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"Will you have fun tonight?" -
"I'll keep drinking tequila until that makes it fun!" -Kat


Saturday 2-27-21: A couple more bar photos, a 16-hour day, tax office stats.
We hung out at the bar for a while last night, but we didn't stay there until 0200 like we did a week ago. Neil, Ang, and I sampled some beers that one of the local reps dropped off for us, and we had fun doing that. It was work and we took it serously, but a couple of the beers we tried = what a bunch of crap! I like most beers, but like anything in life there are turds in the punch bowl. After we tasted some beers (fr potential to have on tap and/or in bottles or cans) we hung out and ripped out some tunes, had both the Celtics and Bruins on the TVs, and Kat hosted some karaoke. There were only a few of us there; next week things get real when we have friends, family, and staff in place and actually take in revenue for food and drinks.

^We put all the tables out back so we can give them one more coat of epoxy, and the floor needs some scrubbing and/or more paint in some areas. We got epoxy on the floor around the bar. What a bunch of crap! It is not visible in the photo above, but check this out:

^EPIC FAILER! A lot of that does NOT want to scrub off either.

Let's look at something more visually pleasing:

^The DJ booth is totally badass. Nice work and credit to my awesome wife for that vision. I helped her build it, but she put on all the finishing touches including the surrounding base lights and chrome.

We put in a lot of quality work at the bar over the past week. Unfortunately I was split between the bar and the tax office as expected, but I still pulled my weight down at the bar. Thursday was especially long. Kat and I got to the bar at 0530, and I worked all the way until 2140. OMG A 16-HOUR DAY! There were no meal breaks either. I shovelled in some food here and there while on the go. I had three different tax appointments that day, and Jason came up with his guys and stayed all the way until that late hour trying to get us finished.

We owe Jason huge for all he did for us. The system he gave us came at cost with an incredibly discounted labor rate so needless to say he won't ever pay for food and drink when he comes up with Holly, Nadia, and Hawke. I don't plan to charge him for tax prep anytime again. His taxes are a lot of work, but it is my pleasure to do them after all he did for us. He saved us thousands, maybe as much as $20,000-$30,000 vs. what we would have paid by calling someone in the phone book from up here. He did a better job than anyone else would have done, too. He is damn good at what he does. It's actually impressive to see how he runs his business. He has tons of work so he could have made more money and been less stressed out not having our massive job on his plate at all so I really can't sing his praises enough.

It's only 0751 and I feel wide awake and not hungover at all. I didn't overdo it last night, and I'm glad for that. At this time a week ago my ass was still bivouaced and fighting a little headache and dehydration. I definitely don't regret it because it was epic fun last week; I just don't need to be making that a habit. Owning a bar will lead to much temptation to drink. Thankfully I gots close to a quarter million dollars on the line so that is a HUGE incentive to do things right. No drinking on duty, ever.

My goal last year for the tax office was to take in $10,000 in gross revenue and have 100 paying clients. I came close, but unfortunately I missed it by a bit. I had 98 paying clients and took in $9650-ish. I think I would have hit my goal, but once the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard I was shut down and by-appointment only. In the beginning of the pandemic people didn't want to go out and do business as much as they do now. Plus the filing deadline was pushed all the way back to July 15th. What a bunch of crap! This year, at least as of now, there are no plans from the government to push back the mid-April filing deadline. The pandemic is still ongoing, but there are 3 different vaccines available for people. I think around 15% of our state's populace has been vaccinated? All older people and those most at-risk.

The tax office has been busier than I would have expected this month. My goal this season is the same as last year. $10k and 100. I do think I have a good chance to hit that since I'm up to 45 paid and done right now, I have 10 more in the queue that are all but guaranteed, and I have a bunch of appointments on the calendar from new clients. I know at least 25-30 more people will reach out to me before the season ends, and that is a very conservative estimate. Right now if no new clients reach out at all I'll be guaranteed 80 on the low end. Over the past couple weeks I've had several brand new clients, too. I'm sure that will continue. Maybe? Hopefully!

I haven't even had regular hours at the tax office so I know that has cost me a few clients. When I have been there with the OPEN sign on and the sandwich board out I've had a few new people just stop in. Almost everyone who stops in ends up making an appointment and having me do their taxes. Oh Jesus hell ya! I've met a lot of really cool people who live right in our area thanks to that tax office, and as an added bonus not only do I get to do their taxes but I also get to talk to them about the soon-to-be restaurant/bar. People are very excited for us to be open, and it looks like that will be happening very soon. As soon as 9-14 days as far as inviting the general public goes!



