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"Are you going outside barefoot?" -Me
"Yeah, it's better than nothing." -Kat
"Wait, I thought barefoot was nothing?" -Me
"Yeah, whatever." -Kat (0215, after our Friday night Jester's gig 6-5-15)


Monday, 7-27-15: Busy last day before raking starts.
The 2015 blueberry raking season starts tomorrow down in Hope when I roll in and meet up with Cliff and his regular rakers at Payson's Field. We rake Payson's and the better Bob Wright's fields every other year, and those are always the better fields so Oh Jesus Hell Ya to this year! Two years ago I worked at UPS and couldn't get a full vacation so I "only" raked for around 7 days, something like 47 total hours or work. (Yeah, I'm a nerd and I have a spreadsheet for all this stuff. What a bunch of crap!) However, even though I didn't rake a ton of hours I still made $1187, almost $25 an hour. If I can get in that ballpark hourly rate again this year then I'll be happy.

^I'm hoping the best Bob Wright's field looks now like it did when I took this picture just over two years ago. This was the day I raked 84 boxes, my all-time high. Will I ever break that record? Probably not, but maybe if I drop the hammer and don't have a blowout.

Thankfully I hauled on UPS last year, just over a year ago, and I chalk that up to a winning life decision because that job was a bunch of crap. Plus I worked for a douchebag, and my manager above that manager was also dink. Since I didn't have UPS I was able to rake more last year; I made around $2500 total from raking. OMG! However, I raked 2 weeks for Cliff and a couple more weeks in Franklin so it was a month of work. I didn't work 8-hour days every day, but I put in plenty of time. Last year was the second-best blueberry crop in the state's history. 2000 was the best ever with around 110 million tons harvested, last year was 104 million, and I think the average these days is around 90 million tons. The outlook for this season is average, which I believe compares to the 2013 season, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Of course local weather varies so each field will be a little different year after year.

I have been crazy busy lately, and that sucks. However, at least we are getting things done. A good chunk of this month was taken up by the house renovation across the street from my bootleg office. That was 3 busy weeks from just after Independence Day through a couple days ago. Plus Kat has her weekly karaoke gigs and we've done two Saturday weddings this month. On Saturday we did a wedding in Nobleboro, and that was a 14-hour day including driving, setup, breakdown, etc. The weddings make for long days, but they also make for pretty good pay. Kat is a great DJ!

I have a few photos of that house we renovated to share. We had to put in extra work because the former Giblet-Head tenants did a little damage. Thankfully no major damage was done, but it did require extra time and money that I have billed them for. I had to replace a ceiling fan upstairs because the blades were snapped off:

What a bunch of crap!

There was some damage to floors including a few divets here and there in the master bedroom. Thankfully I didn't have to replace the entire floor; I was able to match the pieces up at Lowe's with the ones I used back in October 2010 when I installed the floor.

What a bunch of crap!

There was some damage to doors and frames:

^What a bunch of crap!

And the stove top was 100% filthy:


I also had to replace the bathroom vanity because a water leak caused it to start to fall apart from the water damage. Unfortunately, the vanity was also only from October, 2010. However, I did install a bigger new one so it was an upgrade. Bye bye $139 for that. Bye bye over $3000 for the whole house renovations! The former tenants definitely did NOT do that much damage; a lot of the expense was new windows, kitchen cabinets, etc. I would say the former tenants did $300 or so worth of damage, give or take, and I had some security deposit money to cover that. However, they also left a $1238 water/sewer bill so bye bye security deposit and several hundred dollars on top of tht if they don't pay that bill. The city will do a lien on the house and that sucks for me. What a bunch of crap!

^All I wanna know is why? Why did they not tell me about this leak? Stevie fucking Wonder himself could have told me that sink faucet was leaking every time it was used. Gods damn it. Those Giblet Heads!

^New vanity looks good. That faucet is the old one from our house that I saved when I did the renovations last spring. Score!

^The upstairs rooms look a lot nicer with new windows, trim, and fresh paint throughout. The whole house looks so much better now. It's not 100% mint, but I'd be happy to move into the place as it looks now.

I have a lot to do today before raking begins. It seems like every year the same gods damned thing happens to me around this time of year. I try to tie up all my loose ends, but I can never get it all done in a timely fashion so I have to bust my balls to get it all done before I leave for raking. What a bunch f crap! Tomorrow and Wed. night I will bivouac at Mom and Pop's so I will rake tomorrow, Wed, and Thurs. I will come home Thurs PM, mow a lawn or two, go to Kat's gig that night with her. Then I will finish the mowing Friday AM, have lunch and do a few other things, and then head back to the midcoast that afternoon to set up camp with Gavin and prepare for raking all next week. I won't have much free time so I probably won't update this turd-heap for a while. Total bummer for the two of you who actually read this crap.

