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"What's a grand slam? Is that in basketball? I thought it was a breakfast at Denny's" -Kat when she heard a baseball-related trivia question with me on the radio.


Friday, 10-31-14: Halloween.
It's Halloween, and I don't really care that much. Tonight Kat is hosting a Halloween "Scaraoke" party down at Jester's, and her costume is HOT. (She could go dressed up as a frigging hot dog and I'd still think she was hot, though.) They're actually planning to use the restaurant part of the bar for the event instead of the relatively small Jester's bar so I'm excited for that. Jester's can get pretty cramped at times so it will be nice to have more elbow-room. I really don't understand why they don't always have the restaurant part open for the Karaoke show since it's bigger and since it has cool things like a pool table and a couple video games. Ownership = fail? I think so.

So I really don't have a costume, and I don't have any candy in case Giblet-Head kiddos come knocking at my door this evening in search of precious... precious loot. I should pick up a bag of something, just in case. Last night I was talking to Mom on the phone when she wondered if I would get trick-or-treaters at the house. I said I had no idea and I hadn't planned that far ahead. I said I didn't get any trick-or-treaters when I lived where my office is, and she said that's because that part of town was the ghetto. OMG MOM WILL YOU PLEASE STOP MAKING SNIDE BEOTCH COMMENTS TO ME. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Lately my Mom has just been annoying when we talk on the phone. She'll find a way to insult me by commenting about how much I supposedly drink, about my failures with women in the past, and about everything in general. Sometimes in she'll even give me shit about Doug's life fails. Like that's my fucking fault. I have enough of my own life fails, but I'm not that bad gods damnit!

I might not even wear a costume tonight. Fuck it! I was cleaning my room some yesterday, unpacking some crap that has been bagged up for months on end in the closet, when I found one of my old US Navy uniforms. I could go as a sailor! Or I could just put on my ghillie suit and go as a weird Chewbacca-pile of leaves hybrid:

I'm not excited at all for Halloween. I haven't been doing so good lately so that puts a damper on things. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me, but I need to fix it or else just die. It doesn't help when I can't even talk to my own Mom on the phone without getting dumped on. What a bunch of crap! I'll just get really drunk tonight and see if the alcohol can fix me. It's a great plan! [sarcasm]

It's only about 60 degrees in my bootleg office, but I'm not cold since I have my sweatshirt on. I haven't needed to use my little electric space heater in here yet, but I think by this time next week I will have used it some. I really don't even spend that much time in my office anymore so yesterday I took the DVR that I had in here and moved it over to the house. No sense hanging out in my office and watching much TV when I can do the same thing at my own house just 1/3 of a mile away. Kat and I enjoy watching the same shows (except Total Divas. That show is a bunch of crap!) so I don't have to hole up in this office and do my own thing anymore. I still update this bootleg site from my office, though. I do need to spend at least some time in this office so that gives me incentive to get my arse over here. However, I don't even update this turd-heap very much anymore so I'm not at the office too much.

HAHAHAHAHA! I got this email from CareerBuilder.com:

"Have you heard back about your application to UPS? HAHAHAHAHA! HELL YEAH I HEARD BACK ABOUT IT. MY ASS GOT DENIED. Their computer system still had my supervisor application in there so it rejected my attempt to be a grunt. What a bunch of crap! It didn't even let me submit an application. Those mudda fuckas!

Kat has worked at UPS now for about 1.5 weeks and apparently she is doing great. She definitely does not love the job, but it works for her... for now. She was hired as a seasonal temp worker, but so far she hasn't made any mistakes at all despite having jack shit for training so they already informally asked her if she would want to stay on year-round. That's an awesome compliment! I'm not sure she will want to, though. I doubt I would. That place can be pretty screwed up. Plus the hours suck. The paycheck on Fridays is nice, though!

I should use the gym and then regulate on some of my Giblet-Head tenants. I have four chicks living together as roommates in my 4br apt on this property. I've had four chicks living there for close to 2.5 yrs, but a couple have left and a couple newer ones have taken their places. Last spring when a couple new ones arrived I got them together and gave them an epic awesome speech entitled "Be a team." I didn't really title a speech; it wasn't like Abe Lincoln's "Four score and seven years ago" classic. I really just stood there and told them that they need to work together to ensure rent is paid on time and the place is taken care of because I don't micro-manage the inner workings of each of my individual apartments. It's the same speech that I give to all my tenants in roommate-type scenarios. If one person fails to pay rent or if one person causes trouble then it affects everyone. I have to put everyone's name on an eviction notice or none at all.

Roommates come and go so a lot of my tenant turnover is one here, one there. I make all new people fill out an application and I do check them out some, but it's hard to control who exactly I end up with if one person leaves and the others stay. For example, in this 4BR I rented to Alexxi, Laura, Matt, and Jordan back in the spring of 2012. Jordan didn't last too long because he broke up with one of the chicks there so he bailed. I think for a while it was just three of them. Maybe? Come spring 2013 both Jordan and Matt where gone and Laura's sister, Shelby and Alexii's younger sister, Kaitlyn, took their places. That was ok for a while, but then Alexii, Laura, and Kaitlyn hit the road in the spring of this year so Shelby found Leah, Ashley, and Alyssa to take their places. (That's when I gave the latest "Be a team" speech.) They signed the new lease on May 1st, and since then Leah has hit the road because she couldn't take the pressa. Mikala just submitted an appication last week to replace Leah, and now Ashley is moving out today.

I definitely did NOT remember all of that off-hand. I had to get out my paperwork and put it all together. That's a LOT of roommate turnover! None of the original four even remain anymore. HAHAHAHA! It's worked for me because I don't have to advertise and I don't have a vacancy. However, the four roommates haven't always gotten along and there has been some drama along the way. Oh well, at least rent has always been paid and I don't think there have been damages. The latest adventures of the four has caused me to spend some time of the phone dealing with their petty drama. Waaaaa... she doesn't take out the trash. Waaaaaa... she is a slob. Waaaaaa.... she has a strange friend sleeping on the couch for $10 a night. (WTF?! HAHAHAHAHA!) Waaaaa... she went into my room without my permission... Waaaaaa.... I can't take the pressa. OMG CHICKS FIGURE YOUR SHIT OUT. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

Alright, I don't have time to finish this update because I have other crap to do. Ashley is moving out today, and I don't think the other ones know yet so I gotta deal with that. Then I gotta hit the gym, eat lunch, and shovel some dirt this afternoon before I go deer hunting this evening.

