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"She said she doesn't put out because she has hangup with my personality that prevent her from making the necessary emotional connection for that." -Anonymous friend talking about his "broken booty call"


Saturday, 5-31-14: Progress on my new house.
I still have a fair amount of work left to do on my new home before it's 100% done, but at this point I'm well past the halfway mark and I'm under no set deadline of when I absolutely must have it done. It's nice not having an official deadline to meet because I'm used to deadlines when I'm working on the rental properties and needing to have a place ready for new tenants to move into. This morning I worked on my house some for a couple or three hours, and now I'm about done for the day. It's only a bit after 0900, too. Score! I'm gonna play racquetball at 1000 (haven't played in a month. What a bunch of crap!), shower, eat, take a nap, go buy booze, and then get my drink on later. The weather is awesome so it should be a nice evening to cook out, to have a fire in my backyard fire-pit, and maybe even go downtown to see that 80s band at Season's.

I'm at the point on my house now where my main focus is installing the floor. I still do have some trim work, painting, and related left but the bulk of my work will be the floor. I don't have a photo of the 100-ish square feet of the floor in the living room that's already done, but I do have a couple photos of the house from a few days ago to post:

^Since I took that photo the bar now has a top and some trim. I still need to remove the old floor in the kitchen, salvage as much as I can, and maybe use some of the leftovers at one of my bootleg rental properties. The old floor is actually relatively new, but I'm getting it all out of there since I don't have enough of it after I opened up the space between the kitchen and living room. I could have tried to match it up, but screw that I'll just put in something that looks better!

Here is the living room from a few days ago:

I suppose I could take the plastic shrink-wrap off my new TV now. I ordered a wall mount for the TV, and I'll pick up some little stand-thingie that can hold the cable box, a DVD player (that I don't yet own), and my NES/SNES. For now the cinderblocks get the job done. That coffee table is a total piece of crap that will end up in my fire-pit once I buy something nicer. Same for that old-ass octagonal thing that my TV is sitting on. Actually, that octogonal stand-thing is one of the first pieces of furniture that I ever owned. Matt and I went to a yard sale in Port Orchard, Washington back in 1997 when we got our 2-bedroom apartment. We were stationed out there in the Navy; nearby Bremerton was the home port of our ship, the USS Carl Vinson. The yard sale was an old person moving into a retirement home or something so we bought that stand-thing, a couch, a coffee table, and a few other things. The coffee table that we bought is at Kelly's house now. Hahahahaha! The couch went to the dump years ago because by then it was a bootleg piece of shit. It was some flower-pattern monstrosity that was likely manufactured in 1970. What a bunch of crap!

Speaking of Kelly's house, I should haul my ass up there to get the rest of my crap. Her and I have played phone tag over the past couple days, and we have texted a little bit. We haven't talked or even seen each other in maybe 3 weeks now! Ah well, I don't even care... if I care. I guess if she gave a crispy crap then she would have called my ass. Right? I guess we're done as a romantic entity and I suppose I'll phase right the hell out of her life in the very near future.

I gotta get off this bootleg thing and go play racquetball. May is about over, tonight it's booze o'clock, and Goonies never say die!

Thursday, 5-29-14: Milestones.
Over the past few days I've passed a few milestones. First, on May 26th I reached my tenth year as a slumlord. Awesome! I bought this duplex May 26, 2004:

^That's one of the MLS photos from the spring of 2004. When I bought that duplex I took out a $70k loan, and now I still owe around $65k on the place. What a bunch of crap! How did that happen you ask? I refinanced for $90k back in 2009 so I could get cash to buy another property. I guess all total I've built around $30k in equty on that building since I bought it when the refinance is factored in. I tried to sell the house last fall, but it was a slow market then so I gave up and just kept it. I'm actually glad that I kept the duplex because now I have good tenants and things are fine over there. [knock on wood...]

On May 26th I also passed my one-month anniversary for owning my new house. I still have the place torn apart, but at least the worst of the renovation is behind me. I even have some furniture now! I'll have to post photos next time; I left my camera over there and I'm too lazy to drive 1/3 of a mile to get it. Hehehehe. Hopefully by June 26th, if not sooner, my house will be 100% put back together and looking great. I started the flooring in the living room yesterday and most of the painting is done now. The floor will take a while because I have around 550-600 square feet to install and only 40 square feet are done. Trim work will also take a while more.

