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Wednesday, 9-18-19: I canceled a chimney and a lot of the bootleg garage today.
I did DDP Yoga this morning with my awesome wife, and then I headed over to North Main to keep making the old, bootleg, sinking garage disappear. Disappear, scumbag garage! I spent half my day, give or take, on the roof stripping off old shingles and taking the thing down to its board-lumber framing. The weather was fantastic with beginning temps in the 40s before warming up into the low 60s by the afternoon. Very low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. You really can't ask for better than that when you are working on a roof where it always feels hotter than the actual air temp. Overall I got a lot done, and it was nice having Dakota help for a few hours and having another guy on the job site to haul away "junk" and to give advice.

^Photo actually taken yesterday.

That garage is getting naked in a hurry! Today we got most of the shingles off the entire roof, and that is very important. Can't take any more off the sides until we lighten the load topside so the entire building doesn't fold over with one of us up on top. Dying over there would be a what a bunch of crap moment and then some.

That property is incredibly visible to the main drag so seemingly a million people see it, see the work being done, and come out of the proverbial woods to either want work or salvage. Thankfully some of them have come by when I have not been there and Dakota has headed them off. I'm NOT hiring anyone else there because first and foremost that takes away from the precious... precious money I have to pay Dakota. Second and also importantly the work there can be dangerous and I don't want to take on some "worker" only to have him or her get hurt right away. In this crazy me-centric world I bet a lot of people would want to "work" there just to fake an injury in order to win a lawsuit. What a bunch of crap that would be!

A guy did stop by to talk to Dakota last Friday regarding all the old lumber we are peeling off, and he came back on Monday to meet me. He wants all the boards so he can build a shed for himself, and it turns out he seems like a decent enough guy. Retired and used to have a contracting business. Maybe he is bullshitting me, but so far I think he is on the level. He doesn't want me to pay him, and he was actually going to pay me for the lumber. He has given me some good tips as far as the building takedown, and he has already hauled off stuff that I would consider to be junk. Good riddance! The more he takes away the less I pay to have hauled off. I was going to sell the boards to him, but once he started giving me real advice and pitching in some I just gave him all that stuff for his time and advice. There is still a LOT left there for him to take away. Some boards will not be usable at all because they rotted away, and parts of the roof are definitely not safe to walk on:

^I bashed away rotten boards while roof-stripping a few days ago in that section. You can see a few rotten ones still there that need to get hauled on. Thankfully the rest of the roof is okay. I also canceled a chimney today so now all that rubble needs to disappear. The bricks are incredibly heavy en-mass so we will NOT be tossing those into the dumpster. Maybe I'll haul them over to the landfill this Saturday since that type of debris is free to haul on at the local dump.

I had never taken down a chimney before today, and I gotta say it's pretty damn easy. Once years ago I took the top few feet off a chimney, but never the entire thing out all the way to the ground. A few wacks here and there with my sledge, not even full-force hits, and the mortar gives and each brick can get pulled and tossed. I also started removing some of the roof boards on the side in the photo above this aftrnoon, but only a few because taking too many = bye bye fall down to the brick-littered ground or onto the concrete floor still left inside the garage. Falling off that roof would be life-flight to Boston shit if not horrible death.

I might not work on that garage tomorrow because I have some trees I can trim and some other things I can do. However, maybe I will work there some. I dunno yet, I'll decide in the morning. I definitely won't be in a rush to get back up onto that roof since we might get a frost, our first frost of the season. Bye bye garden that produced zero cucumbers. What a bunch of crap! Oh well we have gotten some tomatos, and I like those the best of all the things we can grow. Not as many as last year, but last year I think we had too many.

I had planned to go work down at Phil's later this week to do his deck, but he didn't order supplies yet so now that might not happen until mid-end of next week or maybe not even at all this month. I don't want to go Monday because Kat works late Sunday night, and Tuesday I have a 1000 closing for this home refinance loan at the bank. I'm amazed that is going to close already because I just got approved for it last week. Fast turnaround time! It will be nice having that precious... precious money that we can turn right around and spend.

Alright turds, all two of youz who actually read this trash-pile. It's 2143 and closing in on my bedtime. My awesome wife went out for another "ladies night" to sing some karaoke so I've had this free time to write a little. I was also watching the Red Sox game, but they are losing badly and are toast for the season so now it is just quiet in here. Sometimes just silence is nice. I thought about playing SNES Classic for a while, but I think I will bivouac instead and maybe play some more MegaMan X Friday night. I should be tired since I probably burned 1,000,000 calories today. Slight exaggeration, but seriously working on that demolition is like using the gym.