Wednesday, 10-29-14: Fence photos and stuff.
Kat and I finally finished the fence at the house last Saturday. Since then we've done a bit of yard work including cleanup, raking leaves, etc. Kat took some photos on Saturday, and on Sunday she brought the dogs over to play in the yard while we cleaned up and then while we watched the Patriots Greatriots decimate the Chicago Bears. The Pats have been dominant lately and are 6-2 after winning their last 4 games. Awesome!

^Front left side.

^Rear left side. Since that photo all the leaves and sticks are cleaned up.

^Right side.

I don't know how many hours it took to build the fence since I never worked on it for a full 8-hour day. Normally I'd put in a few hours here and there a few times a week. I'd estimate the thing cost close to $1500 to build, and I spent another $185 for six yards of loam. I needed the dirt to level parts of the back yard. I would guess that if I paid a professional to build the fence my coust would have been several thousand more since it was a lot of labor. Doing your own work = epic cost savings, especially when it comes to carpentry things like decks and fences.

I'm pleased with how the fence came out. I think it's great! Hopefully it lasts a long time before it starts to rot and fall over. Now I can install motion-sensing lazers and stuff in order to keep bad guys and ninjas from trying to attack my base. Unfortunately, I think if I did that I'd end up with a lot of dead squirrels, stray cats, and then myself when the system malfunctioned and started blasting the house. Plus it's probably illegal to install military-grade defense systems in your back yard. Plus it's probably expensive. What a bunch of crap!

I've been focused more on the hunting season lately, and I've gone three times since my last bootleg update. Since Kat goes to work at UPS early morning I can get up and go sit in the woods. Yesterday I was hunting by "Supertree" and texting Kat at 0753 when I looked off to my right and saw three deer over there. They were too far away to shoot at (50-60 yards. My max is about 30 yds with a bow) so I hoped they would move closer. Unfortunately, they hit the road. I don't think they saw me. I hope not! I want them to come back soon when I am there so I can turn one of them into steaks and burgers.

I should go use the gym before I play racquetball with Gav and Deno at 1700. After that it will be time to wash up, eat food, and maybe watch some of Impact Wrestling before bedtime. That company appears to be on the verge of going out of business since their TV deal with Spike TV is expiring soon and since attendance for their live shows hasn't bee good, but Kat and I had a blast when we went to the TV taping in Bethleham, PA last month. They taped a whole lot of TV shows down there and finally the one we were at is supposed to air later. We're hoping this sign makes it onto TV tonight:


I will be a busy man in about 2.5 weeks so it's time to get shit done. I already did a bunch of yard work this AM, and I went into the woods around midday to tidy up some ground blinds for hunting. I got hired at the US Post Office as a mail-sort-jabroni, and the job begins on the 17th of next month. On Monday Kat and I took a road trip down to Auburn so I could do my drug test, which I assume I passed since I never do drugs. I've never even tried any drugs. Driving 110 miles for a piss-test = what a bunch of crap! However, Kat and I made the most of the day by going downto Portland after so we could do some shopping and stuff. Then, on the way back, I bought a used oven in Newport for $75. It's a pretty good electric range; I needed one to replace a dying old oven at the apartment above my old apartment here in this bootleg building. Kat and I got it all loaded up into the truck and then we got back onto the highway. Once I got up to about 75MPH we heard a loud THUD, I looked in the rear-view, and my precious... precious oven was tipped over. What a bunch of crap! I really didn't think it was top-heavy. My bad. Thankfully the things still works, but it did get a few scuff and wear marks as a result. Am I a giblet-head for letting that happen? Of course I am!

Okay turd-burglars, all two of youz, I'm out of here like a fat kid in dodge ball. Goonies never say die!

Friday, 10-24-14: Hired!
I got offered a job at the USPS as a seasonal mail-processing-dude. Sweet! I have to report to their facility at 1100 so I can do some paperwork and related. I still have to schedule a drug test and pass a background test, but I don't forsee either of those two final steps in the process as a roadblock to my brief "career" as a mail clerk.


I'm hoping the dude who offered me the job can tell me some magic secret place to do my piss-test that's a lot closer than 111 miles away. Yesterday I was using their online system, and it looked like the closest drug-test place was in Auburn. What a bunch of crap! HEY USPS, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO PEE IN A CUP LOCALLY. Shit, I'd just go pee in a cup and fork it over to the dude today if that was allowed. I'd do it in the corner of his office, in the hall, wherever. Anywhere that lets me avoid a 222-mile road trip!

Yesterday when I was updating this pile of trash I wasn't sure if I was gonna get hired so I called the dude. He said he never actually got my voicemail, but he called me at 1711 as I was losing to Gav and Deno at racquetball to offer me a job. Awesome! Of course by the time I heard his voicemail is was too late to call him back so I just talked to him this morning to schedule our meeting at 1100.

The pay will be good, $15-ish an hour, but the hours will suck. A lot. I will have to start work in the evening (He said between 1800-2100), and I won't get out until the wee hours of the morning. Looks like the hours that I work will depend on how much volume they have to process. That's exactly what I expected considering my past experiences at both FedEx and UPS. More packages = longer hours. In December things will become VERY busy, and he alluded to the fact that I might even get overtime.

Working at night will blow, but I can just sleep in the day and hope my tenants aren't too needy for 6-ish weeks. Sucks I won't see my sexy fiancee as much because of her UPS work shift, but we gotta do it so we can pay for important life things. (cough:wedding:cough) The USPS job starts around November 15th so I still have three weeks on easy street before most of my precious... precious time gets totally eaten up by this seasonal job.

Hopefully after my meeting at the post office I can schedule a drug test and then work on my precious... precious fence at the house this afternoon. However, this rain is like a turd that will not flush so maybe not. We've gotten a few inches of rain since Tuesday afternoon, and my truck has a leak so the back seat is a little wet. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully I don't sit in the back seat and it's not totally flooded out. I should still get it fixed at some point, though. No tenants called with roof issues, at least not yet, so hopefully none of the rentals shipped water. Kat's house took on a little water, especially her basement. I don't think any major damage was done, though. I hope not!

