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"Even my dog hates Biden." - Slogan on a tee shirt I saw


Thursday, 12-29-22: Last update of this piece of shit year? Epic fight I gotta go to court.
I think this is the final bootleg crappy blog update I'll do for this turd-heap of a year. Good fucking riddance, 2022. I know there are two days left in this year, but I'll be busy doing other things so the odds of my loser-ass updating this thing again are close to nil.

I'm friggin' beat up. Literally beat up. First, Gavin and I played epic racquetball games yesterday afternoon. He totally crushed me in the first two games, but the last two games were phenomenal. We both just about emptied the tank, and game 4 might have been a bad idea. We were wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket, and we played hard and burned a ton of energy. By the time we were done I had lost 3 games to 1 on the day, and we could barely stand up to leave the court. It was awesome exercise, and at age 47 (Gavin a bit older than me!) I'm impressed how much we were able to move around on the court.

My awesome wife and I planned to do the Wednesday night trivia that our maintenance manager and friend, Jay, hosts so we went down to the bar for that. We don't actually try to win prizes since we run the place, but it's fun when we get the chance to actually play. We've only gotten to play a few times since it started a few months ago. What a bunch of crap! Things come up, we get busy, etc. We ate a meal and had fun at trivia when some guy came in who is a potential stalker for our server who was on duty. I asked her if things were ok, she said they were fine, so Kat and I went to play pool after trivia ended. Soon after that things went to total shit, and it was all-bad. Now I have a court date. What a bunch of crap!

The stalker-guy (whom I don't know at all) was at a table, Katherine was the bartender, and when no one was at the bar he went over and harassed Katherine, bigtime. He called her names not suitable for repeating, and she did nothing at all to provoke him. She came to get Kat and I, and I saw the look on her face and it was go-time. I headed up front to throw the guy out and give him a ban (not literally throw, tell him to take the train.) It was a Wednesday night, not a busy night at all for us, and I didn't see him. I went into the parking lot to ensure he was gone with Kat and Jay right behind me. I saw a car pulling out, the car almost hit me, and I saw it was the guy driving. OMG he almost hit me!

I was FUCKING PISSED. He stopped before he hit me (barely), he backed up, and he stopped his car so I ninja-kicked his door and put a huge dent in it. I'm not joking, I kicked that fucking door HARD. That's what you get for trying to run me over you mudda fucka! Sadly the guy is very big and strong, and he reminds me of The Mountain from Game of Thrones:

^Slight exaggeration, but I weigh 138 pounds right now and the guy might weigh close to double my size. No joke. Tall, stocky, and got booted out of Gold's gym earlier that day for getting into an altercation with someone. Like, seriously. Wish I knew that before I kicked the shit out of his car because maybe I would not have done that. Plus we also found out he's an ex-hockey player. Not looking good for me!

The guy was not so happy to have his car door kicked in so he got out, and I yelled at him "That's my daughter" regarding how he treated Katherine. I dunno if he yelled back, but then we were in a fist fight and it was all-bad. The Mountain hit me pretty good in the right ear, he body-slammed me into the pavement, and then I was back for more. Total shit-show fist fight like a boss. I'm scrappy, and I didn't give up, but I was definitely losing. Despite people's efforts to break it up fists were flying and I ended up on the ground again. He puched me a total of probably a half-dozen times, and I dunno how much I hit him. I missed at least a couple times. When we were both down I did kick him in the face pretty good, but then Kat and Jay got us apart and they got him out of there. He hit Jay, he threw Jay's glasses, it was a total fucking mess. I was bleeding from the ear. What a bunch of crap!

I definitely lost that fight. To quote Dalton from the epic awesome Road House movie, no one wins a fight, right? I like to think I got him at least a couple times, but I dunno how banged up he is. I felt like I was fighting The Terminator. He was a turd that would not flush! Man that fucking guy was tough! Plus I'm not a fighter, it's not what I do and not what I want to do.