Goonies never say die!

Tuesday, 7-21-15: They took the plants!
The Giblet-head tenants who lived across the street from my bootleg office for over 4.5 years gave me their 30-day notice early last month and moved out earlier this month. They are actually not even 100% moved out yet, but they got most of their crap out of there so at least I have been able to work on the house to get it ready for the next tenants. They were decent tenants in the beginning, but as the years passed their true white trash nature showed through and now I am glad to have them gone. They were very rough on the house, and they did a shitty job of moving out. Over the past couple weeks the guy has showed up a few times with Natty Daddy beers in hand, and he's made a half-assed effort to get the rest of their stuff.

^He's supposed to get his crap OUT of there, not leave more crap behind. What a bunch of crap!

His last pathetic attempt at moving his shit was Saturday when he drank beer and decided to take a few things with him in a friend's borrowed truck including the plants that bordered the front walkway. He actually dug up the plants and put them in the truck so he could have some nice greenery at their trailer a couple miles away. (White trash moves into a trailer. Stereotype = complete.) OMG WHO DOES THAT?! HEY ASSHOLE YOU HAVE A FUCKING MATTRESS IN THE BASEMENT AND A PILE OF TRASHY-LOOKING CLOTHES DOWN THERE WHERE THE WASHER AND DRYER GO SO ALL I WANNA KNOW IS WHY? WHY DID YOU TAKE THE FUCKING PLANTS INSTEAD OF THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING BELONGINGS? YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT AND I HOPE YOU GET CANCER AND DIE. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

His taking the plants doesn't really affect my bottom line, but it just goes to show the true nature of the guy. Technically he did put the plants there so they are his, but come on he knows they left the house in need of work with a $1238 water bill on top of that so all I wanna know is why? Why would he do that? He didn't even rake up the aftermath either so now I have to waste 15 minutes of my precious... precious time raking it up and throwing some grass seed down. All over maybe $20 worth of plants that he probably didn't even really buy. He probably found them along the side of the road during one of his scrap-metal excursions.

^WTF, over?

Kat said it best when she said that his taking the plants takes me away from my family more. It's only 15 minutes, but gods damn it even one minute is too many. She also acutely observed that his wife seems oblivious to his recent failures. She probably has no idea that he goes over to the house from time to time and gets at least half drunk as he hangs out with one of the neighbors and they both do more drinking than actual moving. The guy never used to drink, but now that's all I see him do. He is definitely on a downward spiral and it's really sad because he will take his family with him. His wife seems to be the one who works and provides for the family while he putters from odd job to odd job and drinks/gambles away their money.

Thankfully they didn't leave owing me a large sum of rent money. I'm hoping I can get them to take care of their water bill with the city or else I will be out $750 or so. She said they would take care of it, and she's religious so hopefully her faith in a false God will keep her in check. I know he gives zero fucks so if she doesn't take care of it then I guess I am stuck with the bill. What a bunch of crap! I cold take them to small claims court, but would it be worth it? Likely not. Hopefully she believes that God will punish her if she doesn't make a payment plan to take care of it. If not it sucks to be me!

I almost have that house ready for the new tenants. I was supposed to have it done by Sunday two days ago, but we agreed to push it back so now I have until Friday. Yesterday I finished the cabinet painting, and I am very pleased with how that came out looking.

^Not bad! I've always stained and polyurethaned the unfinished cabinets that I install, but this time I only replaced the base cabinets and I wanted them to match the already-painted wall cabinets. I did screw up the fridge; it was too tall to fit under those wall cabinets. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully I was able to cut out a section without damaging the cabinets so now the fridge fits in good enough.

I figure I have about 13 hours left of interior work, mostly painting and cleaning, so that's a very manageable number to attain over the next three days. I might not work on it much if at all today because I have to mow lawns and possibly go with Kat down to Portland, but I could do three half-days Wed-Fri and still meet my deadline. I also have a few hours of exterior work left to do, but that can wait until early next week if needed. I called Cliff yesterday, and he said he plans to start the 2015 raking season either next Tuesday or Wednesday so I only have a week left to wrap up that house and everything else on the list.