The weather forecast for this weekend and next week is looking better so I can tackle some projects, do some deer hunting, and check some things off the list in anticipation of losing all my free time in about three weeks. From mid-November until Christmas my ass will have to WORK. Then hopefully I can screw off some more and get a job as a tax preparer!

Thursday, 10-23-14: A piss test = a good sign?
It's mid-afternoon, and I just got to my bootleg office a little while ago. I check my email, and I got a request from the USPS to schedule a drug screening:

"The Postal Service requires applicants to be drug free and has asked General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) to facilitate a urinalysis drug test to determine your eligibility for further consideration. We need you to give your consent, supply information, and schedule your drug test. You must respond IMMEDIATELY and report for your drug test within the allotted time or the Postal Service will assume you are no longer interested in this position and not consider your application for employment."

So funny it says I must respond IMMEDIATELY, but then at the bottom of the email it says I have 3 days to respond. I wonder if that means they are pretty close to hiring my ass? Why would they waste their precious... precious money on a piss test if they have no intention of letting me join their team? Oh yeah, I can think of a pretty good reason: it's a government job and our government loves to waste my precious... precious tax dollars. What a bunch of crap!

I should click this link now and see what I have for piss-test options. Hopefully they don't make me drive ten towns away to do it or else I might just continue to be a bum. However, I need to do something for some extra money since I have important things like a wedding and income taxes to pay for by next April so I better conform to the system. For $15 an hour I'll definitely drive over to some doctor/test place and pee in a cup. No prob!


I just called the dude who interviewed me two days ago and left him a voicemail that said "HIRE ME OR DIE." That last sentence is obviously a lie, but I did call and ask if the drug test meant I was going to get hired. I said I don't want to drive 111 miles one-way if I'm not gonna get hired. Hopefully he calls back and if not I'll go beg for a job at UPS. Hehehe...

Speaking of UPS, Kat called UPS this morning to see if she was needed, they said nope, so we fell back asleep. Then about an hour later her phone was ringing. They had a no-show so it was her turn in the rotation. Today was her official first day as a grunt at UPS! (She had orientation two days ago when I was interviewing for the USPS job.) I have no doubt that she did very well, and I have no doubt she will continue to do well over there. Revielle is 0430 tomorrow so she can call and "beg" for work. It's a bunch of crap how they weave the newest hires in at that place. You gotta call in each morning and see if you're needed. Normally when you are brand new you're not needed much at first, but at things roll along you're needed more and more and then eventually you don't have to call because you're always on the schedule. (When I worked there I didn't have to call in because I was a "stupid-visor." Wish I would have been a worker instead of a low-level belt-bitch boss, though. What a bunch of crap!)

In other news, I built the east gate for the precious... precious fence at the house today. It took a couple hours or so to build and install the gate because it's not perfectly rectangular. The fence on that side sits on sloping ground so the gate itself it more like a rhombus. Therefore, I had to make extra measurements and take my time so the gate actually fit into the hole and didn't look all screwed up. Plus it was pouring rain so I had to be quick outside. Fortunately, the deluge did let up a bit to just light drizzle on occasion so I didn't get drenched. I actually spent most of my time building the gate itself in the garage. I cleaned the garage, too.

I guess my east gate could also be called a parallelogram. The pickets and sides are obviously straight, but the top and bottom of the frame had to conform to the slope of the ground and the rest of the fence on that side. I'll be done with the entire fence in a day or two and should have more photos to post soon!

I should lift some weights and then do some paperwork before racquetball at 1700. Hopefully the USPS dude calls me back by tomorrow so I know if I really have to go to frigging Auburn for a piss test. I hope I don't have to go. I don't think I've ever even been to Auburn. What the hell is there to do in that town? My guess is two things: nothing and like it. What a bunch of crap!

Wednesday, 10-22-14: Changes coming soon.
I've been on easy street lately; I haven't worked too many hours at all. Awesome! I'm tryig to enjoy it while it lasts because soon I have a feeling I'll be much busier. Kat will also be busier because she had her orientation at UPS yesterday. In a funny coincidence she actually was at UPS watching safety videos, etc. while I was at the USPS mail processing facility only 3 miles away for my interview. A job with the post office is definitely no lock for me, but I am hopeful I get a call with an offer. The guy who interviewed me liked me. I think? I hope! If not I will punch him in the face. However, it's a secure facility so I would have to sneak in when no one was looking so nevermind.

The USPS job that I applied for is called a, um... I forgot. It has an official title, but it's essentially a seasonal monkey who works in the warehouse sorting mail to various places. It's all overnight work, and it's only a seasonal job beginning mid-November and lasting until Christmas or maybe as late as the very beginning of 2015. The pay is about $15 an hour, and it seems like I would work quite a bit so I might get some overtime pay as well. (1.5x normal pay after 40 hours in a week.) Overtime pay = oh jesus, hell ya! I was making $15 an hour at UPS and only then after I got a couple raises. I think $15 an hour is great!

The dude said they were going to decide who gets hired by week's end. He said he had about 30 people to interview for only a few jobs so odds are definitely NOT in my favor. However, I am ex-military so that gets me a bonus five points on their ranking scale. Plus I'm awesome so that should be bonus infinite points. Hopefully my past experiences at both FedEx and UPS also put me a step above the other candidates.

I really want that post office job. It would only last about 6 weeks, and since it starts in mid-November I'd have plenty of time to go deer hunting before my work consumed all my precious... precious free time. After that job ended then maybe I could look around to find a job as a tax preparer. In the meantime I still plan to look at other job listings in case I don't get hired at the post office. Odds are against my getting hired there so I definitely need to keep looking at other options.

I haven't used the gym in 1.5 weeks. What a bunch of crap! However, I didn't feel good last week. I felt better this weekend and I did go for a jog Saturday afternoon, but I was busy down at the ol' homestead on Sunday. I went out to the range with Pop to sight in my 30.06 and to shoot a bit. Plus we did the usual scouting and tidying up ground blinds. Rifle season is only 1.5 weeks away, and it's already bow season. The fact that I haven't even gone hunting once yet this season = what a bunch of crap! However, I have a great excuse:

Spending time with my future wife > everything else including early-season deer hunting.

