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Bad guy
: Where in my sector are the missles being delivered?
Rambo: I don't know.
Bad Guy: You liar! Where? Where?
Rambo: Okay, I'll tell ya.
Bad Guy: I knew you were lying. Now where are the missles located?
Rambo: Close.
Bad guy: How close?

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Thursday, 1-16-20: Happy birthday, bruh.
Today is Jason's 42nd birthday. I texted him well-wishes earlier, and I'll probably give him a call tonight. I didn't buy him jack shit because I suck, but hey at least I remembered the day. Hopefully he has a good day with Holly, Nadia, and Hawke down at their beautiful house in Warren. 40 acres and a mule hehe. Just kidding about the mule, but I think they do have 40 acres. Fantastic woods that slope down to the St. George river; I turkey hunted those woods with him last spring and hope to spend many more hunts down there over the coming years with him and Hawke. Nadia has a pink bow, but I have a feeling hunting just is not going to be her niche in life. She likes horses and girlie shit. Has a kitten, etc. Who knows maybe Hawke will grow up to hate hunting also...

All joking aside Jason grew up to be the prodigal son and good for him because one of us three should live close to Mom and Dad and have kids for them to dote upon. Doug is still 3000-ish miles away in Tucson, AZ so hopefully this year we can figure out how to get him back east and closer to "home."

^Happy birthday, bro. What a bunch of crap man I love posting that bootleg Asian-looking turd-cake hehehe.

I'm updating this pathetic excuse for a website that almost no one will ever read just after lunch and from our own house. Hang on, Winders wants to do "important" updates so I need to click that away. I thought Winders 7 lost its support from Microsoft a couple days ago, but I guess a few final updates are in the queue on my Acer laptop computer that used to be Katherine's. I guess this thing became obsolete for her a couple or three years ago, but my technology-laggard-ass plans to hang onto this thing until smoke pours out of it one day. Just kidding I guess if the technology is obsolete then I won't have a choice, and that is a bunch of crap.

I do have a year-old computer at the tax office that I use to do taxes with a newer Winders, probably version 10, but I don't even know for sure. I'm not at the tax office right now because it is snowing. No huge storm, but one that started right around revielle so the timing is bad. We'll end up with 3-4 inches, but the roads are somewhat greasy and no one was on my schedule for the place anyway so what's the point of going over there for nothing? Back in the JH days as an employee I would have had to be open, but F that I am my own boss now and I can make decisions that aren't as corporate-minded.

^Heaviest snow staying just to our south for the rest of the afternoon and slowly ending around 1600. Another inch to go, or so says Keith Carson from channel 3, NBC. Keith does a great job with his forecast, better than any other meteorologist I have ever watched on TV. When I was younger I wanted to be a meteorologist, but then I joined the Navy and they convinced me to do air traffic control. HAHAHAHAHA. Stupid 17-year old kid they could have told me I'd be shovelling shit and I probably would have said "Okay sign me up!"

Actually they did want me to be a "nuke" and I objected to that path. A 6-year minimum requirement and possible radiation to be sterile and to get cancer = HARD NO. The being sterile part would be great since F kids, but I'm all good now I'll never pokerize a woman again who could possibly have kids so no worries. Maybe I will get cancer and die anyway seems like half of society gets cancer and there is no reason why I should expect to win at the illness-roulette. One of our good friends has a brother who had stage 4 cancer, but he beat that shit. Good for him awesome! Kat beat cancer before like 3 times in her life. If I get cancer I guess I'd fight it a little, but then I'd just give up and die because F it, death only happens once. No sense leaving behind $100k in medical bills fighting a battle odds say I'd lose going to war with a really bad form of cancer.

I wonder how old I will be when I do check out for good. I'm glad I don't actually know because it would be depressing. What if I knew my expiration and it was at age 45. That would give me about a year to finish things up and that would suck. Conversely and even worse, what if my expiration date was 2075? Living to be 100 seemed cool when I was around age 30, but not anymore. Shit living a long, really long life now seems like a form of punishment...

I had my first paying customer yesterday at the tax office, a simple tax return that didn't cost a whole lot from someone whom I have known for many years. At least half if not over 75% of my clients will be people I know from outside the tax office. Former co-workers, friends, family, people who work with Kat, people I know from years of being around town, etc. I do hope I get a bunch of "walk-ins" off the street, but "a bunch of" is subjective. Last year I was only open to the public for a few short weeks and I got 3 or 4 walk-ins so that is great.

