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Thursday, 4-28-22: My last "bootleg gym" workout at Allen Rd.
I went over to Allen Rd earlier to pack up more of my stuff, and before I got too much stowed away and broken down I was able to do a quick, 25-minute lift. Some chest, back, and legs. Hit it hard, hit it fast, time to load up the truck with weights and misc. I will NEVER lift weights over there again, and pretty soon I will NEVER be there again. The sale is about to happen, closing set for tomorrow at 1100. It's a weird feeling knowing that I am all done not only as a landlord but also as a "member" of my own gym over there. I've had a gym there for over 20 years. WOW! It started as some bootleg, cheap all-in-one unit that I found listed in "Uncle Henry's" forever ago, and it grew into something epic.

^From 2007, before I ever even thought of putting an office down there. I believe we had a pool table down there as well. Guy looks for photos from way back in the day...

Oh wow, I found some photos from 2006! I dunno who the hell that chick is, but I had no game back then so I didn't get no tail. I played AOE II hehehe. Walter had some game, eh?

^AHAHAHAHAHA AWESOME AND LEGENDAY! Walt is a cool guy. So amazing that I am still friends with Walter and Phil all these years later. Walt, Phil, and I lived there for a few years around then. I don't know when I met Walt and Phil, but 2004 or 2005 seems likely. We had some epic times there with other friends like Tommy, Gavin, and of course my brother, Doug. Sadly Doug and I are all done, and I fired all of my family except Jason. I think my life is worse now than it was back then, but I would never want to go back to then because it would not be fun anymore.

I think selling Allen Rd has affected me a lot. A LOT. The memories I have from that place cannot even be documented. That building, especially apartment 2 there, has been a part of my life since 1998. OMG almost 24 years! Allen Rd used to be called PROSPECT AVE, but the city changed the name a long time ago so 911 calls would not be confused with nearby Prospect St. Or something like that...

I don't regret selling Allen Rd. I can't do it anymore because my life is focused elsewhere. I accidentally got pretty good at a few things such as carpentry, landlording, tax prep, and restaurant management. I can't do it all so I gotta choose which has the better long-term benefit. Is being a restaurant manager the best long-term option? I dunno, only time will tell, but not being a landlord anymore means less of this:

^Massive shit backup from Holyoke St in 2015. That weird filled-in hole always reminded me of The Silence of the Lambs pit. It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again. Hehehe.

I'm done as a landlord tomorrow. Wow! Everything went to shit when we decided to do the restaurant. Hopefully in the end it's all worth it, but right now that is 50/50. In hindsight would I have agreed to do the restaurant? NOPE. I would have done something, but on a much smaller scale. Lower overhead, no shtty landlord, etc. What we have now is incredibly difficult to manage, and it stresses Kat out so much she had a heart attack last week. A FUCKIN HEART ATTACK OMG! She is born again hard. She had a heart attack and kept working. All I wanna know is why? Why does that happen? How does it happen? They know she had a heart attack because of the blood work. It's all-bad, and it's time to change up how we do things. Soon Allen Rd will be a menory and then I can work more at the restaurant/bar/

I will NOT be all done moving out of Allen Rd tomorrow. No chance of that! THankfully the new buyers are cool with me moving the rest of my stuff out early next month. I took a lot of junk to the dump today so that helps make the place look better. I'll help them with little things here and there into early May, and I will be happy to answer any questions they have as they transition into ownership. They own other rentals, and they live close. I think they're nice people, and I'm glad they're taking over. Tenants are probably neverous about it all, but that's not my fucking problem. I have to sell because I can't keep doing it anymore.



Tuesday, 4-26-22: Tax season done, not done. Landlording done, not done.
I had three fuckin' tax clients today. What a bunch of crap! On April 26, a week after the filing deadline, are you kidding me?! One was in response to a letter from the state that I helped with. No fee, but she will pay me later. One was a simple Maine PFTC (property tax fairness credit), and one was my usual client who never files on time. I made a few bucks so it was not a total waste of my preious... precious time. However, I would have rather been working on this:

The soon-to-be cellar gym at our house. I have a feeling it will only be my gym for a year or so, but who knows. Not sure if the bar will actually make it or not, and right now that is 50/50 at best. We got a HUGE bill from the landlord that I am not fucking paying so that might not end so well. the bar still is not making a profit so I'm giving it through the summer and fall (landlord pushback not withstanding) to see how it goes. If we're still not making money, at least breaking even, come fall then it's the end. Fin. It's also the end of living here. If the bar fails we are out like fat kids in dodge ball.