It's been too warm to hunt most days anyway. Going hunting when it's in the 60s or above = kinda sucks. Today it's "only" 48, but we have 3-5" of rain coming from a big coastal nor-easter so I ain't going hunting in that crap. F that! It started raining yesterday PM, it rained most of today so far, and tomorrow and Friday also look wet. [sigh.] We do need the rain since it's been a fairly dry fall, but it sucks to get so much at once. My precious... precious fence at the house is so close to being done, but I can't do anything with it in this garbage weather. Hopefully we'll have it done by Saturday and then I can brag about it more and post photos! If I worked on the thing more than a few hours a day a few times a week then it would have already been done so I can't blame the weather too much.

Since the weather has been so bootleg today Kat and I have just sorta been hanging out at her place. We did a crossword puzzle, did a little shopping, and relaxed. Now I'm at the office for a couple hours. I do plan to get my swell on here in a few minutes in my gym and then it's back to her place for a Hamburger Helper supper. My fiancee likes Hamburger Helper. Thank you, gods who do not really exist! Reason #487,345 why I love her lots and lots. (Last night we had deer steak for supper. AWESOME!)

Things between Kat and I have never been better. Good thing since we have our own wedding to attend in just under 6 months! Last week was rough because I wasn't feeling well. Sometimes I just run out of energy, and I don't know why. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often. When it does happen I wonder if I have some body defect, but then I get better so I (mostly) forget about it. I don't really get sick during these brief stints; I still have an appetite and I'm not puking or all congested. I get plenty of sleep, too. I just feel like my tank is on empty. That pisses me off, and I'm sure the frustration that I feel makes it worse. Oh well, I should stop complaining now because I have it pretty good in life. I gots a roof over my head, food on the table, enough money for some booze, and a smokin' hot and truly amazing fiancee.

I'm out of here. Drop and give me 25, maggots!

Thursday, 10-16-14: Rain = no fence. My next job. Maybe? Kat's next job? Definitely!
I worked on my precious... precious fence for a bit this morning, but then it started raining so I quit. Looks like rain for the rest of the day and into tomorrow morning so maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get more of it done. I cut my hair, showered up, cleaned the house a little, and now here I sit in my bootleg office and it's only 1430. I'll be a slacker today! Maybe I will swing by Trash-Hole-Mart later to buy some SD cards and lithium AA batteries for my trail camera. Or I could clean my office and maybe just find the SD cards that I used to have... In a while I'll go over to Kat's house and hang out since I still don't have the energy to use my gym. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be all the way back up to 100%. Unfortunately, now Kat and her daughter aren't feeling well. What a bunch of crap! I hope they didn't get it from me, but they probably did so now I feel like a Giblet-head.

This morning I hopped onto the Interweb to see a couple e-mails from USPS. Kat and I both applied for a seasonal job with the post office about a month ago, and now they are finally getting motivated. I got invited to an interview next Tuesday at 1115. Score! Unfortunately, Kat didn't get an invite for an interview yet. However, she just got offered another logistics job this morning so things are looking up for us both in terms of the almighty dollar.

At lunch when I saw Tommy at the house I told him about Kat's new job. He repiled: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

My fiancee got hired at UPS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even better, she got hired for the preload shift. The same shift that I worked when I was there, and the same shift Tommy worked for his brief tour of duty there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't make any phone calls or pull any strings getting Kat that UPS job because I'm pretty sure that would have backfired. I don't think anyone there hates me, but my Giblet-Head former boss apparently told everyone that I quit without notice so I'm sure my name is crap among management there. I didn't quite without notice, that fuckin' DINK. I told him I wanted to give my two-weeks notice because the job was shit on toast and that's when he told me I was relieved of my duties that same day. Forever. I didn't get fired, and I sure as hell didn't just walk out. The job just ended for me. Abruptly!


My job at UPS sucked, but I would have gone back if I could have just been a preloader. Just a worker, a grunt if you will. Being a manager there was a bunch of crap! Some people get hired there and fail pretty fast for various reasons, but some people get hired there and do very well. It's actually not a bad place to work if you stick it out for a while because eventually you can get benefits and better pay. I told Kat that maybe she will like it and maybe she will hate it, but I didn't try to talk her out of applying for the seasonal job because she will have to form her own opinion about the company and about the job. There are a lot of good people who work over there so I have no doubt that she will be successful and fit right in if she actually likes the work. She has a damn good work ethic, that's for sure. Even when she feels shitty she still does her karaoke gigs every week without fail.

I suppose I should go through my desk and maybe a spare SD card will magically appear. Those things are so small. They are almost as small as [insert dick joke]... I have been chatting with Gav online about his latest romantic potential. One of Cliff's daughters came up to town, and she stoped by to visit Gav at his new place across the street from my office. Gav seems hesitant to date her even though from my perspective she seems to want him. She's "only" 23, and he's my age so that's quite a difference. However, Cliff's wife is 16.5 years younger than he is so it's almost exactly the same. Cliff already said he would love to see Gav date her so he has approval from both her father and the blueberry raking boss. Score for him! However, if they do date and it fails then I think Gav might end up raking a lot of rock walls in the future. Since Cliff usually has Gav and I rake together that means I will pay for failure, too. That would be a bunch of crap!

I told him he should take her out on a date at Jester's. Hehehehe.


Wednesday, 10-15-14: I feel like shit, but the fence looks like... a fence.
I don't feel good. What a bunch of crap! I haven't been 100% since Sunday when I lifted weights and played racquetball. I tried to lift weights Monday AM with Kat, but I sucked and could barely even do a few light tricep exercises. Since then I haven't been able to exercise at all because I am too much of a pussy. Gods damn it! To rub salt in the wounds the weather has been fantastic, too. Last two days have been 70+. Perfect weather for jogging and for being outside a lot.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but my damn body better fix itself ASAP. I feel run down and kinda like I have a hangover. However, I know I don't have an alcohol-induced hangover because I haven't had any booze since last Friday at Jester's. (I didn't get hungover Sat AM. We worked on the fence for a good part of that day.) Sometimes I think I have energy, but then I try to bring the thunda and it turns into a shit-show when I realize I am running on fumes.