Monday, 9-16-19: Exhaustion will set in soon as usual. Oh hey, I don't have lyme disease!
Another weekend come and gone, another busy one. Dillon and Debbie got married yesterday at 1600, and it was a nice ceremony and overall good wedding and reception. After that was the Pour House where it became a late-night "what a bunch of crap!" moment, but I am NOT getting into that right now. I went to bed super-late last night, close to 0300. I'm happy for Dillon and Debbie, and I hope their marriage lasts a lifetime. Hey they have a 50/50 chance so roll the dice! They have already been together for 6 years so that does increase their odds of making it over the long-haul. However, they are relatively young in their mid-20s still so in this world maybe that is not in their favor. I'm guessing younger people who marry get divorced more than older people. I haven't looked it up so maybe what I just wrote was a total bunch of crap.

My blood-test results came in, and I am lyme disease-free. Oh Jesus hell ya! How cool is that? I thought I was pwned since I have had tick bites turn red and shit. Hell once I even ate a tick. That might not have been too wise, but I'm confident my awesome sarlacc-pit stomach gave that mudda fucka a fitting death.

^ALL TICKS SHOULD GO INTO A SARLACC PIT! I feel badly that I don't have lyme and my wife has 4 different strains of the virus. I'm the one who has been clearly bitten many times by ticks, and she can't remember even one bite. What a bunch of crap! Maybe when she was a vet-tech over 10 years ago she picked up some nasty stuff? At this point there is no way to know. Unfortunately she is still a long way from a full recovery and will be taking many medications for months more to come. It's really not fair at all. Reason #2 right there why there is no GOD. Reason #1 is childhood cancer and other horrible childhood illnesses. Seeing kids get cancer makes me say FUCK YOU GOD WHO DOES NOT REALLY EXIST. I don't cry for hardly anything, but that shit gets me every time.

Oh wow a massive explosion in Farmington killed a firefighter and injured 7 others. It was a huge evening news story on our local news, and now it is the second-top story of the NBC national news. Normally I do NOT watch the evening news, but my awesome wife is at a meeting so I have it on. That is really sad. Yet another reason on the long list why believing in a god is dumb.

I wanted to play rball against Mike this afternoon, but I could not because I'm maxed out. Before the wedding yesterday I lifted weights and jogged for 4 miles, my first 4-mile jog of the year. Today my ass is feeling sore; I've gotten a lot of exercise so far this month, and really since blueberry raking I have been very routine with the exercise. Kat and I often go for a 1.25-mile walk either before or after supper so a few of those a week also help. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape right now. I mostly stopped using my gym over a large part of the spring and summer, but I got lots of exercise doing carpentry and some yoga. Now I'm back using my gym much more regularly.

Tomorrow at 1400 is an inspection of my Holyoke Street house that went under contract last Thursday afternoon just before my awesome wife and I went to the theater to watch IT: Chapter 2 (Good movie, not quite as good as part 1 but definitely a worthy sequel.) It is a nice feeling having that place under contract, but it is bittersweet because I won't get nearly as much money from he sale as I wanted. What a bunch of crap! The buyers offered $94k, but I have to pay $4500 in closing costs so really I'm selling the place for $89,500 and that is BEFORE Jody gets his deserved 6%. So after selling expenses and after the loan payoff I should end up with $60k. That is still a fantastic number, but it will disappear very quickly to taxes, paying off Lowe's and Home Depot cards, paving North Main, etc.

Also last Thursday I got approved for a home equity loan so that is awesome. Up to $28,900. I don't know how those loans really work, but I'm sure it's not hard to figure out. If I draw $25k at closing the rate is only 3.875% so how cool is that?! The bank sent me the letter today, and my credit score is 710. I think my credit score has been close to 700-720 for a few years now. I can't get it any higher because I owe too much to banks for all the rental properties. All I had to do for approval on that home equity loan was email a bunch of house photos to George at the bank. It almost seemed too easy. Like, where's the catch here?

^I used Kat's camera to take house photos, and I really like how this one of the back yard came out. The yard looks nice overall even though there is that pesky patch of bare earth between the deck steps and the fire pit. Grass just refuses to grow there. What a bunch of crap!

Hopefully that loan and the Holyoke deal all go through as planned so we can then have even more money. I might not even need the home equity money, but I'll sure as hell take it anyway because 3.875% is damn low. Hell maybe I can use that to pay off the Lowe's and Home Depot cards and then also pay off my Chamberlain Street duplex. I really don't know yet because I haven't priced paving at North Main. That might cost $10,000 or it might cost $20,000. I also want a new garage at North Main, something smaller (I got a permit for that today for $150), and I have to pay off some property taxes so bye bye precious... precious money as usual.

