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Tuesday, 7-07-20: My recent experience with a cassette tape.
Last month my awesome wife and I went on a couple "Goonie adventures", and one of those trips was a coastal excursion with a final stop at the Rockland Breakwater. It was a very nice day; we stopped at a couple flea markets in Searsport and had lunch in Belfast with Neil, Ang, and Kevin. All I wanna know is why? Why are they called "flea markets"? I have not been to very many of these oddball markets, but I have never seen fleas for sale at the ones I have been to. Also, if fleas were for sale there who would be a buyer? A circus performer? The name flea market = what a bunch of crap! Maybe flea is an acronym that stands for something cool? I could Google it, but I already stopped caring.

^Can't say it any better than Morla the Ancient one hehe.

So we were not in the market for fleas, we did not find any fleas, and the dogs have flea meds on anyway so any flea in this house would not want to stay. However, we did find some $1 albums at one of the little bootleg booths. Most of the stuff for sale there was a bunch of crap, but I dug out four 80s/early 90s albums that I have not 100% listened to yet. I got three CDs (INXS, Psychadelic Furs, Go Gos) and one cassette. Yeah, I actually bought a cassette tape. In the year 2020. OMG!

I have always been a technology laggard. If my perfect world there would be no Failbook and no Smartphones. XBox360? GTFO with that advanced shit give me a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, and all the games. ALL OF THEM. I had a casstte tape in my car and a very diverse cassette collection well into the early 2000s when everyone else was using CDs. However, I got my Ford Ranger truck with a CD player and that pretty much phased my loser-ass out of cassettes. Then of course at some point many years ago I did find Napster and downloaded a bunch of MP3 music so I don't even use CDs too much these days. I do use CDs still in my truck (now the F150), and in my gym sometimes. I own a lot of CDs still.

My gym has had the same music player-thing set up in it for a very long time. Over a decade? I can't remember. It has a radio, a 5-disc CD player, and a dual cassette deck. IT PLAYS CASSETTE TAPES COOL. I did not buy this radio-thing; as I recall it was left behind most likely by Doug when he moved to Arizona. So I took that lone cassette that I bought, and the one time I did use my gym this month (don't have the energy for the gym most days because of all the carpentry and other exercise.) I had to shake off the mental rust and remember how to play the thing.

^I paid a buck for this cassette, and it is nice to know I got a deal haha. One ebay seller has it listed for 16 bucks what a bunch of crap! I dunno how many pounds equals a US dollar. I'd guess that is 5 or 6 bucks in the photo above? See my Morla meme above for my real math on that conversion...

I stuck the cassette in the player, and I could not remember if I had it in the right way or not. No clue. It felt right so I went with it, and the deck actually closed. Then I couldn't remember what buttons on the stereo-thing to push to make it play. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Also, I had no clue whether side 1 or side 2 would play. I also did not know if anything would play at all since I paid a buck for a used 30-year old album at a giant roadside yard sale.

Mike and the Mechanics is a great band and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. Mike Rutherford was actually in Genesis way back in the day. How cool is that? I remember the song Word of Mouth from that album, a fantastic song, so that inspired me to buy the cassette. Even though I joke about being a laggard (or luddite in Kevin's words) I would rather own Word of Mouth on CD. I do own the song as an MP3, but nothing else from that album.

I don't know if the album is good or not. I only listened to a few songs because I am a pussy in my gym lately and can barely lift many weights before I wear out. I guess being a carpenter burns way more calories and energy per day than I realize. One of the songs I heard kinda sucked, but before I tried to push the SKIP button on the CD-player side of things I remembered I could not do that. What a bunch of crap! It had been so long since I played a cassette tape that I forgot you can't just SKIP a crap song. You can fast forward, but that is far from a precise science.

I don't miss cassettes because CDs and MP3s are simply better. I still like seeing cassettes for nostalgia, and for a buck that purchase was a no-brainer. Some of the booths at the flea markets also had 8-tracks for sale. OMG. 8-tracks preceded cassettes, but I don't remember them. Kat remembers them! I was born in 1975 and so was she, but I guess when I was a kid Mom and Dad just listened to the radio. Maybe? I know Mom likes music, but in some weird twist of fate Dad never rips out tunes. Ever. Did he once like music? When we drive in his truck to go hunting he has the radio off and we just talk (nothing wrong with that.) I think he always prefers to listen to talk radio, but I could be wrong. I haven't lived with Mom and Dad since 1993 so not like I really know what their daily routine is.

I finally finished that Treats Falls job yesterday. I spent some time in the tax office, some time finishing that job, and some time getting crushed by Deno on the racquetball court. (First 1v1 games we have had in 4 months and I was rusty.) Those Treats Falls customers are hard to figure out. Seem super-nice, but almost off the scale weird. He texted me at 0017, just after midnight, on the 4th to tell me they had the rest of my money. I was still awake and drunk by the fire out back, but I was not looking at my friggin phone. We had a fun but much smaller July 4th party here under great weather conditions. Had my first drink early PM, but paced myself so I didn't get obliterated and was not hungover Sunday. Tired, but not hungover. Oh Jesus hell ya!