Even though I haven't been feeling so well Kat and I have still made good progress on the backyard fence at the house. I don't have much experience building a fence; I build a short one at my Bangor duplex last fall that came out looking like this:

^The pickets aren't exactly even, but "it's just a rental." (Hehehe. My bootleg company motto) I think that is a 24-foot fence along the property line in the photo above, and the one at the house will be approximately 192 feet in total length. The back section is 84 feet, the right side is 36 feet, the left side is 48 feet, and there will be 8-foot and 16-foot sections that connect to the back sides of the house. Plus I need two gates, one each for the left and right sides. That's an epic lot of fence!

I took some photos this morning of the work that we've done so far:

Kat and I did some of the pickets on the far side (right side facing the woods from the house), and I worked solo on the left side (back side and not in the photo.) Digging 8 holes on that left side was a bunch of crap because of obstacles like this:

^A giant rock. What a bunch of crap! It took a while to fight that beast out of the ground; thankfully it was only about a foot deep or else I would have been pwned. One of my posts on the left side will only be about 16" in the ground because I hit another monster rock that seems even bigger. I'm not digging out half my frigging lawn just to remove that rock. Screw dat! The posts are spaced 6-feet apart instead of 8-feet so I think having one "only" go about 16" deep will be okay. I'll just use extra concrete on that one. All the other posts are at least 24" deep, and many are closer to 30" deep.

I had planned to concrete in the 8 posts that I put up today on that left side, but I don't have the energy to wrestle around with 80-lb bags of Quikcrete cement, and I sure as hell don't feel like mixing the stuff up in my wheelbarrow. That's hard work, work for people who don't feel like sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttt. It took me forever just to get those posts set up becasuse I felt shitty.

I was supposed to play racquetball with Gav and Deno tonight, but I had to cancel. Gods damn it! I really wanted to play because it will be the last time Deno plays before he has to maybe have a tumor cut out of his head. When you get a tumor in your brain and can still play racquetball (and often win) then you are born again hard. He sent me this text when I cancelled "Pussy!! I've got a brain tumor and I'm still playing." I obviously have no comeback for that one. What a bunch of crap!

Before I leave and go eat supper with my awesome fiancee I have one more photo of the fence to post:

^It came out better than I expected, especially considering it is 84 consecutive feet long so there was little room for error in terms of making it straight and mostly true.

That back section came out looking pretty damn good. Hopefully the rest of the fence looks just as good or else I will have to punch myself in the face. No one will see how nice that part of the fence looks since it faces the woods, but maybe birds and squirrels will appreciate our hard work.

The fence has been my main focus so far this month. I'll work on it a few hours here, a few there, as weather and time permits. On Saturday at 0745 I also had 6 yards of loam delivered (bye bye $185) that I used to level the ground along the back section. Moving about 30 wheelbarrow loads of that stuff was a workout, but I enjoyed seeing the progress. Kat and her daughter, Katherine, even helped on Saturday. Katherine dug some of the holes and removed all the leaves, but now only 4 days later a million more leaves are back and it doesn't even look she ever raked at all. What a bunch of crap!

Alright turd-burglars (or as Kat sometimes says: turtle-turds), I need to go feed my gom-hole and maybe drink a little booze. When you feel like shit the best thing to do is to drink a little alcohol. It helps. Sometimes. Mostly. Maybe? If not then at least I fool myself into thinking that it does so I win. Plus I get to hang out with my future wife so I win even more.

Friday, 10-10-14: Not that long ago...
A mere few months ago I used to really look forward to this time of the week, Friday around midday. I worked at UPS M-F from early morning until 1000 or so, and I used to love getting out of work on Friday late morning knowing I had the weekend to rest up, relax, and no not have to go to a job that sucked ass. Do I miss working at UPS?


I got done at UPS just over three months ago, and since then I have been having the time of my life. I have a smokin' hot fiancee who is a great person. I don't have as much money as I had when I worked at UPS, but fuck it I have enough. The $2500 that I made during an epic blueberry raking season kept me going. Plus I don't have heating/plowing bills to pay in the summer so that's also a huge plus. If I'm gonna haul on a shit job then no better time to do it than the summer!

The money that I made from blueberry raking disappeared last month. The Nothing came and took it away like it once took away the beautiful lake from the Rock Biters in the North in The Neverending Story. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, I have no regrets about spending a good chunck of that income on a badass vacation last month. That vacation was awesome! If I could turn back time I would do it again without a second thought. (However, booking a room at the "Waldorf" in Niagra Falls, NY was not the best decision...)

I need to get a job pretty soon. If I don't get a job I won't go bankrupt, but I like having extra disposable income. I have a property tax bill that was due last month here on my desk, but I won't pay that this month because in about two hours I'll be dropping deposit money for our wedding venue. Kat and I saw a couple potential venues on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we saw one more place that we liked the most. Check out this event room:

It's a place called the Morgan Hill Event Center over in Hermon, and we love the interior. The vaulted ceiling (or is it cathedral ceiling?), and the fireplace really grabbed our attention. They also have a wedding arch outside, but mother nature said a big "fuck you" to us and literally the minute we opened the door to go outside and see it in person rain started pouring from the sky. What a bunch of crap! A sign from the gods who do not really exist perhaps?

Our original plan was to get maried on June 27th; that would have been our 1-year anniversary of the date when Kat first came over to my house for the late-night fire and Teddy Grahams. However, the only place that had Saturday available still was down in Belfast. We loved the view down there on the water, but the interior wasn't exactly what we hoped for so we crossed that one off the list. At Morgan Hill most Saturdays are already booked for next summer including the 27th, but Sunday the 28th was still a remote possibility. Some lady had reserved the 28th but hadn't paid yet so our tour guide thought we could get it. We said thanks, we'll let you know, and on Wednesday night we sorted it all out.

Getting married outside would be great, but the frigging weather is often imperfect and it's a risk to plan an outdoor wedding. It could rain, it could be too windy, it could be too cold, or more likely in late June, it could be too hot. Getting baked by the sun in a black suit = no thank you. I remember at Walter's wedding it was late August and nice weather, but that sun still was scorching hot. (I was the best man that day. It was a fun wedding!) At most of the wedding places they have a spot to do it outside and a spot to do it inside, and that's the case at Morgan Hill. Always ncie to have a backup plan.