I was planning to go down to Oakland to finish Phil's deck for a couple days this week, tomorrow and Thursday, but Phil hasn't ordered supplies yet and when he and I talked earlier I made it clear to him that I am not in a hurry at all and I'll do it whenever he is ready. If he gets supplies this week then great, maybe Dakota and I can go Wed-Thurs or even Thurs-Fri. If not no problem because major plans are unfolding for our North Main garage dismantling. Hopefully I can write more about that next time.



Friday, 9-13-19: I played video games tonight.
I don't think I've gotten half-drunk and updated this turd-heap on a Friday night in a few weeks. I've spent most of my last couple Friday nights at Jester's. Tonight I helped my awesome wife set up for her karaoke show, and I came home and played my SNES Classic. I have not played that thing in a while, and I was starting to lose interest because I already played the hell out of the two best games, Super Metroid and Super Zelda (A Link to the Past.) I have played a few other games for the classic, but some of the ones that I have tried SUCK ASS. Playing an old video game that you thought was going to be good but then turns out to be ten pounds of shit stuffed into a metaphorical five pound bag = WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

I put on channel 1928, and Duran Duran sings about Rio. It is a song about some chick and not a town, but the Rio Grande river is mentioned so I don't even know how to explain this one. Not their best, but a passable 80s tune. Doesn't Trump want a wall along the Rio Grande? Or is there one now? I thought the Rio was the Texas-Mexico border, but if it is not then I suck. A lot.

Bon Jovi, Bad Medicine. Oh Jesus Hell ya! Great tune! If you disagree then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I will hate you a little more.

So tonight I drank coffee brandy and milk and played MegaMan X. That game was epic fun, and I had a blast. I only played for about one hour, but it was a glorious hour. I started to get drunk and I lost my ass. Normally that would be a bunch of crap, but in that game there are 8 levels from which to choose and if you choose the wrong one then you are pwned. Needless to say I got pwned a lot. A LOT. The fact that I got somewhat boozed up did not affect my deaths. Even 100% sober I would have died a lot because it is hard. I made it to the enemy boss in the tree level and that ended badly. I tried an electrical level and got zapped before making it to the boss. Finally I made it to the fire guy and almost killed his loser-ass. I was down to my last life and had him down to his final two energy-nuggets when he pwned me. What a bunch of crap!

LOSING TO THE ENEMAY BOSS WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO KILL THAT BOSS SUCKS. Especially when it is your last life. What a bunch of crap!

^This guy wasted me like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket. It was all bad for me note to self do not go to him again without more powers.

Oh, I have photos and updates to share that are pretty cool. First I got my bootleg Holyoke house under contract. Second I got approved for a bank loan so soon we will have money again. Having money is great! I used to know what that feels like but then I started to suck. I think I am pretty drunk now so I will figure it out as I write each sentence. I have to rewind and fix typos sometimes so that means I am almost too drunk to drive to the bar. Shhhhh that can be our secret, all two of us.

I had a typical day of work today where I do different things. Does that mean I have an adult version of ADD? First I trimmed some trees and almost died. Then I found a huge wasp nest and got stung. That was a bunch of crap. After that I worked on the garage demolition at our North Main property. The guys showed up to remove asbestos siding Wednesday and yesterday, and here are some fun photos:

^In that photo the asbestos siding is almost gone. Since I took that picture it is all gone. Disappear, scumbag asbestos! The pine-board sheating really shows how badly that building is sinking into the ground.

^The back side as the two guys haul on the siding. I can't wait for that entire building to just disappear forever because it is pwned. More pwned than I was when I fought the tree-boss in MegaMan X. Hehehee.

The Thompson Twins fuckin' rocked the 80s. Do not disagree with me or else you get the hose.

^That garage looks so funny from the inside with the bootleg asbestos siding removed! I think maybe Dakota and I can take that thing down without heavy equipment, but that is just a guess and I will take things day by day. When it seems too unsafe I will quit and hire out some of it. I also stripped down some of the roof this morning, and that went well enough. There is still a SHITLOAD of work left to do over there so when I get more money we can hopefully get it all taken care of.

It is weird that the Red Sox are not playing tonight. It is a scheduled off-day, and I can not ever recall a sceduled day off on a Friday, ever, for the Red Sox. I thought all MLB teams played on Friday nights? The Sox are pwned anyway and will not make the playoffs, but having a Friday off is just weird.