Wednesday 2-24-21: Peace and quiet in the hacienda early AM.
I woke up at 0300 and was done sleeping. 5.5 hours of sleep for the night = good enough to get me through the day. Now it's 0419, the dogs are bivouaced here with me in the living room, and everything is quiet. It's calm, peaceful. I shovelled in some breakfast and had some Mio-water so I'm feeling good-to-go (Mio = caffiene additive.) Kat gets up early most mornings so I'll probably see her soon. After I write this update that two people will ever read I'll flip on some news and then do yoga. If things really go well then I'll even have time to lift some weights in my bootleg gym over at Allen Rd before I have to start working for the day.

Actually I was already working not long ago so that part of my day started already. What a bunch of crap! I had to spend about a half-hour doing some budgeting. The budget for the next couple months is not so pretty to look at since we're going to owe a shitload to both the IRS and state in income taxes for 2020. Selling two rental properties at some decent capital gains = tax pain. I'm not upset about it and I won't complain because that's how these things work, and I've known it was coming for many months now. If the soon-to-be restaurant wasn't so far over budget it would not be a problem, but alas we spent more precious... precious money than I thought we would spend just getting the place ready.

For the first time ever we spent Friday night down at the bar last night with a few family and friends having some drinks, eating some food, and having a great time. Kat fired up her awesome sound system and people sang karaoke (not my no-talent ass!) We are not officially open yet, but we are ready enough to at least have some fun in the place with people we know and trust. Bathrooms all work, sound system is fantastic, pizza ovens cooked us el-cheapo frozen pizzas (hehehe), and we have enough heat now to be comfortable in the place. Neil, Ang, Kat, and I stayed down there having a great time until around 0200 last Friday. I woke up with a slight hangover, but that was gone within a couple hours. Should I have driven us home? Let's just say it's a damn good thing we live 1/3 of a mile away from the bar hehehe.

Every day my time is split between the tax office and that bar, but thankfully Neil is at the place full-time now so he and Angela can focus on small finish work and hiring packets. We have everyone hired now. Maybe? Hopefully! I was a part of two interviews yesterday, both on-the-spot hires. We plan to have our very first company-wide meeting with all hires next Tuesday morning then we train with them Wednesday and Thursday before we have our very first "soft open" Friday March 5th for friends and family. We plan to open for supper at 1700 and stay open until 0100. Some people will grab a meal, hang out for a bit and leave while some will have a meal and stay to sing karaoke and party all the way until we do last-call. We hope and expect it will be the first time we ever take in reveune from paying customers at out new bar.

I have new tax clients this morning at 0900 and some files to work on so I'll be at the tax office most of the morning. After that I should be able to shovel in some lunch and get over to the bar in time for a second Upserve POS training session done via remote "Zoom" meeting on Kat's laptop computer. We do have an office computer all set up in the place now so that is awesome. The office looks great, too. I built a desk last Friday, and Kat put the finishing touches on it:

That desk only cost us around $100. Oh Jesus, hell ya! A $55 sheet of 3/4 maple, some trim, some 2x4s for the base, and we used part of an old el-cheapo desk as one half of the base. It didn't really even take me that long to build, maybe 3 total hours. Not bad! It does suck that a 2x4 costs 6 bucks again. What a bunch of crap! A sheet of 1/2" ply is over $30 now, too. Gods damn it! Stupid Covid-19 making the price of construction supplies epic failer. Good thing the carpentry is almost done for us now.

I am still "by appointment only" at the tax office as opposed to having regular hours at the place like I had at this time last year just before the pandemic really set in. I might have regular hours at the tax office later next month and into April, but that all depends on how the bar/restaurant goes. We plan to be open to the general public no later than St. Patrick's Day March 17th (hopefully sooner!) so I'll be spread thin among the two businesses and working a lot. A LOT. I need to work a lot, though. My ass gots bills to pay!