Besides the beautiful architecture of the building itself Morgan Hill had one feature that captivated us: a fireplace. You can see it in the photo above. We talked about how nice it would be to get married in front of the fireplace, but doing that in late June is obviously dumb. So I suggested we get married earlier. Like, two months earlier. I asked Kat what she thought about getting married in April instead of June, and she said "Oh Jesus, hell ya!" (She didn't really say that, but it would have been funny if she did.) We narrowed it down to two dates in April, Saturday the 11th or Sunday the 19th, and we decided to sleep on it and make a final decision the following day.

Yesterday morning we talked it over some more, and we agreed that Sunday the 19th would be our best option. School vacation week is the 20th-24th of April so her daughter and her daughter's friends wouldn't have to worry about going to school the next day. If Kat or I do get a job doing taxes this year then tax season will be over whereas Saturday the 11th would be only four days before the filing deadline and it might be hard to get the time off to prepare, etc. Finally, getting married on Sunday the 19th is $600 less than getting married on a Saturday. Score!

When I called to tell our tour guide chick that we wanted April instead of June she said good thing because that other lady did book Sunday June 28th. More good karma? Oh Jesus, hell ya!

I don't really give a shit about the cost of the wedding... to a point. One venue wanted $13,000 to host a Saturday wedding so that's obviously NOT an option in my real world of middle-class life. Needless to say once we found out how much that place cost we didn't even go see it. The other three places were around $3000-4000 including food. Saturdays in the summer are the most expensive! Even a Sunday in June costs more than a Sunday in April at Morgan Hill so saving several hundred dollars is a huge plus. I can use that money to put towards a sweet honeymoon. I really want Kat to have the time of her life, and I don't wanna be a cheapskate, but waiting 8 days to save a bunch of money works well for us both.

We're going over to Morgan Hill in about an hour to pay a $750 deposit and to finally book our date, 100%. We are going to scrap the plans for an outdoor wedding so we don't even have to think about mother nature and go to weather.com 1000 times in the days prior to our wedding. In a prefect scenario if we KNEW we would have fantastic weather we would get married outside in a forest or field or by the water, but we'll be just as happy getting married in front of their large fireplace. April 19th might not really be fireplace weather if it's unseasonably warm outside, but at least it's not the dead of winter so we won't have to worry about a blizzard messing up plans for the event. If it snows April 19th it won't last. I hope!

So now we have a wedding to pay for. Plus I want a honeymoom. My ass needs to get a job! I actually applied for a sales rep position at Avis rental car over in the airport, and I had an interview yesterday morning at 0800. The guy there seemed pretty cool, and the job seems like something I could excel at. However, I don't think they have an immediate need so I don't want to hang all my hopes on that one potential. I'd make $11.50 an hour plus commission when I talk people into upgrading their rental cars, to getting insurance, XM satellite radio, etc.

Applying for that job was quite the process. I had to take an in-depth online test, call their 1-800-number for a phone interview, and do a bunch of other crap before I even got my live interview. Lat month Kat and I applied for seasonal work at the USPS and that was also quite a process. Neither one of us have heard back from them yet, but hopefully at some point soon we get a call. Kat applied to work at UPS for seasonal work, and she has a tour of the place next Wednesday morning. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get this, I actually tried to apply for the seasonal dock-worker position as well, but the computer said this to me:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG THE UPS CAREER WEBSITE DENIED ME PERMISSION TO APPLY FOR A JOB. HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A FUNNY BUNCH OF CRAP! Since I was already a manager there I guess I can never just be a regular worker. Those fuckers! I already knew that when I left the company in early July, but I thought maybe I could apply and see what happened. Turns out their automated system just shits me out before I can even submit an application. Those fuckin' DINKS.

I wish when I applied to work at UPS back in April/May of 2013 I had applied for a regular dock worker job instead of a management job. My bad there. being a manager at UPS fucking sucked, but I loved loading trucks and would have gone back to do that if given the chance... maybe.

My truck has 49,990 miles on it. The drive over to Morgan Hill and back will push me over 50,000 in a short while. How fitting is it that my truck reaches a milestone while my hot fiancee and I drive to book our wedding venue. I'm getting married, beotches! Are you jealous? You should be because my life is awesome. Now I just need a job so I have extra money to pay for important things like a wedding and a honeymoon. Who wants to hire my ass? Definitely not UPS. Probably not Liberty Tax either since I think that place finally went out of business. What a bunch of crap! My last two employers either hate me or have gone bankrupt... epic fail!

Wednesday, 10-8-14: Technology that I fucking hate.
I fucking hate my new cellphone. It's a piece of dump. What a bunch of crap! It's costing my ass about $5.50 a month on my plan to possess, too. I need to get over to US Cellular ASAP so I can haul on it and get my old penny phone back. I would explain why I hate my newer phone, but I have other things to bitch about now so I'll save it for another day.

I also hate this fucking computer here in my bootleg office. The computer itself is probably pretty sweet, but it has Winders 8. I think? Maybe it's Winders 9? It's the one that looks like this and has no START menu:


I literally had to Google "How to find the calculator feature in the new windows" not long ago because I was too stupid to find it. Fucking fuckitty fuck. What a bunch of crap!

My latest complaint about this new OS is the Adobe Reader. Or is it Acrobat Reader? Hell if I know, but on my laptop when I open a PDF file I know exactly where the PRINT icon is. However, on this bootleg office computer of mine when I open the file I get this turd-sandwich:

That bar on the bottom doesn't even appear unless you right-click on the screen; I discovered that on accident. It's hard to read when I sized it down, but trust me there ain't a PRINT button there anywhere. Plus there is nothing on the top of the screen. All I wanna know is why? Why did the pinko programmers make it this way? I tried to open the file with WORD, but all I get is a bunch of crap. I tried to open it with Photoshop, convert it to a jpg, and print it that way but all I get is a blank fucking page. FUCK THIS PISSES ME OFF ALL I WANT TO DO IS PRINT THIS FUCKING JOB APPLICATION SO I CAN FUCKING FILL THE FUCKING THING OUT AND MAYBE GET A JOB. YOU MUDDA FUCKAS!

I seriously have no idea how to print this. I guess I will rely on my faithful standby, Google. You can Google anything. I like Google. The newer version of Google sucks worse than the older version, but compared to this new Windows it's a slice of pixelated heaven. What a bunch of crap!

