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"My first tooth fell out and I'm 7 years old." -Nadia
"It'll happen again at age 70."


Saturday, 9-30-17: Bye bye September.
September, 2017 was not a bad month at all. The weather was warmer than average so I saved $$$$$ on heating bills. We took a Gooine road trip vacation and saw cool things, and I got a decent amount of exercise. Regarding exercise, I am close to maxed-out, and I have been since May. I got a LOT of exercise over the past four months, but sadly my cardio conditioning is poor. What a bunch of crap! A 3-mile jog on Thursday ended in FAIL when I had to walk for some of it. I just could not get the air that I needed. I guess I am a pussy. The weather was great so I can't blame that. Oh well it happens. If I exercise a lot for October and November then I will have a chance to have my best year ever regarding exercise, but I ain't no farmer and I ain't counting my chickens before they hatch. F that. I think chickens are overrated, but nevermind they make tasty eggs and the meat ain't too shabby either. I saw a mega-chicken on the news and I thought it was a joke, but I guess they are real?

Hopefully October is a good month. It looks like I won't have any major projects to tackle in October so maybe I can focus on deer hunting and enjoying some nice fall weather. I thought I would have to do some work at my Bangor duplex, but the tenants who were moving out of that back apartment are staying a while more. Awesome! I do have plenty of projects left on the "to do" list, but they are not time-constrained so I can work at most of them at my leisure. At some point next month I do want to rip out the carpet in our bedroom and replace it with new laminate flooring. I already have the flooring here at the house so that is a plus. I'll try to tackle that over a couple or three bad weather days when I would be stuck inside anyway. Lately we have had nothing but good weather days so I can work outside if I want. However, I have not worked outside that much lately. What a bunch of crap! The last time I have a relatively easy fall month on my schedule was a few years ago. Maybe 2014? Last year I was buried with apartment turnovers and renovations.

^From about a year ago. It is the mailroom at the building where I used to live and where my bootleg gym and office still is. I did repair that rot, and I redid the sheetrock in that area. However, I never installed a new floor or finished painting the steps that lead to the upstairs. What a bunch of crap! I worked on some of that finish work this past week, and I will hopefully get it all done this coming week. Waiting a full year to finish that work = epic fail bigtime. Oh well, it is just a mailroom that does not get a ton of use.

Last fall when I didn't have apartment stuff to work on I had this house remodel to finish. Two years ago I was in the middle of the huge house remodel so that took up a ton of my precious... precious free time.

^The biggest carpentry job I have ever done in my life. That photo was from about two years ago. Looking back on it now it is amazing I was able to pull that off. I did a pretty good job even though I did finish it about a year behind schedule. Hopefully it stands the test of time!

Oh hey the Red Sox won the AL East today. Oh Jesus, hell ya! This is the first time since the divisional era in 1969 that the Red Sox have won back-to-back AL East titles. Wow! I never would have guessed that. The Sox will play the Houston Astros in round one of the playoffs, and I would guess the Sox would be underdogs since the Astros have a better record and a great team. The Yankees won a Wild-Card spot in the playoffs so let's hope they get eliminated ASAP. The Yankees beat up on the Red Sox a lot this year. What a bunch of crap!

Alright turds, all two of youz who actually come to this bootleg shit-show of a blog. I am going down to Jester's to try some Pumpkin Whiskey shots and to hopefully not get too liquored up. I have Bruce scheduled for 0800 tomorrow to do some heat installs. What a bunch of crap that is! Oh well, I gotta use him when he is available, and this has been on my list since May.

Goonies never say die!



Friday, 9-29-17: Hunting season begins for my loser ass.
I went bowhunting up here this evening in the special expanded archery zone, in my favorite hunting area that I have now hunted in for maybe 11 or 12 years. Basically for almost as long as I have owned this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads. I did not think I would be hunting in September because that is pretty early, especially when just a couple days ago we were in a record-setting heat wave that made this place feel like the middle of the summer. However, we had an awesome front sweep through that dropped the dew points from around 70 Thursday morning to about 35 today. Oh Jesus, hell ya! It was about 90 degrees here early in the week, and by tomorrow morning it will be in the upper 30s. Strange weather for sure.

As an aside I gotta say that the "dew point" matters almost as much as the temperature does. When I was a junior dink back in the 80s it seemed like dew point was a foreign term. Dew point is a measure of humidity, and unlike most game shows and sports a higher number is not a better score. A dew point of 70 is bigtime humidity, and a dew point of 35 is borderline bone-dry for this time of year. When I go for a jog and the dew point is 70 I sweat for an hour after, but when I go for a jog and the dew point is 35 I stop sweating within minutes. However, I did not jog today because my cardio right now is a D. Overall I am doing great with exercise, just not so much with the running. What a bunch of crap!

Back to hunting. I think I have only ever bowhunted twice in my life in September, but who knows maybe I have forgotten stuff as I grow older. The expanded archery zone season actually starts here around September 7-10th each year, but F hunting that early it is always way too warm. I think back in 2007 I went hunting at the end of September down in the midcoast when I shot an 8-point buck. Maybe? Guy checks the archives of this piece of crap site now...

^From 2007 indeed. I shot that buck with my bow in a ladder stand not far behind the range at the prison farm in Warren at about 1833. It was September 29th, same date as today, and I remember it took us hours to find that deer and to drag him out and to get him home. What a day that was! It was the biggest buck I've ever shot, and it was no trophy buck. Probably 140 pounds dressed-out. I did have him mounted, and for a while he hung on my living room wall at my old bootleg apartment. Then he hung on my bedroom wall. Sadly now he just hangs out on the top shelf in my shed out back. Maybe one day we will buy a rustic camp and I can hang him on a wall. There just is no good place to hang him here at our house, and I am okay with that.

Wow, it was ten years ago today that my ass was still in the woods with Jason and Dad, probably with both Jason and I dragging that buck out. That was an epic night. EPIC. Jason missed a buck, and Dad passed up a doe. It seemed that night every deer at the farm was moving. Unfortunately, tonight no deer were moving that I could see. What a bunch of crap! I don't regret going hunting tonight, though. In fact I am more motivated to deer hunt this season than I have been in many years. I am looking forward to some fun deer encounters this season, and as an added bonus I got a doe tag for rifle season down in the midcoast.

