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"They look like a bunch of Goobers." -
Kat regarding a city Zoom meeting we watched


Thursday 12-31-20: A New Year's Even party? NOPE.
There will be no New Year's Even party either at our house or out on the town tonight. The odds of my loser-ass even making it until midnight to watch some stupid ball drop on TV = .0001%. Odds I make it til taps, taps lights out all hands maintain silence among the decks = SLIM. Taps = 2200 for you civilians, all two of you who might ever read this pathetic excuse for a website.

New Year's partying is canceled due to COvid-19. The 'Rona shut this shit down. What a bunch of crap! Governor Mills has some bootleg executive order that is probably not even constitutional that says places have to close at 2100 anyway. Bars, restaurants, shops, fun. Maybe WalMart can stay open later? I dunno, but probably because they have deep pockets. Does the order to close early make sense? NOPE. Does it piss me off? NOPE. I have no control over that shit and I bivouac early anyway.

Last year at this time we were having a New Year's Eve party here at the house. That shit seems like a lifetime ago. Seriously. Since this time one year ago I have done so much in my life that it is ridiculous and cannot even be summed up on here without turning these few paragraphs into a gods damned novel. I really hope 2021 is more mundane for me, but I have a feeling it will be a circus and full of twists and turns. Hopefully more good than bad, but we'll see...

I was looking for a photo from last year's New Year's Eve party that we had here at our house, but I found these instead:

^From ten years ago when I lived with Doug and Tommy over at Allen Road. Wow, ten friggin' years! I posted another photo from that night on this bootleg site back then, too.

^HAHAHAHA Tommy's Hulk Hogan beer stein that is awesome! We had some great times at that apartment over on Allen Rd, 1/3 of a mile from where I sit right now on Parkway North. I miss hanging out with Doug and Tommy. They both moved out to AZ so I won't be seeing them anytime soon. [sad face]

It is 1822, and I am on my third drink so I'm DEFINITELY not making it to midnight hehe. I was going to hang out with my awesome wife, but she is mad at me again for the 100th time this year month. Is that an epic failer? Probably! She's on tequila shot #6, give or take, so it is all bad. Maybe make that shot #7 since she just wanted me to have a Dr. Miggicutty with her while she had another tequila. I didn't finish the Dr because I don't really want to do a shot right now. I took a polite sip and went back to my coffee brandy and milk hehehehe. I really don't want to get shitfaced tonight so I can wake up early-ish and do yoga before I go work on the bar some more. I am a slave to that fucking place, but it has to get done so I am not quitting. I don't feel like writing about that bar tonight so I'll wind it down shortly and go *maybe* hang out with my wife.

If she wants to fight with me any more I have a sweet backup plan. Going to bed at 1830 = no thank you. I still have 3 hours or so before I want to rack out so I will just play my SNES Classic. Old video games are fun, but I suck at them. I'd rather hang out with my wife tonight, but I'm not getting yelled at, F that, so I have a rock-solid plan B. The booze also helps. A lot.

I really like alcohol. A lot. I don't feel compelled to consume it every single day so that saves me from a bad road. I don't really have an addictive personality. However, once a week or so it is nice to get boozed up. Basically the top few funnest times of my life, ever, have happened when I have been boozed up. Maybe not always shitfaced, but definitely under the influence of at least some alcohol. The time that dog humped some chick's leg in Camden: at a bar and boozed up with Gavin. We laughed so hard we both almost fell over. To this date that is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have a long list of fun times boozing with Gavin. Same for many other friends and family.

I guess I am going to go do other things now. 2020 what a fucking year. Just wow. I really don't know what happened; I should have been better, but I was not bad. Does that even make sense? I dunno. Game over, man!



Tuesday 12-29-20: We ain't opening until February.
It looks like we won't have our restaurant open until some point in February. What a bunch of crap! There are a few reasons for that, but the main reason is we are just not fast enough at getting everything done. Even with 4 of us working there is still too much to do. Hell, opening in February might be a longshot at our current pace. When we got the keys back in August I was thinking we could open in November. Epic failer there! Then I revised my informal goal to the end of the year, but that happens in two days and our office looked like this until my awesome wife painted it yesterday:

^NO OFFICE YET. Since I took that picture the walls are painted, the ceiling is done, and this morning Kat also did epoxy on the floor so that office is very close to done now. However, not really because we still need to put in a desk and get a phone/internet line to that space. Everything takes so friggin' long to do...

The main dining and bar areas are really close to done. Unfortunately the kitchen, dishwash area, and main men's and women's bathrooms still need quite a bit of work. We also need to do lots of training and get more approvals to open from various government agencies. To make matters worse Covid-19 is like a turd that will not flush. It swirls in the bowl and it makes you think it is going down the drain, but then it just sits there and somehow grows in mass and stench. What a bunch of crap!

^Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) is the turd in the punch-bowl of life that was 3/4 of the year 2020. The government just passed another stimulus bill that will give most people $600 each so great we get more handouts from Big Brother. Sadly someone has to pay for it all in the end. Trump wants that stimulus to be $2000 so maybe Congress will do that and then we can be in debt even more. I'll take my $600 or $2000 or whatever because building a new restaurant ain't cheap!