I applied for a job at Avis. Or maybe it's Budget? Hell if I know, but I have about 22 hours to figure it out because tomorrow at 0800 I have an interview at the place over in the airport. Their job application process was a complex bunch of crap. After I applied online, took an Interweb test (that was hard as fuck!), and did a phone interview that I expected to bomb, I graduated to the point of getting a real-world interview. Nice! Maybe? I dunno. The pay doesn't look too shabby and how hard can it be talking people into renting cars from my desk and from buying extras like insurance and tacos. I'm pretty sure I won't be selling tacos, but it would be cool if I did. I'm rambling now and this makes no sense anymore. What a bunch of crap!

I still haven't Googled "How to print from..." What do I ask it? I don't even know what that fucking program pictured above is called. Gods damn it!

Kat and I looked at two potential wedding/reception venues yesterday. One isn't too far away in Eddington and the other is on the ocean in Belfast. The view at the Belfast one is nicer, but we like the reception area in the Eddington more. We're torn between the two at the moment so we will go look at another one in Hermon in about an hour. Then we will have three choices and hopefully we can make a final decision ASAP. We wanna book something so we have a date set in stone and we can let our select few friends know. June 27th or 28th seems most likely at this point.

Okay, I need to find out how to print this now. No more procrastinating. Then I need to pay some bills and stuff. Awesome, the trick to making it work is CTRL-P. Once you do that the options come up for printing. I win, Microsoft loses because I just flamed their lame asses to about two people who actually read this frigging site. What a bunch of crap!

I conclusion, change sucks. Especially technological change. Technological change was great back in the 80s, 90s, and even 2000s. However, now there should be no more changes. Leave it alone until I die. The end.

Monday, 10-6-14: Deer hunting and wedding planning.
It's already October 6th and I haven't gone deer hunting once so fat this year. What a bunch of crap! I did walk around in the woods behind my new house yesterday for a half hour, but I didn't see jack shit for deer sign there. It's only a small piece of woods, though. I have been shooting my bow a few times a week for the past couple weeks so I'm slowly gearing up. I still need to dig out my trail camera and hit up the bigger piece of woods that Gav and I have hunted in for the past several years.

I'm not in a huge hurry to get out there and hunt this year. It can be fairly warm and a little uncomfortable earlier in the season. I did shoot an 8-point buck at the end of September 2007, but normally if I shoot a deer it's not until November. I'm hoping by the middle or third week of this month I can go hunting for the first time of the season. Right now deer hunting is lower on the priority list because I'm all in love, and my hot fiancee and I have to plan a wedding!

We are most likely going to get married on Saturday, June 27, 2015. However, if a Saturday is not feasable then we might do it on Sunday the 28th. We've already made a list of several possible wedding venues. We were going to tour a place down in Stockton Springs this afternoon, but those mudda fuckas want $13,000 to book their facility on a Saturday. It is "only" $6000 on a Sunday, though. OMG THAT IS A RIDICULOUS BUNCH OF CRAP! THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

^Looks awesome, but there are lots of other awesome places for a fraction of that cost.

Kat and I talked about maybe just getting married in the backyard at the house, but I don't think that will work because my yard ain't that big. Plus what if it rains? I don't wanna be a cheap-ass when it comes to my own frigging wedding so chances are damn good that we end up renting a place. Plus my good friend got married at his house a few years ago, and I remember he said in hindsight they probably would have been better off just renting a place. Just a tent rental is several hundred dollars. What a bunch of crap!

Kat already picked out her dress. Nice! That means she can't haul on me now because it's getting tailored and stuff. I bet she looks fantastic in it, but I am not allowed to see until wedding day because those are the rules of the game. She looks fantastic in sweatpants and a tee shirt so of course she will be off the scale hot in something more formal. I guess I have to go rent a tuxedo at some point. Right? Or I can just wear this:

Ghillie suit, beotches! Perfect for hiding, for camoflauge, and for... getting married. (What a bunch of crap!) I wonder if she would still say "I do" if I actually showed up to my own wedding wearing a Chewbacca-like camo costume? Hehehehehe.

We both agree that getting married outside would be ideal, but we need to have a backup plan in case the weather is a turd on our wedding day. A venue with an outdoor gazeebo/cover/arch-thing and an indoor area for a wedding/reception would be perfect for us. I don't think we'd have more than 50 people at the wedding so there really is no need for something too grandiose. I don't have that many friends, and I don't give a shit if casual acquaintances attend or not. I'd actually prefer a smaller wedding with a good crowd over a big wedding full of slapnuts.

I'm getting married! Fuckin-A. It took my loser ass 38.5 years to finally find a keeper, but it was well worth the wait. I'll be a good husband because I don't lie, cheat, or steal. Plus I don't get violent and abusive. I'm mediocre in bed and I'm a pretty bad cook, but at least I can provide a stable home for my family. I feel like the world's luckiest guy because my fiancee is awesome.

I should go get my swell on in the gym and then it will be time for lunch with my sweet-pea. After that I will work on my fence at the house and maybe go for a jog. I don't have too much on the schedule for the rental properties at the moment; everything is rented and all systems are operational. No one has stiffed me out of rent lately so I have no asses to kick. Overall life is great!

Friday, 10-3-14: It's pretty late (early?)
It has only been Friday for 20 minutes now. I'm in my office tonight because Kat has a gig up in Dover, and I didn't go with her this time so I could get some other stuff done. Hanging out in my office at midnight makes me cool. I often like going with my awesome fiancee to her gigs, but sometimes it's best for me to stick around here and take care of some business. Each of her gigs lasts several hours including setup/breakdown/travel. Plus if it's in a bar and she's hosting karaoke I can't really stand right next to her all night without being in her way so I gotta go sit at the bar and have a drink. I don't mind hanging out at a bar while my hot future wife does her job (which she is very good at), but if I spend too many hours in a bar then it does start to get old. Plus it's hard to sit in a bar and not drink so that costs some money, too.

I'm staying up until she gets back so I can help her unload her jeep. She'll call me when she's driving back so we can chat for a bit and that will hopefully keep her from getting too bored/tired on the 37-mile drive back to the big city. I went up to Dover with her two other times and the bar there isn't too bad of a place, but the owner is a cheap fuck who doesn't pay her enough so maybe she will haul on that gig in the near future. Certainly once winter weather hits it won't be worth the drive up.