The cops came, I was bleeding some from my ear, I was amped up all the way to 10/10 and so was everyone there, and I got summoned because he is pressing charges against me for kicking the shit out of his car door. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I was so pissed off at that guy for the way he treated Katherine that I don't even care about getting beat up. Honestly I'm amazed I'm not more black and blue today. For a total monster of a guy who body-slammed me to the pavement and who punched me in the face a half-dozen times I'm not a total mess. I have a few small nicks and bruises, but I thought I'd wake up looking like Mr Potato Head. I was definitely sore, but I could have been a lot worse. I held my own even though I totally lost.

I don't want to do that again. What a turd end to 2022. What a bunch of crap!

I have bruises on my left knee, my left elbow, my right ear, and my face. Gods damn it! Oh, I also have a court date for "Criminal Mischief." WTF, over? I don't think that one will stick, though. We got witness statements that should help me on that one. Maybe? Hopefully!



Tuesday, 12-27-22: Time for 2023 goals.
Almost every time I update this bootleg site that only two people will ever read I talk about what a total piece of shit 2022 was. I probably hated my life in 2021 as well, but I dunno ever since this restaurant everything is out of whack. The Covid pandemic fucked everything up, too. What a bunch of crap! Thankfully this turd-heap of a year is almost over now so I can look ahead to what will *hopefully* be a better 2023. I need some goals for 2023 so I woke up in the middle of the night (it's 0021 right now) hungry and with thoughts on my mind that needed to go onto this crappy site of mine.

First and foremost, I need to get financially balanced in 2023. We need to make more money than we spend for the first time in two years. The money we set aside from the sale of the rental properties will be gone if we don't get that balance. The restaurant is the obvious financial drain, and we had a lot of setbacks this year. We had a January Covid outbreak, we lost what would have been a very busy Saturday in January due to a huge blizzard (refunded a huge event we couldn't host), and then inflation and a shit economy started to hit really hard thanks to a shithead president and his useless economic policies. Sales in the summer were subpar, and that carried over into the fall. What a bunch of crap!

We made adjustments to our business, we reduced hours and found ways to cut payroll down, and we finally were having a decent December until the storm from four days ago. That mega wind-rain storm killed power to about half the state including to us, and we had to cancel what would have been a very busy Friday night of sales. Another big party cancelled, another refund issued for that, and more lost food. The power was off for roughly 17 hours, and I was thinking of just closing the entire restaurant forever before the lights came back on and we were able to make a mad-scramble to get the place opened back up for a short 1200-1700, 5-hours, on Saturday. That was essentially a make-or-break day for us, and thankfully we did decent in sales. Not even close to making up for the lost Friday, but at least it was something.

Friday night really sucked. A lot. I drank some of this holiday vodka:

^Didn't taste horrible as a shot, kinda like Dr. McGillicuddy but a stronger alcohol content. I didn't get wasted, but it helped me doze off for a bit. The power stayed off all night, we had a fire, and it got cold. Temps crashed out from around 55 down into the teens by daybreak. What a bunch of crap! I was thinking the restaurant would be okay without power until probably Saturday night before we had a real worry about pipes freezing, and if it got so cold in the place that things froze I would have just quit. Doors would have never opened again, ever. We do have insurance, but it's a $2000 deductible and I would have been too defeated to put in the work. Thankfully at 0830 Saturday the lights came back on so it was time to get to work to save the place, and we pulled it off... for now.

We did a rushed, kind-of shitty family Christmas dinner Saturday night so we could work at the restaurant Christmas day and today. Plus we've been doing our family Xmas on the 24th in the evening the night before Xmas for a few years to free up the kids for their own family obligations. Kat made a huge, delicious meal but the kids wanted to rush through it all including gifts so they could all hit the road. We were all tired from getting jack shit for sleep the night before (I had to keep getting up to stoke our fire) so that didn't help. I was glad when we could just bivouac in our bed instead of on the couch by the fireplace, and it was nice having heat and a fan. I can sleep without a fan on, but I sleep a lot better with the noise from one. Same for my awesome wife, and maybe even worse for her.

