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"I just wanted to show my friend the place that's turned you into a dick. GOODBYE." -Doug in a text to me after I asked him to not come into the restaurant/bar anymore.


Thursday, 3-31-22: Next project in the queue. Oh, a cool 80s fact.
I was watching Fox News for a bit before I tapped out. More news about Will Sith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, more about Ukraine, more about what a pile of dog shit Biden is (AGREED, 100%), more of the same. What a bunch of crap! So I flipped over to channel 1928 and had to hit the pause button to post this really interesting, useless fact:

"Falkor from The Neverending Story is part airplane! The 43-foot long puppet was made using airplane steel. The head alone was more than 200lbs."

OMG THAT IS GOOD SHIT, PAL. Also, Falkor is not a FUCKING PUPPET. Falkor is a national fucking treasure.

Debarge is singing Whose Johnny, straight from Short Circuit like a boss. Where is Ally Sheedy? Fuckin' 80s man, I miss that. I want to rewind and be in the 80s again. I don't give a fuck about the Internet or my cellphone anymore. I just want to have a NES and listen to Def Leppard's Hysteria and die happy-ish. Star Wars was still cool, Reagan was a good president, and life was easier. Oh, Goonies never said die and this meme encapsulates everything that was a win from that era:

^I was actually looking for the .gif of Chunk riding Falcor, but I can't find it. What a bunch of crap! I should Google it and see what happens...


Okay I do agree the Interweb can be awesome at times and it was not available to me in the 1980s. I just found this great meme:

^HAHAHAHAHA! My cihildhood was indeed awesome. I'd say my childhood was actually FUCKING AWESOME. I didn't appreciate it enough. I grew up in an amazing place, and my parents kept my ass fed with a roof over my head. Pretty sure they were broke most of the time, but they made it work and shhhhh.... I never heard them asking my grandparents for money when I was supposed to be in bed and fast asleep. How sad is it now that I had to fire them because they blamed my wife for Doug being a piece of shit? That one is going to fuck me up, possibly forever, but we'll see.

I might go down to the bar for a bit, we'll see. It's already 2218 so it's getting late, but when I think back to when my awesome wife was working at the now-defunct Jester's I'd often not even leave the house to go down there until 2230-2300. The place is open until 0100, but if it's not busy they'll close before that. I think it's busy there now, though. I can see the sales numbers, and they have jumped quite a bit in the past couple hours. Nice! I think I will go down soon for a beer, and then I can come home and possibly bivouac.

I have to start my next project soon since I'm selling Allen Rd in about 4 weeks. I need to get our cellar ready for a modified version of my gym. I couldn't sleep last night so I went down there and made a little bit of a plan. There is a wall separating two rooms, and I should be able to remove that wall and make a 280-ish square foot gym. My gym now is closer to 400 square feet so the one downstairs will be smaller and with a lower ceiling, but I think I can make it work and still get the core exercises in. Maybe? Hopefully! I dunno when I'll start working on that, but I'm hoping to do it next week. I won't finish until after tax season, and that's just fine.

I didn't lift weights this week at all yet; what a bunch of crap! However, I did play rball Tues evening and this evening. I really enjoyed the r-ball, and as an added bonus I don't have tennis elbow at all anymore. I just haven't been active enough. I want to play rball a couple times a week, and I want to exercise more, but I have to sell Allen Rd first and finish tax season. The tax business has been epic-busy lately. So busy I've had to tell about a half-dozen people to go to Jackson Hewitt because I am too booked up to help them. No doubt this will be my busiest tax season since I went out on my own a few years ago. I'm not even wanting new business either!



Tuesday, 3-29-22: Do I really hate my life?
Most of my bootleg blog updates lately follow a recurring theme. I drink some booze, I get either half-drunk or totally drunk, and I write about how much I hate my life. What a bunch of crap! Do I really hate my life, though? I have a great wife so that is a priceless positive. However, we've already almost gotten divorced and we work too much so that is all-bad. We don't have enough precious... precious time to spend together so after tax filing season that needs to change. I have a lot of tax clients left to finish. A LOT. So many that I have turned a few potential new ones away lately.

I don't 100% hate my life, but I hate a lot of it. Working too much is the biggest problem. It's not even about the money lately; it's more about the time. You can work more and earn more money if you have an actual work ethic. Lots of people whom I know don't have a work ethic, but Kat and I certainly do. We definitely work too much, and that is a bunch of crap.

I do have Allen Rd under contract so if all goes as planned I won't even own that place in another month. The closing date is set for April 29. Exatly one month from today. However, half the real-estate deals that I have ever done have never closed on time. We'll see... Selling that place is going to free up a shitload of my precious... precious time. Time I desperately need to help run the restaurant. On Saturday morning I put most of the finishing touches on this apartment, and I think it's my final remodel as a landlord:

^A 2BR apt that I have been working on since the end of January. OMG TWO FUCKING MONTHS TO FINISH THIS PLACE = WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Without tax season and the restaurant I would have had it done in 3 weeks. The timing of the long-term tenants moving out could not have been any worse. Another blow in my shit life, and another nail in my coffin. The past 1.5 years have totally kicked the shit out of me to the point I am surprised I am not in a loony-bin yet.