I am selling Allen Rd in three days with a closing time of 1100 on Friday. After that I am NOT a landlord anymore. However, I will have some things to finish at Allen Rd into early May still. No way I can finish it all before that closing. Not even a glimmer of hope on that one. Even though the closing is less than three days away I had to still do landlord stuff today. I had to replace a broken toilet seat (what a bunch of crap!), I had to try to find a pesky leak that I *might* have fixed, and I had to replace a CO alarm for another tenant this evening. I don't mind doing all that, it's easy, but it would be nice to NOT deal with it. I was going to be over there anyway moving some gym stuff to the house.

The cellar soon-to-be-gym is coming along well, but behind schedule as expected. I can't stay on schedule anymore, it is impossible. What a bunch of crap! I did work on it tonight for an hour, and the painting is mostly done. I could throw in some kind of a ceiling, we'll see. I just need to get it ready so I can get everything moved over from Allen Rd.



Friday, 4-22-22: Bye bye oil tank.
I decided to remove an old oil tank from the cellar today to make more room for the soon-to-be new gym. There was some framing and a sliding closet door in the way so bye bye to all of that. Hello to me smelling like fuel after I fired up the Sawzall and got to it. There was about 10 gallons of oil still in the tank that I had to drain, and some sludge was still in the bottom of the tank. Overall not a horrible amount, but enough to stink up the house and make a bit of a mess. I had to cut the tank into three pieces to get it up the narrow stairs and out. Mission accomplished a couple hours ago, and now that area looks like this:

I need to buy some more tongue and groove pine for the rest of that wall. I could have done it differently, but I want it to match everything around it and I don't need to buy too much. I started a shopping list for Lowe's to also include smaller things like more brads for the nail gun, new gloves (trashed my other ones doing that tank what a bunch of crap!), etc. I also have to do some wiring so I had to Google a 3-way switch loop. It doesn't look that hard to do since I just have to tie into what's already there. I'll probably still find a way to screw it up, though!

I need to install a few more LED lights down there, but I'll work on my framing and carpentry first then do the lights when I can get all that excess lumber out of there. 2x4s cost around 8 bucks now so I can reuse a lot of the ones down there. I'll take most of that to the bar and use it for all kinds of different things later this year.

I work tonight, in 20 minutes actually, and I expect it to be wicked busy. Kat is doing 70s night so we'll see how much extra of a crowd that draws. Friday nights at our bar are epic busy even if we don't have a "special" event going on. We do awesome on both Friday and Saturday nights most weeks. Now we just need to boost our business on some of the other days and times so we can actually make money and start paying down our debt. That will come with time. Maybe? Hopefully!

Most likely at this time next week I will no longer own Allen Rd. No more landlording for me! We have a clear to close so now it's just the waiting game until Jody and the title company tell us a time. I'm free just about anytime for it next Friday. I'll make time since it's very important. I worked at the bar last night, I work tonight, I work tomorrow night, and then *hopefully* I can spend some time Sunday through Friday next week getting the gym moved over to the house and getting Allen Rd cleaned out. Will I finish it all before next Friday? DOUBTFUL. However, I need to have most of it done because I don't want to be fucking around with Allen Rd well into May. I have other things I need to start at the bar, and I want to stop working 60-80 hours a week. I don't even know how many hours we work, but it's way too much. What a bunch of crap!

Alright turds, all two of you, I gotta get my arse down to the bar for my usual Friday night shift. I have an afro wig for 70s night, but I dunno if I'll wear it. I probably won't because dressing up is not really my thing.



Wednesday, 4-20-22: Can't sleep yet, tax season over, new gym coming, anniversary woes.
I haven't had precious... precious time to update this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads because I have been working way too much. What a bunch of crap! I had to finish tax season, and I have to turn this into my new gym:

^The two rooms downstairs that is now one bigger room. I started that last week, but I only spent about a half hour on it so today I finally had a chance to dig in and put in some serious time. I got that wall ripped all the way out, and I took 540 pounds of debris to the transfer station.

I still have some debris downstairs to haul on, I have to do a bit of carpentry, and I need to change the lighting. I took out a 3-way switch earlier and capped the live wire with a wire nut for now, but I forgot to take a picture of how it was all connected before I took it all apart so now I am pwned. Oh well, at least I am using wire nuts, and I'll also use a proper junction box. Imagine my surprise when I took down part of the ceiling and found this:

^OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! EPIC FAILER. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO WIRING. Especially not when it's out of sight stuffed into a small space in the ceiling. Fortunately that never burned down the house. That should have been in a junction box gods damn it.

I only have 8 more days to finish the downstairs, move the entire gym over here, and clean out the rest of Allen Rd. Will I pull it off? Maybe? Hopefully! I really want it done this month so I can finally put some good work into the bar. I have a list a mile long for that bar, but I am too scattered with other projects right now to start any of it.