I might actually go over to the tax office midafternoon when Kat and Katherine go to the vet to get cats some shots. I don't think the vet will close since the snow is not horrible, but maybe? I am hoping that in a couple hours most of the snow is done so I can go shovel and clean up around our driveway and the properties. Get it shovelled during the daylight when it's 30-ish degrees outside and not too brutal because we get a hard freeze tonight and into most of the next week. I won't open the tax office, but I can check messages. If Kat does work tonight at the Eagles (likely she will unless they decide not to do karaoke) then I might try to play rball, but I haven't even asked Mike to play yet so maybe I'll just work on the gym ceiling some more. That ceiling still is not done because I SUCK. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, no rush. I have used my gym a lot so far this year, and I did yoga for four consecutive days Sunday through yesterday. I felt a little sore yesterday so maybe I should not have done the yoga, though. I felt good this morning in my gym, no yoga, so each day my body tells me a different story. Joys of getting older takes longer to recover and is harder to stay in shape. Gods damn it!

This morning my awesome wife and I finished the last two episodes of a Netflix show called You. We watched season 1 a week or two ago, and we just finished season 2. We didn't even know what the hell the show was until friends told us about it. Netflix is chocked full of movies and shows so it's hard to know what is good and what is a bunch of crap. I'd say their best and most-known show is Stranger Things, but they do have a lot of interesting other things on there and I think it's worth the $12 a month that we pay for it. We go months without using it, but then when we do use it we more than make up for lost time. Nothing else to do in the winter but work, exercise, read, and watch TV. F winter I'm glad it's already about half over.



Tuesday, 1-14-20: No paying customers yet.
My tax office is open 1000-1700 for the time being, most likely until after April 15th. I know there will be days I am here well before 1000 and days I'll stay well past 1700. I'll also do some weekend hours based on who reaches out to me and for what. Certainly more than a few Saturdays will be needed if I actually want to make more precious... precious money.

Speaking of money, so far there are no paying clients to speak of. I have met with three different prospective clients and I just emailed back and forth with one of Kat's friends who will come to see me once she and her husband get their w2s and stuff. I looked back at what I did when I worked at Liberty and JH, and I really didn't do much at all until the third week in January. Last year I did NOTHING here in this tax office until February 14th! Of course the entryway looked like this about a year ago:

^Not ready for customers and still loads of work left to do. I fell behind schedule by several weeks on this building because I wanted to have the tax office and DJ areas all done in early January. What a bunch of crap! It is REALLY hard to stay on schedule for these big projects, and they take a tremendous amount of precious... precious time and money.

I could be bored here with no calls and no customers 99% of the time so far, but our own taxes are going to be more complex than ever this year so I have already spent many hours on that. As always I have two schedule Es for the rentals, but this time we will have three schedule Cs for the other stuff. THREE OMG. One for the tax business, one for all the carpentry I did last year, and one for my awesome wife's DJ business. I made quite a bit of money doing all the work for Phil, Mike, Gavin, and my parents and I need to claim that if I am going to even pretend to be a real tax professional. Trust me it is tempting to NOT claim it, but F that I could lose my tax business if I can't even do it right on my own friggin' taxes. I'd have to say WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP and EPIC FAIL if I ever got shut down by the IRS for being a dumbass.

I have over a dozen depreciable items on our taxes including two new ones from last year. First was the cost of finishing the building itself as shown in the photo above. We spent a shitload in 2018 when we first started this place, but the costs spilled well into 2019 getting it done and paying down the Lowe's and Home Depot cards. Plus the garage had to be removed and we paid for the paved lot. Tons of business expenses in 2019. Thankfully I hauled on the Holyoke rental house so we had precious... precious money. Thankfully all of that income will be long-term capital gains so it is entireply possible we will owe zero on our federal taxes and under $2000 to the state. I still have to play around with allowable depreciation and decide what's best. Thankfully my awesome wife and I still have 3 months to figure it all out. I do want it mostly sorted sooner rather than later, though. Even though I'm not busy now and I have plenty of free precious... precious time I might get busy later this winter and run low on time to do our own tax stuff.

2019 was the first year in my adult life, at least I'm 99% sure it was, that I won't be getting a w2 for any of the work that I did. I was NOT an employee at all in 2019, and it felt great. I worked as my own boss and as an independent contractor. Being totally self-employed is great, but it is risky. I have a general idea what I'll make each month since I keep spreadsheets and projections for everything (to the point where it is weird? Perhaps!), but anything extraordinary can and often does happen. Hopefully I can be self-employed for the rest of my life...