I ordered more floor epoxy for the bar, and the two bigger project Kat a and I tackled yesterday and today were the bar rail and the floor in the restaurant, main dining area. Both were chipped and starting to look bootleg, and we can't have that if we want to avoid being City Side & Jester's 2.0 (the former restaurant and bar that was there for 14 years before Covid.) I have a lot of fond memories of the former etablishment, but it was totally ghetto and run down. Like, bad. I can never totally hate on the place that was there before us because I met my wife there, though. However, there is a reason that place went out of business...

Doing the floor and the bar rail took a lot of precious... precious time. It was worth the effort, though. I think when we walk into the place in a few hours this morning it will look awesome and we can start putting tables and chairs back out. I don't have a picture of it, but I can dig one out of the archives from when we did the floor 1.75 years ago. We did the same black color:

^From early 2021, back before we grand opened and had business partners and former friends who were supposed to help us make a lot of money there. Epic failer us, and we've never made a dime. However, we're on the right track. Maybe? Hopefully. Might be too late if we don't keep it nice and cut down payroll even more...

So back to goals for 2023. Here is an abbreviated list of a few I thought of as I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to get my ass up to write some of this down:

-Make adjustments and put in the work to keep Mad Kat Bar & Grill open and financially viable. I wanted to quit the place a couple months ago, and I still want to step back and let the kids run it with their Mom, but the place needs me for a while more so I'm gonna do what I have to do to get it leveled-up.

-Gain a few pounds. I'm down to 138. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! The flu I had 2 or 3 weeks ago really fucked me up, and I am still not 100% from it. I'm close, though. I lost a few pounds, and they are not back yet. I should eat more food, and I will. Hell, I own a restaurant and I've lost weight this year. How the fuck does that happen?! I think I was 140 as a senior in high school so this is ridiculous. For years I was closer to 145-150 so I should work my way back up to that range.

-Make more money than we spend, even if that means I have to work a lot more. If needed I'll work 60-80 hours a week for a while, possibly even all of 2023. However, I don't really want to do that hopefully I can make it work at 40-50 hrs/week so I have precious... precious time for other things like hanging out with family, deer hunting, and exercising.

-Get more exercise including using my downstairs little gym more. 2022 was the worst year I've had of exercise since I started keeping track something like 20 years ago. What a bunch of crap! Yet I still lost weight... I do think working Friday and Saturday nights at the bar has something to do with that. I walk around a lot there during those shifts, my sleep schedule gets off, and I snack more than I eat big meals.

Alright turds, all two of you who might ever read this shit-show of a blog here. I'm gonna try to sleep some more. Four more days and I can write off this horrible year forever!



Friday, 12-23-22: What a fuckin' mess.
There is some mega-storm that is wrapping up, and it fucked a huge part of the country including us. Sub-freezing temps into Texas and Florida, huge winds everywhere from the Rockies to the east coast, and feet of snow in some places in the midwest. A huge "bomb" storm moving up the St. Lawrence River, way to our west, so we got into the warm part of it with huge rains and bigtime winds. This state is totally pwned right now. Coastal flooding at high tides with roads washed out, wind gusts way over 60MPH over a huge part of the state, and tons of power outages including us. We are totally pwned right now. What a bunch of crap!

Power went out at the restaurant and here at our house around 1515, and it's not back on yet as of 2123. Over 6 hours of no power, and even worse we lost our entire Friday night. Hell, we lost most of our entire Friday. Sales were only $150 when we had to close due to lack of power. It was just too windy and rainy so almost no one wanted to come to the bar. I think we would have done over $5000 in sales today (not all profit just net sales) if not for the horrible weather. Instead we spent our Friday night putting as much perishable food on ice as possible, and we might not be coming back from this one. There is a 50% chance we close forever after today. What a bunch of crap!

I can't get online to check without power, and this old-ass laptop computer will be dying soon since the battery ain't great, but when I was online earlier I saw many places had wind gusts over 60MPH and there were a shitload of power outages. Roads along the coast were just gone. The Nothing took them away like it once took away the beautiful lake from the Rock Biters in the North in The Neverending Story. It's all-bad.