Kat and I had our 7-year wedding anniversary yesterday, and it sucked. The weather was terrible and we had to work. I worked in the day finishing up tax clients, and she worked at night hosting karaoke. She has a new DJ-trainee, but he bailed last night at the last minute. What a bunch of crap! I got drunk down at the bar, but it wasn't much fun. The mood was just off.

It really sucks the tax filing deadline was our anniversary. All I wanna know is why? Why an't the deadline just have been the 15th? Maybe Friday was "Good Friday" before Easter? We had the bar open on Easter, but in hindsight that was unwise because it was not busy and we ended up losing money. What a bunch of crap! That bar loses money half the week and makes money the other half so it's still not profitable. Hopefully that part comes later this year...

Tax season was BUSY. I had too many clients, but I made $3000 more than I did last year doing taxes. Most of that money goes straight to the bar for needed upgrades and important things like BILLS. When I sell Allen Rd next week I'll put more of that into the bar, and that will be the last time I do so. I believe in the bar, I think it will do great, but there is no guarantee and I'm not going broke waiting to find out...

It was nice today being able to get back into some carpentry. The guys at the transfer station were wondering where I've been. I used to go there much more often when I was doing all the carpentry, but soon all I'll have to work on is our house and the bar. I am very much looking forward to "only" having two jobs.

My tax season isn't really 100% over, but it's close enough. A client sent stuff today to my portal so I'll work on that some tomorrow. Some people don't give a crap about the filing deadline. I had someone call me at 1530 yesterday wanting to get her taxes done. It went to voicemail because I was with a client already, but I didn't call her back. FUCK IT. I have a few on extension for later this year including our own taxes. I still don't know how much we will owe, but I'm hoping it's not much since the bar had a huge loss in its first year. How much of that will we be able to write off? A LOT.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site of mine, I think I'll check the Red Sox box score then rack out. MLB kinda pissed me off by going on strike earlier this year, but I'll still check in and watch some of the games. The Sox are 6-6 so far. I actually watched more of the Celtics earlier than I did the Red Sox. The Celtics beat the Nets to go up 2-0 in the first round of their playoffs.



Thursday, 4-07-22: I sent my first, ever cellphone photo.
When we discovered our beer fridge at the bar was down Tuesday I got on the horn with our refreideration guy. I have a college degree and am not sure if I spelled refregeration right. What a bunch of crap! I could Google it, but I don't want to. He wanted me to text him a photo of the make and model of the compressor that sits atop the 8x10 unit, but I didn't know how to do it. Gods damn it! Thankfully I have a new phone now that can do this stuff. Unfortunately I never learned how to do it. I was gonna ask my awesome wife, but she was busy on the phone with tech support trying to fix a screwed up POS so I had our 60-year old maintenance guy show me. OMG!

Is it sad I had to have a borderline retiree show me how to text a photo? Probably yes, but Jay is fucking awesome and is surprisingly good with technology despite being an old man. Jay is great and having him join the team was a great decision. I gotta thank my awesome wife for that one since he's her friend. He knows how to work, he goes above and beyond, and he's reliable and versatile. What more could one ask for?

I've had my new phone for maybe 1.5 months, and I am still terrible with the thing. What a bunch of crap! The ringer was turned off for a few days, then it was too loud, then it was too quiet, and now it's too loud again. I fuckin' fail! Epic failer me. I could learn more about it, but I choose this instead:

Probably Jay was thinking this as he showed me how to text a photo:

^HAHAHAHAHAHA! Jay is awesome and we laughed about it together.

I'm definitely a technology laggard. I'm updating this bootleg site with an old laptop computer and Windows 7 haha. Now we're up to Windows 11. I guess later this year I'll need a new laptop computer, and that is a sad thought because I'm fine with just using this one forever. Sadly it will wear out and die just like my old 7.5-year old cellphone died a couple months ago. One day I'll wear out and die, too.

I'm busy as ever, but I made some time for myself this week. I updated this bootleg site a couple times, I lifted weights in my bootleg gym, I went for a couple jogs, and tonight I lost to Deno at r-ball. 5 games, all losses. What a bunh of crap! He usually beats me, but at least it's great exerise. Game 1 was all-bad for me when he beat me 15-0, but in games 4 and 5 we went to battle. Games were really close and we both quit after game 5 feeling like we got great exercise.

I'm so glad that tax season is over in a couple weeks. This has been my busiest season since I struck out on my own, and I'm not even looking for more business. I've probably turned a dozen people away already. People call or email and I tell them sorry I'm too booked up to take on new clients. I have taken on some new ones recently, but they are all either bar regulars or people whom I already know. Yesterday my regular good clients had their 16-year old son come see me, and of course I'll help him. Kid is a junior in high school and made more money from working part-time and over the summer than I made before I turned 20 years old. Maybe not really, but I was impressed. Most kids are fucking lazy sloths these days so it was nice to see one who knows how to work. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the future after all... (a small one!)