The beginning of 2021 for me is a huge question mark. Normally I'd be getting ready to have regular hours at the tax office, but there is no point in doing that when we are still in the middle of this pandemic. I'll do "by appointment only" to start and see how that goes. The IRS might not even be accepting e-files for taxes for quite a while thanks to this new stimulus bill anyway. I expect it to be a giant shit-show. I did at least get my trainings done so I am somewhat ready for tax clients. Maybe? Hopefully!

I'm fine with limiting my time at the tax office to start the new year because there is much to do at the restaurant. We actually did our first real round of interviews today so we have some potential new-hires for when we can open. Not all of the people who interviewed with us will be a good fit, but finding a few here and there should get us to some basic level of staffing for when we can actually open.

Tomorrow Jason and his guys are planning to come up to hang more TVs and work more on our technology. Electricians are also planning to be there, we have two more interviews on the schedule, and we might receive our new 8x10 walk-in fridge that we still need to set up. Thursday we get most of our kitchen equipment delivered, and Friday looks to be an easier day before we have more contractors working over the weekend. Friday is New Year's Day so I'll try not to work too hard that day. Maybe? Hopefully!

I met my exercise goals for 2020 and then some so that is a good feeling. I'll try to start off 2021 by doing yoga and by using my bootleg gym 3 or 4 times a week. Maybe one or two jogs a week on the treadmill or outside if it stays mild. So far winter has been a joke, and I love it. December will end up being several degrees above normal so that helps tremendously with heat costs for the restaurant.I know winter still has 3 months left so a lot can change, though. A long stretch of brutal cold will be very hard for the restaurant when we do open since the heating system that we have now = what a bunch of crap! There is not enough heat for the place, and the landlord will probably not offer solutions other than we get open and we make money so we can pay for upgrades.

The floor in the main bar area looked like this when we did it a couple weeks ago:

^There will be entry mats in the foreground area that will cover that ugly concrete transition before the logo. I don't love how the floor came out, but it is a huge improvement over the shit carpet that was there before. I think the floor was a little too cold when I did the rolling, and it came out a little bumpy and uneven. I don't think it looks terrible, it just doesn't look as good as I had hoped. Oh well with tables spread out it should be fine. Maybe? Hopefully! The logos we installed on the floor do look damn good at least.

Christmas day last week was good. I usually fucking hate Christmas day itself, but Kat and I had the house to ourselves all day and we did as little as possible. It was a true day off, our first day off together in what seems like forever. We watched season 2 of The Mandolorian (Star Wars spinoff series) that was fantastic, and then we watched the Star Wars (part 9) movie that came out a couple years ago, and that was pretty bad. It was the final one and I don't even remember the name of it. Rise of the Jedi? Maybe that was part 8? Part 8 was shit, too. It's too bad none of the new Star Wars movies are good. It's a bunch of crap! In part 9 somehow Papaltine comes back to life and it ended up being a bootleg rehash of the Return of the Jedi plot from 1983. It was TERRIBLE.

After watching that monkey-crap of a movie we got drunk and sang karaoke until it was time to bivouac. I am a terrible singer, but when it is just my awesome wife and I hanging out and drinking I will sing some songs after I get boozed up. It was a nice Christmas overall. Quiet, relaxing. We did all our family stuff on Christmas eve so on Christmas day itself we were all done. We had lots of delicious leftovers to eat as well so I might have gained a pound or two.

I didn't get my family any Christmas gifts. Not even one. Sorry Mom and Dad, sorry Jason, Holly, Nadia, and Hawke. I should get my nice and nephew something, but Nadia has everything and Hawke is only a year old. Plus I just don't have enough Christmas spirit. I suck! Jason better not come up tomorrow with a bag of gifts for us or else I will feel badly and have to get them something. I'm excited to see more TVs on the wall at our restaurant after tomorrow. Hopefully his "gift" to us is the fact he is coming to do more work before 2021. He stays busy all the time so it is beyond cool of him to even take our project on.

I watched a little bit of the Patriots game last night before I bivouaced. What a bunch of crap that was! They lost, badly. When I turned it off at 2100 they were already losing and playing poorly, but even if they were winning I would have gone to bed anyway because I have lots of work to do so I don't have time to stay up late. Plus they are 6-9 on the season and eliminated from any playoff hope so what's the point? I have cared very little about watching sports this year. That's in-part because of all the work I have, but it's in larger part because of the pandemic. No fans at games, no real excitement, fake piped-in cheers through the TV. It's just not the same.

Covid will be around for a large part of 2021, and it will profoundly affect our new business. I still think we can succeed, but we can't get huge crowds for some time to come. Even if we did open right now we'd have to be closed by 2100 thanks to our fucking communist government mandating all kinds of bullshit. Can't hang out at a fun place like a bar, but you can herd all over places like the mall and WalMart. What a bunch of crap!

Oh well, I'm just taking things day by day at this point. 2020 was a ridiculous year for me personally. No part of the last several months for me has been boring or even mundane, that's for sure. Has it been good? Has it been bad? I honestly don't even know, and I won't know until enough time passes for me to look back and reflect without the strain of having so much to do all the time. So maybe by 2022 I'll know hehehe. Or after I'm dead if the 'ronavirus takes my ass out.