I'm hungry and want snacks. Thankfully I have snacks on standby so I can put fuel in the tank. I have gotten a lot of exercise this month, and I am back to close to goal in life. Goal is work to live, not live to work. It is a constand struggle because everything costs precious... precious money and I want lots of that stuff. I don't want yatchs and shit, I just want to be comfortable and reasonable. Right now I do want food, thought.

I put some fuel in the tank, and Madonna is singing a song that totally rocks. Express yourself, 1989. Jut kidding it is Open Your Heart, 1989. I don't really know if it is 1989, but I think it is. Our TV cuts off the year. What a bunch of crap!

Hey, Eddie Money died today at age 70. That is sad. He had a boatload of catchy 80s tunes with his best being Take Me Home Tonight. Walk on Water and Two Tickets to Paradise also get played on my mp3 player, random shuffle.

I guess I am now officially too drunk to heel writing on this bootleg site so I am out like a fat kid in doge ball. Goonies ever say die!


Wednesday, 9-11-19: Bye bye asbestos.
I went to the bank today to beg for money. I didn't really actually beg like a homeless person on the corner, but I did politely apply for some precious... precious loot. Will I get approved? I'd give it 50/50 since the debt to equity ratio is probably still ugly. Owe a few hundred grand, make a fraction of that, look bad on paper. Never ever default on one payment in 15.5 years in business? That describes my ass to a tee. Good thing the city doesn't report my failure to pay property taxes on time to credit bureaus. Hehehe. I do pay them before it gets too bad, but paying them late every friggin' year = what a bunch of crap! I religiously keep all the other bills paid on time, but property taxes (the ones not escrowed) seem to fall by the wayside all too often.

This garage looks a lot different today than it did yesterday when I took that picture. Today over half of the asbestos siding disappeared. into canisters and the fuck off our property. I really didn't spend any time over there today because I had other things to do like apply for a home equity loan and finish a ceiling that should have been done nearly two months ago.

The days seem to fly by, and wow it is already the middle of September. It's close to bedtime, but not quite yet. My awesome wife went out to sing karaoke for a "ladies night", and the Red Sox are getting crushed. I talked to Phil a few minutes ago, and it looks like Dakota and I will be returning to his house as soon as next week to rebuild this bootleg deck:

^From several months ago, late April or possibly early May. I'd guess the deck will take 4 days to do because it is BIG and only half of the thing is shown above. Hopefully it takes less than 4 days. Phil has other things needing done down there as well so we will hit it as hard as we can before other projects up here pull me away. There isn't a shitload of good weather left to come before real cold hits. Even though winter is still 3 months away November around here can be a winter month, bigtime. That only leaves a "guaranteed" 6 or 7 weeks of decent weather before all bets are off. I really need to have all the work at Phil's done as well as the garage removed at N Main before real cold hits. Also it would be nice to have N Main all paved and looking great for potential tax customers. That part all depends on how much money I can get from the bank and when/if I can sell that gods damned Holyoke Street house...


Tuesday, 9-10-19: Can't sleep in the middle of the night.
I should be sound asleep right now, but I cannot sleep. I woke up probably a little after midnight, I tossed and turned, and now it is 0230 any my loser ass has been out of bed and on the computer for 45 minutes or so. Not sleeping = what a bunch of crap! I normally bivouac just fine through the night, but not when my mind is on overdrive because I have too much to think about. My awesome wife says it best when it happens to her: "I can't turn my brain off."

I am stressed out because I can't sell my bootleg fucking Holyoke Street house, and we need the money to finish up our North Main property. Oh, we also need the money to live our lives. I spent all kinds of precious... precious money this summer as what I thought was going to be an investment that would pay back nicely when I sold this house:

I thought it would sell for around $100k easily, but we have it listed for $99k right now and unanimously everyone who has looked at it has NOT wanted to live there. There was supposedly a cash buyer last week, a guy wanting to use it as a rental, but that fell through. Jody has promoted that place like a boss and there have been a shitload of showings, too. It sucks because now we are into mid-September and soon it will be cold and fewer people will probably be in the market for a house at all. I guess we can let the place ride on the market for a while more and then if there are no offers I will have to get really ridiculous and dump it all the way down to $89k. Beyond that maybe I realize I am stuck with the house and I just keep it and rent it out, possibly sell one of my other properties...

I just looked it up, and I "only" owe $24,447 on that house. Since I can't sell that building I need to go to the bank and get more money. An equity or a refinance loan? I intend to make that a priority today to at least schedule a meeting with my bank guy. I'll explore some options and hope like hell my credit score is still good enough. We have plenty of equity in other properties so hopefully it won't be too hard to get more precious... precious money. Maybe even find a way to consolidate some things. I have too much equity right now and not enough actual friggin' money. What a bunch of crap!