I'm gonna go down to the bar in a bit and get drunk. I'm not drunk now, but I'm getting close! The weather is not too bad so I think I'll walk. I enjoy walking down, but in the winter F that when there is snow and ice everywhere. I think winter is finally over since temps have been in the 50s lately and that is the foreast for the next week or so. We hit 60 yesterday with unlimited sun so I was able to go for a deent jog. Not fast, I'm never fast, but good enough. Next week we might hit 60 again Wednesday so if I an get bak into jogging 2-3 times a week that's a win. Same for lifting weights. Soon the gym will be in the cellar here at the house, but that's a bootleg update for another day...

Pelosi tested positive for Covid. HAHAHAHAHAHA! FUCK THAT CHICK! I think she is evil, and in wrestling she would always be a heel. All I wanna know is why? Why did people vote for her? Would you vote for this shit-show of a human?

^It makes no sense why she has power in Washington. I believe she is from CA, San Francisco area. That explains a lot. I love that area for its beauty, but not for its people... (I spent a lot of time there in the Navy.)

Alright turds, it is time for me to go do other things. Goonies never say die!



Tuesday, 4-05-22: Two weeks...

Total Reall like a fuckin' boss. I can't wait for the season to end because this working all day every day = what a bunch of crap! It's not even about the money anymore, it's about the precious... precious free time. Working only 40 hours a week would seem like a friggin' vacation at this point. The last day off my awesome wife and I had? Probably when I had FUCKIN COVID in early January. What a bunch of crap! Some day off, eh?

I'm not sure what to do about my tax business. I make pretty good money over three months doing it, but gods damn it uses up a lot of precious... precious time. Today I had five or six tax clients, I don't even know, plus some phone calls and emails about taxes. I am NOT taking new clients, F that. To add insult to injury my poor wife got stuck on the phone all morning with tech support trying to fix a printer issue with one of our POS computers, our beer fridge died, we had two interviews to do, etc. A trip to Lowe's after a 12-hour day for parts. Today was totally fucked. Gods damn it!

Thankfully my tax season is over in two weeks (except for a few stragglers here and there) so after that I can focus on hauling on Allen Rd and then work more at the restaurant. I already work a shitload at the restaurant. Sadly Kat works there even more. She is training a new DJ, but I am not sure it he will work out or not. I hope he does! She can't DJ 5 nights a week and be the CEO so if this new guy doesn't work out maybe we stop doing karaoke so much? The karaoke brings in the business, but we could try to find something else. Or just close 2 or 3 days a week instead of one. I dunno, I need to finish tax season and sell Allen Rd first before my brain can even process that.

These stickers are showing up more and more, and they are sad yet hilarious all at the same time:

^AHAHAHAHAHAHA! WORST PRESIDENT, EVER. Biden is all done but he doesn't know it yet. At this point I'd even take Obama back, and I hated that fucking guy. Of course Obama got his two terms so he is never coming back to run this shit-show. People might blame Russia for the high gas prices, but see the photo above for the reason. Biden and his group of fuck-tards think we should all have solar panels on our roofs and be driving electric cars. Sure, great plan for the year 2100. Now that plan = what a bunch of crap!

I was going to do down to the bar to have a beer or two for a nightcap, but it's already past taps and I'm not going now. They close in 45 minutes anwyay. Plus I was there all fucking day and I've had enough. Today sucked. A lot. Today put me one step closer to checking out for good, and that is all-bad. I have just under 8 months to fix this bullshit, and if I can't fix it by then oh well see ya later, fuckers. Maybe I will be able to update this bootleg site from hell, maybe not. My days in Maine all depend on how things go for the rest of this year. I work too much, I fired my biological family, and I am walking a thin line here. We were supposed to be working to live, not living to work, and it has all gone to shit. What a bunch of crap!

I put on the news and they showed scenes from a war-torn Ukraine so I put it on the 80s channel and read Wrestlemania highlights from the weekend on 411mania.com. We couldn't even finish Wrestlemaina until last night because we work too much. What a bunch of crap! I am still a restling fan, but not as big of one as I was over 20 years ago. A 76-year old Vince McMahon had a "match", and it was pretty sad. The guy should not be attempting to wrestle at his age. Then a 58-year old Stone Cold Steve Austin came down and gave old-ass Vince a stunner, but it was an ugly watch yet still sorta funny. Sadly the old guys are still more entertaining than most of the current roster. What a bunch of crap!

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