Def Leppard is awesome and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. Def Leppard has made a lot of terrible songs, but the good ones are timeless and the good does outweigh the bad by a lot. The entire Hysteria album is one musical masterpiece that can never be topped no matter what anyone else tries to create. It is impossible to replicate. It is perfect.

^From the golden era of rock and roll, the 1980s. (1987)

I knew I would be stuck listening to ghetto crap Christmas music at some point today since it is Christmas eve so I tried to pre-emptively cleanse that shit out of my system by listening to Hysteria. I have my Hysteria CD in the truck, and I have another one in my bootleg gym so I have a backup. Yeah, in case one fails I have a plan B. I don't always listen to Hysteria because that would be ridiculous and worrisome, but once a year or so I can dig it out and let the awesomeness wash over me again and again for a week or two. Plus a lot of the songs off that album still get radio play on the stations I listen to when I work and drive around town. Songs like Rocket, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Armageddon It, and Hysteria. For pretty much all of 1988 Pour Some Sugar on Me was my favorite song, but now I think it is the weakest of the 12 songs on the album. I guess hearing that song 100,000 times wore it out for me some. It's still a great song, though!

Kat has Christmas music on right now while I write on this bootleg site that no one will ever read, and most of the songs that come on suck. A lot. However, the one playing now is great. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve Sarajevo. I do have a solution for this terrible fucking music in the form of a 16-ounce glass. Maybe it is 12 ounces? Hell if I know, but a combination of ice, coffee brandy, and milk makes this music more tolerable with every sip hehehe. I'm only on my first drink, but I will feel it some on an empty stomach. A big supper is in the works so I plan to consume quite a bit of food. I burned a lot of calories today, and I even went for a 3-mile jog since it is 47 degrees outside and since the sidewalks are clear of snow. That doesn't happen often this time of year. No complaints here!

This Christmas music = WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I guess we are doing gifts tonight instead of tomorrow so I should go wrap the two presents that I actually bought for Kat. She knows what one of the gifts is, too. Epic failer Christmas 2020. I won't get totally shitfaced tonight (33% chance I do!), but some drinks will help me get closer to the 26th when I can just go back to work at the bar. I worked a little at the bar today, but I had to do other things and I did a couple hours at Gavin's place because his soon-to-be apartment really needs to get finished ASAP. I do have some fresh bar photos to post...

^My awesome wife doing her stage with me a few days ago. I took a quick picture of the finished stage earlier:

^It looks great with the lights on. See all the dust on that new floor? What a bunch of crap that is! It is hard to clean, too.

I gotta get going now because family is arriving. Bring on the 26th!



Wednesday 12-23-20: BAH HUMBUG.
Me = not ready for Christmas at all. However, me = do not really care very much. Where the hell is my Morla image from The Neverending Story? Guy looks for it in guy's archives...

I don't even care... whether or not I care about Christmas this year. What a bunch of crap! It has been well-documented in the archives of this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read that I think Christmas sucks regardless of the year, but this year it is especially terrible. We gots Covid shutting down half the world, and I am trying to open a friggin' restaurant/bar in the middle of it all. I don't have time for fucking Christmas.


I asked Kat if she wanted to put a Christmas movie on TV while we both sat around and used our computers, but instead she put on some documentary about Michael Jackson's death. He died because he made terrible decisions! Kat has more Christmas spirit than I do because at least she put a tree and decorations up, but this year her Christmas spirit is a mere flicker compared to what it normally is for her. Doesn't help that earlier this month we almost got divorced and she tore the tree down in anger. Epic failer month of December! It was a shit-show she packed up all her stuff and was about to hit the road. I was all for her leaving, but not really. I would not have even written that last part out of respect for her, but she posted our shit-show all over her Failbook for 20,000 people to read [slight exaggeration] so I don't mind posting it here for maybe two people to ever read.

So I have one more day to get ready for Christmas, but I don't plan to do much. I should fill out a few Christmas cards at least for the tenants. I was going to give them gift cards to the new restaurant, but I'll probably skip that and just do cookies. The cheap cookies that come in a tin and cost around 3 bucks at WalMart. What a bunch of crap! I don't have time to do cards for friends and family members. I could make time to do it, but I just don't want to. I have too much else going on right now.

This Christmas is shaping up to be a giant turd. Forecast is all-bad with winds up to 65MPH and 2-3" of rain. What a bunch of crap! I'd take the rain over the snow, but not in that amount and not with that kind of wind. I expect to lose power on Christmas day so thankfully I already bought a generous supply of alcohol to help me get through it all. Unfortunately if we have a long power outage it will be 55 degrees outside so I can't even keep my gods damned booze cold by throwing it into a snowpile.

Fuck off, 2020.

^FUCKING CHINA MAKING A VIRUS IN A LAB THAT SPREAD ALL OVER THE GLOBE. (Not proven Covid is man-made, but it seems more likely than not it was.) YOU SUCK BOTH TO CHINA AND TO THE LAST 9 MONTHS OF 2020!