I really wasn't worried about it too much until I got this email yesterday:

Hi Steve, We have created an opening for you this week. We are in hopes to get there on Wednesday anticipating we would be completed by Thursday early. My crew is downeast and if we get our work down there done on Tuesday, we'd be to you early Wednesday. If not, i feel we'd be there at some point on Wednesday to get the process started. We have filed the permit & fee to the DEP reflecting this schedule, so hopefully this works for you.

That was from the asbestos remediation company regarding the garage at North Main. When I reached out to them a couple weeks ago it seemed they might not get to me until October, if at all this year since they are busy. Now they are coming tomorrow, and I will have to give them $3360 so gods damn it I need MONEY. I do have it, but after they finish I won't have much leftover. I could have asked them to wait, but F that if I wait then it might not get done at all this year and I need it to happen. It is a good thing they can come this week, but it is a bad thing because now I have to kiss a huge chunk of that precious... precious money goodbye. What a bunch of crap!

So basically I can't sleep because I am thinking about money. I am wide awake, and that sucks. A lot. I didn't get much sleep last night either. Stayed up until 0230 and slept about five hours. Ah well at least I got to watch the Patriots stomp a mudhole into the Steelers and walk it dry in their season opener. Greatriots won, 33-3, and Brady had himself another good game. That guy is amazing considering he is 42 and considered ancient for an NFL player. Unfortunately the Red Sox lost 3 of 4 to the Yankees at Fenway so now they are pwned and 99.9% eliminated from any playoff hopes. What a bunch of crap!


Sunday, 9-08-19: Sports and a garage.
The Patriots play their first regular-season game tonight against the Steelers, and the Sox will play the Yankees. My aweome DJ wife will be working hosting the weekly karaoke at the Pour House, and I will be home and most likely on the couch watching sports. I can channel-surf between the two games, but I'm sure I'll mostly watch the Pats. The Red Sox are pwned, and the Yankees are going to take first place in the division. It's a playoff race that is not even close. What a bunch of crap! The Sox have a very slim chance of maybe taking a wild-card playoff spot, but we're talking probably a 3% chance so they are essentially all done. Fin. Great hitting, bad starting pitching = pwned.

We stayed up late again last night, and I got boozed up and had a great time. Kat went downtown with Debbie, Katherine, and Ang so they had a girls night. They hit up Half Acre club and then went to the nudie-bar. Seriously. My awesome wife took her daughter and her soon-to-be daughter in law to the strip club. HAHAHAHAHAHA! She said the strippers looked sad; I have not been to a nudie-bar in maybe close to a decade. Last time I went was a shit-show, and we got tossed out. I wonder if I wrote about that in the archives of this bootleg site? Guy looks...

I can't find it and it is not worth searching for. I think Doug got us booted because he was on his cellphone. The bouncer said no phones but Doug didn't care so bye bye us. I really don't even want to go to a strip-club again because it costs a lot of money and I really don't give a shit about seeing other chicks shell 'em out. My wife's boobs are the only boobs I ever need to see again in my life.

While the ladies were out watching boobs bounce I was here at the house having a fire out back with Dakota, Neil, Kevin, and Gavin. I wasn't sure G would even show up, but not only did he come by but he also stayed out all the way until past last-call. We did end up at Jester's for a bit before we met back up with the ladies, and a drunk Gav was hilarious. We were talking about when we were kids and Gushee almost rolled the bus over on two different occasions. All the kids had to get to one side of the bus so we didn't roll, and I was the asshole on the other side trying to get the bus to tip over. What a bunch of crap!

Gav wants to hire me to do siding for him later this month or next month, and then closer to the end of the year before I start doing taxes he wants to hire me for sheetrock work. We were talking about his 5-foot high knee-wall and the best way to sheetrock that. I told him probably go sideways so you don't have to waste 3 feet of each 8-foot sheet. (Or 2 feet of a 12-footer if we go that route.) I asked "What would you do with all the 3-foot pieces?" He joked "Throw them into my dumpster along with everything else!" That guy is so funny when he drinks. His house, what a job that thing is. I guess he wants me to hang the sheetrock as well as mud and tape, but he is a long way from that part yet since he still needs wiring, insulation, and a few more walls.

I had fun last night and I'm not really hungover today so bonus for me. I tried to take a nap, but I didn't sleep. Instead I kept thinking about this bootleg piece of shit garage that needs to disappear:

^Asbestos siding = what a bunch of crap! I'm thinking $20k will get rid of the garage and hopefully get a larger parking area all set up, but that probably really means $25k. Maybe $10k to get rid of the garage and to level the area, and another $10k to have it all paved? $5k for overages since I have no idea what it will really cost? The current garage is 30x40, and I am sorta thinking about doing a new garage that would be roughly half that size and take up the back end, 20x30-ish? Not sure what the city will allow me to do yet. I probably would not build a new garage until next year if I even do it at all.