I've worked at UPS for over a year now. Score! I passed that milestone May 20 last week. When I first started I kinda informally told myself that I wouldn't get done for at least a year and then I could re-evaluate my life. That place totally sucks sometimes, but that pay ain't bad and most of the time it doesn't suck that badly so I think I'll keep working there for a while more. If I can stay there for about another 6 years then I'll have my first rental property paid off and, if I'm frugal enough (without being a 100% cheapass) then I can pay off most or all of my house, too. That would be awesome! Then I can "retire" from a real job and just do the rentals and maybe some seasonal stuff like income taxes, etc. Will I last another six frigging years at UPS? It seems unlikely, but I did last over 7 years at FedEx and then I went back twice more for Christmas seasonal work...

I guess I should eat some food and go mow lawns. Maybe I'll get my swell on later and then work on my house for an hour or two. Or maybe I won't work on my house? It's a nice day so I plan to be outside for a good portion of this afternoon. Unfortunately, it looks like it's snowing due to pollens and crap falling out ot trees around here so I will be sneezing a lot. The pollens have been making me cough and sneeze since 0415 this morning. What a bunch of crap!

Tuesday, 5-27-14: Epic weekend.
Doug and I put down some booze this weekend. OMG. It was Memorial Day so I got an extra day of parole from the UPS job. As an added bonus Mom and Pop drove up to here to see my new house so we didn't have to drive 3-hours round-trip to visit them down in Warren. Bonus! Unfortunately, when they showed up yesterday at 1030 Doug was still shit-show drunk. He stayed up all night and kept drinking. What a bunch of crap!

We drank on Friday night and went to Jester's for a bit. Much got burned in my fire-pit, and a couple funny things happened at Jester's. First, Doug was outside talking to Jeremy when the cops rolled up for one of their patrols of the area. They asked if everything was alright, and Doug told one of the officers that Jeremy had heroin up his butt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The cops thought it was funny but Jeremy didn't. Then, a bit later in the evening, Jeremy's mother marched down to Jester's to find Jeremy and to bring him home. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She said he had an interview the next day and he wasn't supposed to be there. When your mother has to go down to the local watering hole and drag your ass out of there then you have probably failed in life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a hilarious bunch of crap!

I woke up Saturday morning not feeling too hungover, but the more things change the more they stay the same because Doug never went to bed, he was still drinking, and some dude who dresses up like a woman was at the house. The cross-dresser started eating my Pringles so I took them away and told him to disappear. What a bunch of crap! Doug took off with the guy and eventually passed out on his couch or something.

We boozed again Saturday night, and we had a nice fire. Doug was wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket so he passed out on my lawn by the fire around 2200. Gav, Tommy, and I stayed up pretty late drinking that night. Since the weather was good and I didn't have to work on Monday we decided to drink again Sunday night. One of the funnier things from Sunday night was Tommy's epic burger:

It's a 4-patty behemoth on a cheap Hannaford bun! I cooked five burger patties, but we only had two buns so Tommy overcame that obstacle pretty fast. (Doug and I had already eaten earlier.) There must be a pound or more of meat on that thing. Was it delicious? He seemed excited to find out:

^AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What an awesome bunch of crap!

We had another fire Sunday night, I got drunk and paid for a taxi downtown since Jester's was closed, and I'm glad that when I went to look at my online bank account earlier I saw no charges. That means I didn't spend a ton of money because I only had maybe 50 bucks in my wallet and a few dollars were still left in there. Sunday was a lot of fun as well, but again Doug stayed up and drank ALL FUCKING NIGHT. I hate it when he does that. Even worse to have Mom and Pop come up and see him all wasted. It's a bunch of crap! He needs to go to bed and not drink all damn night.

I went for a 3-mile jog yesterday evening and that was a shit-show. It took me 25:18 and I had to walk some of it. All that boozing definitely caught up with my ass. I never felt too hungover at any one point, but it certainly took its toll. I didn't work on the house a whole lot over the weekend. I need to get that place done, damnit! I did a bit of painting and I did get the bartop installed, though.

In other news, the Red Sox suck this year. Real bad. They just lost ten games in a row before finally winning a game yesterday. What a bunch of crap! I should go lift a few weights in the gym and then go work on the house for a bit. It's already 1420. The day is gonna be over before I know it! I have to get my billing statements ready for next month's rent as well so I probably won't even get back to the house until 1600. I guess I'll just plan to work on the house tomorrow. Oh wait, I gotta mow some rental property lawns again tomorrow. What a bunch of crap!