So do I truly hate my life? I don't know, but I don't think I do. Today was better, and I am finally feeling like I am catching up so far this week. I have still worked a lot, and so has Kat, but I think we are gaining ground. Maybe? Hopefully! I had time to do yoga and play racquetball against Gavin earlier today. Rball was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we played. I lost 2 out of 3 games, but it was enjoyable and great exercise. I am NOT in great physical shape anymore. What a bunch of crap! Ever since the Doug fiasco from earlier this year I am struggling to use my bootleg Allen Rd gym. Not only do I have limited time, but I also feel a negative sort-of energy there that is hard to put into words. I had great times at that place, but that ship has sailed and I don't want to be there anymore.

On a positive note the restaurant is having a pretty good month. We are still spending more than we are making, but we are doing better and I know it takes a long time to make a profit. I think this will be our second-best month, ever. Only October last year was better by a tad, and we have so many new people coming in every day that I see even better months ahead. Plus I'll have more precious... precious free time to work there. The apartment rental business kicked my fucking ass over the past couple years so good riddance to it all. I've had good tenants, but the apartment remodels have taken a HUGE toll on me from a time-management perspetive. I think the remodels have paid off, though. Allen Rd is under contract right now for way more than I thought I could get for it. I need to thank Jody for the suggested price, and he will make good money for that investment of his time and knowledge.

I was watching some of the news, but I quit and put it on channel 1928. Fox News was talking about some stupid-sounding "Don't say gay" law, CNN was in Ukraine talking about the horrible war there, and then there was more talk about Will Smith slapping the shit out of Chris Rock at the Oscars from Sunday night. The Oscars are FUCKING STUPID and I'd rather go to work than watch them. I don't blame the Fresh Prince for smacking Chris Rock. Bad joke at wife's expense = you get hit in the face.

Sadly in this pathetic woke-ass society of ours most people are saying Will Smith is the dink in this scenario. If anyone made fun of my own wife's medical condition I'd have to give a slap, too.

Will Smith should start a website called "What a bunch of slap!"

Where's my psycologist?!



Thursday, 3-24-22: Not much left now.
My final apartment remodel is almost done, and I am very excited to check it off the list and be done with it all. Almost everything for me went wrong since August, 2020, so it's about time things started to get better. If they don't get better I will just drink more and then check out. I have made TERRIBLE life decisions in the past 1.5 years, and only now do I have a slimmer of hope that I can un-fuck some of it. I'll never fix it all so I'll just settle for 50% or so.

I am very upset with myself that I have to do an apartment remodel in the middle of tax season so my solution is simple. Just quit. No more landlording for my ass. I am all done with it. Having three jobs and no precious... precious time = what a bunch of crap! I used to have a great life-work balance, but then I slowly blew it and now all I have is work. Even tonight I had tax stuff to do until I got too drunk and had to quit. I was not filing taxes when I was boozed up, F that, but I was working on stuff and doing some research.

Allen Rd kicked the shit out of me over the past year or two so I am quitting it. When things get hard what do you do? I QUIT! Hehehe. Having three units to remodel when I am trying to do the bar, three out of six units, means it is time to stop doing it. I don't even enjoy it anymore. I almost enjoyed it when 104.7 played Crowded House earlier, but no amount of 80s music can buy me off from not having enough time. There is no price on that.

I started remodeling this fucking apartment at the end of January:

^Photo taken today. Thankfully the floors and most of the painting are done.

^Just gotta throw the washer and dryer bak into place and install some trim. Oh, taking care of this would be nice:

^NEEDS NEW SWITCHES. I had sparkies on it a couple weeks ago, but I have not heard from them reently and tenants are moving in Saturday so we'll see. I an do that myself, but gods damn it I don't have muh free time so I don't want to srew with it.

I hate my life.

I think I an fix my failed life later this year. If I can't fix it then I will probably leave. NC? SC? Maine fucking sucks so I'll end up somewhere better. I already fired most of my boilogial family from my life so that part is easy. I am still haunted every day by the fat that I fired my mom, dad, and youngest brother. I didn't haul on Jason yet, though. He called me earlier and I dreded taking the call in case he was calling to give me any bad news. What do I do if Dad has a serious medial issue and I am needed? Dad is a fuckin war hero, and I don't have issues at all with him. Mom is the asshole in the bunch, and so it Doug. Too bad I can't exatly have a relationship with my father without my beoth of a mom getting involved somehow. Mom can kiss my hairy ass!