It's 0736, and it' time for me to do a few other things before I go mow a couple lawns. Hopefully I can post a few more photos of that house later in the week during my next bootleg update that about two people will ever read. Goonies never say die!

Friday, 7-17-15: Grandma checked out.
Grandma Lemmon died last night, only a couple days before her 92nd birthday. The last of my four grandparents are gone now. Grandma was my maternal grandmother so my Mom suffers the most from this loss. Fortunately, the feeling seems to be more relief than shock at this point. It's definitely sad, but Grandma has been stuck in a nursing home for the past 5-ish years since she suffered a stroke so her passing was not unexpected.

I never was as close to Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon as I was to Grammy and Papa on Dad's side of the family, but I know they were both good people and I will miss them. When we were kids they lived on Cape Cod so we would occasionally visit them when we took a trip down to stay in Osterville. Then they moved out to California to be closer to Uncle Greg, Chippy (RIP Uncle Chippy), Kevin, Brian, and Jimmy. Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon had 8 kids. OMG! Mom is the second-born of the 8, and only one of two girls. Grandpa Lemmon was a sailor in the Navy, and he had a tattoo on his arm that looked like a topless hooker. (Please Gods who do not exist don't let it be my grandma when she was younger...)

When I was stationed in Alamdea before the base closings of the mid-late 90s I lived close to all of them so I would visit Uncle Kev and Grandma and Grandpa on a fairly regular basis when the ship was in port. (a 50/50 proposition.) I arrived to the ship in late July or early August of 1994, and I was stationed in Alameda until the very beginning of 1997 when we were relocated up to Bremerton, Washington. I think the ship had to deploy at low tide so it could pass safely under both the Bay and Golden Gate bridges. Yeah, I sailed under the Golden Gate bridge. many times. Go me! Good thing the events from the movie San Andreas never really happened when I was there or else I would have been pwned. However, I was on an aircraft carrier and those are badass so maybe I would have lived. If The Rock can do it then so can I. Right?

^Bye bye Golden Gate bridge and most of the Bay area in the latest disaster movie that was ok but not really great.

The Damn Yankees are a great super-band. Too bad they only released 2 albums. Right now she's coming of age. Didn't Ted Nugent do the vocals in that short-lived band? That guy is hilarious! His drummer stole a golf cart and got arrested a few years ago when they came to Bangor to play at the waterfront. I wonder if they played any Damn Yankees songs at that concert or if it was all Nugent's solo stuff? I can't even name one Nugent solo song,but I know I've heard at least a few of them. What a bunch of crap!

I remember having a Thanksgiving meal at Grandma and Grandpa's house with them and other family members right around the time I turned 21. In fact, I believe that may have been my actual 21st birthday. I remember the USS Carl Vinson had just returned earlier in November from a 6-month westpac deployment so the last thing I cared about doing that day was getting drunk. I had plenty of opportunities to booze it up on the depoyment in foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and a couple places in the Persian Gulf so I was content to just keep a low profile and spend time with the family.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I last saw Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon. Grandpa passed away a few years ago. They rented a house in Castro Valley, just a couple towns away from the base. Once we moved from Alameda to Bremerton in early 1997 I never saw either of them again in person. What a bunch of crap! That was over 18 fucking years ago. God, that was the last time I saw Uncle Brian, Jimmy, Chippy, and Kevin as well. (I did see Uncle Greg a couple years ago when he came back east for a visit to Mom and Pop's house.) I'll never see Uncle Chippy (RIP) or Grandma and Grandpa again, ever. I suck as a gandson for that. I should have flown out west for a visit at least once, but I never made it a priority. No excuses for that. I need to get my ass out there to at least visit Uncle Kevin. He lives in Oregon now, and the others still live in the San Fransisco Bay area. I wonder what became of that Alamdea base? I know Treasure Island became a housing complex at some point. Wonder if they ever found treasure there? Hehehe.

It's 2225, and I should head on down to Jester's in a few to see my sexy DJ wife. I have my black shirt and awesome hat all ready to wear for the second time since I got them:


I spent an hour tonight painting the floor in the upstairs of that bootleg house across the street from my office. I want to get the place ready by Sunday PM so I will have a busy weekend. Probably too busy. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully the upstairs is almost done. I have about an hour left up there on the floor, and I'm hoping a good dose of Drain-O unclogs the bathtub up there because plunging didn't do jack shit to fix it earlier. If not maybe I can snake it, and if that fails I will call 1-800-BRUCE. (Obviously not enough digits.) My plumber can fix anything. He rocks!