^The inside of the garage. There is a bootleg, cracking, beefy concrete floor that was poured after the garage was built so it does not hold up the side walls at all. There is nothing holding up the side walls so that is a big reason why I want to get rid of the garage. The thing is too big, and it is sinking into the earth. What a bunch of crap! Getting rid of that concrete floor will suck. A lot.

We still have to figure out some logistical things like getting that I-beam down without dying. I might hire that out or I might live dangerously. Not sure yet all depends on what our landscape and plow guy has to offer. His company does demolition, and it seems possibly also asbestos removal, so hopefully he and I can meet this week and talk numbers. I already have a huge dumpster there so this week Dakota and I can start filling it up with some rogue debris from not only that garage but also from other properties.

I need friggin' money gods damn it, and that fact that my Holyoke Street house is not selling sucks. A lot. I guess my bad not taking that guy's "cash" $89k offer three days ago? Too soon to tell, but if I don't get a buyer for that house soon then I will have to go get a bank loan. I am already preapproved through TD bank for some kind of loan because they email me offers. I need to get that garage gone and the lot at least leveled for parking before snow flies. It is important to me to get that all done so we can have a nice, professional-looking business over there at North Main. Right now the business building itself looks great, but parking is limited and that existing garage is a horrible eyesore. What a bunch of crap!



Saturday, 9-07-19: A price drop, a dumpster, and a hurricane.
Today's weather is a toilet. Forecast high temp of 55, an inch (or more) of rain, and winds that could gust to 40MPH. Good thing I didn't have outdoor plans today because conditions = what a bunch of crap! I actually don't have too much going on today, and that is a rare thing for a Saturday. Hurricane Dorian is cruising up the coast; thankfully it is too far out to sea to do huge damage here. That storm already wasted on the Bahamas and the Carolinas, though. It was a massive hurricane, one of the strongest ever, when it hit the Bahamas. Then it stalled out over those islands for a while so I feel badly for people living down there. Comparatively we have it very easy.

^From weather.com not long ago. Halifax is going to get hit. Thankfully the storm has weakened from what it once was.

This rain fuckin' sucks because there is another showing at my bootleg Holyoke Street house at 1100, and there will be a literal deluge going on. For sure some water, if not a lot of water, will be in the cellar. It only started raining around 0600, but right now it is pouring outside. It's raining so hard that Tiger Lily didn't even leave the deck to go pee. What a bunch of crap!

Holyoke had another poor showing Wednesday evening so on Thursday Jody and I talked about a price-drop. He suggested going down from $109k to $102,900. I suggested going even lower since apparently that house sucks ass so now we're at $99k. Jody thinks that will be a great price to move the place, and I hope he is right. So far the shared driveway has been a real downer. The cellar sucks, too. Gods damn it!

On Thursday evening Kat and I were watching IT: Chapter one (Great movie, part II is in theaters now so we might go this weekend or during the week.) when Jody called my ass. He had a guy wanting to buy the house for a cash offer of $89k. I had to make a quick decision so I said sorry, but that is too low. A cash offer isn't really a closing where a briefcase full of Benjis gets passed across a table, but it would be awesome if that were the case. I guess a cash offer means the person has the money already in the bank so there is no loan bullshit to deal with. No bank inspections, fast closing. That is how I sold my Kenduskeag Ave duplex 1.5 years ago for $90k (took a loss on that one what a bunch of crap!)

I told Jody I'd do $96k, and the guy was going to think on it so that is how we left things Thursday night. Yesterday I thought about it more, I think about it a lot, and I decided I would go as low as $94k. Jody let his guy know, I had to send along the fuel usage stats (he wants it as a rental house), and that is the last I heard of it. Meanwhile there was another poor showing yesterday evening so last night I sent this to Jody:

"Are there any more showings scheduled? I might take that guy's $89k cash offer if he is still interested... stew on it and let me know if that would be dumb. I'm not expecting to hear back tonight because I am going to get drunk and pass out. I will be up late in case you do need to text me. I won't check email until tomorrow. Thanks for all you've done so far!"