I'm thinking back on my employment history. First was the Navy right out of the gate at age 17. I got w2s for those years starting in tax year 1993, but it seems like a lifetime ago and I don't really remember anything about it all. I think I filled out the 1040 by hand and mailed it in most of those years. Then post-Navy in 1998 was Aubuchon Hardware, Circuit City 1999-2003, FedEx Ground 2003-2010, Liberty Tax 2011-2013, UPS 2013-2014, the USPS briefly in 2014, and Jackson Hewitt 2015-2018. I might have flubbed some of those timelines, but it's pretty close.

It was 53 degrees Saturday before temps crashed and we got a light glaze of ice around midday Sunday. The forecast was for up to 1/2" of feezing rain Sunday so we really got lucky. I did have our new parking lot here at the tax office sanded, but nothing else. there is not much snow left on the ground at all right now. Oh Jesus hell ya! Unfortunately a little snow is coming tonight, a few inches seems a lock for Thursday, and a bigger snowstorm looms for the weekend. It's gonna get cold also so winter is back, bigtime. Oh well the above average temps were a nice relief for the end of Dec and into the first half of this month. Saved a lot on heat and plowing as compared to a year ago and that is fantastic. I'd love to see the rest of winter be this easy, but based on the forecast I can want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster hehehe.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this pathetic excuse for a webpage, I'm gonna go work on oour own taxes a little more then read some tax laws. Goonies never say die!



Friday, 1-10-20: At home Friday night, half drunk, going to the bar soon.
So far 2020 has started off for me as I hoped it would. Pretty easy overall. Oh Jesus hell ya! I have had plenty of precious... precious time to not feel stressed out about any of the work I have had to do. I've had enough time to get some great exercise and to be a presence at my tax office that is now starting to look nice. I didn't do jack friggin' shit for business there this week, but I didn't expect to be busy. A couple walk-ins with questions, handshakes, advice given, cards passed out, hopefully people come back later this winter to see me.

Channel 1928 plays Del Leppard Love Bites. 1987. Hysteria. Best album of all time and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. I seriously have Hysteria in my truck CD player and have been listening to it on and off for the last couple weeks. Every now and then I just listen to Hysteria, and when I die I want to either be buried or cremated with that cassette in my hands. Cassette you ask, but why? Obviously I grew up with cassettes and not CDs and MP3s so derrrrr give me a cassette for old-times sake. OMG I am almost too drunk to keep writing already what a bunch of crap!


I don't consider me to be a.. okay I forgot what that was supposed to say. Rod Stewart is Lost in You, and this song rocks as well. I talked to Mom on the phone for 58 minutes tonight, and I drank the whole time. Mom is in total "Grammy" mode so thank you Jason for pumping out kids. Fuck kids I hate them. I don't hate them, but they are just not for me.

Kim Karnes Betty Davis Eyes. WTF are those anyway? Are they extra-special eyes or something? Do they have lazers? What makes Betty Davis eyes so gods damedn special?

i dont think I can write much anmoyer becaue I don't feel like rewinding this this. I can eat peanut butter crachers because those are awesome, though.

I have tomorrow off. No tax clients, no nothing. It will be 50 degrees so that is great. Unfortunately we get ice Sunday and not vanilla Ice that is weirdly cool 20+ years after it ever happened. Ice, Ice Baby hehehe. Isn't that a 90s song?

okay I really want to know what Betty Davis eyes are so guy Googles it. Thanks the gods who do not exist for Google...

It's Bette Davis, not Betty Davis ahahahha! I suck.

^AHAHAHAHA! Fucking Internet for the win!

Pat Benetar wants us to know that Love is a Bettlefield. YOU'RE FUCKING RIGHT IT IS CHICK I READ ABOUT THE NORTH POND HERMIT EARLIER TODAY AND I PARTLY WANTED TO DO THAT SHIT BECAUSE LOVE IS HARD. I won't ever do what he did because F that, he stole over 1000 times, but being a hermit does seem to have a certain allure. I'll never do it, but Mr. Boston coffee brandy and Dr. Migillicutty says maybe the hermit-life is not all-bad.

So 2020 is 10 days done, 356 to go. This is a leap-year so February gets a "bonus" day. I feel like I "earned" the right to booze it up tonight and to do nothing tomorrow because I got a lot of exercise this week and I accomplished all my goals. All two of them. Maybe I didnt have goald I already forgot. All I know is typing now is hard so I should drunk drive to the bar. Jusy kidding I am not rally drunk if you are the police and your lead singer is not STING then forget I was ever here. Hehehe. Oh, in conclusion Goonies Never Say Die!