Hopefully the bar-restaurant will be very successful and a huge boost for the local community. I think the place is going to do well, but until we are open all we can do is speculate. We had 3 different friends see the place last Friday, people who had not seen it either at all or in months, and they were totally blown away by how great it looks. If we put out good food and drinks I think we will do awesome. The place is big and inviting so we have that going for us. All we can do is control the things we can control and see how everything falls into place after that. Being in a busy shopping plaza also helps. A lot.

Alright turds, all two of you who actually read this pathetic excuse for a website, I gotta go do other things now. I need to e-mail Doug since today is his 41st birthday. It looks like he will be back in the area this spring if all goes according to plan. He's still living in Tucson, AZ for now, but we have a plan in place to get his ass back home to Maine in 2-3 months. Maybe? Hopefully!



Thursday 2-18-21: Some photos of the bar at this stupid-early hour.
It is 0145 right now, and I feel wide awake. What a bunch of crap! I've been awake for about 45 minutes. 3 hours of sleep will get me by until tonight, but hopefully I can bivouac again in a little while and get some more sleep before daylight. I usually get up around 0530 these days so I don't want to stay up for 3 more hours then fall asleep. I don't have to get up at a certain time for any early appointments today, but I will feel compelled to NOT sleep in too late because there is a lot to do every day. Sleeping in and days off are cancelled until *maybe* the last half of April.

I only have one tax client on my schedule for today, a 1300 meeting with a new client referred by someone else. This year my new clients have all been referrals from others since I'm not there with the OPEN sign on for regular walk-in clients like I was at this time last year. I was only in the office for about 4 total hours yesterday, but I stayed busy the entire time. Three drop-offs and a couple in-person tax appointments. Two others stopping in just to pay/sign and finish up. A couple more appointments scheduled as well. Kat also spent an hour with me at the tax office adding up gas and vehicle repair receipts for one of my new clients who has 4 years worth of taxes to file. 4 years! That will be some nice revenue for the business. Things are busy, and there are still 8 weeks left before the filing deadline so that is why days off = not happening.

I also worked at the restaurant for a few hours yesterday. I took some pictures of the place including my awesome wife doing touch-up painting in the women's head:

^Kat has done at lot down at that bar lately, and that is a huge help to me especially now that I am torn between that place and the tax office. She almost quit twice, but since then she is back and better than ever. I really couldn't do it without her. I tried to do it without her when we almost got divorced, but it was a bunch of crap and on track for epic failer.

I installed a shitter-door for the men's head along with some trim around that door, but I didn't take a picture of that because my photos were done early AM around 0630 when we first got there and the crapper-door wasn't finished until many hours later. Here is the men's room as of yesterday morning:

^Shitter door off to the left, barely visible in the photo. Urinal off to the right not in the photo. Both the men's and women's bathrooms there used to be smaller and a one-at-a-time setup but we enlarged both and now two people can comfortably use each at the same time. I really do like how the bathrooms look now, especially the women's room. I think having a nice, clean bathroom for the ladies will really help us drive revenue. Happy chicks who feel like they are not in a ghetto = they stay more = guys stay more in the hopes of getting laid = more drinks bought = more money for us all. Maybe? Hopefully!

^Kat did that Covid-19 barrier-thing on the stage last week. She did it almost entirely herself; I only helped long enough to glue some of the PVC edges in place with her. It came out looking good considering the low cost. Gods damned 'ronavirus! Hopefully this pandemic will end soon so we can haul on that ridiculous thing. The stage looks ten times better without that monstrosity sitting there, but without something there we would not even be able to use the stage at all for karaoke. What a bunch of crap!

I ate some cereal so maybe that will make my ass feel tired? Sometimes I wake up in the night feeling like I need fuel in the tank. It hasn't happened in a while, though. All I wanna know is why? Why do I gotta be awake when I could be sleeping and recharging the precious... precious batteries of my soul? Maybe I don't have a soul? I don't even know what one of those is, but on TV it looks like a ghost-floatie-opaque-thing that emenates from a dead corpse. One day I will find out, but not really because then my ass will be dead. What a bunch of crap!

I'm done for now. Fin. The end. I'm gonna read some tax law and that will definitely make my ass tired! If it doesn't make me tired then I am pwned and will just stay awake, but it has never NOT made me tired before, ever. Sometimes it takes a little while for me to get sick of it, but it is not something I can spend hours on without mental fatigue. Epecially in the middle of the night.