The sad thing is 2020 would not have been all-bad for me personally if I didn't agree to do this stupid fucking bar-restaurant. My bad there. Here we are a week away from the end of 2020 and we are not even close to getting that place open. That joint takes up most of my precious... precious time, and I have a tax business to run starting in just a couple weeks so that sucks. A lot. I still have training courses to do so I should get off this bootleg site and do more tax training right now. However, I have Christmas cards to do so I'll do that instead. I should drink some of my booze tonight!

Hopefully next time I update this pathetic excuse for a website I can post a photo or two of the bar. I have our office half-done, the ceiling in the main dining area is almost done, but a lot of our paperwork is not yet done and we don't have a kithen in place. What a bunch of crap! Hard to sell food when you don't have a working kitchen.

I hope 2021 is a better year. I just want to relax and be more boring. I want to have more time to read books and go hunting. Maybe use my gym a little more, but that is not at the top of the priority list. Somehow I am in the best shape of my life so at least 2020 gave me that. All it took was too much work than I could handle so I have always been on-the-go. I had to sub out most of Gavin's sheetrock work because I just don't have the time to put into it, and there were other carpentry jobs I could have been doing as well if I didn't put too much on my own plate.

Dad always says "You make your own luck." and that has never been more true for me than it is right now. What a bunch of crap!



Friday 12-18-20: Dining area photo (formerly Jester's), epic deliveries, another work-weekend.
This coming weekend will be much like most others from this fall. Work, work, and more work! Bruce comes tomorrow and most likely Sunday to do more plumbing for us, and I expect sparkies to show up as well to do more wiring. Freezer tech should roll in Sunday morning to *hopefully* get our walk-in freezer running. We have at least one if not many different contractors who work for us on the weekend. This weekend I expect the men's and women's bathroom plumbing to finish getting roughed-in, and hopefully sparkies can wire the soon-to-be office. We might also get the dishwashing area cleaned up and roughed in, too.

The main bar and dining areas are really close to done. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Unfortunately the back of the house is incredibly incomplete. Kitchen, office, storage areas etc. All need a lot of work. Today we got some more kitchen stuff delivered as well as ladies' room bathroom stall dividers and a mountain of technology such as security cameras, the main rack, power-surge stuff, etc. A lot of the deliveries show up via freight truck on pallets, enclosed in shrink-wrap and other housing, so it takes quite a while to get into everything and bring it inside. Plus it was cold outside today so doing much of that early AM was not too enjoyable.

Speaking of cold, we have no heat for our dining area (formerly Jester's.) That dining area is looking great:

^Dusty floor and not the most even floor due to various building additions in decades past. Walls and trim all look fantastic and the floor will look better after we do a final mop and set up booths and tables in that area. The door in the rear is a closet, and the door off to the right is the handicap/family bathroom. That bathroom is all done except the toilet needs to be swapped out because I fucked up and bought a toilet that sits a little too low to be considered ADA compliant. What a bunch of crap for me!

There used to be heat for that dining space when it was Jester's, but the prior owner used propane and we converted to natural gas. The furnace that provided a limited heat to Jester's was a bootleg piece of shit that didn't even vent to the outdoors. OMG GET PEOPLE SICK MUCH?! Not having that furnace even vent properly is only one epic fail on a long list of epic failers that previous tenants in that space allowed to happen. The furnace was incredibly old and not even able to convert to nat gas. What a bunch of crap! It was 10 degrees outside last night and 55 degrees in that space. We have the main bar area heated to 67 right now for the mostly-dry floor epoxy so the dining area certainly needs some extra heat. I guess for this winter we can try an electric space-heater or two and then get a better solution going in the spring or summer.

I spent precious... precious time today getting a big load of trash hauled over to the increasingly-expensive transfer station ($44 for 720 lbs after my military discount) before I took a full load of pallets over to Allen Rd to stow behind my shed for the winter. I had considered lifting some weights in my bootleg gym, but my phone rang and it was another delivery incoming. What a bunch of crap! I could have gone back and used the gym after we unloaded all the loot from the delivery, but I didn't even care that much whether or not I used my bootleg gym today. I've already exceeded my exercise goals for the year so everything else I do at this point is a bonus. Getting home at a reasonable time so I can get boozed up > using my gym today. I didn't even want to play racquetball today. I could have played and would be just finishing playing now, but I just didn't have the desire. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday...



Thursday 12-17-20: More bar photos.
I've been so busy lately that I barely have time to update this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read anyway. What a bunch of crap! This week, at least these past 3 days, I haven't worked too many hours at the bar because we've been letting the floor dry. Tuesday was cleanup to get the main bar area floor looking like this by late morning:

^Swept, edges vacuumed, mopped, ready for floor epoxy. My awesome wife helped me roll out the new epoxy:

^Still wet and in the process of being painted when she took that picture. On the very left side I would have been just out of view using the 18", 1/2" nap floor roller. She used a little "hot dog" roller and brush to do the edges while I used the big roller to do the middle. The first coat of floor paint came out looking great! I guess I did work a lot of hours at the place Tuesday because the cleanup and prep took a while before we could even roll out the epoxy.