Wait this song sounds pretty cool and I don't know it. TKA One Way to Love. Well obviously there are 69 ways to love and I have to rewind and fix a lot of my shit. Just kidding I ain't doing about 92% of those 69 "positions" because, even though I got halfway decent at yoga, I am not that flexible and I am not that innovative. Where's my psycholigost gods damnf it? What a bunch of crap!

I'm not half drunk anymore byt the way. I am pretty well boozed up but that is okay becase I plan to do jack shit toorrow and to eat a CALZONE because I earned it by doing a lot of exercise and shit. The end. Fin. Man, this is a weird song I feel like I just got into a Dolorian, went 88MPH, and now am in the future. There is no god. The end. Fin.



Thursday, 1-09-20: A look back at my 2019.
I'm hanging out at the tax office, and I have not had either a walk-in or a phone call from a prospective tax client in 48 hours. What a bunch of crap! I'm not really worried about it now, though. It is still incredibly early for w2s and other forms, and those select few who may have gotten their w2s already are either waiting or going to the big corporate firms for refund loan advances. I'm not doing that loan bullshit, F that. My Drake software does partner with banks that offer loans, but I give that option a hard NO for the time being.

I've spent my past couple days reading both tax books and info online, reading some of a book about the North Pond Hermit, and organizing the office. Oh, I did work on our own taxes a bit. My tax office looked like this about one year ago:

^IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TAX CLIENTS HAHAHAHA. I spent most of January sheetrocking, mudding, taping, sanding, and painting. Jeremy helped me do a lot of the sheetrock work, and without a helper I would have been pwned and never gotten the tax office open. Jeremy did a great job helping me and I hope he's doing well these days.

I was far from finished with the place by the end of January so work continued through most of February. I did have a few tax clients in February, but only people I know. The place was not ready to present to the general public until March. I did get this at the end of Feb, though:

^Approval from the city to do business awesome! I use a lot of I and ME sentences on this site, but the tax office is also a DJ office/meeting area for my awesome and quite skilled wife. She helped a lot with painting, decorating, setup, etc.

By March I was finishing up the bulk of the tax office building so I had some time to do a little more work on my bootleg gym ceiling and play some old video games. Unfortunately I realized in 2019 that I am just not a good video game player anymore. I was never great, but gods damn I was a lot better 25 years ago and I know I didn't die 10000 times and need Google to show me how to find out where to go. (SNES Metroid, SNES Zelda, SNES Super Mario) Sucking at the old video games = what a bunch of crap! I haven't played my SNES Classic at all in many weeks so I need to use it again. I left off with SNES Megaman before I got boozed up, died a ton, and went to Jester's instead hehehe.

In March last year I wrote this plan on my bootleg site that almost no one ever reads:

Now-mid-April - Do more taxes, finish "other office" at North Main, and finish my bootleg gym ceiling and cleaning/organizing.
Mid-April/mid-May - finish Phil and Danielle's house siding. There is still a lot left to do down there in Oakland for them.
Mid-May - VACATION (thank the gods who do not exist that we already paid for most of that trip back to the RH in Mexico)
Late May - Re-rent a 2BR apt that will be vacant. That one might need a little work, we'll see. I might throw a deck on over there.
June - Mom and Dad need a couple floors done. Also maybe a deck for Deno and a bunch of this and that.
July - Fresh paint, deep-cleaning, and new flooring for my Holyoke St house that I plan to sell. Tenants should be out by then.
Aug - Blueberry raking then start North Main garage rehab and more landscaping over there. Maybe expand parking.
Fall - Finish N Main garage then DEER HUNT and maybe help Gav with his house if the place hasn't eaten him by then Poltergeist-style. Also maybe take a vacation back to AZ with my awesome wife as long as we have money. Also new kitchen and other upgrades here at this house.
Dec - Get ready, really ready, for the next tax season so I can promote, promote, promote, and do some good business there.

It is interesting to look back on my rough schedule to see how I fared. I did mostly well in the spring only failing to finish that friggin gym ceiling (still not done I suckkkkkkkkkkkkk!) and not doing Mom and Dad's floors until late in the fall. I did get Phil and Danielle's siding done, and we had a GREAT vacation back to Mexico in May. I also got Mike a badass new deck. I would have been pwned had Katherine not met some dude on Plenty of Fish that became almost a member of our family in 2019...