Last year was a disaster for me as far as deer hunting goes. I managed to shoot two deer, but in hindsight it seems like a miracle that I had so many deer encounters when I went so little. I shot a buck that I never recovered in early November last year so I hope that arrow was not mortal. There was no blood trail so hopefully he lived. In early December last year I shot a tiny doe skipper at "Supertree", and I still have a few packages of burger left from her in the freezer...

^I tiny deer that I never weighed, but I would guess she was under 70 pounds. What a bunch of crap! Oh well at least it was an easy 1/2 mile drag to the truck. My favorite spot in my hunting area is pretty far into the woods.

I did not see any deer tonight, but that is okay. It was a crisp but not cold night, and it was a great night to be in the woods. If all goes as I hope then I will hunt a couple days a week on average in October, and in early November I will go hunting BEAST MODE for the first week of that month before Kat's knee replacement surgery on November 9th. After Kat's surgery will not hunt that much because I want to make sure my best friend and wife is not left sitting in some bed being miserable while I go off to do all kinds of various things that are fun for me but that suck for her.

The Red Sox just lost. What a bunch of crap! They only need to win one more game to clinch first place over the Yankees, but they are 1-4 on this homestand and they cannot do anything right lately. What a bunch of crap! If they blow it then we can call it EPIC FAIL. The Yankees are playing great so if the Sox lose their last two and the Yankees win their last two then that is historic in terms of failure. However, I think the Sox can win tomorrow. Maybe? I hope!

This hunting season will be bittersweet because Dad is in poor health, and he is not even able to bowhunt anymore. What a bunch of crap! he has a special crossbow permit, but even hunting with a crossbow will be a challenge for him at this point. For years I would go down to the midcoast to do at least a little bowhunting with Dad and/or Jason, but this season it seems very unlikely I will do any bowhunting down there. Hopefully we can all have a good rifle season. Dad loves hunting more than he loves life (or so it seems at times) so I hope he can do plenty of hunting this fall. The day Pop can't hunt will be a sad occasion, and I hope for his sake and for Mom's sake it never happens. It seems morbid to say, but I hope when Pop checks out it is like this:

^From The Shining when Jack freezes to death. Yeah, I just spoiled a 35 year old movie. Jack Torrence dies at the end. What a bunch of crap! I don't really want my dad to die like that, but I do hope that when he does check out he is happy. My plan is to check out like in the photo above, but I plan to be happier than Jack Torrence because I don't want to go full-psycho. I hope when I freeze to death I am smiling because I got to have a hot wife, an awesome best friend (my wife), and do many Goonie adventures. Plus I got to do fun things like play Nintendo, go blueberry raking, and play racquetball. All I wanna know is why? Why did I just say blueberry raking is fun? Where is my psychologist goda damn it? Oh yeah I don't have one. Good thing I have this shitty piece of dump site or I really would be pwned. What a bunch of crap!



Tuesday, 9-26-17: Breakfast 2.0 was not a plan. Summer 2.0? Yup, it's happening.
I just ate breakfast 2.0. A pastry and some scrambled eggs (the only kind of eggs I know how to make.) At 0230 I had breakfast 1.0: a bowl of cereal and a pastry-thing. All I wanna know is why? Why was I up at 0230 when I should have been bivouaced? I woke up from a dream that I cannot remember at 0157 when my water bottle fell off the night-stand (one of the kittens?) and then I was wide awake. What a bunch of crap! I tossed and turned for a while before I decided that I was not going to sleep so I got up for an hour to eat some food and to use my computer. I surfed the web and played a game of Mahjohng Tiles. I don't even know how to spell that game, and I have played it off and on for over a year. Epic failer. I was hoping it would help me get tired, but it did not help too much.

I went back to bed and did not fall right back to sleep either. It took me over a half hour to finally crash out. I actually had it easy when compared to Kat, though. My poor Sweet Pea could not get any sleep because she was hurting from both bronchitis and sinusitis at the same time. What a bunch of crap! She has been sick for days and I finally had to take her to the doc yesterday. Also not helping was the fact that for the second consecutive night it was about 80 degrees in the bedroom. Sleeping when it is hot is never good. Ever since we got back from vacation it has been hot here, and we have been crushing records. I got this data from the National Weather Service online:

^It's fall, but it's summer 2.0. Our average has been 67-68 since we have been back, but we have gotten close to 90 all week and today looks to be 87. OMG. Awesome savings on the heating bills, but I am overall pwned when it is this hot because it is uncomfortable and I had to turn the dehumidifiers back on at my bootleg gym/office and here at our house. The dehumidifiers are expensive to run gods damn it. I have NEVER had to run a dehumidifier this late in the year. Thankfully today is the last scorched-Earth day in the forecast. Tomorrow looks great at 75 then we dip back to the seasonal norm before getting back into the 70s next week. It's been very dry, too. I'd guess that without rain anytime soon my mowing season is about over now. Maybe. There is a chance this September ends up being the warmest one on record for us in the Bangor area. Wow! Amazing since the end of August was so cold that I had to turn all the furnaces on.

In the news the top 0700 story was the NFL. Chump-Trump made moronic Twitter comments directed at the NFL a few days ago regarding players who kneel during the National Anthem so most of the players kneeled down or locked arms in a FU symbol to our half-baked president. Even God Brady and most of the Patriots protested Trump for his criticism. The Patriots should have lost their game Sunday vs. the Texans, but God Brady made a sweet comeback so they won and are now 2-1 on the season. So far great offense, but porous defense.

I would NEVER kneel during a national anthem. Fuck that. However, I don't want to make a stink about it. 49ers QB ColinKapernick started doing that shit last year to bring attention to police brutality or inequality or something like that. I think there are much better ways to bring attention to issues facing this nation, but being ex-military probably gives me a perspective that many others simply do not have. This country is a shit-show in many ways, but it is overall a good place that pwns many other nations so we should all be proud and show respect when the national anthem does play.

Also in the news is a renewed effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Trump has been pushing hard for that, and even though I think our president is a 'tard I think he is right to want to replace it because it is 10 billion pounds of shit stuffed into a 5-billion pound bag. It's a bunch of crap! Looks like this renewed push to replace will also crash and burn, though. A few Republican senators including Maine's own Susan Collins are not planning to vote for this new proposed replacement. Epic fail.

^To everyone who is supposed to be running this country and who cannot fix our screwed-up healthcare system. I just want to see something that won't bankrupt the nation and that won't FORCE people to buy insurance or to pay tax penalties. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Gods damn it.