Dad should divorce Mom and just hang out and drink beer and go hunting. Not at the same time; obviously If you go hunting and drink at the same time then you are epic failer. Mom is an epic failer because she texted me that my wife is an embarrasment to the family name. What a bunch of crap! HEY MOM DO NOT DO DAT.

It is nice not having to call mom anymore. She talks too much so I have more precious... precious free time.

The past year has been hard. Kat and I got covid twice, we had to boot what was our great friends, and I had to fire my family. What a bunch of crap! I see all these 70-80-90-year old tax clients of mine and I see how much I blew it in life and I know I will not be a 70-80-90-year old tax client for someone one day because I will FUCKING DIE. Most of these clients of mine are the reason there is still an America, by the way. They worked hard, they still work hard, they donate, and they had great lives. Not all, but most.

I am too drunk to write anymore. I am pretty fukin shitfaced. What a bunch of crap! Do I hate my life? FUCK YEAH.



Tuesday, 3-22-22: UNDER CONTRACT.
Allen Rd is officially under contract, and if all goes as planned I will no longer be a landlord after April 29. I don't know if things will actually stay on track, but I hope they do. I need to divest, and this decision might actually keep me somewhat sane. I'll never be 100% sane, but I can always strive to be close enough. Any 46 year old guy who owns a stupid webpage called "What a bunch of crap." is obviously in need of a therapist. Hehehe. This site is my therapy.

A-ha sings Take on Me. Great song from the 80s, although a song that is a tad overplayed. The video for this song is timeless, and this is coming from a kid who did not grow up with MTV. We would visit Grammy and Papa, they had cable, and at the time it was better than sex. Take on Me, Running Down a Dream, Enjoy the Silence, excellent songs with even better music videos. That was back when MTV played videos and we got to see them about 2 weeks of the year. Hehehe.

^When this song came out my life was simple. It was great because I grew up in the 80s, and people who grew up in the 80s grow up to win. Just kidding about that last part, I have been a toilet lately. What a bunch of crap!

Cyndi Lauper sings Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. GREAT SONG. A little too pop for me, but only by a tad. I am fine with some 80s pop, especially compared to the hot garbage we see today. I was gonna watch some TV, but I quit real TV and put it on the 80s channel. I have 10 episodes of Gold Rush on the DVR, but I have months to chew through that. Maybe I'll never even watch them all? I don't care that much. I watch it sometimes before I bivouac, but not even that much.

There are about 4 weeks until the tax-filing deadline, and they can't come fast enough. I need to get through this tax season, sell Allen Rd, and then *hopefully* just focus on the restaurant/bar for a while this spring, summer, and fall. I think this year we can get that place really dialed-in, and if we can't do that then maybe we should sell it and move away. I'm probably done living in this area if Mad Kat does fail. Thankfully the place had its best week ever last week. St. Patrick's Day and our one-year anniversary certainly helped. A lot. The work it took to make it all happen was epic. We worked a lot last week. A LOT. What a bunch of crap!

I wass supposed to work less when I got older, but so far I am doing the exact opposite. Gods damn it! I am making my own luck.

I still have not talked to Mom or Dad since I fired them from my life a few weeks ago. I haven't talked to Doug either, but I did talk to Jason and he told me Doug is back in AZ. The whole thing was a fucking disaster, and it still haunts me. A lot. Thankfully I have a lot of edibles left in the fridge that I can eat so I can sleep. I don't sleep well anymore. What a bunch of crap! I need more alcohol and pot-cookies. I had some alcohol tonight, but not too much because I was feeling kinda wiped out. I'll bivouac soon.

My life still sucks. I made my own luck. The end.



Sunday, 3-20-22: Bigtime happenings last week and so far this week.
I received a P&S contract for Allen Rd not long ago, and I went for a 2-mile jog as I thought it all over. I'm exhausted so I was slow, but at least I went. I didn't have to think about the decision to sell, I have already 100% made up my mind on that, but I wanted to think about what we can use some of the money for. Do we pay off the house, throw a bunch more into the restaurant, and/or what combination of both, if any?

I have well-qualified buyers who really want to own Allen Rd, and selling to them feels like the right thing to do for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I can't be a landlord anymore I don't have the time. Second, they seem like really nice, good people. It hurts me that Doug couldn't be the one to take over, but he fucked that one up not me and anyone who says otherwise doesn't know the entire situation [cough:mom:cough]

This offer for Allen Rd is really good. Much higher than I thought I'd get. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I'm paying Jody for helping me to set the price. I did the showing, and it never listed on the MLS, so I am getting a better commission rate. Jody definitely deserves it because his advice got me a lot more for the place than I would have gotten doing it all on my own. I did the showing myself Wednesday evening, and that went really well so I had a feeling this offer was coming. Looks like we'd close at the very end of next month.