All I wanna know is why? Why do we have to have a huge, crippling storm on a Friday night? We're losing tomorrow night due to Xmas eve, and we're losing Christmas day (Sunday) and the day after (monday) so there is a chance the restaurant never opens its doors ever again. I hate to be all negative about it, but if we don't get power back by this time tomorrow I'd expect frozen pipes in the restaurant. The temps are dropping bigtime as I write this bootleg update to almost no one at all; by the time sunrise hits tomorrow we'll be down into the teens with highs tomorrow in only the low 20s. It'll be windy, too. We need power or the restaurant will drop below 32, pipes will freeze, and we most likely can't recover from that. I'm not sure we can even recover from losing today. We have to refund a party that we couldn't host tonight, too. What a bunch of crap! We do have insurance, but I don't have it in me to do all that and we have a 2000 deductible anyway.

This fucking year... 2022 might seriously be the year that breaks me forever. It's been a total fucking disaster. We almost do well and then a wheel (or two or all of them) falls off the proverbial bus and we are pwned.

I'm getting drunk so I can pass out. FUCK THIS SHIT.

Good thing I didn't renew my tax software yet. No sense doing taxes if I don't have a FUCKING TAX OFFICE. I could probably go back to JH. Maybe? Hopefully power comes back on so I don't have to even think too much about that dog-shit option. I didn't hate JH, but I'd rather do the restaurant and taxes from the office there. We were on track to do fairly well this month, but now I think we're fucked up the ass with no lube. Game over, man.

Oh well, Mike got his power back a few minutes ago and he's only 2.5 miles up the road so there's hope still. However, a fucking tree fell into power lines at the end of our road and no power crews are there to deal with that yet so nevermind. We can't get power back with a fallen tree on the lines. What a bunch of crap!


I made bad choices so I have no one to blame but myself. As Dad has famously said in the past, and it's so true, "You make your own luck." I 100% believe that, too.


Thursday, 12-22-22: Where's my camera?!
I lost my digital camera last month. What a bunch of crap! It's probably in my possession somewhere, but I'm not really sure. How can I post photos onto this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads? I do have photos in my phone, but I don't know how to get them out. I suck! My awesome wife can do it for me, but I don't want to bother her with it she has enough going on as-is. She has to work tonight as the karaoke DJ because Nate called out, and I might have to work as well because a server called out. So far it's not very late and it's not very busy, but who knows what will happen later? I hope it does get busy, but not too crazy.

I'm guessing a lot of people have tomorrow off from work since Christmas is Sunday. The official day off for Xmas is Monday the 26th, though. If the weather wasn't about to shit all over itself I'd say tomorrow at the restaurant would be crazy busy, especially at night, but we have a huge rain storm coming with winds possibly over 60MPH. A lot of power outages are expected, and that will totally screw us over. What a bunch of crap!

We're losing Saturday night (closing at 1700 Christmas eve) and all day Sunday due to the holiday so that hurts. A lot. However, last year was even worse because Christmas was on Saturday so we lost both Friday and Saturday night revenues. Losing one weekend night is a huge blow, but losing both was a total shit-show. I'll be glad when Christmas is on a Monday or a Tuesday (next year?) so it doesn't hurt our business so much. If we were open on Christmas not enough people would even come to make it worth being there. We gave it a try Thanksgiving night, and it was all-bad. We did around $500 in sales, and that is 100% awful on any day. It's a bunch of crap! $500 in sales doesn't cover labor and product cost on any day, and there is also rent, insurance, utilities, etc to consider...

So the bar is going to be closed for two consecutive days, and really even more than that since we close at 1700 Saturday. That sucks from a viewpoint of trying to make sales and earn revenue, but it is good in a way because we can do some needed work. I plan to sand and refinish the bar rail, and I have more floor epoxy for the main part of the restaurant. I did the event room floor earlier this month, but since The Nothing took my camera like it took the beautiful lake from the Rock Biters in the North in The Neverending Story I can't post any photos. What a bunch of crap!