I really am feeling the pressure to sell this fuckin' house because we just dumped $800 into stupid lyme disease bullshit ($400 for my testing, $400 for a month's worth of Kat's meds that she 100% has to have), and I think that is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg. Much more precious... precious money needs to go into that battle. Poor Squidward is seemingly in poor health so yesterday it was bye bye $700 more at the vet for all kinds of testing. The cat is only 10 years old, maybe 11 now, and he should not be dying yet. All that money spent and still no answer there. Hell maybe he has lyme, too. Can cats get that shit? Probably since dogs can.

Last night was my awesome DJ wife's 6-year anniversary of working at Jester's so I stayed down at the bar for most of the occasion. I did come home briefly to have a snack, a drink, to put the dogs out, and to send that email above to Jody. My bar tab last night was only $4 so that is awesome! Gavin came down to the bar and bought me a PBR tall beer since I helped him work on his bootleg house for a couple hours before I lost to Deno at rball yesterday afternoon. Oh, I also had to turn the furnaces on yesterday. Bye bye summer, hello fall.

Also yesterday I had a 40-yard, massive dumpster delivered here:

^I took the picture before the dumpster arrived, and now the dumpster is right out front. This fall I want to make that 30x40-foot bootleg structure disappear, and in its place I want a smaller garage and a parking area. I probably won't actually do a smaller garage until next year, and I might not even be able to do that because code is restrictive. I'll go talk to the guys at city hall sometime soon and see what our options are.

We won't have the money to demolish that garage in its entirety until Holyoke Street sells so that is another reason why I am seriouly considering seeing if Jody's magical cash man still wants the place for $89k cash offer. Show me the money!



Wednesday, 9-04-19: We polished the turd a little more today.
Dakota and I worked over at my Holyoke Street house for a few hours today, and we put a little more lipstick onto the proverbial pig. We polished the turd, so to speak. Hopefully the effort will pay off, but really we didn't do that much in the grand scheme of things. A little more paint, a little more cleanup, debris removal, shed cleaning, etc.

That house really isn't terrible, but it has NOT showed well. There was another showing yesterday and two more Monday, and I received feedback from all of them recently. Here is what I've gotten for feedback from the past four prospective buyers:

"Buyer didn't like the shared driveway. Price too high."
"Found another they liked better." Rated a 3 on a scale of 1-5.
"Buyers decided to make an offer on another property They did not like the basement and shared driveway" Rated a 4 on a scale of 1-5.
"Wet basement and signs of dry rot were the big concern. Ruled it out." Rated a 2 on a scale of 1-5.

What a bunch of crap! So I'm averaging a 3 on the scale of 1-5, but the shared driveway is a real killer. It is now 1900 so two hours ago there was a showing scheduled. If that one gives me a FAIL result then I have to talk to Jody about a serious price drop. Like, bigtime drop. We started at $114,900 for the first four showings and then dropped it down to $109,000 for the past few showings and still no offers at all. Epic friggin' fail and what a bunch of crap all rolled up into one. I really underestimated what the market would bear for that house. I got used to the shared driveway, but I do understand why it would put a lot of people off on the house. No real yard at all would suck for a family.

^I did fix that part of the cellar, but other beams look punky also and there is only so much I can do at this point. Maybe I could buy some more 2x8s and sister a few more, but I think I'd rather just do another price drop. No guarantee more carpentry in the basement will even make a difference, not unless I redo it all and that is NOT happening.

I need to sell that house more than ever because we went down to Bootbay yesterday to see the lyme and chronic specialist, and Kat found out she has babesiosis in addition to the other lyme-related illnesses we already knew about. New round of prescriptions, bye bye $390 today. OMG! Without insurance that cost would be into the thousands. I paid $400 to have a basic lyme panel done so the chick there had to stab me so she could collect my blood samples. Getting stabbed sucks. A lot. It doesn't make me pass out, but it definitely makes my loser ass uncomfortable. I definitely don't watch my own blood getting pumped into the little test-tube-thingie. (syringe? Hell if I know I suck at medicine stuff.)

My blood gets sent off to some lab all the way in California, and it will take a couple weeks or so for my results to appear. I'm guessing I have something, but I hope I don't have anything since I don't have any health insurace or prescription plan and we simply cannot afford to pay for medicines. Gavin texted me last night that his babesiosis (yeah he has it also. What a bunch of crap!) would have cost $2700 a month if he didn't have health insurance through his work. He still has a co-pay, but it is much less than what Kat even has to pay for hers. That full-price no-insurance cost is crippling and, quite frankly, I don't value my own life at that sum so I'd just live with it if I do get a positive. Who knows maybe I'll have something else that is cheaper to cure. Or maybe I'll have nothing at all. The doc did heavily allude to the fact that some of that lyme shit can be passed along sexually so I'm probably pwned, though.