We got a new fridge and microwave oven. Lowe's had a big sale earlier this month so we got a great price and 18 months no interest. Oh Jesus hell ya! Our old fridge worked, but we had to have it fixed twice in the past three years so we were watching the sales flyers emails for the right time to make a purchase. Lowe's was supposed to deliver the new fridge Friday the 15th from 0900-1100 on the day before our vacation. However, they called around lunchtime and said they would come closer to 1400 due to truck issues or some shit. At 1600 they still had not come so that sucked. I had to stick around the house most of the day, but no worries there because I had plenty of work to do here while I waited. Finally I had to call them and tell them to nevermind for the day because I wanted to play racquetball. I'm glad I played Rball because we played cutthroat games and had fun. Lowe's was supposed to bring the new fridge Sat the 23rd, but somehow that got fucked away so we didn't get it until Sunday just before the Greatriots football game kickoff. What a bunch of crap!

I need to hook up the water line to the new fridge today. There is already a water line in place, but I need a fitting to tie it in. When I bought this house 3.5 years ago the fridge had a working water and ice dispenser, but then it was not a Goonie so it died. Not a huge problem, I never wanted to pay to have it fixed since that shit is a luxury we don't need. Hopefully I can get the water line done today because it is nice to have ice cubes just spit out of the front. Especially handy on a Friday night when I am drinking my coffee brandy and milk before I go to Jester's!


Friday, 9-22-17: Where is the car key?!
I'm back, beotches! We drove about 1828 miles in the past week, and I do not want to drive anymore. We rented a Chevy Sonic for our road trip, and in hindsight I think that was a good decision. Gas prices ranged from a low of about $2.50 per gallon to a high of $2.90 per gallon during our trek so we spent about $133 on gas. Roughly 37 miles per gallon at an average price of $2.70 per gallon, give or take of course. If we had taken either the F150 or the Montaineer we would have gotten half that fuel economy. The car rental including all taxes was "only" $296 so oh Jesus hell ya to that. No wear and tear on our own vehicles = we win.

When I first got my arse into the rental car I was pwned. I just sat there with the key-thing looking for hole to put the key into. However, there was no hole anywhere to be seen. Actually there was no key either. All I wanted to know was why? Why was there no key putter-inner? Basic driving 101. You get a car, you get a key, you put the key in and turn the ignition and then you can go on Goonie adventures. I was about to go back into the very busy car rental office to ask wtf, but thankfully 19-year old Katherine knows all about this brave new world and she figured out that you do not use a key. In fact there is no key at all anywhere. The car is "wireless" like most of today's gadgets. You just push a button when your foot is on the brake and then the car starts. No key required! Great for thieves, eh?

^Not needing a key = what a bunch of crap! I am like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon. I am too old for this new shit. Speaking of what a bunch of crap, all I wanna know is why? Why do I have some poison ivy on my legs gods damn it? How did it get there? Is it even poison ivy? We did not do any odd shit on vacation so did I get it before we left? It cannot be explained. Also, why is my right heel sore on the bottom of my foot? I guess I should not a' walked so much at Niagra on Monday in my flip flops. What a bunch of crap! Oh well there are two things I can do about it all: nothing and like it.

Speaking of an "All I wanna know is why?" moment, Katherine just texted me AND SHE LIVES HERE IN THIS HOUSE WITH US. I will not be replying to that, F that. I am getting sick of cellphones gods damn it. They make it easy for people to be even lazier than they ever have been in the history of this planet. It is sad knowing that she does not know what life was like before technology made is leaps and bounds closer to the movie Wall-E becoming a reality. I do not love that movie because they ripped off Short Circuit, but the concept is worth a thought or two. The new Crapple I-phone just came out today at a price of $999.00.

Wait what?


^Our future if Skynet does not become self aware before then. We will all be fat and living in spaceships. What a bunch of crap!

I was in the gym not long ago just thinking about how much of a pain in the arse my own cellphone is half the time. All my phone does is call and text, and that suits me well enough. Actually if I didn't have my bootleg rental business I might be tempted to just haul on my cellphone. However, my cell costs $33 a month unlimited USA calls and unlimited USA texting so nevermind I think when I had a landline phone it was 30 bucks a month with long distance costing an extra 10 cents a minute so I guess my cell is a better deal. Maybe?

Kat's cellphone plan for 5 lines for her and the kids including Debbie is around $300 a month. OMG. They all get Interweb and shit, and the kids are not moochers they pay their fair portion, but what a ripoff. I guess Interweb is good on the phone once or twice a year. Gavin has it so we can look at the weather radar during raking. Other than that I do not care. I don't even care... whether or not I care. One day I guess I will have to get Interweb on my phone because it will be built-in and standard, but I plan to be a laggard as long as possible.

Our road-trip vacation was fun, but a few things sucked about it. The Poccinos in Pennsylvania are pretty boring so we won't stay there again. We went to see a waterfall, but the park was closed for the season. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, FU Poccinos waterfalls we win because we went to see NIAGRA FALLS. We went to both the Canada side and the United States side at Niagra, and we all agreed that the US side is better. You get a better view of all the falls on the Canadian side, but the US side has the epic CAVE OF THE WINDS attraction where you can go down some tunnel and get really close to the falls. There is no cave so that is a marketing gimmick, but there really is a cave you just can't go into the cave because it is too dangerous so it is not 100% false advertising. One day there will not be a cave because it will collapse so I am ok with not going into it. I don't even know where the cave is, but some plaque-thing said there is one somewhere behind the falls that was carved out by water pressure. The thing had photos from 100 years ago, give or take, so good enough for me.

Niagra Falls is awesome. I love it there. I have been 3 times in my life, but the first time I went was 1998 and that does not count because I was just passing through on my way home after I finished my tour in the Navy. The best two times that I have been have been with my awesome and beautiful wife. We also went in 2014, also in September. I think September is a great time of the year to go because it is not too cold and most of the fuckstain kids are back in school so it is not so crowded there. A shitload of Asians still go, and fuck them they are annoying and take up my precious... precious space. However, it is a big enough park where they can *mostly* be avoided.