So I got my check yesterday morning before I put a few final scrap pieces of siding back on where we installed the new ramp. The guy warned me the check might have insufficient funds but it was his business check and the account had bigtime overdraft protection. WTF?! I took it to his bank, which was not inconvenient since I also have business banking there, and sure enough the check was going to bounce if I deposited it so I had to bring it back to his ass. His wife was all apologetic and wrote me a check from their personal account with a promise the money was all there so off to the bank I went again where I was finally able to make the deposit and GET PAID IN FULL. FINALLY.

Going to the bank is a pain in the arse these days because of Covid-19. You have to use the drive-thru tube-thing, and often times there is a line. Thankfully there was no line at all yesterday. Oh Jesus hell ya! Nevertheless it is a waste of precious... precious time going to and from the bank. All I wanna know is why? Why did they hire me and then struggle so much to pay me?

Sadly I will go work for them again maybe even later this month. What a bunch of crap!



Friday, 7-03-20: I'm probably exhausted but will just power through.
It feels like the end of a very busy week for me, more-so than lately. I got a lot done, but not all of it. We did prretty much finish that massive Treats Falls deck so that is a modicum of relief. I went up there today to take a load of stuff out of there, some trash and some scrap wood. Tarp, ladder, etc. I also had to put in a few more screws on the ramp and GET PAID. The invoice was for $8136, but that is not even close to my profit because a lot of that cost was for materials.

The homeowners are nice people, but they confuse me. They knew they needed a $10k job done, but they waited until the very end of May to reach out when they should have been looking for a contractor in friggin' March. Maybe they just didn't know anyone who could do it? They did say their former carpenter got hurt and can't work anymore. (Did he say FUCK THIS and quit?) We were still in the middle of building the deck and helping him dig out pool lines on many 80+ degree days when it would have been awesome for them to already have a working pool and a usable deck. Oh well, not my problem.

So I knew they wanted to pay my ass on the 3rd of July, today because that is what we discussed last week. I gave them the invoice and they started singing the financial blues. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! They have money coming in for taking care of disabled people, and I believe that 100%. Apparently due to the holiday not all the money is in so they did not pay me the full amount. They wanted to wait and pay me in full next week, but I politely shut that shit down and told them to pay me at least part of that invoice so I got roughly half my money and I left to go get it into the bank. Once the check clears I'll go back next week and finish up some things, and if the check does not clear I might be going back with a chainsaw hehe.

All I wanna know is why? Why would you hire someone for a massive job and not have the money set aside to pay for it all? I'm pretty easy going about it and don't care if I don't get the money right away, but I have to be careful and not let myself get fucked either. I spent a lot of my own precious... precious money paying Neil and Kevin to help and paying for materials. I don't think they intend to shaft me, but if they do that would suck. A lot. They said they are very happy with my work and they are already planning to hire me for more later this summer.

^SIDING GOES ON WHEN I FUCKING GET PAID IN FULL MOFOS. That ramp did come out looking good, and just designing and building it took a long time due to weird angles, etc.

^Orignally the owner said we could just run the deck boards to the edge of the pool from the left to the right, but I knew in my heart that a "picture frame" was the right thing to do, and I am glad I went with that gut decision. The lighter-colored piece "racing stripe" as he calls it was his idea and it does add a visual separation of the pool area from the new deck area.

We built a really big deck, something like 820 square feet, and it was a lot of work. I'm still not sure I should have taken that job; when I looked at it 5 weeks ago I told him it was too much work and I couldn't take it on. He begged me to do it ahahahaha! I brought Kat over, and she helped me decide whether or not to take on the project.

Doing that deck took me away from other obligations, and I feel backed up a bit for the apartments. Thankfully I have Kevin and Neil who can help me as needed. Neil helped me yesterday over at my Chamberlain duplex, and in 7 hours together we built this:

^Fast framing! We wasted an hour of precious... precious time at Lowe's getting supplies so we really "only" had 6 hours on the job site. I already had the ledger board installed along the house with joist hangers tacked into place, and the footings for the 6x6 posts (10" sono tubes dug 4 feet deep with rebar in the center) were all ready to go so that helped. I wanted to work on that deck some more today, but the tax office is my first obligation and I had to spend half the day over there.

Fireworks are sounding off in the neighborhood so that is all bad. They don't bother me, but Copper is a pussy and hides when he hears fireworks and/or thunder. We had a strong thunderstorm roll through yesterday evening and a couple hours later I could not get that dog to go into the yard to take a piss before bed. What a bunch of crap! I finally put him on his leash so he thought something fun was going to happen, he got excited, and after a minute he did take a leak.

Our 4.5-year old Golden Retriever is a pussy. Everything scares him including ice cream on a spoon. On a friggin' spoon OMG! Swimming in the water? Forget it no chance all he will do is wade in a little.