The past week for the restaurant has been bonkers in a mostly good, but slightly overwhelming way. We've had our best week ever as far as sales, and that cumulated on Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, when we totally crushed it. The place was BUSY. Epic busy. All weelk long things have been trending up, and this weekend was also busy. Lots of new faces coming in for the first time so our ads and word-of-mouth have been making a massive difference. We're actually a bit under-staffed for it all so we are all burning the candle at both ends. What a bunch of crap! I worked a lot last week. A LOT. So did my awesome wife and her three kids. All of the kids have been a huge help for us with the restaurant, and without them working there we'd really be in trouble.

Breakfast there this morning was super-busy. I rolled my ass out of the rack and headed straight to work just in time to start taking tables. I had 3 or 4 tables before I had to jump back in the dish pit for a couple hours to try and get that caught up while the rest of the back-of-house staff worked on food orders and a massive to-go pizza order. Things aren't as crazy there right now, but business is still going good.

On top of dealing with Allen Rd and the restaurant I still have plenty of tax clients. I really don't want any more tax clients so I have to start turning people away soon. I'll keep my regulars, but new people will have to go elsewhere. I can't even refer to Robin anymore since she's too busy so I guess it's HRB or Jackson Hewitt for the ones I can't take on. I need mroe free time ASAP, and selling Allen Rd puts me on that path. Right now I am epic fail in time management...

^Awarded to myself for being too busy. I epic fail. What a bunch of crap!

After tax season ends (one month) and after I sell Allen Rd I think I will have more precious... precious free time. Maybe? Hopefully! Selling Allen Rd is going to entail a lot of work because I have to move this over to our house and pack up all kinds of other things there:

^That all won't fit at our house, but I think I can make a nice setup on a smaller scale. I only lift weights 2-3 times a week anyway. Lately even getting to 2x a week is a challenge. When Doug had to get the boot I stopped using the gym for a couple weeks until he left because I just didn't want to be there with him living upstairs.

I have to finish one apartment over at Allen Rd and then I can start getting our house ready to move the gym over. I have until the end of April. The buyers said they'd give me more time if needed because they are so nice. Hopefully I can get it all done quickly so I can shift my focus to the restaurant for the rest of spring, summer, and fall. I have a lot of work left to do at the restaurant still. A LOT.



Tuesday, 3-15-22: IM NOT FUCKIN DONE YET.
It's 2330, and I am not done. I had to rewind to fix that last part. I have channel 1928 on, and in about 10-15 years I will be toast. Maybe sooner if Aliens invade. If we get an apocalyptic event I will go on record as saying I do NOT want to live. I will die. I will go down fighting if it helps mankind, but does it really matter? Humans are fucked already. Maybe we can go to Mars and find a way to carry on? We don't deserve it, but I will go with the flow. Always hope future generations will do better. I'll pull my weiht for Damon, Hawke, and Nadia. Yes, there is someone in my family who has a reallty weird name. Should he be a pro-wrestler? Probably yes...

I was updating my bootleg site earlier, but I want to keep writing because I got really drunk and it's time for Footloose. One time I totally kiccked a shoe off in Jester's to that song. Was that time time Tommy did this to me?

^From 2015, epic. Now that is my tax office, and I live at the edge of what I can handle. Seriously. I can't even begin o put into words what has happened in the past 7 years since that photo was taken. Tommy is in AZ, I almost got divorced, Doug came and went, what a fucking mess. I am better off in life? That answer is TBD. In a few years I might be able to anser it. Maybe? Hopefully! Oh, also this was our event room many years ago:

^FUCKING EPIC. I don't think I can handle much more. Seriously. Every day I live on the edge. I can still get drunk so that helps. A lot. Eric Carman sings Hungry Eyes. Great song. I want to be stuck in the 80s where I play Pole Position and Metriod. I am not going to win either of those games, but I will live for the nostalgia.

You know, the early 90s where pretty awesome also with Super Metriod, Super Mario World, etc. Then I became a sailor and didn't even know that people really wore cowboy hats. Oh, my awesome wife is home so I am done. Fin. I failed, but she won. The end.



Tuesday, 3-15-22: Walkthrough tomorrow. Oh, I dunno how to use my phone yet!
I had a little precious... precious free time today so I played r-ball and lost to Deno all 4 games earlier this evening. What a bunch of crap! I had to waste some time dealing with tenant issues and a problem at that bar that was not an emergency, and that is the story of my bootleg life these days. That's why I hope the people who do the walkthrough at Allen Rd with me tomorrow show some serious interest in buying the joint. I need to be done ASAP because I can't keep up anymore. What a bunch of crap!

R-ball was fun even though I lost. After we played I started drinking, I went to the bar, and I wore a green Tu-Tu. I don't really kow what a tu-tu is, but dancers wear one. Maybe? I could Google search it, but this is a better image of where I will end up soon if I don't figure it all out:

I don't really want to freeze to death, but living to be really old is a shit option as well so I'll hope for another good decade or two and then I will be ready to check out. I've already had a great life so I don't even care if I check out tomorrow. I made a lot of bad decisions, but I also made a lot of good ones. I basically turned my life into Monopoly for the past 18 years, and I won. I might blow it all still, we'll see, but I hope I don't.