I do not hate Asians. I respect most of them because they work harder than us lazy-fuck Americans. However, tourist Asians can eat the peanuts out of my sheeiitttttttt. I ate peanuts today, too. Those fuckers have no concept of personal space, they get in the way, and they love those dumbass "selfie sticks." One fuck-tard Asian tourist was using one of those selfie sticks to take a photo, and we thought he might fall right in because he was way up on the railing trying to get the falls in the background. The falls are fucking awesome, they make the ground shake, but they need to be respected. If you fall into the falls you get to live for about 2 seconds before you hit the bottom and die a horrible death. There was a sign somewhere that said fish can live when they go over the falls because they are fish (the sign did not say that verbatim but that was the message), but I call CRAP ALERT to that because we saw one big and extremely dead fish during our Cave of the Winds experience. You could tell that fish washed right over the falls and splattered on the rocks below to a grisly death. The power of those falls cannot be properly explained by a half-assed writer like myself. It is incredible, and it is nothing to take lightly. You fall in, and you die. Unless you are like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, but hell even he probably would die because he was not a Goonie.

The Red Sox won tonight, and the Yankees lost so now the Sox have a 4 game lead with 9 games left. Oh Jesus, hell ya! The Sox have already clinched a playoff spot, but taking first place in the division is a huge plus. The two wild-card teams have a one-game playoff with the winner advancing so it is good if the Sox can avoid having to do that bullshit. When we were on vacation the Patriots won so they are 1-1 on the season now. The Pats looked bad in game one so I am glad they looked good for game 2.



Friday, 9-15-17: The SNES Classic.
Nintendo made an awesome product that is all but impossible to get for the common folks. It is called the SNES Classic (Super Nintendo Classic), and it is a system that contains 21 "classic" Super Ninendo games plus the console and the classic-style controllers all for about 80 bucks.

^The SNES CLASSIC. It does not play every SNES game ever made, but holy Jebus most of the default built-in games are great. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I DO WANT. Super Mario World. I DO WANT. (We have on the Wii, but I'd rather play it on the SNES the "old fashioned" way.) Best of all, Super Metriod. I DO WANT. I want to own this SNES CLASSIC so badly that I can taste it. However, it is sold out everywhere. What a bunch of crap!

All I wanna know is why? Why do I wanna play old video games? I am old and old people do not play video games. Do they? I did play Super Mario World on the Wii for many hours earlier this year, but then it became spring and summer and I decided watching The Red Sox and doing other things was more important. Speaking of the Red Sox, they are in first place by 3 games, but that lead is about to shrivel down to only 2 above the hated Yankees after they lose to Tampa Bay tonight. Sox are down 5-2 in the 9th and it is not looking good. What a bunch of crap!

Super Metroid is fucking awesome. It is one of the best video games, ever. I have beaten the game before, but I have not beaten that game in a very long time. I haven't played it in years so I want to play it again. That is one of the reasons why I want to own that SNES Classic. Last time I looked online prospects of getting a SNES Classic were bleak, but maybe Nintendo made more? Guy looks now...

Okay it is still all bad. Amazon does not have any, and you cannot even preorder. It just says "currently unavailable." What a bunch of crap! HEY GODS DAMN YOUZ NINTENDO MAKE THEM AVAILABLE IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD IT IS 20-YEAR OLD 25-YEAR OLD TECHNOLOGY THAT YOU PRETTY MUCH OWN ALL THE RIGHTS TO SO IF YOU SELL ONE FOR 80 BUCKS THAT MUST BE AT LEAST 75% PROFIT GODS DAMN IT. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

It is 2215 now, and soon I am rolling my ass down to the bar. I feel a bit liquored up now on my coffee brandy and milk. I won't drink too much at the bar because we have a 7.75-hour road trip to make tomorrow. In fact, I should look up the NH liquor store online, if they have a webpage. We have been searching for Cinamon Jose Cuervo ever since Kat was able to have a few nips of them last month. Is it a newer product? I would guess so, but F tequila I don't know. Even if there is no Cinamon Jose in NH there will be cheaper booze that we do like to drink so stopping there is a win no matter what. Would they even have a website? Guy looks...

Okay that site is hard to use, but I do not see Cinamon Jose Cuervo. What a bunch of crap! Wow, the Tampa Bay center fielder just made one of the best catches you will ever see on this planet, but the Red Sox still tied the game up 5-5 in the 9th in Florida. That catch by the center-fielder was truly "OMG" worthy. If he did not dive and catch that then the Red Sox would be winning the game. The Sox were down 5-2 to start the inning so just to tie it is a huge bonus. Hopefully they can score more and win. Two outs in the top of the 9th, 5-5, Sox with runners on first and second base new pitcher coming in for Tampa.

Alright turds, all two of youz who read this shit-show, I am done writing. I want to go to Jester's now so I will watch this next at bat and then roll out. I suppose it will be a while before my next bootleg update since we are going most of next week. Goonies never say die! The end. Fin.



Thursday, 9-14-17: Our next vehicle and vacation plans getting locked down.
Yesterday during another beautiful summer-like day Kat and I spent a good chunk of time in the morning cleaning the shed and back yard before we had a nice lunch and headed down to Waterville. Our trip an hour south was two-fold. First we went to Central Maine Auto to shop for a newer vehicle, and second we finally got a chance to see Phil and Danielle's house that they bought down there nearly a full year ago. They have an awesome house.

Kat and I bought the Mountaineer at Central Maine Auto in Novembr of 2014, and we also helped Dillon get his car down there a year or two ago. We still owe about $3600 on the 2007 Mountaineer, and that vehicle is starting to nickel and dime us in a major way. However, $700 in repairs last month is a gods damn lot of nickels and dimes so nevermind that thing is starting to Grant and Ben Franklin our asses gods damn it. Plus Kat just spent most of an afternoon Tuesday bondoing a giant section that had rusted out near the base of the body, passenger door side. What a bunch of crap! The Mountaineer still needs work as well so hauling on it and getting something better is the right thing to do at this point.

^Kat's Mountaineer looks like the one above in that generic not-ours photo. However, hers is way more cool because it has SNOOPY decals on both sides! I'd take a picture and post it now, but Katherine took it to work a little while ago. Katherine does not have her own wheels yet so most of the time we just let her use either the Mountaineer or the truck. It works well for us now, but come tax season there will be some scheduling conflicts I'm sure.

Overall the Mountaineer has been ok to us. We have had to take it to the shop several times for various repairs, but I have also had to take my truck to the shop for various repairs over the past three years. When you own older vehicles that is just par for the course. My truck is a 2010 and *should* last me at least another three years so we are ok in that area. However, the Mountaineer not so much. We got a great 1.99% interest rate for the Mountaineer so our payment each month is "only" $248. Not horrible. There is just over a year left before that 4-year loan would be fully paid off.