When Katherine told my awesome wife and I that she met a guy online last winter we were somewhat mortified. Not the online dating part, good for her for doing that. No, the part that was terrifying was the fact that she met him on Plenty of Fish (hookup dating site?), and went to his house without ever meeting him first in public and getting to know him more. OMG THAT IS THE MAKING OF A KILLER SHOW ON THE ID CHANNEL THAT KAT LOVES TO WATCH. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! She could have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, and scarred for life by some sketchball. Thankfully Dakota turned out to be a cool guy who did all kinds of work with me over the spring, summer, and fall.

^Dakota at Phil and Danielle's in the spring helping me shingle the place. That was a HUGE job spanning two years, and now thankfully it is in the rear-view. I was grateful that Phil trusted me to do all the work, but it was a lot to take on. Lots of trips 61.5 miles south on the highway to exit 127 then 61.5 more miles to exit 182 and home. 130 miles a day travel plus full days of work there at the house made for many long yet rewarding days.

Selling my Holyoke Street house was a big part of my 2019. I wanted to have the place on the market in the summer, but unfortuantely I fell behind schedule and didn't get it listed until the end of August. What a bunch of crap! The house did NOT sell for what I was hoping for, but oh well it finally did sell for $89k before realtor costs and other bullshit. After my loan was paid off I got a nice chunk of money, most of which I saved aside. We did get to AZ for a second vacation in November, just a couple months ago, and I got much more work done including removing the old garage and having this tax/DJ office lot paved:

I spent a fucking ton of money in 2019. Finishing this tax office building was a massive undertaking that still is not 100% done. The tax office part is finished, but I have a sink and small counter to finish in the "other office" area and I want to build a new garage later this year.

I have 100.3WKIT on the radio, and sometimes this station plays some really cool and obscure songs. A listener all the way from Texas requsted Def Leppard's Rocket a while back (awesome!) and now we're getting U2 One Tree Hill. I haven't heard this song in forever. At least 10, maybe 20+ years. U2 has some awesome songs from the 80s and 90s (not as many since but still a few decent ones) and this one from last century is really good.

I also wrote this in March last year about my tentative work schedule:

It will be fun to look back on that list in 6 months to see how close I came to hitting the mark. I'm sure all kinds of other things will come up between now and then because they always do. One thing I know for sure, though. I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE FIXER-UPPER BUILDINGS. F THAT! I've gotten pretty good at rehabbing old places, but it just takes too much precious... precious time to do.

I still feel as strongly now as I did when I wrote that part about fixer-upper buildings. ME DO NOT WANT. I love doing the carpentry and polishing the old turds, but it just takes too much precious... precious time that I don't want to give up.

I did a shitload of carpentry last year. From siding in Oakland to Mike's deck to rehabbing my own properties. Finishing this tax office, Gavin's siding, flooring for Mom and Dad, working on my gym ceiling, the new kitchen at our house just a few weeks ago. The list goes on. This coming year I will have a lot of carpentry as well, but probably not as much as I had in 2019. I had so much work last year that I was able to give Dakota steady work hours for many weeks, and when there were times I didn't need his help Kat had DJ work for him and Gavin had demolition work for him. It was great having him around, and now he is back in Tennessee and probably there for good. He and Katherine are still dating, though. She plans to move down there to be with him this spring. OMG!

I didn't get enough exercise last year in the traditional sense of weight lifting and jogging. I actually had my worst weightlifting year since I started keeping track over 12 years ago. What a bunch of crap! I also only jogged 173 miles last year, also a record low since 2007. My annual average had been 302 so yeah I suck. However, I did more yoga than ever, I played plenty of racquetball, and I got a lot of exercise just doing all the carpentry. Sanding drywall is a workout for the arms gods damm it. I actually did have some tennis elbow issues a year ago and lasting well into the spring/summer, but since roughly the fall the tennis elbow has not been so bad. Buying a good elbow brace has helped, and not doing as much repetitive-motion work like sanding/prying also helped.

Overall right now I feel like I am in good shape both physically and financially. Emotionally I am doing fairly well, but not long ago emotionally I was in pretty bad shape. Kat and I had a rough fall of 2019 and our marriage was on the verge of collapse. What a bunch of crap! It was so bad I was telling Gavin to finish up one of his under-construction apartments so I had a new place to live. Thankfully Kat and I still do love each other and we have not done destructive shit like abuse to each other/cheating. (Well I haven't done that shit and I don't think she has cheated on me. I hope not!)

The one wish I have for 2020 above all else is actually not for me to be healthy and for my new tax business to succeed. Those are high on the list, but first and foremost I want my awesome wife to start feeling better. This lyme disease/lupus illness of hers puts a major damper on her way of life and I can't really relate because here I sit, healthy as I have been in any January I can ever recall. No wonder sometimes she gets mad at me for not being emotional enough. How do you act around someone who constantly does not feel well? I try to be supportive, but admittedly emotional support is not really my strong suit. I can provide resources and financial stabiity like a boss, but will that be enough? I hope so!