Belinda Carlisle sings Heaven is a Place on Earth. This same album also has Circles in the Sand and I get Weak, one of the best three songs of any album, ever. I don't even own this album. What a bunch of crap! The Go-Gos kinda sucked so I am glad she hauled on them and went solo. Kinda like my wife and I regarding the bar. Our former business partners made terrible decisions that should have put us under, but we are making it work withouth them. We hauled on them and went solo. It still haunts me, but it was the right call.

I got pretty drunk tonight and blew 50 bucks at the bar. Do I care? NOPE! It was totally worth it! It's a Tuesday night so things weren't that busy, but I wore a green tu-tu and Bri's arm-band. I think it was a head-band, but it went onto my arm.

My phone is loud now! All day long I accidentally turned off the ringer so I didn't know when people were calling or texting me. Do I care? Let's ask Morla the Ancient one...

^I had missed calls and missed texts, and now it is loud and I don't know what to do. What a bunch of crap!

I need to learn how to use my new phone. I suck! I really don't fuckin' care, and I am about 20 or 30 years too young based on my technology acumen. It's BAD. I still have older tax clients who don't do Interweb, and part of me wishes I didn't do Interweb. I would not be able to write my useless thoughts to no one in particular, but after I check out does it really matter? Does it matter now? I don't even have time to read the archives of this turd-heap.

One day I should read the archives, but what will happen? I fired my brother, my Mom, and my ex GFs from my life so what's the point in reading it all? I should start in the spring of 2014 when I started to hang out with my current awesome wife. I don't know anymore. Things are fucked, and I am working to un-fuck them.

I am really fucking drunk right now. What a bunch of crap! Just kidding, I don't fuckin care. I need to get drunk more. I only want to work about 25 hours a week so I can get drunk for another 25 or so. That last part is a lie, but I think I will drink more and die before I get old. I was at the bar earlier, and we had a good crowd. At first it was slow, but then it got busy. We have some amazing staff so that helps. A lot. I am all-in on the bar, and fuck everything else. Including the rental properties. I am done being a landlord. I think Doug broke me of that, but I was about broken of it before his ass showed up.

Doug moved back to AZ, he left Sunday PM, and that fucks with me. A lot. I can't own Allen Rd anymore, too many memories and too much history. I am going to sell the place, and tomorrow I am doing a walkthrough with potential buyers. Will they make an offer? Maybe? Hopefully! I down-sized to just Allen Rd, but even just having that is too much. The last year for that place has been totally fucked for me so I am done. I have had huge turnover, and bigtime remodels to do. It's sad because I finally got great at doing the remodels, but I lack one important and necessary resource; TIME.

I hate being a landlord now. I used to love it, but now it sucks. A lot. Jody's suggested asking price for Allen Rd is awesome so we'll see if I can come close to that. I am at the point where "only" having two jobs would feel like a win. I am so scattered, and then having Doug come back and that epic-failing almost wants me to go get into the freezer. I am totally at the edge of what I can handle. What a bunch of crap!

The bar's one-year anniversary is only two days away. Can we hit our all-time high for daily sales? I dunno, but I hope so! We actually broke our record on a Sat night 2.5 weeks ago on a random Sat night late Feb so that was amazing. Thursday this week is going to be a lot of work. A LOT. However, I think we will have a great day. I am tired of barely making it work so it' time to build up some reserves and actually make a go of it. We got terrible advice from our former business partners to start, and we are still trying to clean up that mess. Being closed Mondays is a huge step in the right direction for that one.

I am almost too drunk to write more. What a bunch of crap! What's the latest news outside of my bubble? Here is a quick overview:

-Tom Brady retired and un-retired a month later to play for Tampa Bay again.
-Russia is slowly kicking the shit out of Ukraine in a horrible war that should not be happening.
-Gas prices are higher than ever because of the above item. Plus our current president is fucked. He is a terrible human.
-I still fired my shit-show mother from my life. She texted me that my wife is an embarassment to the family surname so she is DONE. FUCK YOU, MOM.
-Firing my Mom hurts. A lot. By default that also means I fired my father, and he is as cool as the other side of the pillow. My mom is a fucking bitch, but my Dad is awesome. Too bad Mom and Dad are a package deal so if I fire one they both get hauled on.
-Doug left for Arizona, but the damage is done. I have nothing but sadness and regrets from that entire mess, and it drove me to want to sell Allen Rd. There ar great memories there with Doug, Tommy, Walter, Phil, etc, but I can't handle it anymore so it has to go.
-Do I hate my life? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I need to get drunk more because the booze helps. A lot. I wore a green tu-tu earlier. It felt good. I am pretty sure I am going to die in 15-20 years, maybe sooner, so let's have fun before it all ends.