I don't really even give a fuck about myself, I just want my awesome wife to get better. She is a great person who got dealt a shit hand in life so having something go her way would be great. Finding out she now has six different strains of infections instead of four was a real downer for her. I see it as a positive because we need to know what is wrong so we can start to fix it. She is stressed out about the cost of it all, but I am more concerned about seeing her feel better each day. Today she had a good day and was able to do yoga and lift weights with me in the gym this morning. Then she rode her exercise bike for 11 miles and we went for a 1.25-mile walk after supper. Both her and I got a lot of exercise today because I also went for a jog before supper.

It is now 2147, and soon I will bivouac. My awesome wife went out to sing some karaoke with a couple friends, and I am happy she has been doing that. This is her third consecutive week going to karaoke on a weekday so she'll be home later after I am asleep. I might wake up to say hello, but I'll probably fall right back to sleep. I'd probably already be in bed, but this gods damned thunderstorm came through at pretty much the worst time:

We got a deluge of rain, and Copper went and hid upstairs like a little sissy-mary dog. He hides when there is even a hint of thunder. What a bunch of crap! The things that scare him cannot be explained. He won't eat ice cream off a spoon, he goes and hides, but if I run a saw he will walk over and wonder what is going on without any sense of fear.

I would put the dogs out, but now I have to wait because Copper would not go pee in a thunderstorm. Now the worst has passed and the reds that were on the radar right over us (heavy downpour) have fallen apart. Typical life of a thunderstorm. Maybe I can lay in bed and catch a few minutes of the Red Sox game before I tap out for the day. Or maybe I will leave the TV off and just sleep.

Alright turds, all two of youz, I am out like a fat kid in dodge ball. Hopefully tonight's Holyoke St showing went well. Goonies never say die!



Sunday, 9-01-19: Bring on Wednesday!
I am very much looking forward to Wednesday. Actually Tuesday evening when my aweome wife and I get home will be nice. Between now and then things are busy, very busy. What a bunch of crap! I just had a busy yet good trip down to the ol' homestead to visit and to do a few little things for Mom and Dad at their house. Dad had some tree debris needing to be cut up with my chainsaw and tossed into the nearby bushes out of sight, and they had an unfinished bedroom window that needed trim. Done and done!

I spent last night at Mom and Pop's, and it was a really nice visit. We had time to chat and to catch up, and for the first time in seemingly forever I didn't feel rushed. Today was Mom's birthday so we spent a good chunk of the midday and afternoon over at Jason and Holly's "mansion." We shot our bows, and 8-year old Nadia shot her little pink air rifle as well. I actually don't know if Nadia is 8 because I suck. Let's say between 7-9? She is going to start the 3rd grade this school year. Not knowing my own niece's age = what a bunch of crap!

I shot my bow like a boss so hopefully that bodes well for the upcoming hunting season. Jason bet me $2 that I couldn't put an arrow into the small white neck of his deer target from 30 yards, and I hit that dead-on. Hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Hehehe. Normally when we do stupid crap like that Dad is all against it (he was!) and I screw it all up and miss. Jason and Holly gave Mom a bunch of money for her birthday and a great card that Nadia made, and I just showed up with a chainsaw and a chop-saw and didn't officially get Mom anything. Not even a card. What a bunch of crap! Way to make me look bad, bro. Oh well at least I did bring a default Hannaford cake for dessert. We a nice lunch. The weather was great so bonus there, too.

Tonight Dakota and I have to start the karaoke gig at the Pour House because my awesome DJ-wife is up in Brownville with no cell service doing a camp wedding. I got back into town with enough spare time to life some weights in my bootleg gym, and if I really was motivated I would jog. However, it is already after 1800 and I still have to eat and shower to I don't want to feel super rushed before we go attempt to make my wife look good in her absence. She will be back for the last half or 3/4 of her show so we just have to get it started. I say we when it's really Dakota since he will be running the show and on the mic. I'm just the speaker bitch! Hehehe.

Tomorrow I have to help Gavin all day working on his house, and Tuesday we go down to Boothbay Harbor for lyme consults so tonight and the next couple days will be busy ones. I'm going to pay $400 to get the "economy" lyme test when we go Tuesday, and Kat is consulting the doc about her treatments and her progress so far. She was diagnosed with three different types of lyme. Three! OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I think Dad has lyme also, but he is too stubborn to go get tested. His insurance covers the cost and he has enough time since he is retired so him not going sucks. A lot. Dad is skeptical that a diagnosis and medicine would help him, but it has helped Kat and other people whom we know so I hope he does think about it more and actually go. It should be very telling to him how serious it is when I am going to get tested. Stupid gods damned ticks!


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