Tuesday 2-16-21: The bar is really looking great lately.
As indicated in my last 100% drunken post on this bootleg site that two people ever read, our sooon-to-be restaurant and bar got its liquor license last Friday. Oh Jesus, hell ya! The four of us had some drinks down there to celebrate the occasion last Friday evening, but I didn't overdo the drinking since I wanted to actually be able to drive us home. It's only a 6-minute walk back home, but F that I don't want my wife walking in the middle of winter on icy sidewalks. I don't even want myself doing that! Kat had quite a bit to drink, but I didn't realize how done she was until we got home at the early hour of 2000.

She had wanted to fire up her karaoke here at the house and sing a little, and that suited me just fine. She went upstairs, and after a few minutes I was wondering what was taking her so long. I made myself another drink, I headed upstairs, and I found her passed out in the fetal position in the spare bed up there. HAHAHAHA. I asked if she still wanted to sing, she stirred long enough to give me a half-assed thumbs-up, and I knew it was time to tuck her in. Nighty night Sweet Pea. I was getting more boozed up by then, but I still wasn't that bad off. It was just me, myself, and I only a tad pat 8 so I took advantage of my alone time and fired up my SNES Classic. Super Metroid like a boss. Eventually I got too drunk to play, and I guess I was too drunk to update this bootleg site. My Friday night update that I never even bothered to upload = what a bunch of crap!

Friday night at the bar was fun. It was good to spend time as friends and have a good, positive vibe for a couple hours. That bar looks great now. It's still dusty and the floor needs scrubbing, but it actually looks like a place to hang out at and enjoy. In low light at night it really seems phenomonal. The transformation is astonishing. Over the past few days we've been doing some more finish and touch-up work. Thankfully the big carpentry is done. Fin. The end! At least for now hehe. Bruce came yesterday to finish the plumbing, Ben and his boys came as well to finish the wiring, and we're almost 100% ready to go.

Unfortunately I can't spent my entire day down at the bar due to the tax office. Actually I had a good work day down there Sunday since I had no tax clients. However, on other days my tax office needs me. A lot. Today we had a sleet storm come through that greased up all the roads all day, but I still had a tax client, some drop-offs to work on, and some remote files to access and prepare. I was in the office for several hours today during the storm. I booked some more appointments so this is looking to be my busiest season there yet. Of course it's only my third year there so if I didn't grow the business there would be serious cause for concern. I still haven't even had a full "regular" year at that place. What a bunch of crap! First year was under constructon still, last year the pandemic hit hard in March, and this year the pandemic is ongoing. Gods damn Covid-19!

Trump is no longer president of the USA, but Pelosi and her band of Giblet-heads still tried to impeach his ass. Again. Second consecutive year he gets impeached in the House but acquitted in the senate. Another round of Covid-stimulus money might be in the works soon, possibly $1400 a person this time. Not sure how we are paying for that as a nation. Print more money, pay $20 for a loaf of bread? Probably.



Friday 2-012-21: NOt sure how this happened but somehow I am still awake.
I worked at the bar this morning with my awesome wife for a while, and then we had a liquor inspection that was more of a liquor presentation. The check was cashed, the state got their precious... precous money, and we got approval to sell alcohol down at our bar. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Once we get our COO (certificate of occupany) from the city I think we can have customers in the place. Maybe? Hopefully! I am almost too drunk to write much more. What a bunch of crap!

I am not really sure what is happening right now. We had our first drink with Neil and Angela down at the bar earlier, and holy crap that place looks fucking awesome. I keep having to rewind and type things. I almost tapped out a half hour ago, but I took a shower and power-rallied instead. I don[t know ow I am still awake right now, but I have donuts and I want one. Is that a bad idea?! OF COURSE IT IS! Hoever, I only weigh 145 so I can afford to add some. i am really fucin drunk right now.

We came home at about 1730, but my awesome wife was really boozed up and she is out like a fat kid in dodge ball. I was flying solo and did not want to buivouac so early so I played SNE MEtroid Unfortunately I don't knkw what to do som that is bad. I dunno how to get to the next level. I bombed out some tube, and in any other world besides old video games that is bad. I got to another part, but I don't have my Varia suit or something like that. Plus I had rum and coke and now it is all bad for me. I think I can not be hungover tomorrow, though. Maybe? Hopefully.