I ate my damn supper at around 2045 tonight because I was busy most of the day. I skipped racquetball earlier, but I did go for a jog. I had a snack so I wasn't starving myself, but by the time I shovelled in "Beanies and Weenies" (Hot dogs and baked beans) I was feeling very hungry. I think I need to eat more? I have this WalMart lemon pie that is about to go into my pie-hole. 420 calories = ME WANT. I need energy gods damn it. I weighed myself in my bootleg gym a couple days ago and the scale said 138. I didn't believe it so I got on again to the same number. OMG REALLY?! I actually do believe it because I feel incredible lean. Maybe not unhealthy weight, but I should not drop any more. I feel really fit, but who knows I'm not going to see a doc to get real data. If not for all the carpentry I'd say I have a tape worm hehehe.

I should not get too boozed up tonight because we are having some friends and family over tomorrow for the Independence Day party that has become a tradition for us. This year it will be a small crowd, but it starts earlier so maybe I will drink all afternoon. NO GIBLET-HEADS ALLOWED. However, I am a Giblet-head so nevermind. I don't want to get wrecked tonight so this third drink might be my cutoff for a little bit. I'll have one or two more at the bar and get drunk because I'm tired, but if I'm not too dumb I'll be ok to have some fun tomorrow. Maybe? Hopefully!



Wednesday, 7-01-20: Last day at Treats Falls for a bit?
As soon as I finish these steps all I have left to do at that massive Treats Falls deck job will be a few smaller things:

I need to add two 4x4 cross-braces for that top deck, I need to reinstall some of the old decking not in the photo, there is a load of trash to haul off (not huge), and some siding needs to go back onto the house. Job-site cleanup, tool round-up, final photos, and then I can go focus on other things like my tax business and the next deck that I already started over at my Chamberlain Street duplex.

I should have both Neil and Kevin helping me this morning at Treats Falls so I'm thinking we can get it all done in about three hours. However, for the fourth consecutive work day rain is an issue. Last Friday we got shut down for a bit in the afternoon due to a strong thunderstorm. Monday I got 1.25 hours of work in before it started to rain, and yesterday we lost some time to rain showers and heavy drizzle. What a bunch of crap! Today is a very damp start with more drizzle and showers on the radar so I'll do yoga, help clean the house, and then decide if it's too wet or not. I don't mind some rain, but too much water falling = can not use power tools. No power tools = can not build a deck!

The wet weather really hasn't messed me up too much because I have tax clients and drop-off/e-mail/portal uploads. The only part that really is a bunch of crap, and that has happened each of the past three work days, is my ass getting to Treats Falls and working for barely 30 minutes to an hour before it got wet and we either had to stop for a while or just leave. Thankfully that job is only a very easy 3/4 mile of a drive from the house, two minutes, so going back and forth an extra time or two is a simple commute.

I lost a day in my head, and I thought yesterday was only June 29th and today was going to be the final day of June. My bad there. I logged onto my computer yesterday just before supper to enter my day's work hours and to log expenses in my business spreadsheets (both for Treats Falls and for that Chamberlain Street deck) and was surprised to see it was already the last day of June. The month of June was above-average warm, below-average dry, and it flew by. I worked a lot, but not an overwhelming amount in June. My awesome wife and I had a couple little local adventures first to Bar Harbor area then to Rockland area, and I was able to mostly take weekends off.

Also in June covid-19 fears first started to ease nationwide as cases and deaths from the virus dropped. However, by the end of June things took a turn for the worse and now many states across the country have seen bigtime increases in Covid-19 cases so many areas have rolled back reopening plans. Bars, restaurants, beaches, etc all CLOSED. Bars were supposed to reopen here in Maine today, but a couple weeks ago our rather terrible governor Mills changed her mind on that.

^Bar owners in Maine wanting to reopen for indoor services. What a bunch of crap!

Jester's reopened mid-June because that is a part of City Side restaurant, and food services have been allowed to open for indoor seating. It is probably a stretch and borderline against what Mills intended, but she can eat the peanuts out of my sssssssshhhheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt because if the world was hers to control she would have us all locked down until the friggin' year 2022, or so it seems.

Friday the 3rd, two days from now, is the holiday before Independence Day on the 4th. For the past few years we have had a really fun and large party at our house for the 4th, but this year we are only having a smaller gathering because it is too much work having 30-40 people here. There is always some dumbass doing stupid shit like falling into the fire or pissing on the floor. Plus Covid-19 weighs on our minds. If Kat gets Covid (again?) it could kill her since her white blood count is so low. She's on a medication called disulfiram that was originally designed to prevent alcoholocs from boozing. However, the med is now used to treat other things such as lyme disease, which she has and probably has had for a decade since she was a vet technician. She's been on disulfiram for around 3 weeks so it is too early to know how well it is working, and her dosage is very low so far. Hopefully it helps her a lot because nothing else seems to have helped.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site of mine, I need to log into our bank account to make sure we have enough in the personal checking to auto-pay the mortgage that will come out either today or tomorrow. We probably don't, but I have some extra in the business account so I can do a transfer. I probably have some rents in the drop-box now so that is a nice bonus that July is here. Time for rents again. Oh Jesus hell ya!

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