Saturday, 5-24-14: I'm back in action!
I've been a very busy man since my last bootleg site update from two weeks ago. I bought a used laptop computer for $200 and the fan died so it's getting fixed, and on top of that my desktop computer here in my bootleg office died so I was without technology for a bit. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully the dude who sold me the laptop is a computer fixer-upper-guy so he's taking care of that for me for no extra cost.

My desktop computer would randomly freeze up and sometimes not even boot up. For a few days I was able to use the thing for a bit, but then it got worse in a real hurry. The desktop did that a while back, but then it somehow fixed itself (Maybe I reformatted it?) Unfortunately, this time around there was no saving it. Finally the computer got to the point where it wouldn't even boot up at all. What a bunch of crap! Fortunately, Gavin had a spare computer that he wasn't using anymore so last Saturday evening as we were having a beer he brought it over to my office and got it set up for me. He was even able to save the hard-drive from my old computer so I didn't lose any data. That's what I call a win! The computer is fairly badass; he built it with awesome parts and stuff. He has something newer now so this one was his spare. I offered to buy it from him, but he said no to that so I owe him a lot. Gavin is the anti-mooch! He always gives way more than he takes.

My house is a lot closer to done now, and Doug is back for a couple weeks! Doug got in on Wednesday night, and we've been hanging out and getting stuff for my house over the past couple days. I bought a couch and loveseat yesterday, and the day before we shopped for some furniture and I did find some great barstools for my center-island/breakfast bar. I'll obviously post photos of that thing as it nears completion. Right now the bar is just plywood and OSB; I'll do the finish work on it over the next few days. The barstools were $100 each (I bought 3) but I did have a 20% off coupon so that saved me some loot. We looked at both Target and Wal Mart, but in the end Bed Bath and Beyond got my business because they had the best stools. I normally hate that lame chick-store, but I was loving the place on Thursday evening as I was dumping a few hundred bucks on the barstools and a couple other smaller things. I wouldn't have even considered Bed Bath and Beyond, but I got that 20% off coupon in the mail that very day so Doug and I checked out their webpage on his bootleg laptop computer. I'm glad we did!

I have some photos in my digital camera that I should upload. Getting them now...

Here is what the house looked like a few days ago before I finished framing the bar:

I must have taken that picture last Monday or Tuesday. Now it's painted and there's a bar in the center. I had to bust my ass to get it looking at least halfway presentable for when Doug got back. My goal was to finish all the sheetrock work, to paint the area where the bar would be, to frame the bar, and to clean the place. I was only barely able to meet that goal. Good thing Doug didn't arrive until close to 2200 Wed. night or else I would have still been working on it!

This morning I went to the dump with a huge load of crap. It's free dump week for the city's annual spring cleanup so Gav and I have been taking advantage of that. Yesterday we went with a huge truck and trailer load of debris from the apartment he's renovating at his new dwelling across the street. Here is my garage trash-heap from a few days ago:

What a bunch of crap... literally! (The mower is not trash, and the pile grew even larger before I got rid of it.)

So my house still needs paint on a lot of the walls, some ceiling paint, a lot of trim work, the breakfast-bar finishing, and a new floor in the kitchen and living room. I'll pick away at it over the next couple weeks that Doug is back, but I won't work 12+ hours days like I had been working (including UPS, the apartments, and working on my own house over the last 1.5 weeks or so.)

I'm gonna get off this bootleg thing now, go over to Gavin's and see if he needs a hand with his renovation project and ask him when the hell I went to bed last night. I'm guessing midnight/0100, but I can't remember. Thankfully I'm not hungover today! I woke up around 0745 and Doug was still up drinking with some guy who likes to dress up as a woman. I told them the party was over and to get to bed. There were empty booze bottles and it smells like puke near my bathroom. What a bunch of crap! I think someone chundered in the hopper and a little spilled on the side. It wasn't me, though. I have no clue and I'm guessing Doug won't remember either. That guy drank half my frigging rum so I'm sure he's still drunk. What a bunch of crap!

I'll try to get some more photos for my next update. It feels good to be back online with a working computer so I can update this bootleg site that no one reads!