The restaurant opened at 1600, two hours ago, and so far sales are decent. We need a good night tonight to help make up for the coming holiday and huge rain/wind storm. I have a feeling tomorrow could suck. A lot. I just hope we don't lose power. Probably half the friggin' state will lose power if winds are at the high end of expectations. Plus there could be flooding on top of that, and our roof is not the greatest down at the bar. This happened only a couple months ago:

^We seriously almost went out of business when that happened. It was ridiculous and depressing all rolled into one giant turd-roll. I suggested to Kat that we just close the place forever, she was in tears, it was so sad. Thankfully we put in the work to get our precious... precious event room squared away again, and the landlord did get the roof fixed...

If that happens again tomorrow I don't think we can overcome it. I don't think it will happen since a huge section of the roof is brand new now, but we won't know until the rains really dump from the sky. We have had a couple powerful rain storms since that leak and the roof has been okay, though.

I think I'm done travelling for a while. Maybe? Hopefully! I went down to Waterville/Oakland to help Phil yesterday, and I just got back from the midcoast a bit over an hour ago today. I finally got this shed roof 100% water-tight at Jason's house:

^When I was there working on it at the very end of November three weeks ago the weather was a shit-show. First it was all frosty at 1230 and I almost fell off. Nail gun went flying, but I stayed on the roof. Then the following morning there was unexpected heavy drizzle that soaked everything and made doing the back side incredibly uncomfortable. The nail gun fell off again, and it sucked. Wet, windy, cold, epic failer.

Today was cold, 35 degrees, but I only needed a couple hours to get it shingled up to the peak. I didn't even use my nail gun; I just nailed it by hand since not much was left. By the end I was really cold with numb feet and hands starting to go numb. What a bunch of crap! I cranked the heat on the drive home and warmed back up by the time I got to about Belfast. I better not get sick again after that bullshit! It's my own fault for not finishing it earlier in the year.

I still have a little cleanup and cap shingles to do, but I won't even invoice that out since Jason lets me hunt all over his properties. I won't finish all of that until probably April because I don't want to drive anywhere all winter if I can help it. I have tax season coming up, and I'll be busy. However, Mom had a bag of gifts at the house that I forgot to take so who knows maybe I'll have to go back. I had lunch with Dad and we both forgot. What a bunch of crap! Mom was at work, but I did stop in to see her on the drive down. She works at a toy store and it was fairly busy (3 days til Xmas) so I didn't visit for long.

As usual I half-assed my Christmas shopping. I did order something for my awesome wife a week or two ago, and I bought her something this morning as I was leaving town. Her and I did have a very nice trip to Portland about 2.5 weeks ago for shopping, but she was pretty much in charge of that and I was just along because spending a night down there and shopping once a year is a very nice thing that we do together. Plus, as an added bonus, she gets sick of shopping after a couple hours so we're very much on the same page about that. I couldn't shop for an entire day, F that.



Wednesday, 12-14-22: I'll try to use the gym today... maybe? Oh, midnight again.
I racked out a couple hours ago and fell asleep fairly quickly, but then I woke up a bit after midnight, not long ago, and I felt wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep, but that was not an option. What a bunch of crap! All I wanna know is why? Why do I wake up so often in the middle of the night lately? For a few days my breathing was a bunch of crap in the wake of what was most likely a really nasty flu last week, but now I can breathe again.

I'm planning on using the basement gym today, the first time in 12 days. I figure I've been physically unable to use my bootleg gym for at least 5 weeks out of this skid-mark of a year. Not all at once, but a week here, a week there, and bye bye over one month of precious... precious time due to sicknesses, severe allergies, and a horrible infection. What a bunch of crap! What do I blame? A neverending pandemic, older age, a crazy life schedule half the time from the restaurant? All of the above? I dunno, but it can't happen again next year. F that. I don't need to exercise all 365 days in a year (that would be stupid), but I need to do a lot better.