No problems, only solutions.

Alright you turd-tankers, all two of youz, I gotta get going now. RIP, Grandma Lemmon. All my grandparents are dead now. It's a weird feeling yet I know it's not a bad thing. I will be 40 later this year, and all four of my grandparents were all alive until just a few years ago. They were all good people, too. I'm very fortunate compared to so many others.

Thursday, 7-16-15: Back to work after a 3-day break.
We were supposed to return from a 3-day camping trip at Donnell Pond today, but the weather was shitty yesterday so we packed up and left early. Bad weather when camping = what a bunch of crap! The forecast was for showers yesterday during the day, but it started raining Tuesday night at 2100. Fortunately it was about bedtime so it didn't ruin our night. Unfortunately, Wednesday morning was foggy and damp so there was no salvaging the day. Plus Debbie's face was all swollen up due to what we thought was either a bugbite and/or sun poisoning. It turned out to be sun poisoning because she had to go to the ER last night. Lots of burns on the kids during the trip, but thankfully none for me because I am wicked tan from all my outdoor work. Katherine says I have skin cancer on my shoulders. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully she is not a doctor, but she is 16 going on 17 and probably thinks the world is hers for the taking because teenagers know it all, right?

^Crowley and our campsite. We brought the raft, and Kat actually went out for a spin with me. Nice! (She has a phobia of water since she can't swim.)

Even though the weather fell apart Tuesday night we did have a fantastic Monday and daytime on Tuesday. There was plenty of time for swimming, relaxing, and a Tuesday morning hike up Schoodic Mountain with the puppies. They did great on the hike up the trail, but on the way down Castiel decided to haul ass way ahead, Crowley followed his brother, and Dillon had to run a ways to catch up to them. Needless to say they were leash-bound the rest of the way back to camp.

^At the peak on 7-14-2015 with my sexy wife and our "kids."

Castiel took to the water like you'd expect from any lab/golden; he loved it. Unfortunately, Crowley was tepid and he never sawm on his own without heavy influencing. Hopefully when he gets older he will develop a love for swimming. Both of the puppies are now over 3 months old, about 14 weeks, and they are doing great. They sleep better at night, and they seem to mostly know when we call their names.

^Crowley preferred to watch from the shore as Chessa, Castiel, and I swam after sticks and stuff.

We camped at Donnell Pond, the same public reserve land where we camped last month. Last month it was Kat, Katherine, and I, but this time around we had 7 people with us! Thankfully we bought a sweet cart at Sears for $83 so it was easier to lug all our gear and supplies down the 1/2 mile trail to the beach and campsites. we almost didn't even get a site because it was busy down there, but thankfully we got a beautiful group site near the middle and with a great water view. Unfortunately, we had a bunch of Giblet-head partiers next to us who stayed up half the night and who kept us awake some. What a bunch of crap! We could hear one of them doing an epic chunder late-night Monday night. Thankfully they packed up and left so we had some peace and quiet Tuesday night. Once upon a time many years ago I would have been among the party campers so I guess I can't cry too much about it. What goes around comes around, eh?

^Great cart that will hopefully be useful for years to come. Katherine and I played in it a few nights ago in the house after we put it together. Hehehehe.

Coming back yesterday did have its benefits. We were able to have a relaxing afternoon and get a good night's sleep before we get epic busy again to close out the week. Kat has her gig in Ellsworth tonight and I can't go with her because if I do go I will not finish the house across the street by Sunday PM. I already worked on the house for 4 hours th is morning, and I plan to work on it a few more hours tonight after I jog, eat supper, and run around at the park with the puppies. Kat won't get home until around 0100 so I hope to work right up until the middle of the night.

It's the MLB All-Star break, and I missed the Home Run Derby and All Star game. Do I care? Hell no! I don't even care... if I care. The Red Sox had a pretty terrible first half of the season, but they did go on a little bit of a hot streak before closing out the first half of the season by losing 2 of 3 to the Gods Damned first place Yankees. The Sox still do have some hope for the season at 6.5 games out with their pathetic 42-47 record. That puts them in last place in the AL East. What a bunch of crap!

It might be a few days before I update this turd-heap again because I need to get that bootleg house done. Plus Katherine turns 17 tomorrow so we will do her party in the afternoon. Then on Saturday Kat has a gig down at Tag's in Ellsworth so I will go to that. I hope to work on that house for 3-4 hours tomorrow and a few hours Sat and then finish the interior Sunday, or at least have the interior done enough so the new tenant can start moving in. I will be busy. What a bunch of crap!