I give myself another 10-15 years here in Maine before I peace out. Hopefully Kat and I can peace out together. My Mom, Dad, Jason, Holly, and their family are NOT going to peace out. What do I do when Mom and Dad have serious health issues? I fired Mom, she can fuck off, but what about Dad? I dunno, and I can't handle that right now.

Having Doug move back was a really BAD decision. I made bad decisions over the past couple years, more bad than good, so I have to live with that. Thankfully I have alcohol and edibles. True story, ever since things got really fucked earlier this month I can't sleep without eating at least part of a pot-cookie. I made it Sunday night without one because I was so tired from huge work all weekend, but last night I was up half the night and had to have one. What a bunch of crap! There is no peace, only turmoil, so I need help.

Thankfully tonight I got drunk so that will help me pass out. The end. Fin.



Sunday, 3-13-22: BUILDING FOR SALE.
I am selling my last rental property, and the one I would consider my "Boardwalk" if life were like a Monopoly board game. Allen Rd is on the chopping block, and I met with Jody a couple days ago for a walkthrough and to get him some info on the place. As of right now we don't plan to list it on the MLS because he has a prospective buyer, and so do I. Doug was supposed to buy the place later this year, but that went down in flames.

^FOR SALE. From the fall of 2020 after we finished the huge exterior remodel to include new siding, windows, porches, etc. The building off to the left that you can barely see is also part of that complex. Two buildings, one lot of land, 6 total apartments.

I do not officially have a buyer for the place yet so who knows, it might not sell. However, with the market being what it is and with the income numbers being what they are for the place I think it will end up under contract soon. I have only a few more minutes to write a few thoughts to the two of you who actually read this pathetic excuse for a website before I have to start putting together pictures to send to my prospective buyers who seem to be very interested.

Work kicked the shit out of me again last week. What a bunch of crap! I had a lot of tax clients, I had to work 3 nights at the bar, and I am still working on Allen Rd plus trying to get my numbers and photos organized for the place for any prospective buyer. Everything fucking sucks, and to top it all off I have the entire Doug mess lurking around still. He was supposed to leave for Tucson this weekend, but as of about an hour ago he has not left yet. He came into the restaurant Friday with some chick (he finds new ones to pal around with constantly.) and was on good behavior, but I sent him this text message anyway:

"Please be safe in your travels, and I would appreciate your not coming to the restaurant again." It hurt me to send that to him, but I was seriously concerned he would come in and drink. Drunk Doug is a total fucking disaster; he is the worst drunk I have ever known in my life. That says a lot considering I love to drink, I own a bar, and I have been around a shitload of drunk people in my life. Especially over the past year with our restaurant/bar.

He wrote this back to me: "I just wanted to show my friend the place that's turned you into a dick. GOODBYE."


It makes me a bit sad to sell Allen Rd, but it is the right thing to do for my family. I fired half my biologial family earlier this month so I mean Kat, her three kids, and maybe even one day Damon and the next generation yet to come. That restaurant needs me more, and I'd rather be at the place taking care of business instead of painting apartments and chasing rents. I do have good tenants at Allen Rd, but I still have to go do things for the place. I just don't have the precious... precious time to do it anymore. Plus if I sell now I am likely to get a good price and that money will help us. A lot. We have some money in reserve now, but not nearly enough considering the scope and scale of the entire Mad Kat experience. I'm just sick of needing to be in 2 or 3 places at once so quitting the rental property business is my final decision.

Why don't I get a management company to look after the place? Two reasons. First, I want the money the sale will bring in. Second, I know if a management company takes over (assuming I can even find a decent one) I'll still get pulled into the place, and I don't want to do that. I don't want to be over near there and be seeing things that aren't done. It will piss me off, and I will end up doing them myself. Better I just sell and be done with it all. The time is more valuable than the asset at this point.

I haven't even used my gym in over a week. What a bunch of crap! I had a lot of work to do plus I don't want to be over there when Doug is still there. Hopefully he leaves today so I can get back into it some. When I do sell Allen Rd I will lose my gym, but I have a tentative plan to bring it over here to our house. Maybe? Hopefully! I only lift weights 2-3 times a week on average anyway. I don't need anything as epic as what I have now. I do yoga, I play racquetball, and I started jogging again. Went 2.25 miles Thursday when it was a beautiful 50 degrees outside. Lots of good weather in the forecast from here on out, too. That should get me out jogging more. Maybe? Hopefully!

On a positive note, the restaurant had a great week last week. Not our best of all-time, but damn good and trending up with new people coming in often. Thursday through today have been especially good. Last night things almost got too crazy at the end of the night with a bunh of drunk people almost fighting, people breaking glasses and spilling drinks, a guy puking in the men's room, etc. It was borderline chaos; we had things under control but I was sick of the shit-show so I ordered last call for alcohol at 1217 instead of the usual 1230. Only 13 minutes early, but enough to send a message. Weekends at that place can get crazy, incredibly busy, and stressful. I enjoy the challenge and like working those two shifts a week that generate close to half our revenue for the entire week. Friday and Saturday nights 1700-close.