It seems the news is almost always bad lately and that sucks. A lot. Switching to better news, after a couple critical weeks of what esentially is "make or break" for the restaurant sales overall this month have been good and we're not losing money yet this month. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Yesterday our sales were only around $250, though. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Labor was $600 and holding costs for the entire place are a few hundred a day so we got pwned. Oh well, we can make that up later this week and I'm sure we will. A day with sales of $4000 makes up a lot of ground after fod cost, labor cost, and all the other expenses. Normally on a day we do $4000-$5000 in sales our labor is closer to $1300-$1500 and so is product cost, but there is still enough meat on the bone after all that to cover rent, insurance, utils, etc and then some.

I should look for my digital camera and checkbook today. I misplaced both of them at different times last month. What a bunch of crap! I have photos on my cellphone, but I dunno how to get them onto my computer. Kat did it once for me so if I'm extra nice to her thn maybe my awesome wife can help me again. I took a couple cute photos of Kat's new kitten on my phone recently and I'd post on on here for the two of you to see. Yes, a kitten. WTF you say?! Me too...

Kat wanted a kitten and I said no. She asked again and I said "Hell no!" So now we have a kitten because I'm a pussy. One of our co-workers had some she wanted to find homes for, and the one Kat got is really cute. However, not even 16 hours after having the kitten in the house I woke up with regrets. Kat got up before me as usual on a Monday morning so she could go do inventory at the restaurant in peace and quiet. I woke up not log after she left, and the kitten was nestled in my arm. Hey awesome, cute and didn't bother me at all when I was racked out. Sadly almost immediately after I realized my arm was wet and my back was also damp. Since I'm recovering from a death-flu I thought the dampness on my back was from sweating in the night. Unfortunately, it was not. The little bastard kitten might have looked content sleeping in the crook of my arm, but it was all a ruse because I got pissed on by that little bugger.


Fuck you, 2022. Just fuck you so hard. This year has seriously almost driven me to get wasted-drunk and go freeze myself until I can thaw out in a better time. Sadly there won't be a better time the world is going to shit so maybe I wouldn't end up like Stallone in Demolition Man where he's frozen for a few decades and then he has to fight fellow thawed-man Wesley Snipes. That movie was awesome and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more...



Friday, 12-09-22: I wish I could be at work now. Gods damn flu.
I got really sick midweek, and I'm only now starting to recover. My awesome wife and I had a nice overnight stay in Portland to get away and spent time together Monday PM into Tuesday, and we also got some much-needed Christmas shopping done. It was a great trip, but then things went downhill. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling off, and throughout the day I felt worse and worse. Wednesday, yesterday, and even first thing this morning I was pwned. I was wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket. What a bunch of crap! Those 2+ days were a couple of the worst-sick days I've ever had in my life. This was me:

^Is that a real photo or a photoshop? How can she fit into those pants?!

I was a fuckin' mess the past couple days. It was hard to walk around the house, I had no appetite, and I was totally useless. I was supposed to go on one last deer hunt and finish Jason's shed roof, but that all went to hell. To make matters even worse, we have all kinds of things happening at the restaurant today, tomorrow, and Sunday and I'm needed there. Other people are out sick so my poor wife (who was very sick last week) has been stuck working there all day and now into the night. What a bunch of crap! We had a 70-person lunch that I couldn't help with, and we had a 25-person event tonight. I did go and help sweep, mop, etc for a couple hours between events and I offered to work tonight, but the right thing to do is for me to stay home and rest some more so I can put in a lot of hours this weekend. I'm still not better, but I am on the rebound and have had more of an appetite today. No huge meal yet, but more than a nibble here and a nibble there.

I've been sick 4 fucking times this year. OMG FUCK OFF 2022! First was COVID in early January, and I gotta say that bout of the 'rona, the second one I had, was a breeze compared to this flu. I don't even know if I have the flu, but I'm pretty sure I do because shitloads of people have it now and some schools have actually closed because of it.

