot or two off the ground, but because the joists were so flimsy the thing was like a bounce-house and speakers were shaking badly once people actually decided to dance. Plus they didn't give us any food. What a bunch of crap! Oh well they did tip Kat an extra $50 and our late-night Augusta McDonald's drive-thru was only 4 bucks. We bivouaced around 0100.

This morning I went into the woods up here for the first time of the 2019 season. I set up my trail cam and ground blind at "Supertree", and I brought all three dogs with me. The dogs LOVE going into the woods, but they don't know not to run through burdocks and mud. Needless to say they were NOT clean by the time we got home. Groot's fur really keeps the burdocks locked in, too. What a bunch of crap!

Hopefully I can go on my first bowhunt later this week, but maybe I will wait til next week depending on the weather and other obligations. I have to spend a couple days, maybe even three days, finishing up Phil and Danielle's deck. Tomorrow looks very wet with rain most of the day so I will stay up here and do some tax stuff. Maybe also install a few more ceiling tiles in my bootleg gym. Tues it's back to Phil's and then I'll figure out the rest of my week after that.

I helped Gavin get a slider and a fire door for his soon-to-be attic apartment at his house, and in about a week I'll start installing siding for him. His siding will take me into near the end of this month. Maybe? I figure 40-50 total hours on that, but there will be rain and cold sometimes so I can't just work on it all day every day. 20-25 hours a week for a couple weeks will hopefully get that done and then I can also do more tax training, some deer hunting, and the usual other things that always pop up. I never get bored!

I did watch most of the Greatriots game earlier, and they crushed the Redskins to go to 5-0 on the season. Oh Jesus hell ya! Tonight's Sunday Night game comes on shortly, Chiefs vs. Colts. I'll watch some or all of that game before I bivouac. Kat and Dakota just left a little bit ago for the Sunday night Pour House gig so I'll likely be crashed out when they both get back around 0130.



Friday, 10-04-19: Two more deck photos. Country theme night at the bar = not for me.
Today the weather was a bunch of crap, but Dakota and I did manage to get the former garage area cleaned up over at North Main. It's not 100% squared away yet, but it's damn close. Hopefully I can post a photo of that next time. It was cold for this time of year with temps in the 40s and lots of clouds and rain showers off and on throughout the day. What a bunch of crap! There was actually some snow in the highest mountains earlier, but no snow here just chilly rain showers.

The weather was also crisp yesterday when I went down to Phil's to work on their deck. I arrived around 0745 to temps in the 30s. I had to wear my friggin' winter hat for most of the morning. Finally in the PM we hit the low 50s, but it never got warm. Oh well I still got a lot done including getting everything a lot more level than it was before:

I custom-cut all of those shims for the left side so bye bye a couple precious... precious hours for that. Phil would have been okay with leaving the existing framing as-is, but there was a very noticeable 1.5" drop in the center so I thought it needed to be addressed. That center carrying beam was never supported properly so over the years it dropped a lot in its center. The deck is very large, 600-700 square feet.

In the afternoon I did install a lot of decking, and that is how things looked when I quit at the end of a full work day. It sucks I have to drive one hour each way just to get there. The commute = what a bunch of crap! Just the decking alone will need around 2000 screws so that takes a long damn time and the drills have to work hard. I didn't have Dakota yesterday or else I would have put him right onto that mission.

I dunno when I will get down there again to work, but I'm leaning towards Tuesday. Tomorrow Kat and I have a wedding way down in Southport (Boothbay area) so that will be a 12 or 13-hour day. 4 of those hours are just the drive to and from. Thankfully it is her last very-far wedding of the season. After tomorrow she has two left, and the one in just over two weeks is in Bangor. She did book one near the end of this month down in Camden, but that isn't nearly as far as frigging Boothbay and I can go visit Mom and Dad for that one since I grew up in that area. Mom actually works right in town Camden. She works too hard and for too little pay for what she does. What a bunch of crap!

So we will get home and bivouac tomorrow around 0100. Maybe just after midnight if things really go well. Sunday I'll help Gav get some supplies for his own home remodel, and I have a few other things to do. Monday it rains so no outside work, but hopefully I can do some interior stuff like a little of my gym ceiling and/or start the floor over at the final office area at North Main. Midweek next week the weather looks decent again so I'd love to finish that deck by then. I estimate two more full work days down there to 100% finish. Maybe? Hopefully! I need to get it done by the end of next week so I can start siding for Gavin the week after that.

Tonight Kat is hosting a "country night" theme night at Jester's, and I don't plan to dress up because I just don't care. It sucks to write that, but it is the truth. I'm glad it draws customers who get into the spirit of the event, but it's just not for me. She's not too happy with me when I don't participate in the theme events, but oh well at least I still go down there to show support. Last week that was not so much the case, though...

^Country night at Jester's and my overall thoughts on the theme.