I was at Jester's last Friday for all four hours+ of Kat's gig. It was actually fun down there last week! I'm terrible at karaoke and should never be allowed near a mic, but I did two songs last week. I told Tommy if he did a song (sober) then I'd do The Neverending Story so of course he did is song and I had to be that guy. You know the guy, the one who totally sucks at karaoke and makes you want to leave? That was me! Fortunately, only a couple people were left in the bar because it was near the end of the show.

Kat actually filmed my drunk ass doing the song, but it maybe has too many GB to go onto this bootleg site. Plus that video is still on her computer. I was yelling for Falcor and pretending to hold the last grain of sand from Fantasia. I also yelled MOONCHILD out the window. What a bunch of crap! (Where's my psychologist?)

In other news, the Red Sox failed miserably this baseball season after winning the World Series last year. Look at the AL standings:

OMG LAST PLACE. WHAT A TERRIBLE BUNCH OF CRAP! Oh well, at leas the Yankees didn't make the playoffs either. Derek Jeter retired this season; he should be a no-brainer when it's his time for a Hall of Fame induction. I shit on him a lot over the years, but I do respect how he played the game.

Last week we were watching TV at Kat's place when we accidentally made a hilarious discovery. Time Warner has an epic channel selection, and if you go into the really high channel numbers you find some seriously kinky pay-per-view selections. Check out this photo that Kat took of the TV screen:

OMG! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Please Bang My Wife 9." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! "Twink Party All Stars." What the hell is a twink? I've heard the word before, but I have no idea what it means...

Twink: "An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! THAT IS SO GROSS AND BORDERLINE ILLEGAL! Thankfully my fiancee is normal and does NOT want to order any of that porno TV crap. So funny the descriptions and options from the cable company. "Black Meat in White Treats 5." They're so popular that sequals get made!

I got quite a bit done tonight. I cleaned the hell out of the back corner of this basement by the furnace, and I found my crock pot. I bought one at Trash-Hole-Mart back in the spring because I thought The Nothing took mine away like it once took away the beautifl lake from the Rock Biters in the North. I suppose it's been too long to refund that now so I'll own two. The one I bought is still in its original box, too. I never even opened it! I should give it away as a gift to someone...

Thursday, 10-2-14: A fence for my backyard.
I have a lot of things that I can and should be doing. However, I don't have so much on the list that I'm overwhelmed. The biggest project on the list is building a fence in my backyard; Kat and I already started working on that a few days ago. Last Thursday was the trip to Lowe's to order the materials, and everything was delivered on Saturday before we went down to Bar Harbor for a birthday gig around noon on that day.

^Enough lumber and concrete for about 200 square feet of fencing. I signed up for a Lowe's card to get a discount and special financing. They gave me a $6000 limit. Nice! I already have a $10k limit on a Home Depot card, but I liked the pickets at Lowe's better. (I used to have a Lowe's "project" card" years ago, but I hauled on that because it was lame.)

I wanted to put a fence around my backyard, but it wasn't a top priority before I met Kat. Now that she is my fiancee it's tops on the list because we're gonna live together at my house in the near future. A fence will be good so we can let the dogs out without having to worry about them running out into the street. Plus Kat and I can run around naked and no one will call the cops on us... or even worse take pictures of us and put them on the Interweb. That would be a bunch of crap! Kat facetiously said we should tell the neighbors we're putting up a fence because we belong to a nudist colony and we don't want to offend anyone. Hehehehe.

The right side of my yard has a nice, private border of ceder bushes. However, the left side has only a few scraggly deciduous bush-things that don't offer much privacy. Neither side would be adequate to contain the pets, and the back that edges the woods also needs a fence so the dogs don't take off into the woods after a squirrel or something.

^Right side.

^facing the left side. I still have lots of holes to dig!

I don't know exactly when Kat and I will live together yet, but probably around year's end? Still a few things to sort out before that becomes a reality, but it doesn't make much sense for her to have her house and me to have mine much longer. I could move in with her at her house, but she has a smaller yard, her house needs some repairs and upgrades, and I'm stuck in my house for at least another 6 months because those are the terms of my loan. I could move out if I really needed to, but screw that my loan is for an owner-occupied house and not a rental and I don't wanna play with that fire. Plus we both like my house. It's a cool little spread! It's really a lot nicer since I did major renovations in the spring. Not sure I've even posted recent pictures of what it looks like now so I should get right on that.

^Floor could use a sweeping and a swabbing. I'll put it on the "to do" list if Tommy and his chick don't get on it. I'm hardly there these days so I don't really give a crap. One day soon I'll be there a lot more, though!

^I have a third barstool, but it needs to be tightened since a couple screws are stripped out. Damn Chinese-made junk! (I just assumed it's made in China. What a bunch of crap!) They're $100 stools so not like I cheaped out on them either. Gods damn it who builds things to last these days? The table in the background (is that my dining room?) cost me $200 at Trash-Hole-Mart. I installed the legs incorrectly so Kat had to tell me to fix it. Epic fail!

The photos make my precious... precious house look done, but it still needs a bit of trim work and a couple transition seams. I should finish that up ASAP, but now my priority is the fence since the weather has been decent lately. I can do the interior work on rainy and/or cold days. Or I can just blow it off and hang out with my hot fiancee. That's pretty much what I've done since the end of June. Hehehehe.

It's almost 1930, and I'm still in my office. I ate a frozen dinner and some other snacks in here for supper! Kat has a gig up in Dover tonight, her first gig in many weeks that I've not gone to, so I'm gonna take care of some things here at the shop. I need to clean out the basement here, and I also have a lot of papers in the office to organize. I'm also chatting with Gavin about how much of a fuck-up our foundation contractor, Bob Dunn III, is. That guy has fucked over Gavin so hard this summer that it's not even funny. He was supposed to have a large foundation job done for Gavin back at the end of July, but it's not even done yet and now it's October. What a bunch of crap! He's way over budget, too. I hate that fucking asshole Bob Dunn. Never hire him, ever. He truly is a piece of shit contractor who lies, cheats, and steals. I'll never hire him again!*

*I said that last year and then I hired him again. What a hypocritical bunch of crap!

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