Yesterday I did a second coat of the black, but it didn't come out looking as great as the first coat did. What a bunch of crap! It wasn't bad, just not quite what I had hoped. There were some bubbles in spots that hopefully won't show after everything dries well. Today we put down two company logos and did the clear top-coat that is drying as I type this bootleg update to all two of you. There was a section of the black that was still tacky and might have trapped some of our footprints, but hopefully not. We could have paid $20,000 to have that floor professionally done (and then gone bankrupt!), but we opted to do it ourselves for the much lower price of close to $4000 in supplies. Hopefully when the clear top coat dries it looks really nice.

Christmas eve is one week away, and I am not even close to ready. Kat and I did do some Christmas shopping locally yesterday, but it was weird. I hate shopping anyway, but it felt even worse being out and about with Covid-19 cases increasing by the day. WalMart in Bangor was busy and was sold out of half of what we had on the Christmas list. Best Buy had an employee greeter who seemed to want us to have our own "tour guide" to take us around the store when all we wanted to do was browse around. I didn't even feel like I was welcome in that place. Maybe they could smell the stench of my former Circuit City life from 20 years ago hehehe. Just kidding Circuit City has been gone so long it doesn't even matter anymore. That seemed like a lifetime ago for my worthless ass...

^From the mothballs of this piece of shit site hehehe.

We did find some success at Staples, but not for the Christmas shopping part of our afternoon. The assistant store manager there was incredibly helpful and found us some deals for the soon-to-be bar office. We ended up getting a computer, an all-in-one laser printer, and some extra paper/ink. A lot of computers are printers are hard to find now because of the 'Ronavirus. More and more people have been working and doing school from home so there is high demand for things like that. Plus the guy said a shipment of technology including many containers full of printers and whatnot recently dumped into the Pacific Ocean so that hurt the supply-chain even more. What a bunch of crap!

I do give a big thanks to Staples for their service yesterday. We were treated very well at the Bangor store.

I suppose I should get off this thing and go start supper. I have some deer steak in the fridge all thawed out and ready to cook. I'm not really wanting to cook because I'm not good at it, but deer meat is not that hard to do and will be ready in 15 minutes. After that I should do some Christmas cards since I have a grand total of zero cards done so far. I suck! No free time thanks to trying to open a restaurant. every day I wonder if that place is going to make me crazy. I think I'm halfway there now and so is my wife. What a bunch of crap!



Wednesday 12-09-20: I used ZOOM.
Yesterday evening I downloaded and used ZOOM. I dunno if it is supposed to be in all caps or not, but ZOOM is some interweb-thingie that allows for group meetings. You can see little faces of people on the screen, and I guess there is a way for your own face to appear. Maybe? My face did not appear yesterday, but I think it was a "watch only" type of thing. I really have no clue what a bunch of crap!

Here is the majority of the city meeting schedule from last night:

I put on my MadKat tee shirt and tried to look somewhat presentable in case I had to get on there and speak. Maybe plead our case for the new bar or something like that. Turns out I could have done the damn thing naked hahahaha. Maybe my computer found a way to record my face and it is online somewhere, but I doubt it. The meeting did not last very long, and it was funny watching the mostly retirement-aged city council use ZOOM. Kat sait they looked like a bunch of Goobers ahahahaha! Guy hopes the liquor license is already approved in case someone from the city ever reads this bootleg piece of shit (.000000002% chance what a bunch of crap!)

I don't give a fuck about doing meetings on the Interweb, but I guess in a pandemic it beats the alternative of not getting a liquor license at all. No one who lives in this town voiced any objections so that is awesome. We still have to get the approval papers back from the city and then get them to the state along with a $1100 check ASAP. The sooner we can get the liquor license the better. We still have other licenses in process, too. No doubt some of them won't get approved until early 2021...

I don't have any photos to post of the bar from the past few days because I haven't worked there a lot. I was there for several hours today; this afternoon Kat and I got a lot of the dining area (formerly Jester's bar) wall panels installed. Hopefully I can take some pics of that for next time, assuming I am sober enough to do the next update if I decide to drink. No booze tonight, no booze since Saturday, but damn the week is half over so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I did put in several hours at Gavin's yesterday working with Hawk, and we got a lot done. I felt like it was a great, productive day. Doing the sheetrock install on this living room wall was a bunch of crap, though:

NINE FUCKING OUTLET AND DEVICE BOXES IN A SPAN OF LESS THAN 8 FEET OMG GUY WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Just cutting those two pieces of sheetrock must have taken a damn hour. I had to be precise because even one screw-up would take a while to fix. That little cubby-thingie off to the right will be a small media closet. It's a great idea to put the technology shit all in one place like that. Jason is doing the same thing for our bar, but on a larger scale. Jason is actually coming up tomorrow to install TVs for us. How awesome is that?! We have 11 TVs so we won't get them all on the wall, but even doing some of them will be exciting.

I'd say Gavin's place is 85% sheetrocked now and 55% of the mudding there is done. What remains will still take a tremendous amount of work with all the corners and seams, but Hawk enjoys doing the work so I can be hands-off for a lot of it. Hawk was going a bit too slow in some areas for a while but he has a great attitude and a good work ethic so he has gotten faster. Gavin wants it perfect, but I need faster progress on the first and second coats of the mud.