I ma so tired that I ca't really write more. I am all done. fin. the dog went out and did things, and it is fold Like really ccold. abot 0. I forgot who I am but when I was playing Metriod I cold not make it through the quicksand I dont think I can type any more so I have to stop. I alomst went to bed a half hour ago nevermind I am too tiired I am the last man standing j/k I am sitting and it is not even 2200 taps taps lights out and it is time to crash out. I am pwned. I am exhasted. so tired. Me slep now you dont read now he end i have spoken I rewound and fixxed it ut now I ammot do dat beccause my ass is so tred I do havge some booze left eh dogs look confused dunno who I am I gofor things it i time to be aseep now not sure how to sleep that my awome wife wne to sleep a long time ago i tink i am n aouto piot omg i am tire d there is no more time to wri so that is the end bye bye GOONIE NEER SAYA DOE!




Monday 2-08-21: Getting busy with tax clients. Oh, stalls!
Over the past week my tax office has gotten a lot more busy. I scheduled 4 more appointments today and had a couple people this morning. I'm not at the tax office for regular hours yet, though. I'd guess I won't need to have regular hours (1000-1700 M-F like last year and by appt earlier/later/weekends) for a while more if at all this season thanks to the pandemic. I can put in a few hours a day on average at the tax office and a few hours a day at the restaurant, give or take.

I wanted to work several hours at Gavin's tomorrow finishing up his sheetrock work (finally!), but that won't happen. I have two tax clients in the morning and we have to do a second coat of epoxy on the tables. Kat and I did a first coat this afternoon, but one coat is definitely not enough. Plus Jason and "The Terminator" are coming to do more of our audio/video. The goal for those guys tomorrow is to get ends on the ethernet cables and as much as our internet stuff done as possible so we can get a POS system in that place ASAP. We have the POS all picked out and in the queue, but it can't be installed until we finish the carpentry and get the internet all set up. Hard-wired ports for the POS and wifi throughout the space for customers to use.

^Not all of the tables, but a lot of them.

The stalls for the ladies room took a few hours to install, but man they look great. Kat and I teamed up Saturday like a boss and tried to be precise with all the pieces because screwing those up = what a bunch of crap! They cost $932, but they look much better than anything we could have built ourselves. We bought them 2 months ago and just now got around to actually installing them. We suck!

^They do look nice so maybe we don't really suck. Things just take a long time to do down there.

It wasn't a bad weekend. I didn't get too shitfaced Friday night and the tennis elbow was only bugging me Saturday night for a while probably because I slept on it wrong. Yesterday I did a bunch of sheetrock sanding at Gavin's with Hawk so I thought that would wreck my elbow. I did wear my athletic brace and used CBD oil so that might have made the difference between my ass sleeping well last night or not. I stayed up late, all the way until just past 2200 last night. OMG [sarcasm] I watched the Superbowl, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. Tom Brady left the Greatriots (who are not great anymore what a bunch of crap!) to go play for Tampa and all he managed to do in his first year there was to win them a Superbowl title. His 7th Superbowl that is amazing. I am not bitter he left New England. I have too much else going on to really even care that much anymore.

Looks like most or all of this month is going to be real winter. Too bad, but it happens. We got really lucky in December and January and I had my lowest heating and plow bills, ever. So far this month has been colder and it look to stay cold for a while. I also had to fork over a few hundred for snowplowing today. We got 2" last night, but it was enough to warrant having the tax office cleaned out and I am glad it was done because a lot of my clients are older so I need to keep that lot squared away, especially for them. Thankfully the paved lot gets plenty of sun so even on colder days the things clears fast. Today was only 25, but the sun hit that tar and by dark it was looking really clean and nice.



Friday 2-05-21: I was not supposed to drink tonight.
This morning I told myself I was not going to drink tonight, but now I am working on my 4th drink at this relatively early hour of 1930. Is that bad? I don't think so as long as I don't keep pounding down the booze for the next several hours. I probably won't keep getting drunk for too much longer because I will get tired and just bivouac. Then I will sleep and have tennis elbow and wake up and go back to sleep and mostly get enough sleep. Maybe? Hopefully!