I wasn't sick in the traditional sense of the word for my second and third times this year, but I pretty much was. Allergies kicked my ass hard for the last half of May, and that is becoming a problem that will need dealing with in the years to come if I do end up living here. I don't know why allergies hit me so hard when they never used to. Probably something around this house has a lot to do with it. Kat gets hit hard with them, too.

I had a massive hand infection in October that sent my worthless ass to the ER, and that made me sick for a few days until I finally got some serious antibiotics. I actually felt pretty good from later October through all of November until this flu-bullshit. I used to think I had a pretty good immune system, but I guess I'm old now so nevermind. I eat pretty well overall and exercise, but it doesn't matter. Probably being around so many people on a regular basis has something to do with it, too. There's been a lot of sickness going around over the past 3 years thanks to Covid and all the stupid spinoffs. What a bunch of crap!

So it's Friday night and I'm stuck at home instead of being at work. I did watch a bunch of Gold Rush today; I had something like 12 of them on the DVR and get through close to half. Some of them are probably repeats or the behind the scenes ones that I can delete, though. Every once in a while they do a decent "The Dirt" behind the scenes one, but usually not. Over the years it seems like they've done 10 different episodes about Tony Beets and his growing up on a milk farm in Europe. I like the show, it's not something I watch regularly anymore (obviously), but it's been good filler while I've been sick and trying to recover.

I guess I should go to bed in a minute. I'm gonna get up early-ish and help clean the restaurant before they open since Jay is out sick. He had to leave early today, and we might have a server out with the flu still as well. A bunch of us at the restaurant either have it now or have had it recently. What a bunch of crap! Good thing we all didn't get it the same day I guess...


Thursday, 12-01-22: Can we end the year better?
2022 has mostly sucked. What a bunch of crap! Will December not suck? Hard to say. There is the onset of winter, and Christmas can kiss my hairy ass. By default December has a lot going against it, and it usually sucks no matter what. The first day of December is almost over now, and it wasn't bad at all. I was watching the Patroits play the Bills on Thursday Night Football, but I just quit because it's 24-7 Buffalo with 2 minutes left and there is no way the former Greatriots are winning this one. It'll be 6-6 for the Pats and 9-3 for the Bills. Ever since Brady hit the road for a state tax-free Florida the Patriots have not been good. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, I don't really care so much these days. I enjoy watching sports, but I don't get so worked up over who wins and who loses.

I've actually enjoyed watching some of the Celtics over the past couple years, and when I was younger it was all baseball or football. I still don't give a shit about the NHL, though. That league and sport just bores me too much. Same for soccer. Fuck that sport.

I stayed up past my bedtime to have some drinks and watch football. I'm not shitfaced, I haven't been trashed-drunk probably all fall, but I feel pretty buzzed. Today was a pretty good start to December. My awesome wife and I got a lot done in the event room at the restaurant, I got some decent exercise by doing yoga and a light lift in the bootleg gym downstairs, and the restaurant did decent business today. Not great, but good enough for a Thursday. Last month the restaurant had a terrible month. It was all-bad. Thanksgiving week last week was overall five pounds of shit stuffed into a five pound bag, and the last two days were awful as well. What a bunch of crap! This month looks much better with a lot of events scheduled, though.

I went deer hunting Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning this week, and I didn't see jack fuckin' shit. Gods damn it! Ah well I like being in the woods even if all I do is sit there. As expected and in line with how much of a piece of shit 2022 has been I had more bad luck on my trip. I finished a second coat of epoxy on the event-rom floor Tuesday morning before I went to the midcoast. I planned to work on this roof for an hour before meeting up with Dad for a PM hunt:

I arrived at Jason's house around 1230, I set up the ladder, and I almost fell the fuck off immediatly because the entire section in the photo above was still frosty. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Even worse, I saw the frost so I took my time and was extra careful. It didn't matter. As soon as my feet set down I was on my ass, almost falling off, and bye bye nail gun. I'm amazed the nail gun still worked after it fell off and bounced off the ground. Good thing it's only about 10 feet up and it's just a lawn there.

That was some dangerous shit. All I wanna know is why? Why am I trying to do a roof when it's almost winter? I'm making my own luck.