I hope Kat and I can sleep well tonight. She should be home in a minute from working doing the kids' karaoke. That is a nice little thing she invented, and I does bring in good business. So does her Sunday brunch. It was busy there this morning and they needed my help, but I was wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket so I slept in some. We had to do the time change last night so I went to sleep around 0400 (0300 before time change) and needed to sleep at least a few hours so my body didn't start to shut down. The staff did great, and thankfully my awesome wife and CEO of the place was there to help them all.



Tuesday, 3-08-22: Mom = FIRED. Doug is fired, too.
I had to fire my own mother from my life last Thursday night. What a bunch of crap! The reason why is this text message that she sent to me around 0100 (technically early Friday morning when sent.)

"Remember. You make your own luck. And also, what a decent, kind & loving wife you have. She really disgraces the Markwith name. It's a good thing your grandparents aren't here to see this mess."


What could have prompted her to write such a mean text? I can say with 100% certainty it was NOT any wrong-doing caused by my awesome wife. Kat and I have had a very rock (at times) marriage, but Kat didn't do anything to deserve that at all. I'll start from the beginning and fill in the pieces.

It all started Thursday evening when one of Kat's good friends sent her a text with a picture of some Star Wars memoribilia listed for sale by Doug. Doug moved back to Maine last July after spending years in the Tucson area of Arizona. He came back with what he could fit into his vehicle only, and that did not leave much room for excess belongings. Certainly not a bunch of Star Wars toys still in their original packaging.

Back in 2015 my good friend, Tommy, moved out to Arizona to room with Doug. Doug and Tommy were also good friends at the time, but once Tommy got out there things fell apart. Doug and Tommy had a falling out, and they parted ways. Meanwhile, when Tommy moved out west he left boxes full of his possessions in my care. Lots of amazing memoribilia, things with sentineltal value to him as well as things with real dollar value. I kept all those boxes over at Allen Rd for the past 7 years. They were in a safe, secure, dry location. At times I did feel they were in my way some, but I found a good home for them under a stairwell down in the basement there and I pretty much ignored them. Tommy did send me money a few years ago, and I did send some things to him. However, most of it was still there when Doug moved into the building two months ago.

I think the two of you who read this bootleg site of mine know where this is going. I had to kick Doug out of our own house because of things that don't need to be shared on here, and I sent his ass over to our old apartment at Allen Rd. I actually wanted to sell him Allen Rd because I don't have time to be a landlord anymore. I doubted his ability to actually pull of buying the place, but I would have liked for him to find a way since he is my family. Doug seemed to want to buy the place, too.

Doug knew he needed money in order to pay rent to live over there until he could find a way to buy the entire building. I can't owner-finance because I owe too much; I refinanced it in Nov, 2020 for money we needed to do the restaurant/bar. I had a great opportunity for him to earn money with that vacant apartment I have over there. I wanted him to paint it all, but he has health issues and could not put in the work. However, he could still find time to use the gym several times a week so how bad were those health issues really? When Doug uses the gym he lifts pretty hard, too.

So Doug was too lazy to actually work to start earnng money for rent and a down payment for the buildings. His bright idea? Start going through all the boxes downstairs and sell stuff. WHAT A TERRIBLE IDEA. Doug actually knew all the boxes belonged to Tommy, but he didn't care. In his selfish, warped mind Tommy left 7 years ago so because he left his stuff that long it was free to sell. Nevermind the fact that I still own the building, I gave Doug no permission to sell anything, and it's a scumbag thing to do. Here is an example of the type of things that were sold:

Kat and I were in bed watching Jeopardy when Kat started getting these messages from her friend. Needless to say Jeopardy took a pause so I could go over to Allen Rd and assess. I get over there, and I catch Doug IN THE MIDDLE OF MAKING A SALE OMG! I told the lady to get out, I told Doug what he did was egregiously wrong, and Kat and I went to the bar to drink. I didn't overdo it on the drinking, but I was pretty upset and needed some alcohol.

I guess while we were at the bar Doug called his Mommy so Mom tried to call me. I missed the call, but I called her back later that night. I knew it would be bad, but I didn't expect how bad. Mom and Dad were both on the phone, and Mom started to blame Kat for it. OMG MOM ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! MY WIFE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT AT ALL. Hence the text message that I posted to begin this bootleg update.

I don't have the time or energy to write every detail, but I hung up on my Mom and I sent her this text message:

"One day when you stop blaming my wife for everything maybe we can visit again. Until then I am offline. HR Block can do your taxes. Or Jackson Hewitt in Rockland."