We looked at a few different vehicles yesterday, but the one Kat liked the most was a Chevy Suburban that looks like this:

The main reason she likes it is the storage capacity. It's BIG. It can hold a lot of DJ gear, more than the Montaineer. They had a used one for sale that looked to be in decent shape for $22,900. However, someone else was buying it or at least taking it home for a day to try it out or some shit so nevermind. They did have three brand new Suburbans on the lot, but starting price for those was $65,000 so what a bunch of crap to that! I actually did consider getting a new one for a millisecond or two, but F that it is way too expensive. Excise tax alone on something like that would be at least $1000. Plus insurance, sales tax, etc. F that!

So we left Central Maine Auto without buying anything, but that is okay we now have a much better idea of what we want and what we don't want. Plus we had a nice visit with Phil and Danielle. I'm sure the sales guy down there will keep us posted when they do get something in their inventory that might work for us so hopefully soon we will have an opportunity to upgrade Kat's DJ vehicle.

We leave in two days for a vacation to PA and to NY, and we plan to rent a car in order to save money on gas and to avoid wear-and-tear on either the Mountaineer or the truck. Renting a car costs $300 for the week, and at an average operating and depreciating cost of 50 cents per mile it is a good call to rent a car. We'll get double the gas mileage so at $2.69 per gallon the savings will add up a bit, but the biggest benefit by far is the road wear we avoid by leaving our own vehicles right here in Maine for most of the week.

We might stay a night near Boston on the way home next Thursday night so I did a search on Boston area hotels. I knew some of them would be expeisive, but some on the outskirts of the city are much more affordable:

^From Travelocity. They have a decent website and I usually use them to book travel. They should pay me for the plug, but nevermind because two people will ever read this pathetic excuse for a website so there is no value. I see a place listed for $499 near the heart of the city. What a bunch of crap! When you pay more for one night at a hotel then you pay for an entire week of a car rental then you have achieved EPIC FAIL. Who knows, we might not stay in or near Boston, but I did see a few 3-star places for closer to $130 plus tax just north of the city. We definitely do NOT want to stay in some bootleg cheap-ass Roach Motel in the ghetto.

I need to spread out of here soon to scoot over to my Bangor duplex. I have a 9AM showing scheduled, my last showing before closer to the end of this month or perhaps into October. I did one showing Tuesday afternoon there, and I don't think it went that well. These two chicks saw it, and I don't think they were very impressed. Doesn't help that the current tenant has belongings stuffed everywhere, has a dog in a crate in the kitchen that would NOT stop barking, and had a lot of cleaning left to do. What a bunch of crap! Sometimes the best thing to do is just wait and do showings once a place is vacated, and this is one of those situations. The current tenant is not bad, she has been there nearly 4 years and she has always paid rent on time. She never upset the neighbors or complained to be about stupid shit so that is a win. However, her place is just not show-ready right now.

I did pull my ad for the place off Craigslist Tuesday, but I have a couple people who are still very interested in renting it. I told both of these people that the place needs a lot more cleaning before it looks great so they know the stakes in advance. Hopefully this 0900 showing goes great, but if not that is okay I'll worry about it after our vacation. The current tenant is supposed to be out by the end of this month.

^Doesn't help that there is trash staged by the steps on the left, and there is a mountain of belongings on the porch itself. What a bunch of crap! I took that picture Tuesday, and you can see the porch is looking sad. It is sagging a lot, and there is some rotten wood. It actually looks worse in person, too. It would most likely last a while more before it would collapse, but it is becoming an eyesore so after vacation I will have to decide whether it needs replacing this fall or not. I'm hoping it can hold off until next year because it will be a bigger job, but I don't want it to be a huge detriment to the property anymore either.

I can't wait until I can sell that property. I almost was going to put it on the market this fall, but the tenant in the front paid all her rent and wants to stay plus that porch looking so bootleg is a major negative for a prospective buyer so for now the right thing to do is to keep the building and to keep adding up our equity at a decent rate. At this point about 70% of every mortgage payment is all equity so it is building fast. Oh Jesus, hell ya!



Tuesday, 9-12-17: Connect to the Interweb gods damn it! Oh, our next vacation.
All I wanna know is why? Why is the Interweb not working? It shows five green bars, it says "connected", but then it does not connect. What a bunch of crap! Ah well I guess either my computer is a turd (likely), the router-thing needs to be reset, or else Spectrum is having epic fail at their end.

I reset the router-thing so maybe it will magically work now. Katherine said her Interweb was a shit-show, too. The TV works just fine; The Today Show just came on and the top story is the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Billions of dollars worth of damage in Florida and the southeast, 11 dead, all bad. Two major hurricanes in the past couple weeks hitting the USA = unbelievable damage and loss of property and life. There is another hurricane meandering off the East Coast, but they say that one is most likely heading off to sea. I hope.

Here the weather has been great this week, and all week it will stay nice with highs near 80 each day. Awesome!

Hey great the Interweb works now. I wonder why it was a fail earlier? Ah well, I already stopped caring. We leave in four days on the 16th for our next vacation. This time around it will be a road trip down to the Poccinos area in Pennsylvania near the NY state line. We will also take a trip to Niagra Falls for an overnight in that city, and we will end up back home most likely on Friday the 22nd. When we started forming the basis for this vacation 1.5 years ago we had expected the whole family to come along, but that is not going to happen now. What a bunch of crap! Daniel doesn't want to go, Debbie can't go due to work, and Dillon says he also can't go due to work but we really think he doesn't want to go because Debbie can't go. So what was planned as a 6-person trip has been whittled down to just three. Kat, Katherine, and I.

I hope the Poccinos does not suck. It will be a little too cold to lounge around at a pool like we can do in the tropics. However, I think there are lots of scenic things to do in that area and of course Kat and I both know how amazing Niagra Falls and that area of NY is...

^From 3 years ago when we took a road trip through upstate NY and all the way to Michigan to visit Phil and Danielle.