Sunday, 7-12-15: Original deadline = extended.
My original plan was to have the house across the street from my bootleg office all ready for the new tenants today, but that sure ain't happening. Thankfully I got a one-week extension of time to get it all done so I don't have to work all damn day over there today. The old Giblet-Head tenants still don't have their crap out of there, but it is mostly gone. If the dude would spend less time drinking Natty Daddys and more time actually moving his shit then they would have already been done. He seriously left all of these on the work bench in the basement:

^HAHAHAHAHA. What a bunch of crap! He showed up with a UHaul truck on Friday PM with one of those in his hand, and I'm pretty sure he was half in the bag yesterday around midday when he was leaving with another load. Epic fail!

I ended up replacing the base cupboards and countertop in the kitchen because the old cabinets just didn't pass muster. A slow leak from the kitchen sink had caused quite a bit of water damage under there, and the old cabinets had corkboard as a base so of course that sponged up all the water. All I wanna know is why? Why would anyone use corkboard under a sink? That cannot be explained. It's a bunch of crap!

^I've always stained the unfinished oak cabinets, but this time around they will get painted because I don't have time to stain and polyurethane. Plus they won't match the wall cabinets up top if I stain the base cabinets.

Yesterday we had most of the family over at the house painting the upstairs while I got the countertops cut and prepped for install. The kitchen should be done today except for painting and maybe a new floor if I have time later this coming week. The upstairs is pretty much all painted now as well thanks to help from my awesome family.

It's 0700 now, and I actually got a pretty good night's sleep last night. I almost fell asleep while we were watching some very confusing movie called Jupiter Ascending. That was a very confusing movie that at times made zero sense, but at least the graphics were good. I bet that's a good book, but the movie itself not so much. I don't even know if there is a book to accompany the movie, but it seems like something that would have been based off a book. The bad-guy base was in the Jupiter perpetual hurricane, and in hindsight that was unwise for him. Note to self: no living inside perpetual deadly-gas hurricanes.

The puppies are needing to burn some energy so I will walk/jog with them over to the gym in a few minutes. After I get my swell on I want to go for a jog and mow a few lawns before it gets up to 89 degrees this afternoon. Then I can work on that house for a bit before I quit to help Kat pack all our gear for camping. We are leaving tomorrow AM and coming back Thursday AM, and we definitely need the break. That house has been taking way too much of our precious... precious time. What a bunch of crap!

Friday, 7-10-15: What a frigging busy week. This is a big renovation!
The house across the street from my bootleg office has been my focus this week, so much that I've only used the gym once all week (this morning.) What a bunch of crap! I knew it needed some work, but now I'm up to $2936 and I still have a little more to spend before it gets all done. OMG IT WILL BE OVER $3000! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! However, the work really needed to get done and it will be a huge plus in future years having newer windows, a new fridge, new base cabinets and countertops, etc. Unfortunately, I want to screw off and relax more yet I have to work on the house so I cannot screw off. Thankfully it is only 1/3 of a mile from home so I can work a few hours, go home for lunch and a break, and work a little more. This morning I brought the puppies over to the office with me just after 0600, and they were great. We jogged some of the way because they love to run, and I wore them out so they slept some when they got back home after I lifted weights.

The puppies are growing so fast! We took them to the vet Monday AM for their first ever shots, and that went very well. Castiel was 27.4 pounds, and Crowley was 24.4 lbs according to their scale. I've had the puppies with me several times while working on the house acrross the street; the yard is great so I can put them out on a leader in the shade and they can hav doggie Goonie-adventures while I work. I never keep them with me all day, but a few hours here and there gives Kat a break that she really needs since her DJ computer and software told her to fuck off earlier this week. She has been very busy getting that working correctly, and I wish there was more I could do to help her. Unfortulately, I possess no knowledge of DJ software so I am useless. What a bunch of crap!

We did order some MadKat DJ promotional clothing that came in, though. It is badass! I am wearing my MadKat hat and MadKat tee shirt for the first time tonight.

^A MadKat hat. Get it, it rhymes. Hehehehe. (Where's my psychologist? Oh I guess I don't see him until next Friday.)

I have a black shirt with the same logo, and I love it just as much. Promote, promote, promote! Her business is really booming. We did a wedding in Sullivan earlier this month, she has two next month, and two in September. Plus she does Jester's on Fridays as usual plus a bar called Tag's on Thursdays. At this rate she will have to start turning down gigs because we need to find that all-important work-life balance that right now is skewed way too far to the "work" side of the scale.