I'll be fairly busy these next couple days. Jason coming tomorrow means a full day working down at the bar, and Bruce comes to the bar at 0700 Friday to do plumbing so that will keep me busy most of the morning. Around midday Friday I do need to be heading to the midcoast so I can sit with Dad for one of his final muzzle-loader hunts of the season. Last day is the 12th, Saturday. We all got our deer, all nce bucks, but we have bonus tags. I don't give a shit about my bonus tags (got 2 of them wtf?!) because the freezer is still full of venison and I have a restaurant to build, but I hope Dad can get a doe or we can at least see some deer. After we hunt I'm going to Nadia's birthday party Friday evening. Mom and Dad are not going because of the 'rona virus. Dad doesn't want to go to any party, even if it is only 12 people, for fear of getting Covid and dying. Can't say I blame him for that at all. This gods damned virus just won't quit. What a bunch of crap!



Saturday 12-05-20: Bye bye electricity. Again.
It has been remarkable to see the climate change just in my limited lifetime on this planet. Lately we get at least one powerful storm that knocks out power each fall, and then we get more into the winter and this year is no different. I was playing my SNES, Super Mario World, and I was kicking ass despite the fact I was pretty boozed up and should have been playing terribly. (World 1 is the best, so easy even for my drunk worthless ass!)

I was in the castle level, and then it happened. No power. PWNED. We are getting pretty strong NE winds from a really strong storm that is dumping bigtime snows on the western part of the state right now. Thankfully for us it is only rain, but it has gone back and forth between rain and snow a few times during the afternoon today so at any point it could and likely will go back to snow.

The power is wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket (GREAT MOVIE), but my laptop computer was plugged in and charged up so I can write my worthless thoughts to almost no one at all. Who knows maybe the power will come back on soon, but by then I will be all done so will I really care? I guess I will care when I wake up at 0400 and it is only 45 degrees in this house hehehe. We do have the working fireplace, but F that I am too drunk and tired to make a fire right now. I will just bivouac and hope the power comes back on in the night. If not I can make a fire in the early hours and go from there. Thankfully I do have Jason's portable generator in case this lasts a long time.

Huge, strong storm in the Gulf of Maine right now. We'd be fucked with epic snows if this storm was 40 miles more to the east. I saw it on the radar earlier, and it looked pretty impressive. The winds are really howling right now and with no power there is nothing else to hear but the storm. In a way that is great because it is peaceful. However, if I was not on the edge of being totally shitfaced right now then it would be a huge bunch of crap.

I was enjoying my Nintendo action so it is a bummer it had to end after only 30 or so minutes. I am really fucking tired so I can just pass out anyway. Maybe soon I will write about my recent drinking habits and mental state, but for now I will keep it light and focus on the storm and on video games. Thankfully lately I have been pretty good at drinking so I have not woken up the next day with a hangover. Drink a few, forget the world as much as possible, and then wake up and go do things. I knew I was pretty badly mentally checked out earlier when we played racquetball and I got crushed. What a bunch of crap! I don't mind losing, that happens most of the time, but when I am not even competitive that sucks. A lot.

I don't feel like writing about the restaurant/bar tonight so I will do something else. Maybe I will get off this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads anyway and play some Majong Tiles before my battery dies. Majong Tiles is a bullshit game with a built-in loss guarantee so that is a bunch of crap. Sometimes you just cannot win no matter what you do so you just have to do two things: nothing and like it.

^I can't even spell Majong tiles right what a bunch of crap!

I think I am too shitfaced to write any more so I am going to quit. The end. Fin.



Friday 12-04-20: One drink away from total obvlivion.
If I finish my last drink of the night I will be in a total state of alcoholic bliss. Bliss is not the right word, but it fits well enough. I have had a few stiff drinks so I am feeling pretty boozed up at the moment. Can I even finish this bootleg update that almost no one will ever read? I'd say 50/50. What a bunch of crap!

I put it on old faithful, channel 1928, so I can rip out some 80s tunes and cheer myself up a little. If you don't like 80s music then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I will hate you a little more. Tears for Fears sings Head Over Heels. This song is fantastic. You know what else is fantastic? Def Leppard's Hysteria album. I listened to Excitable and Love and Affection today in the truck. I should have listened to more Def Leppard earlier, but I had the radio on when I was driving to and from Lowe's to buy lumber.

All I wanna know is why? Why did I have to spend around $500 on pressure-treated lumber, screws, and bolts today? Well this is the reason:

^That bootleg piece of shit is our loading dock. What a bunch of crap! Since we have rain turing to snow and cold weather in the forecast today was the last "good" day for Neil and I to work on that area before winter. That door serves not only as a loading door but also as an emergency fire-egress for any staff and customers so it needed to be better. We got a surprise and needed visit from the fire marshall a couple days ago, and he told us just that. So we did this today:

^Bye bye most of a precious... precious day doing that. It is not really done yet, but most of the hard work is checked off the list.