Friday, 9-08-17: Update #2 of the day 14 hours later.
I installed a new bathroom floor today like a boss. Hopefully it lasts more than the 3.25 years that our old bathroom floor lasted. That old floor. What a bunch of crap that was! I thought I did a good job installing that floor, but nope I failed. I blame the brand not the installer. Hehehe. Here is the old floor:

I guess in hindsight that color was not the best for a relatively small space of 50-ish square feet. Lighter colors make a space seem larger. I probably "only" paid around a buck a square foot for that flooring, and for the new flooring the price was closer to $2 per square foot at Home Depot. Will it stand the test of time? It better gods damn it!

The new floor looks pretty damn good. I also installed new baseboard trim that still needs a coat of white paint to really pop. I got that floor done in about 3 hours, and the trim only took another half-hour. Overall less than four hours total. Oh jesus, hell ya! The flooring is Allure, same as I have used a lot at the apartments over the past couple years. There are many different colors and styles, but they all are the double-adhesive type that install like a boss. Will they withstand the test of time? I hope so or if not I am totally pwned considering how much of it I have used lately.

The Red Sox have a 9-3 lead over the Rays at Fenway. They're still in first place by a bit over the Yankees, but in my opinion they are a flawed team that needs a player or two more to make it far into the post-season. Hopefully I am wrong and they dominate, but right now I think there are better teams out there more equiped to make it to the World Series (cough:Cleveland,Houston:cough.) That hurricane in the gulf is still forecast to hit Florida as a Category 5 on Sunday. What a bunch of crap for them!

Alright turds, all two of youz who actually read this trash-heap. I need to scoot on down to Jester's and have a drink or two more before it is time to bivouac late-night. Tonight is Kat's 4-year anniversary of running the karaoke show down at Jester's so I want to be there a little sooner to show my support. Wow, 4 years. It's better than ever down there now as well, and she is even working Saturdays also now. Awesome! She deserves it because she is great. Tomorrow she won't be down there, though. We have a wedding to do in Showhegan all afternoon and evening, and then on Sunday Bruce comes to hook up some plumbing and heating so it will be a busy weekend. Goonies never say die! The end. Fin.



Friday, 9-08-17: Epic fail Patriots.
The first NFL game of the season was last night, and the Patriots played the Chiefs in Foxboro. Kat and I watched the first part of the game before we bivouaced, and when we shut it down the Pats had a 17-7 lead and were looking good. Unfortunately, I turned on the news this morning just after 0600 to see the bad news. The Patriots were definitely NOT the Greatriots last night because they ended up losing, 42-27. The defense was terrible last night, but the offense was not stellar itself. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, it was only the first game of the season so hopefully they can do better from here on out.

I did a little JH training as I watched this morning's other news headlines. The big story is the evacuation of most of southern Florida, especially Miami, because category 5 hurricane Irma is looking to make a direct hit on the entire state of Florida Saturday night into early next week. Irma did huge damage already in the Caribbean, and it is actually still doing major damage right now in the Bahamas. What a bunch of crap! This will be the second major hurricane to hit the USA in the past couple weeks. It is now 0736 and for the past half-hour plus most everything on the Today Show has been all about Irma. I put on the Weather Channel to see the local on the 8s forecast, but F that they cancelled our local forecast so they could talk more about the hurricane. What a bunch of crap! Ah well, I just went to their website to see we are expected to be around 70 degrees with a 20% chance of afternoon showers. Not horrible.

^Not sure how that is 800AM EDT map when it is only 0740. That track is a worst-case for Florida. I hope the hurricane is not as bad as expected. If I lived there I wold play The Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane. Bad taste? I think not!

I have all the supplies that I need right here at the house to replace our bootleg bathroom floor. I plan to start that as soon as I finish part of this bootleg update that no one will ever read. The dogs are beating each other up outside, but in a fun playful way (I hope.) They were playing rough in the house so I gave them the boot to the outside so they could run a bit more. Sounds like a stampede on the deck right now because they are playing some kind of keep-away/tag/WWE style rumbling out there. Good for them they can always use the exercise. Okay now Copper wants to come in because he has some weird 6th sense where he knows when something is going on. Kat is up now so he wants to come say hello to her. They both want to come in now..

^Current bathroom floor is epic bootleg.

When I bought this house one of the first things I did was a bathroom remodel so in May or June of 2014 I installed a new bathroom floor. Unfortunately, now just 3+ years later that floor is looking rough. Parts of the floor actually started coming up last year or the year before, but now it is worse than ever. What a bunch of crap! All I wanna know is why? Why did I do such a shitty job with the flooring in this house? The living room floor that I did in 2014 also sucks. The living room flooring that I bought was trashy Marden's scrap-pile no-name junk, but the bathroom flooring was "supposedly" decent stuff that I got from Lowe's. It was the stuff with adhesive on the back "peel and stick" style. I even put down additional adhesive so it stayed down, but nevermind because it does not stay down. Gods damn it! Ah well it is a small floor so I might even have it done by lunch then I can come back later to post a photo of the finished new floor...


Tuesday, 9-05-17: I want Hamburger Helper.
I think I will make Hamburger Helper for supper. Maybe? I have not had Hamburger Helper in a year or two. OMG What a bunch of crap! I used to eat it a lot more. What the hell happened? I guess I sorta forgot about it for a long time, and partly it seems wrong to cook on the stove in the summer when it is nice for grilling. Then winter hits, I work a ton at JH, and when I get home at 1900 or 2000 the last thing I want to do is cook. It only takes 15 minutes to make HH, but for me cooking anything seems to take forever.

I'm waiting for Bruce to stop by before I start supper. He is gonna make a "supplies needed" list and then get me on his schedule. I need to connect all the heat for the downstairs, and I need to hook up the sink upstairs in the kitchenette in the new addition. Bruce was supposed to stop by Friday, but I guess he got too busy. A good contractor always has lots of work lined up and it seems lately he has A LOT of work on his schedule. Bruce has been my plumber for a decade now. Awesome! My former plumber, Bob, broke his hand and then retired or something. Bruce costs a lot more than Bob cost me, but Bruce is fast and well worth it. Plus Bruce always has funny hunting stories and other ancedotes. He will talk your ear off forever if you let him, but he gets shit done so that is ok with me.

I went BEAST MODE this morning and moved all the remaining reclaim asphault from the parking area by my shed to the house and the end there that is in need of a new driveway. It was a lot of work, but I am glad I did it because now the driveway is mostly done. I ran out of fill before I could 100% finish, but for now it is good enough. Later this month I'll order more fill for that place and for other properties including my Bangor duplex. I'd post a photo of that new driveway, but I didn't take one yet. What a bunch of crap!