The puppies are learning that barking is fun so hopefully they don't grow up to be yappers. So far they don't bark excessively, but on occasion they will bark with they see other dogs, the mailman, the usual. Crowley has learned that jumping up is fun so we are working to break him of that obnoxious habit ASAP. Castiel doesn't really jump up, but he gets excited just like Crowley does. Crowley is defintely the more energetic of the two, though. Plus they like to sleep in the shower these days.


Thankfully both puppies can make it through most of the night now without needing to go pee every couple hours. The last few morning I have actually been awake before Castiel. What a bunch of crap! When I know I have a lot to do (that house) then I cannot sleep it. It is impossible. Gods damn it! Oh well, at least I haven't had ot get up at 0430 like I did back in early June every morning. Now 0500-0530 seems to be the norm. Not too horrible. Certainly beats my revielle times when I worked at UPS just over a year ago. Fuck that place!

I have to work all damn weekend so I can mostly finish that house across the street. My truck is loaded with cabinets and lumber for tomorrow, and I have some help lined up to bang out a lot of the painting. I also have to mow lawns and take care of a few other things so we can leave as planned Monday morning for a 3-day camping trip down to Donnell Pond again. I am very excited to go camping because Kat and I have both worked way too much lately. I just hope I can get that house ready to go by Sunday PM. I actually might just wait until next weekend to finish it up; it all depends on the next tenant and how soon she needs it. The extra days would be nice to have, but that is lost rent at about $30 per day so I try to strike a balance. If I can give her the keys on Sunday PM or early Monday AM I can get an extra $150 rent vs. waiting til the end of next week. Thankfully she works at Jester's with Kat tonight so I can talk to her about it all.

I am definitely regulating the amount of booze that I inhale tonight. After last Saturday I need to prove to Kat that I am not a failure of a husband. The soon-to-be new tenant of the house across the street and tonight's Jester's bartender did send us this photo that she took of my dumb ass on the roof of our house from last Saturday night:

^AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! It's hilarious yet embarassing all in one. Kat had karaoke going, and Maddie was singing Hulk Hogan's Real American song so that got my ass in gear and up the ladder. When I get drunk and hear that song it ends all bad. Even worse, I was so drunk I don't even remember it. What a bunch of crap!

Tommy would have been up there with me if he wasn't in AZ. This is what he and I did earlier this year to the classic wrestling song:

^HAHAHAHAHAHHAA! I got body slammed. Thankfully he just did it gently or else I would still be in rehab. Hehehehe.

Ok turds, all two of youz, I need to go down to Jester's and NOT drink too much. I'm all decked out in my MADKAT DJ SERVICES hat and shirt and it's time to show it off. Goonies never say die!

Tuesday, 7-06-15: Next project keeps guy busy. Again.
The house across the street from my bootleg office is going to take up all of my precious... precious time from now until Sunday. It will be a busy week, and I will barely have time to do fun things and to use the gym. What a bunch of crap!

Speaking of "What a bunch of crap" take a look at this Giblet-headed decision the former tenants made by allowing their missing-chromosome daughter to paint all over her bedroom walls:


Who does that? Kat said it borders on cult-like, and I couldn't agree more. She was around 5 when they moved in so now she must be around 10. I'm not really sure about that age because I don't even care... whether or not I care, but the point is a young child was allowed to graffiti the snot out of her bedroom. All I wanna know is why? Why did the parents allow this to happen? Oh, these are the same parents who allowed their kids to cross the Airline Rd (North Main St) unsupervised on many occasions. North Main goes all the way to Calais and Canada so lots of trucks pass by, and not all of them would give a crispy crap if some tard kid stepped out at the wrong time.

^Fucking Neanderthals. This graffiti was done in another of the upstairs bedrooms. The dinosaur and cave-men were actually etched into the wall when the paint was chipped off. Thankfully it's not gouged and can all be painted over, but still it is a ridiculous bunch of crap!

The house is in pretty hard shape, but it's not totally trashed. Besides the ridiculous graffiti a couple doorknobs are chowdered and much painting needs doing. The fire extinguisher is empty (kids again?) and there is some hard wear and tear, but we will fix it. I decided to replace 7 windows because they are all the old single-pane style from 100+ years ago so that is today's mission. Home Depot had a bunch of winders on sale for $100 each, and the sizes matched so score for me. Yesterday I got 3 of the 4 kinda installed, although all three still need trim and caulking. My goal today is to get the other 4 in as well as the interior trim and caulking for all 7. I know I'm pwned for one because I will run out of trim, but gods damn it I will get as far as I can with it.