No worries, I knew Wednesday would be warmer with a front passing through and rain coming later Wed. Dad and I didn't see any deer Tuesday PM on our "Lot 88" hunt so we planned to go out at first light Wed. It's muzzle-loader season now so I'm using one of Dad's 3 or 4 muzzle-loaders. I apprecite him being prepared because I'm a fuckin' mess. I'm very comfortable with firearms thanks to Pop, but I don't put in the work like he does.

There was no rain in the forecast for Wednesday morning, it was supposed to start raining hard mid-afternoon Wed. Too bad that all went to shit when we had showers and drizzle at first light. I was going to hunt the oak off the Mt. Rd Wed AM, but as soon as I got out of the truck it started raining so I had to bail and go to Jason's woods-plot blind. I'm not hunting in the rain with a muzzle-loader that I don't even own. I got there later than I wanted, but still 5 minutes before sunrise. I didn't see any deer so I worked on his shed roof some more. Unfortunately there was a heavy drizzle that soaked everything so I had to quit after 1.5 hours. The weather was awful, a total bunch of crap. Breezy, soaking wet, and gross, probably unsafe as well. Everything got drenched and my nail gun slid right off that fucking roof again. What a bunch of crap! I cant believe it still works, but I think it's close to dying for good because I had to fight with it a few times.

That shed is only 5 square, and I can't finish it. I SUCK. I've got 16 hours into that gods damned thing and it's not done yet. Oh well, it's close. I think in 2 hours I can finish. Too bad doing a roof this time of year can be easier said than done. I'm thinking I have 4 square done so I only have the areas near the peak left to do. Sadly those take the longest, and it's not exactly warm anymore. Frost on the thing at 1230?! Seriously? What a bunch of crap! The only reason why I didn't fall off Tuesday is I saw the frost and knew I had to go slow. It was way more slippery than I expected it to be.

I don't really understand my life anymore. The restaurant is eating my soul yet I keep going back for more. The potential for that place is massive, but we can't seem to get there. Last night we had a deluge of rain and 55MPH wind gusts so business was terrible. November was a bad month for the place, we lost money yet again, but this month I see some really good days to come. I lost my digital camera so I don't have good photos of the event room. It looks great, and we spent a full day working on it today. That space will be the key to our success or failure. We have a lot of events still to come. A LOT. I plan to put in some serious work there over the next three weeks so we can keep it open well into 2023. I've tried to quit a few times, but it never seems to work. Quitting your own business is easier said than done. What a bunch of crap!

I didn't drink that much, but I'm pretty liquored up at the moment. I am almost too drunk and tired to keep writing to no one who will ever even see this shit-show I call a blog. I have a few updates I haven't even uploaded because I lost my camera. What a bunch of crap! I can't upload photo when I DON'T HAVE MY FUCKIN CAMERA. Where is it? God only knows, and there is no god so nevermind.

I have on channel 1928. Thompson Twins If You Were Here. Great song from a great band! What's their best song? Probably Dr Dr, but maybe King for a Day? I think this song was in a John Hughes 1980s movie. Maybe Ferris Bueller's Day Off? If you don't like any John Hughes movies then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

Okay, I looked it up and I was mixed up as usual. Edge of Forever was in that movie. What Thompson Twins song was used by Hughes? Guy looks more, but guy is tired and will stop looking soon because guy can't write more without having to rewind and fix his typos...

Oh, my bad it was in the awesome movie 16 Candles. Damn John Hughes knew how to make music work in his movies! Or whomever he hired as the sound people. They totally crushed it. Hughe also did that movie as well as a bunch of other iconic mostly 80s movies. His best one might have been Planes, Trains, and Automobiles but that's a tough call. That one has the best ending of all his movies. RIP John Candy. The end of that movie is a 10/10 and brings a tear or two to my eyes. Such a beautiful reveal and heartbreaking all rolled into one. I won't spoil it even though it's a 35-year old movie and I probably already spoiled it on here at some point in the past.

^If you don't like this movie and think the ending is beautiful then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more...

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