My most enjoyable moment from 2019: Wednesday down in Mexico in May at the Royal Haciendas just hanging out all day at the pool in the tropics with my wife and with Neil and Angela. We drank all day and had fun that night as well dancing around and having "SoChill" serve us a variety of interesting shots and drinks.

My least enjoyable moment from 2019: Feeling overworked right before blueberry raking started not getting my work caught up and having Kat get pissed at me for it because I had to work too much. That created a huge rift in our marriage because I did have too much to do and I was not able to spend enough time enjoying the short summer with her like we wanted to do. I told her i wouldn't work that much yet I worked too much and let her down. I let myself down, too. What a bunch of crap!



Tuesday, 1-07-20: Second day at the tax office. Photos of the place.
I got to the new tax office yesterday morning around 0945 to three messages on the office phone answering machine. Unfortunately they were all stupid shit from what I presume to be bootleg/telemarkting/phishing junk. What a bunch of crap! Three different calls from area code 202, different rest of the digits each time, all busy signals on the machine. What a waste of my precious... precious time gods damn it. I get crap like that on my cellphone on occasion, and I also get automated messages asking me about extended warranties and other sales-type garbage. Those mudda fuckas!

^My office looks like this right now, close to what it looked like when I took a picture of it and (probably) posted it onto this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read last year.

^That corner in my office is a tad disorganized so I should get that looking a little better before I have many clients.

I set up my "sandwich board" sign yesterday, I got the OPEN sign up, and I played around with my software. The Drake program I use seems about the same as last year so that is good. I really do like the program; it seems to be able to handle just about everything I have needed so far. For this season I bought the unlimited package for a pricey flat rate whereas last season I was on the "pay as you go" tier, roughly $23 for every tax return I prepared. If I do less than about 52 tax returns I screwed myself by purchasing the unlimited, but I think I'll do more than that. I hope to do 100, but the dollar per return is more significant than the total done. I can do 100 easy returns and take in $5000 or I can do 100 complex returns and gross $30,000. Obviously I will have a mix of various types and if I can gross at least $10,000 I'll be very pleased since the business is still so new. I don't know what my expenses for the business will be yet, but an income of $10k leaves room for at least a small profit. Last year was a loss as expected since I had to get the place open.

^Open sign, sandwich board, LED open sign in the window not shown above, hoping they all pull people in. It's like I'm fishing and not everyone will take the bait hehe. It does look nice in here so that helps.

I had my first walk-in of the season yesterday at around 1430. An older couple stopped in with some questions, and after 15 minutes at the desk I think they walked out happy with me and ready to come back later this season when they get their forms. Maybe? Hopefully! Today their adult, working-age son called and then came to see me for more advice so that might get me a couple returns and some precious... precious income towards the ultimate goal. As expected I have NOT been busy yet, but I actually like things that way so I can keep testing my systems and learning all I can learn. I can also work on our own taxes as a good test of my software and knowledge since we have fairly complex personal taxes with lots of forms and schedules.

I'm really excited to be out on my own with a business I feel confident about. The location is great with plenty of exposure to the street so that is a huge plus. I just need to ensure I don't make mistakes because a bad reputation will sink this ship faster than anything else. Some of the taxes I do this season will be quite complex, and someone could call or stop in with any oddball/unusual problem or question that really puts me to the test. I do have my old boss working her own tax business locally so if anything really confuses me I will send her business.

I have a reception desk coming on Friday, but I don't have a receptionist. Hehehe. I do plan to use the desk often when I am not busy so I can watch the front door and get a better view of the neighborhood. Change of scenery, etc. I'm fine holing up in my back office for the entire day if I have a steady stream of clients, but when it is slow I'd like to hang out up front. I'm actually at the DJ-meeting table right now in my awesome wife's area of the business. In this space I can clearly see the street, our entry, etc. I'll go back into my office shortly to do some more reading/learning and then to work more on our own taxes. Our taxes take many hours because I have to add up all the rental property income/expenses.

^Reception area at least has a nice comfy padded rocking chair that my awesome wife and I picked out at Marden's last month. It will look at lot better with a desk, the second office phone, some books, etc.

^The meeting table that I probably won't use much if at all for clients, but that I will use sometimes like I am now. Kat uses it for her wedding client meetings, and sometimes I sit in on those depending on how busy I am.