Tuesday, 3-01-22: Will there be baseball? Biden is about to speak. I lost.
I used to be a pretty big baseball fan, but as the years have passed my interest has waned quite a bit. I still enjoy having the Red Sox on in the background as I do other things, and sometimes I will watch some of their games. Unfortunately this year opening day is cancelled again. This time it's not Covid, though. This time it's billionaires arguing with millionaires. Again. Another labor disupte and now a lockout. What a bunch of crap!

Fuck off, MLB. Keep it up and just won't watch anymore.

Biden is about to give a "State of the Union" address. They just anounced his ancient, pudding-head to the senate floor. They applaud him because he is the boss. Why is he the boss? Because Trump fucked it up and did stupid shit like calling John McCain a chump for getting shot down in the war. He should not 'a done 'dat when he never served a day in his life because he had "bone spurs" or some shit that got him out of 'nam. Trump is a huge piece of shit, but I want him back. Biden makes Trump look like a saint.

Fucking Pelosi introduces the withered-up cognative mess of a president, and they clap again. Fuck you, Pelosi. She just looks like a heel. If she were a pro-wrestling authority figure she sould get so much heel-heat. It would be go-away heat. You have to be a wrestling fan to get that reference. If you don't like wrestling I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

^Trump, Biden, and Pelosi can all go here. I probably should go there also so don't call me a hypocrite gods damn it! (Bobba Fett should fish Trump back out, though. At least when Trump was the boss we had a booming economy.)

All I wanna know is why? Why am I watching this? I would be better off watching channel 1928 and listening to 80s music. All these sheeple do is clap for every word Biden says. What a bunch of crap. Disappear, scumbag!

REO Speedwagon is on. What a weird name for a band. They can't fight this feeling anymore.

I played racquetball this evening, and I lost. It's what I do. I was up by game point, but I blew it. What a bunch of crap! I do that a lot. We played a second game and I got tired and gave up. I don't have the stamina I used to have before. Part of that is my stupid work schedule, part is probably having Covid TWICE in the past year, and part of it is getting older. My life sucks. It used to be good, but then I made bad decisions and I have to pay for that for a long time to come. I think I can fix it, though. Maybe? Hopefully! If not I will just get drunk and fall asleep/pass out in the freezer.

So I still haven't finished this apartment:

The floor still looks the same as it did in that photo, and I took the picture a couple weeks ago. What a bunch of crap! I just don't have enough precious... precious time. Who can I blame for that? Me, myself, and I. I did paint over there this morning for an hour and a half, and I installed new closet doors yesterday.I should have worked on it more yesterday, but I had to scramble to send in our health license for the bar. Plus the temporary liquor license expired so I had to get that renewal. We paid and sent it, but it didn't come back yet due to Covid and the fact that I suck.

I did get the place rented. I think? The step-daughter of one of my great friends is interested. She and a friend applied a few days ago, and I approved them officially Saturday. They say they want it, and hopefully later this week I can meet up with them again to make it official. I really want the place to look nice. A lot of the painting is done, but not all of it.

I was hoping Doug would want to paint in that place in exchange for rent, but he did what he does and found reasons not to do it. What a bunch of crap! I won't even talk about the total disaster having him back has been. He can't paint, but he can lift weights in the gym every day. I am selling that building this year because I can't be a landlord anymore. I need more precious... precious time. I want to sell it to Doug, but he has to make more of an effort in order for that to happen. I have tax clients practically begging me to sell it to them, and someone else who lives near there also wants to buy the place so I have options. I don't want to sell to a stranger, I want to sell to Doug, but I need it done this year and not in fucking 2030. I might be dead by then!

^Me by 2030 at the rate I am going. I just don't want to do this on my way out into the frozen wastelands...

I post a lot of negativity lately. What a bunch of crap! On a positive note the bar had its best day ever on Saturday night. We had to epic work this weekend. We were wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket and were both asleep Sunday night by 2000. I was going to fall asleep on the couch watching the last few short episodes of Space Force season 2 on Netflix, but it was so damn funny it kept me awake. My poor awesome wife only got 1.75 hours of sleep Sat night. What a bunch of crap!

Saturday night at our bar was massive. We opened up the event room for all the overflow, and thankfully Katherine, Deven, Travis, and my hard-working wife all agreed to work on about 3 hours notice so we could cover it all. Pretty awesome to have a random Sat night in February break our all-time record for sales. It beat New Year's eve, Halloween, and our grand opening. It was a total ass-kicker, though. We didn't lock up until maybe 0315. Part of the success was the fact we had snow for a good part of Friday, but the other part was the new ads we have running and [best guess] a lot of tax refunds came in last week. Business is good tonight, too.

Having the tax business at the bar was a great decision, at least so far. A lot of my tax clients get food at the restaurant after I do their taxes. Not all, but many. Most of them have never been in before so that is an epic win. I have done a lot of taxes this season. I did 50 or so last month, and 4 today. Plus I have a bunch on hold to finish later. Do I have time for it all? Barely!

Fleetwood Mac will close us out tonight with Tell Me Lies. Great song from a great album.

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