I did not work at the bar much today; I put about a half hour in and then I had to go do taxes. My tax business > that restaurant/bar that I never really wanted to own anyway. The tax office was busy today. One client before lunch, four after lunch, and some emails and calls to deal with. I enjoy doing taxes more than I enjoy being a friggin' restaurant owner. I guess I don't even own a restaurant anyway, I just own a maybe-restaurant. That place is really looking good, though. I took some more pictures of the bar this morning. First is the DJ booth that Kat and I built a few days ago:

^Would look better if the floor was swabbed again and if there was not a shitter just sitting there waiting to be installed. A toilet in the middle of the place = what a bunch of crap! The DJ booth does look great, though. I think we might be able to open in about a month. Maybe? Hopefully!

My next project there is to figure out how to do the stalls in the ladies' room. We have the stalls, but it call came as a kit and the install instructions are not the best. I have to get these two toilets to have some privacy dividers:

As boot-camp toilets they are good enough, but for a women's bathroom in a public restaurant that is not okay. The dividers cost $932 so they better be fucking awesome or else that will suck. A lot. I drew pencil lines where things have to go and hopefully this weekend I can get them mostly installed. I have to use my hammer drill for fastners into the concrete floor. I will take my time and try to mostly do it right so the shitter doors open and close properly. Oh, as an added bonus I'll try to NOT make them look ghetto.

For the first time in what seems like forever we don't have any contractors arriving at the place early tomorrow. Bruce has some more plumbing to do there, but it won't be this weekend because he has other obligations. I could stay up half the night and booze it up, but F that I will be in bed at a reasonable hour just because I will be all done and tired. I should wake up early and get right to work tomorrow, but we'll see. I am not looking forward to doing those stalls since the install directions are hard to follow so I will start with that and then quit and do something else when it gets too difficult. Hopefully I can work on it for more than 5 minutes before it gets too hard to do hehe.

Covid19 cases here in Maine are starting to dwindle, but we all are still supposed to wear masks so I wear one when I have clients at the tax office. Some clients don't give a shit about masks since there is no concrete proof they even work, but I wear mine because it is the law and all of that. I don't even really mind wearing the thing, I got used to it. Plus if I don't shave for an extra day no one will know hehehe. However, I still shave every couple days or so because having a lot of stubble makes my face itch. Maybe one day I will grow a beard, but just kidding I don't really think I will.

Kat was just taking to me about the bar menu, we got into an argument about it, and that is a bunch of crap. Our marriage is going good overall, things are looking better than they did at this time just about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but it varies a lot each day and sometimes it varies a few times a day. What a bunch of crap! I told her to focus on the DJ part of the business, but she insists on worrying about things she should not worry about. Hell, I got a shitload of money on the line and I don't even worry about some of these things. I can't or else I will go crazy. I am about maxed out on things I care to deal with or worry about at that place so I let our business partners handle a lot of that other stuff. If we fail oh well. I hope we succeed, but failure might happen if we don't get open at some point by next month...

Before I got on here to write to no one in particular I wa playing my SNES Classic, Super Metroid. I already played that friggin' game about 1.5 years ago, but I forgot a lot of things so playing it again is fun. I would like to own every SNES game ever made, but I don't know how to do that yet without doing some emulator crap on my computer. I'd rather sit on the couch and play the games on my TV with the actual SNES controller so that is what I do for now.

It sucks my wife and I got into another argument tonight so bye bye any fun tonight might have been. All I wanna know is why? Why do I tolerate this at all when I could just go be single and have a simple, easy, and probably poor life? I am sick of my wife complaining about the bar, about our business partners, and about all the decisions we make or don't make. When her and I are on the same page it is beautiful. Sadly that only happens roughly 50% of the time. What a bunch of crap!

Okay as I was writing that she just moved back ino the bedroom. Does that mean I sleep on the couch tonight? I think my best option is to get shitfaced and let the booze figure it out for me. I can eat some crackers and watch Gold Rush. Epic failer of my life. The end Fin.



Thursday 2-04-21: GROSS OMG!
I was working in the kitchen/dishwash area at the bar this morning, and I decided to remove an old, bootleg, beat-up looking metal shelf-thing that served as a place to set dirty dishes for many years. The thing looked terrible, and it was in the way of progress. I saved it in case we do want to put it back, but once it was removed the thought of putting it back seemed just wrong. Here is what it looked like once removed. Sadly I did not take a picture before I took it off...