It looks like for the time being I will be keeping my Bangor property. The tenant in the front apartment there got behind on rent to the point that I needed to schedule an FED hearing and do some paperwork, but she got it taken care of before we had to go to court so I told her she could stay. I had posted a 7-day notice back on August 22nd, and then on the 1st I posted a 30-day notice as well so I cancelled both of those. She has a solid plan for now, and her family members said they would pay on her behalf if needed so score there. I do want to sell the place, but keeping it works okay because of the equity. I'll put some work into it and maybe increase the value a bit, too. Right now the place is kind-of a turd that would not even sell for $100k. However, I think a new porch and new siding would make a HUGE difference. I might do that next month, but most likely I will do it next year. Maybe?



Saturday, 9-02-17: Cutting out curbs suck. A lot Oh, 19 Second Avenue memories.
Gavin is such an awesome friend. I owe him bigtime. I will buy him a $42 6-pack of premium beer as a small token of my gratitude for the help that he gave to me today. (Yes, they sell beer that costs that much. What a bunch of crap!) I should also buy him some Jamison whiskey because I know he likes that stuff. Not only did G-money loan me his badass concrete-cutting saw this morning but he also helped me for two hours to remove a curb at the house across the street from my bootleg office. That job, what a bunch of crap that was.

^Gavin took that picture earlier today. My ass got covered in concrete dust and sludge. What a bunch of crap! That saw was hard to use, too. It took a lot of effort to run such a badass piece of equipment, but in the end it was well worth it. In that photo you can see my right leg is coated in grey dust/sludge from all that concrete. The saw sent a plume right out and all over the place, but I had to man up and get it done so no worries. Gavin got just as dirty, but at least he was smart and wore pants. He was supposed to be working on some huge overtime work project, but he still made time to help my loser ass. What a great guy.

^We cut that 18-foot section of curb out in about 6 or 7 chunks. That chunk right there weighed easily 200-300 pounds. It took two trips in my utility trailer to move all of the debris to the cliffs of haul-on beyond my dumpster nearby. G suggested taking it all to the dump, but F that I prefer to just throw it over my cliff. None of it made it to the river, but some of those chunks took out some trees on their journey down to the abyss below. Hehehehe.

^Just about the time we were finishing. Gods damn it was a lot of work. A lot. If not for that saw I would have had to go rent something because my little Skil-Saw with a concrete blade was just not going to make it happen. Gavin named his photo album CURB STOMP. AHAHAHAHAHA! I never imagined that removing a curb would be so much work. Those curbs are like special engineered concrete that is extra durable in order to survive plow hits, etc.

^After a couple hours of BEAST MODE we got it all removed. I actually thought at first that I would have to go rent a jackhammer because that curb was so tough. The weather was great for it at least. No humidity, temps in the 60s on their way to afternoon high in the low 70s. We got it all done by lunch so I could spend most of the afternoon hanging out here at the house with my awesome wife.

^I still have some dirt to remove, but for the most part all I have left to do is to fill that entire area from the street back to that play-thing with reclaim asphault and BOOM there will be a precious... precious driveway there.

It is 2230 now, and I am heading down to Jester's in a bit to spend the last couple hours of Kat's karaoke show there. Last night I snd Def Leppard's Rock of Ages, and I apologize to society for that because everyone knows I suffer from a condition known as NFT (No friggin talent) However, it was not that busy last night so I took one for the team and I sang. Plus I was a bit boozed up so that helped. Tonight I had some "fatass in a glass" before a shot of FIREBALL. I did not get too liquored up last night late, and hopefully tonight I do not as well because I'd like to play R-Ball tomorrow without feeling like 5 pounds of shit stuffed into a 10-pound bag.

I think I can handle one more FIREBALL before I head down to the bar. I dont mind buying booze down at the bar, but if I drink some here at the house then bonus because the bar tab is a little lower. Plus I can only tolerate a few hours at most of Jester's any give week. Ooohhhh Tracy Chaapman wants a fast car so she can get somewhere. Anyplace is better. This is a great 80s song (yes,channel 1928 again I hauled on NESN after I saw the Sox lose to the Yankees.) This song is from 1988, and I remember hearing it back in the day when we would go to Cape Cod and stay in Osterville. God I miss Osterville. I don't miss it now because the world has moved on, but I have mega-fond memories of that place from when we were kids. We would go to the Wianno Golf Course and catch frogs and find golf balls (FU rich golfers!), and we once got the cops called on us for getting onto the school roof. What a bunch of crap that was because we were little ninjas for pulling that one off. My childhood was fucking awesome, the best ever. It is too bad that I turned out to only be mediorce at best now that I am an adult. I have a hot wife, but this site means I have issues still. Volumes in fact.

Last month after Jason and Holly's wedding a bunch of the family went to the Cape, and Jason pretty much broke into the old house at 19 Second Ave in Osterville. Yeah, I just posted the address to the two of you who actually read this pathetic excuse of a site. When we were little that house was just a pimped-out camp, but then Grammy and Papa moved there and made it a badass home in the 90s when I was in the Navy. Now it is FOR SALE for about $600k. Guy Googles it now...

From Zillow:
"Charming Osterville Cottage, SOUTH OF VILLAGE!! Great location on 2nd Avenue (just off Parker Road). Three bedrooms, 2.5 bath, new stainless steel appliances, vaulted ceiling, A/C, laundry room, large deck, nice yard, outdoor shower, storage shed, Walpole fenced rear yard, and tree swing. Major additions/renovations in 1995. Walk to town, the Wianno Club golf course, Dowses Beach, and the Wianno Yacht Club. On a quiet street in a beautiful neighborhood, this is the perfect vacation home and move-in ready. Don't miss this great opportunity! Expansion possibilities."



That is expensive! Holy crispy crap! I dunno what Grammy and Papa sold it for 10-15 years ago, but I seriously doubt it was for that much.

The memories are like a time-warp. I really miss Grammy and Papa they were so awesome. Grandma and Grandpa on Mom's side of the family were awesome, too. Mom and Dad both have/had an amazing family. I am a piece of shit because I blueberry raked instead of going to Cape Cod last month for the scattering of Grandma and Grandpa's ashes. Also, I have not once visited the VA cemetary in Augusta where Grammy and Papa are buried. (They both served in WWII.)