Tuesday, 5-13-14: I wonder?
I wonder what my new house will look like when I actually finish working on the thing? I have it all laid out in my mind including location of furniture, but I still have a lot of work to do over the next week before I get really close to the finish line. I worked on the place all weekend and for several hours yesterday after my 0300-0830 UPS shift and I got a lot accomplished. I've been mudding/taping/sanding the sheetrock ever since Sunday, and I still have one more piece of sheetrock to install. I have some electrical crap to get going before I install that last piece, and it's over on the other side of the living room and not a big deal if I do it last.

The weather has been perfect over the last couple days. Mostly sunny, low 70s, and decent humidity. It's great when I can install joint compound and then it 100% dries by the next morning. I can get some fresh air moving through the place when I open the slider and front door so that helps with the drying and dust as well. Today I haven't worked on the place yet, but it's only 1145 so I'll head over after I shovel in some lunch. I've been good about taking breaks from the house to do some apartment stuff and to exercise. I want to get the house done ASAP, but I can't sacrifice my entire life to the place. Working too many hours = what a bunch of crap!

There isn't much at the house to entertain me. I did buy a used ACER laptop computer the Sunday before last from a guy who knows a guy who used to work with me at Circuit City, but the thing was kinda bootleg so now he's fixing it for me. I absolutely love the laptop, but when I would use it the bootleg thing would shut off after 1, 5, 15, or maybe as many as 30 minutes of use. What a bunch of crap!

Edit 5-24-14: My old bootleg desktop computer died so this was as far as I could get on this update. What a bunch of crap!

Saturday, 5-10-14: Work began before 0500 this morning.
I went to sleep around 2030 last night. Early for a Friday! It didn't take long to fall asleep, and I was up at 0430 after a relatively solid 8-hours of sleep. It was kinda like my regular schedule at UPS since I've been going to bed early and getting up early. However, since it's Saturday I didn't have to work at UPS today; instead I spent 6 hours working on the house. I got a lot of sheetrock work done this morning before I headed over to the office to get my mail, grab some rent, eat lunch, etc. Now I'm watching Impact Wrestling from my office DVR as I update this bootleg site.

It's still only 1215 so I should have time to work on the house some this afternoon. I might take a nap and then lift some weights before I head back to the house. If the weather improves I might even make time for a jog. Here is what my living room looked like just before I came to the office:

^What a mess. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully the washer and dryer aren't in my way anymore.

Yesterday Gavin helped me move the washer and dryer into the cellar and I helped him move his couch and bed into his new apartment. He officially lives right across the street from my office now. Awesome! Moving his couch was a bitch because it seemingly weighs 150 pounds and it's big. We did damage to some trim getting it out of his old apartment at the "old folks' home" and then we did even more damage to his door trim getting it into his new spread. What a bunch of crap! We needed Tommy to help us so we could have officially been three stooges. Moving furniture and appliances up and down stairs = not good times.

I still have a little sheetrock to hang and then I can focus on mud and tape in the living room. In the bathroom I already have the new shower installed and working thanks to my plumber putting in some quality time yesterday, but I'm still planning to use the downstairs bathroom for the next couple days or so because, well, see for yourself:

I still need to mud/tape/sand, I need to rip out the rest of the old floor, and I need to remove the toilet and vanity so I can get the 1972-ish tiles off the remaining walls. I'll install a new vanity and medicine cabinet, but the crapper is still in great shape so I can re-use that. The vanity and medicine cabinet in there now aren't terrible, but they're not too great either and I might as well just do it right while I have it all torn up. Maybe I can re-use the old vanity and medicine cabinet at one of my bootleg rental properties!

I guess I should get off this ghetto computer before it crashes. I gotta stay motivated so I can get my precious... precious house done!

Wednesday, 5-07-14: Another busy day for me today!
After pretty much screwing off most of the winter and only working an average of maybe 30-35 hours a week including my 25-ish at UPS and a few here and there on the bootleg rental properties I'm back in action in a major way. Ever since I closed on my house two weeks ago it's been go-time. Not only have I been renovating the house and getting settled in but I've also had work to do on the apartment buildings. Today I didn't even touch my own home renovation because I had to break out the mower and fire up my brand new weedwacker. (el-cheapo $70 thing from Home Depot that might last me a season if I'm lucky!)

It feels good to be outside working again. It was in the mid 60s today and mostly sunny earlier when I was outside so maybe I can start getting a tan (or a burn.) Between rent collections, pot-hole filling, mowing, weedwacking, and dealing with other misc. little things I totally used up the afternoon. It is gone. The Nothing came and took it away like it once took away the beautiful lake from the Rock Biters in the North in The Neverending Story.