Micheal Jackson sings Billy Jean. I don't love this song, but it not terrible. Jackson's best song is Thriller. I am not sure what to make of Michael Jackson. There are allegations he slept with kids, but there is no solid proof and the guy has been dead for many years so I guess I am not wasting any precious... precious time thinking about it.

There is a lot of shit going on in my personal life right now, and a lot of it is a total bunch of crap that is also epic failer all rolled up into one. I am pretty boozed up right now so that is great. Where was I at with all of this? No one gives a shit because it is just a bootleg website that no one will read anyway. I guess I will post more photos that I took of the bar from earlier in the week...

^OMG in another life, seemingly forever ago but really only a few months ago, that was Jester's Bar. Now is it obviously not, and the fact that we are remodeling all of it is a bit of a mind-fuck still. The floor is done, and the clear-coat epoxy for the final top-sealer smelled so potent that people who work at Paradis next door were wondering WTF. HAHAHAHA. It is funny a little, but I do feel badly if the employees there almost got toxic poisoning. The can said "Low VOC" but that is fail. It does look good, though.

Eric Carmen, Make Me Lose Control. 1989? I dunno my TV cuts off the bottom, but I remember being on Cape Cod as a teenager and hearing this song a lot. A LOT. It brings back many memories of hanging out in Osterville and Mashpee. I had a fucking awesome childhood/youth and now look at me. It is a total shit-show what a bunch of crap! I was so damn naieve all those years ago. It took me too long to almost figure things out, and I am still not there yet this bootleg site is a prime example of how much I suck. I actually am so boozed up that even writing right now is not so easy. Lots of rewind and fix.

Survivor Burning Heart OH JESUS HELL YA! ROCKY 4 MUDDA FUCKAS! I actually don't know if this is from Rocky IV it might be from II or III. Rocky III was the one with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. Rocky movies are awesome including Rocky V. Part 5 is the weakest of them all, but it is still good. The spinoff movies, Creed I and II, are also great and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

Oh awesome Chicago The Next Time I Fall. Okay nevermind this is Peter Cetera and not Chicago. It is with some chick whose name I do not know. Cetera was the lead singer of Chicago so close enough gods damn it.

Christmas is in exactly 3 weeks and I am pwned. No gifts bought, no gift ideas. I am so drunk right now that I have no filter so I will tell the honest truth (which I do anyway on this piece of shit site): The best Christmas I ever had as an adult in this world was about 10 or 11 years ago when I was in Florida spiltting the cost of a timeshare thing with Gavin. I flew back to Maine either on Christmas day or the day after, and I avoided the entire holiday. It was glorious! I don't give a crispy fuck about Christmas. Bah Humbug! Guy looks for the archives to see it guy wrote anything about it at all:

From Dec 27, 2012:
I was originally supposed to come back from Florida a week ago but Kelly and I are done as a couple so I decided to stay longer. I kept checking Travelocity flight prices and there were many flights around the 24th and 25th itself for $90. So finally on Sunday I decided to buy a flight back to Boston (then bus from there to Bangor) on the 25th. However, the prices for Christmas day itself had more than doubled so instead I got a 0500 flight for 90 bucks on the 26th. I slept 2.5-ish hours Christmas night since I had to get up at 0300, I dozed some during my travels, and I was up late last night as well so I think I'm tired? I don't even know! I've lost all track of "normal" sleep. Maybe tonight I'll crash and burn hard.

So Christmas 2012 was my bet Christmas, ever. Of course when I was 8 fucking years old and wanted Santa to bring me toy trains and shit that is not something I can compare. I mean my best Christmas ever as a mostly-adult.

So looking back at the archives of this site makes me realize that I am a piece of shit. I am actually wondering right now now I can write mostly correct and coherent sentences? Everything is pwned right now including my sobriety. What a bunch of crap! Pretty soon I will start spelling words wrong but that is okay I can just pass out.

I don't know why I am going to own a bar and restaurant? It seems like a good idea and a bad idea all rolled up into one. I want my life to be more boring. I want to eat deer steak, watch WLBZ News Center, read a book, and just hang out. Maybe find out of AOE II is still something people play online and if I am qualified to play. I have not played that game in many years so I probably suck at it. I miss AOE II. I don't even have the game installed on this computer. What a bunch of crap!

^I used to play this game a few times a week, but now I do not. Do I hate myself? I just might actually. The website used to be called Voobly so guy goes to that site now to see what is on there...

Okat fuck it game over where is my Bill Paxton thing? I shoudl get more drunk I am still too sober. The Voobly thing said NO so that sucks. Howeever I ws not reallt going to pat AOE II I am too drunk now and I forgot how to play I just had to rewind and rewrite the word FORGOT. I spelled it wrong what a bunch of crap!

I want to play video games and eat deer meat. Venison is not a goumet food, but I have a freezer full of it and it will go into my stomach. I will eat it for lunch or supper, and it will disappear eventually. I think I failed at life. I want to look at tutrles because turtles are awseome. If you disagree with me then I hate you . I probaly hate you anywa, but I ill hat you more. Then end. Fin.

^From 2012, the year I did not have to deal with Xmas so that was a win. I am foing to pass out now mission accomplished I wih you lose.