^Window area still looks ghetto, but now it looks a little less ghetto. There was about a 4" gap underneath that pass-through shelf that you could see into from the dishwash side. We had noticed some debris like old silverware sitting in there, but we didn't look too closely at it. Imagine my shock when I removed it and was greeted by this lovely view:



THAT IS UN-FUCKING ACCEPTABLE IN EVERY WAY AND IT IS A GIANT BUNCH OF CRAP! There is no excuse for prior staff who once worked there to never have noticed that. NONE. That area should have been cleaned regularly, and I can't imagine how bad that must have smelled for a few days once that rat was freshly expired. We found a couple other dead rat carassses in the place since we started the remodel, but those were in hidden areas like chaseways for plumbing, places staff could not access to clean out. The dead rat in the photo above was in an accessable spot that should have been cleaned regularly. Plus it is right there in the middle of the kitchen/dish area how could it not ever be noticed or smelled?

And I fucking ate food from that place on a somewhat regular basis, a couple times a month or so. What a bunch of crap! Reason #45,732 why the place went out of business before we took it over. Covid can share some of the blame, but no amount of pandemic can be blamed for that old, dried-out, disgusting rat carcass. Epic fucking fail.

If all goes well we will not find any more carion, and we can really focus on getting the place put back together. Jason was there today to do more of the technology rack, and he hooked up the phone. We got the phone number months ago so I didn't even know what the number was. What a bunch of crap! I still don't know it hehe. I did call my own phone from it so I do have it if needed, though. We'll need it soon for our website so people can order takeout. Website not done, menu not done, but both coming really soon. Maybe? Hopefully!



Wednesday 2-03-21: Gods damn January is over already?!
January 2021 = FUCK OFF. The winter was mild for January standards so that is a win, but everything else can eat the peanuts out of my sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt! It was a hard month that almost cost me my marriage. What a bunch of crap!

Actually January didn't almost cost me my marriage, this fucking shit-show did:

^Photo taken a couple months ago before we redid the floor. That fuckin' bar has been an incredible challenge. I don't have any recent photos from the past week, but thankfully the place is coming together nicely. Behind schedule and over budget? Yes on both accounts. We should have been open by now, but we collectively suck. A lot. It is just too hard to get it all done on time. I could I guess, but I'd have to work 20 hours a day and F that.

I slept in until 0605 and felt a little guilty about that this morning. How sad is that? I guess I slept 8 hours, maybe 8.25 in a best-case? I watched a little news until 2130 or 2145 and then tapped out. Maybe it took me 5 minutes to fall asleep or maybe it took me 15 minutes. Hell if I know it just happened. However, like most nights I woke up at least once due to tennis elbow. I get that a lot these days thanks to sheetrok work, shovelling snow/sleet, etc. Today I had to shovel a lot because we got a huge storm yeserday. The snow part of the storm was easy, but then we got sleet and that made it heavy and a real workout. What a bunch of crap!

I gotshitfaced tonight. On a Wednesday. How sad is that? However, I beat this guy's ass before I came to this bootleg site that no one will ever read:

^ I was almost too drunk to even find that Google photo and post it here. What a bunch of crap! It is only 2022 so I think I need a snack. Guy looks for food in the cupboard...

I beat that fucking guy's ASS. I AM AWESOME. My hot wife came over to try and seduce me, but I didn't give a shit I was all done. Seriously. Video games > pokerizing my own wife. She was more drunk that me, though. What a bunch of crap! Let's be clear I do still love her but some things > getting laid. When you get old the list of things that > getting laid = increases. A lot.

Sometimes I think I have a good life, but other times I think it is a shit-show. Which one is it? Only time will tell. Sounds like a sweet song from Asia called Only Time Will Tell. If you don't like that song then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

100.3 WKIT played that song earlier and it was glorious. Speaking of glorious, we passed our first bar inspection today so that bring us one step closer to opening. Health and Safety gave us the green light to move forward. Oh Jesus Hell Ya! It is the worst time of year to be doing this, but fuck it let's jump on it. My tax business is getting busier so I don't have time to do that and work at a new bar full-time, but I will give it my best effort. I will make a lot of money, I will go broke, or somewhere in between. I really don't care about getting rich, F that, I just want to be comfortable and be able to play old video games.

My life is pwned right now. What a bunch of crap!

As Dad says "You make your own luck." That is a very true expression more often than not.

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