Halloween is just a few weeks away and I really don't give a crap about that holiday either. I think I'm becoming a boring old man. I'm actually sick of Jester's, and last week it all came to a head when I showed up, stayed for about 15 minutes, and then left. I came home, drunk-texted Doug, and then I crashed out in the spare bedroom. It was the first time ever that I've been home and I didn't even sleep in our bedroom. What a bunch of crap! Kat was so pissed off at me that I left, and I was pissed off at her for not thanking me for helping her do that gig for the past 5+ years. Sometimes I just don't want to be there and it's not fair for her to expect me to be there every single Friday. Would I expect her to come to work with me every Friday for a few hours out of her day? Watch me mow lawns and build shit? Hell no.

A large part of me doesn't want to be at the bar tonight, but I planned ahead and took a nap later today so I have a little bit of extra energy. Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day for my ass because I have a guy showing up at my Allen Rd properties at 0800 to start cutting back the trees that are encroaching on the back parking area and on one of the buildings. I don't need to be there right at 0800, but I would like to be there as close to that as possible before we have to leave for that wedding. Then *hopefully* I can pay Dakota to show up and help in the PM when I am not there. He won't need to get up into the trees, but I would like him to help on the ground with brush removal and such. We'll see...

Before I came onto this bootleg site that no one ever reads I was watching Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. I like the Jurassic Park movies, but the one thing they do that fucking sucks is the same gods damned thing every movie ever made with mosters ever does in the history of recent monster-animal movies, or so it seems:

They make this badass-looking CGI monster/ape/gorilla/dinosaur/whatever, and the thing has to pause and make a giant roar. All I wanna know is why? Why do they all need to do that? Did a T-Rex really fuckin' stop to roar at its prey 10 fuckin' million years ago? I'm guessing it did not. The really long roars coat people in spittle and shit, and it is fucking stupid. It's a bunch of crap! I'll take the sneezing Morla non-CGI turtle from The Neverending Story vs. these modern screaming monsters any day, all day.

Where's my psychologist gods damn it?



Wednesday, 10-02-19: Garage down, deck framed, "Indigenous People's Day?"
WTF, over? When the hell did this stupid crap happen? Columbus Day is the second Monday in October, but now it is renamed to be called "Indigenous People's Day." OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP SNOWFLAKE DECISION. I guess it's a sate decision, not a national one. Fucking pussy asses running this shit-show we call a society. The Waterville mayor is renaming it back to Columbus Day in his city so he is awesome and I would vote for him for any higher office that he might pursue in the future. My guess is he'll get impeached for it hehe. If you think Columbus Day is offensive then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. A poll on the early news shows 76% of people want it to be called Columbus Day still. Hey at least the early crowd is mostly sane. I guess the majority of the snowflakes are still sleeping in...

My awesome wife left at 0610 to go use the gym with Debbie, and that is great I'm proud of her for doing that. She got up and 15 minutes later was out there door. I can't do that I need to shovel in food and wake up a bit. Ingest some caffeine and watch the news, etc. I will do DDP Yoga in a little while and then lift some weights in my own bootleg gym before I head over to North Main to sort through the remainder of this rubble:

^The garage is 100% down; I knocked down the last wall Monday afternoon. Oh Jesus hell ya! Dakota developed a case of the youth generation and hasn't worked much lately so Jim and I took care of it on Monday. I would have paid Dakota $15/hr, but he has a hurt hand and lacks motivation so oh well for him that's more precious... precious money in our own bank account. Same yesterday when I told him he could either clean up the mess in the photo above or go with me to Oakland and he chose option C, none of the above. Maybe he will want to work some today or tomorrow. I could use him tomorrow at Phil's for installing new decking.

The weather was quite poor yesterday, but I went down to Phil's anyway because I wanted to meet with him in person to go over plans for replacing his large back deck. He was going to fly out for business so if I didn't meet with him yesterday I would have had to wait until next week. I told him I was coming rain or shine, and I meant it so when I arrived at 0815 there were numerous showers and heavy drizzle. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully after a raw and damp morning things did improve for the afternoon and I was able to work there all day. Phil did get supplies delivered Monday so I had plenty of materials to work with and I didn't even need to go to the store. Awesome!

^You can see where I installed all the new joists. Phil did do some of the prep work so that saved me about an hour total, but it still took me 7.5 hours of work to get all those joists installed including a few more off to the left not in the photo. Doing the longer 45-degree angle ones took a lot of precious... precious time. I also had to secure all that ledger to the house with "Ledger-Lock" bolts so bye bye more precious... precious time for that part of the job.

I'll make the hour drive to Oakland again tomorrow with or without Dakota so I can start the decking. If Dakota does get motivated we should be able to get all the decking done to around the french-style doors. It will still take a couple hours of work before even one new decking board can get installed because all the old stuff has to be removed and I haven't nailed all the new joists in place yet. Some, but not all. I also need a few more lateral braces and misc. If we can get a lot of decking down then awesome, I can finish it next week on Tues or Wed.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this pathetic excuse for a website, I need to go do other things now. It's already October. Wow!


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