One of the other smaller bullcrap things that I have to deal with is this:

^AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was having supper on Sunday night when the tenant called to tell me that someone drove through the fence and into the tree. What a bunch of crap!

I was standing in the parking lot of the nearby Mobil Gulf station when I took that picture Sunday evening so obviously the nincompoop who parked there put it in reverse when he should have put in in drive, or vic-versa. The cops had to come and arrest the dude for OUI because I guess he was wasted. He supposedly was throwing beer cans on the ground. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't wait to read the police report for this one. Maybe I can get it tomorrow after work at UPS and then post parts of it on the Crap!

I've owned my house for two weeks, and Doug is coming to visit in two weeks so I need to MOTIVATE. I think my remodel is halfway done. Maybe? I'm kinda on-schedule with it still. It felt good today to check off a lot of misc. rental-property crap so hopefully later this week and all weekend I can really drop the hammer and get my house renovation moving along at a faster pace. The new shower is installed and Bruce should start hooking it up on Friday. I plan to start sheetrock tomorrow; if I can get all my sheetrock work done within a week then I'll still have a week to paint, install trim, etc.

I need to get off this thing because I have a few other things to do still. This a-hole computer has crashed about five times today so it's a miracle it's actually working now. I took the side-panel off so it could breathe. Not sure that actually made a difference or not. It wasn't that dusty in there so I dunno? Guy proofreads, clicks save, and uploads before this bootleg thing dies again. A failing computer = what a bunch of crap!

I have a lot more stuff that I could write about, but I gots to roll. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I can post updated photos of my home renovation if this gods damned computer actually works. I did buy a laptop computer for my house, but I have nothing but Internet on it yet. I gotta get on it and do some program installs so I can update this trash from my new home. What a bunch of crap!

Monday, 5-05-14: Turkeys and fire.
I went turkey hunting on Saturday down at the ol' homestead with Pop and Jason. Pop already shot his limit of two spring-season turkeys from his new hunting blind out back behind the house so he was with Jason and I just to help call and carry decoys, etc. Turkey hunting is fun even if you don't shoot one because there's a lot of action.

We started hunting a bit after 0800 in a good piece of woods off Rt. 90 and in behind Gavin's Dad's place. We set up the decoys and started calling, and not too long after that we had turkeys answering back and heading our way. Awesome! As an added bonus the turkeys appeared to be coming in from a narrow field and directly through my setup. Unfortunately, the damn turkeys just stayed in the field forever. I kept thinking they would head through the alders and right to the decoys, but the assholes were content in the field. What a bunch of crap! I could see the field through the alders, it was maybe 60 or 70 yards away, but that's too far for a shotgun and the alders plugged up any shooting lane anyway.

Finally I got sick of waiting for the turkeys to come to us so I started sneaking up on them. I had to take a long time and low-crawl so they didn't see my ass, and finally I was able to get close enough to have one shooting lane. I had to crouch down and wait, and then the turkeys started leaving.

I thought I was pwned, but then one last Jake (male young adult turkey) was still there, he stepped into my shooting lane, he raised his red-colored head, and I gave him the business. Because I was crouched down the shotgun blast literally knocked me on my ass. HAHAHAHAHA! Jake the turkey was flopping around in the field in the throes of death so I had to scoot my arse over to him and stomp his neck a couple times. One shot, one kill!

After that adventure we went further into the woods and set up again, this time in the oak. We called for about 15 minutes, but nothing happened. We were nearing the point of giving up and moving elsewhere when turkeys started responding from further down in the woods. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Turkeys are very vocal; I wish deer were as loud as turkeys because it would make deer hunting a LOT easier. However, the turkeys didn't get any closer so once again I had to crawl/sneak my ass down to their location. I had a stone wall to hide behind, I popped up and used a large rock from the wall as a rest, and I was able to pick off one of the three birds. I blasted another Jake. Two shots, two kills!

The bag-limit on turkeys is two bearded males in the spring season so I'm all done until October. Pop took a picture of my "trophy" birds:

^We forgot to weigh them, but we guessed around 15 and 13 pounds. A big Tom (adult male) can weigh over 20!