^You pass through the DJ-display area to get to my tax office so that might be weird for some, but hopefully we set it up well with the open and *hopefully* inviting feel of the overall space. A front reception area will help in years to come when and if I get really booked so I can hire someone (or have my awesome wife come over more) to help me run the place. If I get incredibly busy then I will struggle to do it all myself, but when I worked at JH I did handle busy days quite well so maybe I can take care of a lot all on my own before I need some extra help. Too soon to know for sure.

Alright turds, all two of you who actually read this shit-show bunch of crap here, I should go do some more work and reading. Goonies never say die!



Sunday, 1-05-20: Regular office hours start tomorrow. End of the "Greatriots?"
On Thursday I spent a little time in my tax office getting set up for the season. I had to mess around with my software, do some reading, tidy up, etc. For the first time ever I also made an HOURS sign. Last year I never posted hours because the business was still so new and I wasn't even ready for new clients until late Feb or March. I actually already have an appointment on my schedule for later this month already, a new client. Oh Jesus hell ya! This coming week will be slow for me since most w2s and other tax forms are not out yet. Hopefully I can at least take some calls and establish a presence even if I don't actually do any tax returns. The friggin' IRS isn't even ready to accept e-files yet anyway.

For this coming week I will be there 1000-1600, M-F, and for the following weeks of this month I will be there from 1000-1700. I also posted on my sign that later, earlier, and weekend appointments are available. Hopefully I don't do too many very early or very late appointments, but I need to make precious... precious money so I'll do what I need to do. If I do get quite busy I'll often be there well before and well after the posted hours, but I don't expect to be too busy for this year since the business is still so new.

Tomorrow I will finish setting up my software and do some more training/reading. I also have some bills I can pay and two invoices to finish and to print. Yesterday I finished my first carpentry project of the year, and my final one (I hope!) before tax season. I had to get a combo microwave oven installed for Mike, and I had to coordinate with Ben for some electrical work over at Mike's house as well. Doing the combo vent-microwave took several precious... precious hours. The install was "only" 2-3 hours, but the coordinating, the trips to Lowe's, and all the planning and running around took up precious... precious more hours. Thankfully the end result is a success:

^Needed wiring, needed a hole for a wall vent, needed to find studs (guy looks in mirror to find one looking back at him hehehe), needed parts, tools, etc.

^Also couldn't be a standard-size microwave/vent due to space issues between top of oven and bottom of cabinet above. A sleek one cost extra, but Mike's mom worked with me on it (her idea actually) as a Christmas gift to him so that is why I need to do two invoices. One for her for the work done in the photo above and one for Mike for the other electrical work he needed done while Ben and John were there.

Last night the Patriots lost to the Tennesee Titans in their playoff game. What a bunch of crap! The Pats were something like 10-1 earlier in their season, but they faltered hard lately and finished 12-4 in the regular season. They did take 1st place in their division, but they played ugly and were hard to watch these past couple weeks. I actually didn't even watch the end of the game last night because I was tired and wanted to bivouac. Brady is 42 and a free agent, and the team has a great defense but a poor offense right now. Brady is showing his age some, but a lot of the problem was related to reveivers and an offensive line that was just not up to par. Maybe this is the end of the "Greatriots" as we know them? Hopefully Brady stays with the team for another year or just retires if he feels worn out, and hopefully the team can make some off-season moves to improve things. 9 Superbowl appearances and 6 Superbowl wins puts Brady in a league all his own. GOAT? Hard to argue against it!


Friday, 1-03-20: 3 days done out of 366.
There are 365 days in a year, right? Pretty sure the answer to that is a yes. However, I'm also pretty sure this is a leap year so there have to be 366 days in 2020. We throw a 29th day onto February. WTF is wrong with Feb anyway? 28 days in the month yet there are other months with 31? All I wanna know is why? Why do we use that bootleg system? Ah well it beats the Mayan one where we would have all been dead in 2012 hehehe.

So far 2020 is off to a good start for me. Unfortunately not so much for ny awesome DJ wife who is at work at Jester's tonight but who is not feeling well. No Eagles Club last night because she was sick. What a bunch of crap! She still feels like crap tonight, but work = precious... precious money so I know why she is working. I was a little hungover on the 1st because we had a fun booze-fest on New Year's eve here at the house. We just lounged around all afternoon and watched NetFlix and TV on the 1st, but I wasn't totally hungover. Maybe 33% hungover? The last two days I've done yoga, used my bootleg gym, and today I also played rball. Cutthroat with Gav and Deno, and we had good games I got great exercise.