^Old single-pane winders. They look worse in person. That construction in view from the winder is the back of Gavin's bootleg 3-unit. He cancelled the whole part of the building last year and has been slowly putting it all back together. What a bucnh of crap for him!

I already have a new tenant lined up for the house. Score! She hasn't paid a deposit yet, but that's ok because if she bails I will find someone else, especially after the new windows, side porch, fresh paint, etc are all done. I don't think she will bail because she already gave her notice to her current scumlord and he wants her out soon.

In other embarrassing news, we had a July 4th party here and I got blackout drunk. Not good. I was only planning to have a couple drinks, but then I drank the whole bottle, got up onto the roof to dance, and passed out on the deck. What a bunch of crap! I had a hangover on Sunday and some apologizing to do to my wife; she was not too happy about it. It as really stupid and I swear to the gods who do not really exist that I am NEVER doing that again. There is no excuse for getting that drunk anymore, not when I have a family who saw me doing it. I'm not going to quit drinking, but from now on I will allocate myself an amount and stick with it. I don't drink liquor that much anymore; I definitely can't handle that stuff like I used to be able to do. What a bunch of crap!

Alright you turds, all two of youz, it's 0650 and time to dig the table saw out of the garage and get to work soon. I bought the table saw used at a yard sale last year (forgot for how much, but a good price) and I haven't even used it yet. However, today I will be using both the table saw and my chop saw because I have a lot of trim boards to cut for those 7 windows. I need economies of scale so I can get it done faster. The sooner I get the windows done the sooner I can relax and enjoy the late afternoon/evening with my awesome Goonie-loving wife. Goonies never say die!

Friday, 7-03-15: I finally finished the shed!
I started building an 8x10' shed in the backyard at the house almost two months ago. TWO MONTHS. OMG what the hell took so long? What a bunch of crap! Thankfuly it is pretty much done now. I only have a tiny bit of touch-up painting left to do, and I should be able to finish that tomorrow morning/early afternoon before we have an Independence Day party at the house.

The puppies spent a good part of the day outside with me today as I worked on the final parts of the shed (trim, cap shingles, etc.):

They look funny in that photo because I stooped down to take the picture and of course they thought it was time to play some more. Castiel weighs 25 pounds, Crowley weighs about 22. I only weighed 145 when I stepped onto the $1 yard-sale scale that we bought yesterday from the neighbor across the street. (Kat wanted an exercise machine, the scale and flag were a bonus.) Is that frigging scale accurate?! I weighed 150 a couple months ago. However, I have been very active doing landscape work, etc and I feel lighter so it probably is accurate.

That shed took me for-fucking-ever to finish. No excuse to take 8 gods damned weeks to build a shed. I did have a lot of rental stuff to do, and I did take many 2-hour lunch breaks, though. Plus the thought of even working past about 1700 is pure blasphemy these days. I finally dropped the hammer and got it done over the past few days because I was getting sick of having it on my "to do" list. Now we can put all kinds of goodies inside. Treasure, cocaine, and shovels. (Two out of three things on that list are definitely NOT going into the shed. Hehehehe.)

I put three 2-foot wide shelves (spaced at 2, 4, and 6 feet heights) on the right side interior, molded after the 12x16" shed that I built here at my bootleg office property three years ago in September, 2012. I got a massive case of poison ivy when I build that shed including poison ivy on my weiner back then. What a bunch of crap! When you whip it out and take a leak all over poison ivy then you are pwned. I literally built that shed in a patch of poison ivy, but I didn't know it until it was too late. The shed that I build here in 2012 helped me build the house shed because I could see what I did right and what I did wrong and make adjustments. The shed that I did nearly three years ago is still in great shape so hopefully that bodes well for the shed at the house.

^Finished October, 2012 out back here. I think? Based upon all those leaves on the grond it must have been October.

The shed at the house must have cost around $800, but I don't even care... if I care to add it all up to the dollar. The pine trim ran up the cost some, but I have no regrets about that expense because it looks nice. I actually had some of the trim set aside for the 12x16 shed here, but I never got around to it. Fuck it. HAHAHAHAA. I should throw some trim on that thing here because trim around the door and the sides does make it look nicer.