I shot the two Jakes about an hour apart from each other. I was all done before lunch! I had plenty of time to load up some of Grammy and Papa's old furniture that Mom and Pop wanted to purge from their house (two dressers and a small bookcase), clean out my birds, eat lunch with Pop, and head on home. I even had time to take a 30-minute power nap before Tommy and Gav came over for some boozing, fire, and pizza that night. Here is the aftermath of Saturday night:

^Beer cans everywhere including out of the picture on other parts of the lawn.

We stayed up until after 0300 and I drank way too much beer. We torched up some of my construction debris, and we had a good time. Gav drop-kicked some stupid yard-gnome right the hell off of my property and into "Shrek's Swamp" out back. Good riddance to that bootleg thing!

I didn't get up yesterday until 1230. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I woke up with a hangover, but thankfully it went away after a couple hours. In hindsight drinking that much beer Sat night was unwise, but I'll probably do it again at some point in the future. We never even left the house; we just burned stuff in the fire pit, got boozed up, and hung out. Fun times!

Alright slapnuts, all two of youz, I gotta lift a few weights in the gym and then go work on my bootleg house. I almost have the upstairs shower ready to remove. Then I can frame up the new shower and hopefully have Bruce (my plumber) start hooking it up when he comes tomorrow PM. I have A LOT to do over the next couple weeks. I only worked on my house for a couple hours this weekend. What a bunch of crap! Time to motivate...

Thursday, 5-01-14: Progress on the new house.
I've owned my new house for a bit more than a week now. At this time last week I was doing serious work with Sledgie, my 8-pound well-worn sledgehammer. I'm actually surprised at how much life that sledge has given to me. Its handle is starting to give out so at some point I'm gonna whale on something and watch the head fly off and do real damage. (Hopefully not to my own face or body. That would be a bunch of crap!)

^My precious... precious sledghammer. That handle is slowly giving out, but so far it hasn't let me down. I've owned the thing for years.

In just over a week of ownership and work on the house I've accomplished the following:
-Totally removed the center island that used to contain a closet and the washer-dryer. The ceiling is framed with 2x10s so the ceiling hopefully doesn't collapse.
-Started remodeling the downstairs bathroom. I'm gonna expand it a bit and add a larger shower since the one there now is cramped. I'm not even a big guy so for me to say that you know it's a small space!
-Bought a bunch of stuff that I will need like a bed last Friday, a TV on Saturday, and some cookware yesterday so I could have my very first home-cooked meal at my new house: HAMBURGER HELPER and peas! (Marden's had Hamburger Helper for cheap. Same for the cookware. I win at life!)

Today I'm not working on my house yet because I had some tenant crap to take care of after the UPS shift ended. I have a 4-bedroom apartment that will now be occupied with 18 and 19-year old chicks. Think that will end badly? I told the girls earlier during my speech that they need to be a team, even when they hate each other down the road. No way four girls are gonna live together for a year without having some kind of bullshit drama. It is simply not possible. One of them will get pokerized by one of the other one's boyfriends or something. Guaranteed.

Why did I decide to rent to four young chicks you ask? Well one of the chicks already lived there, her sister and two other roommates hit the road, and the one lone survivor decided to stay and get new roommates. It might be a mistake in the long-run, but I'll just drop the hammer (sledgie!) if things get out of hand over there. One of the chicks I haven't even met yet because she's still in high school. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! And in case you're thinking I rented to them because I want some young tail I gotta say NO WAY to that. I ain't macking on any broads right now, especially ones who aren't even old enough to buy booze. Doug will be back in three weeks to visit and he can have at it!

I guess there is a lot more I could write about, but it's time to get my swell on in the gym and then go work on the house for a couple hours. I feel like I have a LOT to do, but I still have three weeks before Doug comes back to visit so I guess that's plenty of time to mostly put my bootleg house back together and get important things like furniture in there. For now the 2x10 and lawn chair work just fine for me, though.

Goonies never say die!

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3-10 4-10 5-10 6-10 7-10 8-10 9-10 10-10 11-10 12-10 1-11 2-11 3-11 4-11 5-11 6-11 7-11 8-11 9-11 10-11 11-11 12-11 1-12 2-12 3-12 4-12 5-12 6-12 7-12 8-12 9-12 10-12 11-12 12-12 1-13 2-13 3-13 4-13 5-13 6-13 7-13 8-13 9-13 10-13 11-13 12-13 1-14 2-14 3-14 4-14

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