2020 is off to a pretty good start for me. The gas bills came in from last month, and they are averaging around $100 LESS per property than they were at this time a year ago. OH JESUS HELL YA $474 less than a year ago is a major win. Unfortunately this has been a weird winter where we have had a few weak-ass snows to the tune of 3-4", just enough to need plowing so bye bye precious... precious money for that. Overall winter lately has been very easy, though. The extended forecast has some more smaller snow events, but more importatly there are no massive cold snaps expected through at least the middle of January.

^A LOW TEMP OF 30 IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER HERE = I WANT MOAR THANK YOU GODS WHO DO NOT EXIST. A few years ago I hated Bangor Gas company, but the price per therm this time is 69 and a year ago it was $1.14 so that is huge. Plus above-average temps help a lot. A LOT. November was fuckin' cold, but December was a little above the norm and so far January has been easy. We have had some horrible winters in the past few years so another easy one would be great. I write a lot about the weather, but it is important to me because it affects my profit and losses hugely. Plus I just like to follow forecasting because I have mental defects. Many of them. Hehehe.

Oh, I got heat in my bootleg gym. Oh jesus hell ya! It is nice using that thing and not freezing. I would not freeze anyway since the temps outside have not been bad. I have the thermostat set to 62, and overall it must be near 60 in there. The thermostat is closer to the heat register; the thermometer on the clock further away shows 57 so I just average it out. I know by feeling where I'm at, though. 60-62 is about perfect so I don't get too cold in the beginning of my execise. Too cold = what a bunch of crap.

Next week I have regular hours at my tax office so I should enjoy these last few days of "freedom." Unfortuantely I have to install a damn vent/microwave for a friend and that job is not so easy. I've already spent about 3.5 hours on it and only one hour actually doing any install/work. What a bunch of crap! Figuring out what to get and coordinating with Ben (electrician) takes up a lot of precious... precious time. The thing needs electrical and a vent. Do I vent through the ceiling or through the wall? What size vents do I need? I think I can vent through the wall, but I'm not even 100% sure on that yet and I was there earlier today working on it. Getting supplies and dealing with the proper install = I'd rather just not have the money and play SNES Classic. Hehehe.

Speaking of video games, check out these badass coasters:

^I OWN THEM AND MY EMPTY BOOZE GLASS IS ON ONE RIGHT NOW THEY ARE AWESOME NINTENDO COASTERS. I feel badly setting a glass on one, but this time of year the dew point is low and there is no damaging condensation. My glass is sitting on Sper Mario Bros 2. That game is fucked, but at the same time it is awesome. I kinda want to play old video games now, but I don't feel like pluging it in and I want to go to the bar soon so nevermind. Friggin Birdo shooting eggs. It is weird, but very playable and fun. I need an NES classic because Super Mario II is a NES game, not an SNES game.

I watched a TV show earlier about asteriods and how Earth is pwned when a big one hits. Scientists just about guraantee a giant asteroid killed off dinosaurs 66 million years ago so we are pwned at some point. Hell one might hit tomorrow. Think NASA will make a public announcement if the big one is about to land? I think not due to general public panic. I hope one doesn't hit for a long time, but oh well it if does I ain't getting onto a spaceship to go colonize the nearest planet. I'd rather just die and hopefully I can get drunk first because death really isn't that scary, but when you are drunk it really seems a little inviting and not scary at all. BRING ON THE REAPER MOFOS I'LL GO DOWN LIKE A BOSS. I'm not suicidal yet, but cheking out > living in a fucked world or living in a bunker. Fuck you death, I don't fear you at all I welcome my time card getting punched in the future.

Hopefully I have a good 2020. It seems there will be no blueberry raking in 2020, my first year with no raking in 15-16 years. I'd love to rake, but Cliff doesn't plan to have a field at least as far as I know. I am almost too drunk to keep writing I just wrote goooe instead of good what a bunch of crap~ John Parr sings St elmos fire, great song from a movie i never gave a crap to watch. I am writing poory now but rewinding to fix it is to much work so I guess I will drunk drive my ass to the bar. However, if you're a cop please nott the fact that I am boozed up hard yet I know the difference between your and you're. I WIN!

I think 2020 ill be busy but hopefully not too busy I have people already wanting me to do carpentyry afet tax season ends and speaking of tax season goal from now until April 15 is $10k revenues or bust. That ain't profit just revenue I have expenses and the business is still building so it will be a few years before a respectable profit is actually made, if it ever is at all. The end. Fin. Oh Goonies never say die!


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