^Well the house still looks the same as I remember, but that photo was from nearly 11 years ago... the family said it looks the same when they broke in. Jason climed in through a window so the story about them breaking in is 100% true. I was fine with leaving it alone in case it was all different, but I am glad it is the same as I remember it.

^From the upstairs balcony area looking down into the living room. Lots of charm in that house. I can still close my eyes and remember with clarity the feeling and even the smell of being in that house.

^Papa made the best scrambled eggs ever in that house. The kitchen is just as I remember it. Actually when it was just a camp back in the late 80s and early 90s it looked tons different, but my fond memories include how it looked after Grammy and Papa moved to there from Livingston, NJ and made it their home.

^RIP Grammy and Papa. That photo was from 2003 (I think) back when they lived in Osterville still. I took that pitcure when I was leaving after a weekend visit. What the hell was I doing in 2003? Probably being a shitty person and doing stupid crap. Grammy and Papa were married for 60 years or so before Papa died. Amazing! Kat and I would be married for that long, but probably Skynet will become self-aware and pwn most of humans by the time we grow old. Sadly.

Alright, F this I do not want to be sad thinking about my dead family members so I am going to save this bootleg drivel and head on down to Jester's where my best friend/awesome wife is working as I type this. Goonies never say die!



Friday, 9-01-17: Sox win! My Bangor duplex?
Just now the Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-1 at Yankee Stadium. Oh Jesus, hell ya! The Sox had a good August and now have a 5.5-game lead over the second-place Yankees. Since the game is over I think I'll put on channel 1928 and rip out some 80s tunes for about a half-hour before I head on down to Jester's.

Today was a stressful day in a few ways. It was not a horrible day, but it was not a great one either. My Bangor duplex has been on my mind bigtime for most of the day. I am conflicted. Part of me wants to haul on that bootleg building ASAP, but part of me wants to keep it because if I can hang in there for a few more years then it will be the ticket to paying off our own house before Kat and I are both 50 years old. However, there are some major renovations coming due for that duplex so maybe selling the place saves me the trouble? Hard to say because a smart prospective buyer will notice all the flaws and either say "What a bunch of crap no thanks!" or else said smart prospective buyer will only be willing to pay a very low price. Like, way too low of a price.

The photo above shows the side porch of the property. I took that picture in 2013 right before I had Jody list the building FOR SALE for the very first time. Unfortunately no one wanted to buy the building so I just kept it. Now the porch looks worse. A lot of the blue trim paint has peeled, and that is something I can easily repaint, but the porch will still look bootleg no matter what I do. The entire porch is sagging bigtime. I think it has sunk a few more inches since 2013. What a bunch of crap! The only good solution at this point is to rip the entire thing off and replace it. That is a pretty big job that will take a few weeks to do. I don't have to put one on that has windows and doors and shit, but at the very least I would need to install a level deck with some kind of roof. Also, some of the siding has blown off so it looks extra bootleg these days. Gods damn it!

The tenant in the front apartment there is behind on her rent. I have started the eviction process, but I hope to be able to cancel it next week. Her parents already called me and said they would pay her back-rent for her to score there. However, she is supposed to be getting help from a local agency. She seemed to be sort-of giving me the run-around on what her help would be so today I spent a couple hours of my precious... precious time trying to get to the bottom of that scene. I have an FED (eviction) hearing scheduled for the 11th of this month, but I am hoping to get some money so I can cancel that shit. I'd rather just keep her there, but it is up to her whether or not that happens. She is not behind an extreme amount, but it is a definite yellow alert at this point.

Meanwhile, the tenant at the back apartment there gave her notice last week. She is out like a fat kid in dodge ball at the end of this month. She has been a great tenant for the past nearly 4 years so I hate to see her go, but with every vacancy comes opportunity. Maybe this fall is the right time to sell? Or maybe I should wait and try to sell the place next year after I put some work into it? If I try to sell this fall I definitely will NOT get back what I paid for the property. Not even close. That sucks. A lot. That fuckin' property is a thorn in my side in many ways. What a bunch of crap!

Okay, I am tired of bitching about that bootleg Bangor duplex of mine. Deno texted me and wants to play Rball at 0900 tomorrow. AHAHAHAHA! I think not! We played twice this week on Monday and Thursday, and both times were great. Especially Thursday. Now I am wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket and I cannot even exercise. Seriously. I maxed my shit out. I got a major amount of exercise over the past three months, and I need a little time-out. This past summer was my best summer of exercise ever in fact, and by a lot. I got some exercise today bringing reclaim asphault to my rental house across from my office earlier. I am building a driveway there. Do I have a photo? Guy looks now...

I took that picture back before the drought turned half my lawns into scorched Earth. Heheheh. I am actually glad it is scorched Earth because I have saved hours of my precious... precious time not having to mow. However, droughts are all bad and today during strong winds a ton of leaves already blew off the maple trees in the area. In fact, all the furnaces are already on. Today was 62, tonight will be 40, and gods damn it is seasonably cold. It has been a kinda-cold week with many morning lows in the 40s. What a bunch of crap! I have never ever had to turn on a furnace at the end of August before. Epic fail. tomorrow we hit 73 before it's back to the 60s Sunday with PM rain. Leftover hurricane Harvey thanks but no thanks.

Building that driveway will be a pain in the arse because removing that curb sucks. A lot. It is friggin superglued onto the road. What a bunch of crap! They don't really use superglue, but whatever they use is damn rugged. Bashing at the curb with my sledge does not do much so I have to cut it. I cut some with my concrete blade for my Skil-Saw, but Gavin said he has a more badass saw so I will borrow that from him and see what happens. Thankfully it is only a little bit of curb. Unfortunately, I still had to get a permit so bye bye $50 for that. What a bunch of crap! Sometimes being a slumlord is too expensive gods damn it.

Damn Honey Teddy Grahams are delicious. I seem to vary my favorites, but most of the time Honey gets my #1 vote. I love chocolate as well, and Cinamon would be #3. Chocolatey Chip are great, but sorry guys you rank #4 on my current list.

^One of the best snack foods, ever. If you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

I am boozed up a lot. Like, borderline should not be driving. However, fuck it I live 1/3 of a mile from the bar and I am probably "only" .079 so I would win in court. I need to make a sandwich ffor my hot wife now. I am serious. Turkey and cheese because Jester's sold out of crappy borderline cold old pizza. What a bunch of crap! Goonies never say die!

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