Tuesday 12-01-20: Time to spend money for the final push.
In one month 2020 will be over, and at that time our new bar will still not be open. What a bunch of crap! We still have too much left to do there including some ceilings, floor epoxy, kitchen setup, dishwash area remodel, two more bathrooms to put together, etc. I could list 100 more things, but those are some of the major ones. Today I didn't work down at the bar very much because on Tuesdays lately I am trying to work with Hawk over at Gavin's. I want his place sheetrocked by the end of the year, and at our current pace we at least have a fighting chance.

I'm only working at Gavin's a few hours a week. If Hawk and I can hang a few pieces of sheetrock each time then I can leave him to mud/tape/sand. I would like to give Gavin maybe another half-day of my time later this week doing smaller areas that don't make sense for Hawk and I to do together. The bathroom is a confined space with lots of smaller pieces and cuts so I can do that myself. Maybe? Hopefully! I'd guess the sheetrock in Gav's soon-to-be new apartment is 70% installed, but the mud and sanding is probably only a little less than half done. Hawk has been putting in 2-3 full days a week there over the past few weeks so that has been a tremendous help. Hawk would work more, but he already has a full-time job. That guy works more than I do lately. Wow!

I went down to the midcoast yesterday to have a lunch visit with Mom and Dad before picking up my deer meat and stopping by Jason's showroom to talk some shop with him. My 176-pound deer cost $160 to have butchered at The Meat Shop in Warren, a newer place. It seems to me they did a great job, and the price is reasonable enough considering the size of my deer. Plus I paid $10 exra to have all the burger seasoned with beef fat or something like that. Gives it more flavor? Or makes it easier to work with? I dunno I forgot, but I was hoping it might make Kat like it more. Maybe? Hopefully! She is not a big fan of the venison, and that is okay because it leaves more for me. I don't think venison is gourmet food, but it is pretty good and it is healthy.


I will be eating a lot of deer meat over this next year. A LOT. I'll have it for breakfast, for lunch, and for supper hehehe. Just kidding that would be ridiculous so I will have Fruit Loops, yogurt, and a donut for breakfast. All joking aside my freezer has not been that full since as long as I can remember, if ever. Once I did try to get into it and drunkenly freeze myself to death so it was pretty full then. However, I was not that serious about it at the time so I didn't stay in there very long. Funny enough it was that exact same freezer. 16-18 years ago? I dunno I forgot.

I was hoping I would get my deer meat home and not lose it within the first two days. We had a HUGE storm come through last night and into most of today. I drove home last night from Jason's showroom around 1800 and it was pouring rain coming in sideways at times near the coast in the Belfast/Searport area. I did proactively borrow Jason's small portable generator in case we had a long-duration outage, but thankfully I have not had to use it.

Last night we lost power a couple times for maybe a half hour each time. I dunno for sure, but it was a bunch of crap. Bangor had a 58MPH wind gust in the night so that is huge for our area. I expected tree limbs down and possibly some siding off the rental buildings, but things survived well no tree damage and no missing siding. The storm was ending as I was losing to Mike at racquetball earlier when we lost power at the house and the power stayed off for an hour or two. Not long enough to ruin our night or to make me worry about losing precious... precious food from the fridge or freezer, though.

We have been lucky so far and have dodged any potential winter storms. Today was 60 degrees wow! The tax office building has a flooded cellar as expected. What a bunch of crap! I drained some of it this evening and will drain the rest tomorrow while I do some paperwork. After that I will do more work down at the bar and make time to place a large order for important kitchen equipment. Frialators, a griddle, a char-broiler, a commercial range with burners, prep tables, wire shelves, new dishwashing sinks, and a large amount of other needed items.

We do have all the money we need now for the bar. (I hope!) I closed on a refinance yesterday morning before leaving for the ol' homestead, and I actually got more funds than I was expecting. Plus I got a refund check in the mail for my other two loans on the Gilmore and Chamberlain buildings that I sold in October. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I feel like we have a comfortable amount of money now with a little reserve for overages, but if Covid-19 gets worse who knows? The number of cases keeps rising as do the number of deaths so things could shut down again. Gods damned Covid-19.

I have a lot to do in this final month of 2020. I have to start doing some training courses for my tax business, and it is disappointing that the bar will be opening around the time I get busy doing taxes. However, with this ongoing pandemic maybe my tax business will not be busy? I dunno supposedly a vaccine for Covid is coming soon. I won't take the vaccine because it will be a new and unproven drug. What will the long-term side effects from it be? I'll take the wait and see approach on that, and if I am wrong and the 'rona does take me out then oh well no sense worrying about death because we all gotta check out at some point and I've had a good enough life up to this point. Tommy and I used to joke about "bonus levels" of life after some of the shit we have already seen and done.

I guess I should bivouac. A lot of nights lately Kat falls asleep a little before I do so I lie in bed and watch 30-45 minutes of TV on closed captioning with the volume down. If I watch sports I don't even need CC. However, I think the cable box in the bedroom is fried from a power surge so I just used the computer. I wanted to use the computer some anyway and write my useless thoughts to almost no one in particular. I feel a lot of stress lately from various places so this bootleg site helps keep me at least partially sane. I hope!

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