I'm listening to "Today's hit radio" on Pandora tonight as Kat swears at her computer down at Jester's. Her primary PC froze up a couple hours ago, just before her gig, so she's usign her backup. What a bunch of crap! I wish I could help her more with that, but I am a dumbass with computer issues so I just tried to get Gav to help. He was all set to help us, but then Kat got it working just barely enough to hopefully get her through the rest of the night.

About 98% of the time I listed to 80s music on Pandora Interweb Radio, but some of today's songs ain't too shabby including this song by some slapnut known as "Wizz Kalifa" from the Fast and Furious 7 movie. I don't give a fuck about Fast and Furious movies, but this song is pretty good. The actor guy died so this song is dedicated to him. I guess he tried to do Fast and Furious in real life and realized the world just don't work that way. Cars cannot parachute from 35,000 feet, land, and drive over mountains. Plus he did a lot of drugs. We did see part 7 in the theaters in May and it was an entertaining mess. Now a song with Homer Simpson's "Doh" comes on. Something about Michelle Piefer and white gold. It's a catchy tune even though the lyrics cannot be explained. I guess I will go back to 80s music pretty soon because it definitely pwns this new stuff. (I do like some of these new songs including a few by T-Swizzle.)*

I wonder again how much money that shed out back of our house cost to build? I still guess $800. I could look it up because the receipts are here somewhere, but F that. They sell premade sheds that would have saved time, but screw that most of those are $1500+ for something that is not a complete bootleg turd. Plus the premade ones mostly don't even come with a floor so you gotta build that. What a bunch of crap! If I focused on building the shed for 8-hour workdays I probably could have gotten it 100% done in 6 or 7 days, but I worked a couple hours here, a couple there, etc. That's not really efficient because picking up where you leave off takes some set up and break down time, but oh well no regrets because it is finally DONE.

It's 2200, and I think I am pretty tired. However, I am not wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket just yet so I forge on. We don't get enough sleep these days. What a bunch of crap! Kat was saying how this summer so far is different from last summer, and she spoke the truth. Last summer it was just her and I witha side of Tommy, although Tommy worked so her and I had a lot of time to ourselves. Now we have the puppies and several other projects to tackle so we don't get as much time to sit in the back yard and do crossword puzzles, to lounge around, to hike up Chick Hill, etc. Kat has more weddings to do this summer, she has Tag's in Ellsworth on Thursdays, and I have more apartment stuff this summer than I had last summer. I should have done more last summer on the apartments, but I blew off a lot of work because I wanted to have Goonie adventures with Kat. Thankfully I'm not overwhelmed with apartment work, but next week will be BUSY because the house across the street will need much painting along with several other upgrades (new porch, new steps, possibly new windows, etc.)

The Red Sox have been playing better lately. They are still in last place at 37-44 as of last night's win, but they are only 6 games out of first place as opposed to 10 games they were back on June 20th. A playoff spot still seems unlikely for them, but if they continue to do well then at least it won't be a total waste of a season. I hope!

Tomorrow we celebrate America on July 4th, Independence Day. Meanwhile in the here and now some rapper guy sings "watch me ohhhh watch me" so I haul on him in favor of some hair metal. Hey rapper, you ain't no superman. Disappear, scumbag! I need 80s music NOW. That unknown singer gets hauled on and I get to listen to some Whitesnake. Nice!

We're having a party at the house tomorrow, and I hope that will be fun. Unfortunately, none of my closest friends can come because they have other things to do, but we will still have fun without them gods damn it. The weather has been great the past couple days and it should be great tomorrow, too. 77 degrees and partly cloudy. Oh Jesus, hell ya! The party starts at 1600. We will have food, lots of food, and then we will have a fire and light off some sparklers later. I'll have a few drinks, but I won't get too drunk because when I get too drunk I steal the covers and beat up my wife. What a bunch of crap! I don't really beat her up like some asshole ketchup-stained wifebater shirt-wearing lowlife would do, but last week I tossed and turned and hit her in the knee in my sleep. What a bunch of crap!

I've sang karaoke down at Jester's the last couple weeks. I probably won't sing this week because when I sing is sucks. A lot. However, maybe I will if needed. I sang Def Leppard's Rock of Ages two weeks ago and Tom Petty's I won't Back Down last week. Apparently when it was time to say "I stand my ground" I stood at attention like I was in the Navy again. Hahahaha. I was literally standing my ground. Where's my psychologist?

*I just admitted to the two people who actually read this bootleg site that I like some of Taylor Swift's songs. What a bunch of crap!

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