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"I buy you flowers, you buy me donuts. I get the better end of that deal." - Me to Kat
"You get to eat yours and mine dies.
" -


Tuesday, 8-30-22: Been a while since this happened...
I'm home by myself for now on a Tuesday evening while my awesome wife runs the Tuesday night karaoke at the bar. It's been quite some time since she's been at work and I've been at home; lately she's had Nate or Heather available to DJ on a Tuesday or a Thursday so we've been able to go down at least once a week and play some pool and have some drinks. I do plan to walk down soon, most likely after I update this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read.

I really haven't been home alone for that long since I played racquetball against Mike and Gavin earlier. I should have won game 1 since I had a big lead, but I got tired and eventually lost. What a bunch of crap! Lately we've all been playing fairly well and having really good games. It was another hot, humid day so we sweat a lot and game 2 might not have been the best idea. I really enjoy being able to play rball against Mike and Gavin, and at times it seems that is one of the few reasons why living in this area still makes sense. I moved to Brewer almost exactly 24 years ago. Wow! That's over half my life in this place. I did live with Kelly in Bradley for a while many years ago, but I still kept a Brewer address and had many rental properties in Brewer the whole time. It seems like forever ago when I was a landlord, and it's only been about 4 months. Do I miss it? NOPE! I thought I'd miss having this gym:

^That gym was awesome and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. I really don't miss that gym at all, not even a little bit. I built a smaller gym here at our house that I love having here, but I only use it on average twice a week. I don't think I need to use it more often than that right now because I do yoga, play racquetball, jog (I suck at jogging what a bunch of crap) and burn energy doing carpentry and working at the bar.

I have the Red Sox on, and they are tied 3-3 with Minnesota in the 5th. The Sox suck this season and are in last place in the AL East. What a bunch of crap! I dunno their exact record, but it's something like 62-67. LAST FUCKIN PLACE OMG. Even the lowly Orioles are better. If they can win 12 in a row they might have a remote chance at a wild-card playoff spot, but that is less than 1% likely right now.

Business at the bar has been dog shit today. What a bunch of crap! We've learned the hard way that summer is not a good time of year for us. I do think this fall will be better. Maybe? Hopefully! Today hasn't been our worst Tuesday of the summer, though. We've already exceeded what we did on July 5th. That was a BAD sales day. Like, let's lose $600 in one day type of bad. We have good days, we have bad days, and we have a lot somewhere in the middle. Fridays are still our best day of the week (on average) so let's see what happens this fall. Saturdays used to be good, but lately they are not so good...

Last year Labor Day was terrible so I don't expect things to improve much until several days into September. Last year September wasn't so great and we had to wait until October to do really well. We did good business mid-Oct through Christmas and then, after New year's Eve, it sucked for a couple months. However, last year we did have a COVID shutdown so that hurt. A lot. Let's hope we don't have to shut down for COVID again, ever. No one fuckin' cares about COVID anymore because it's been a thing for 2.5 years.

I'm not drunk, but I'm getting close. Three drinks since Rball, but at least I ate a bunch of food so I'm not drinking on an empty stomach. I don't want to get totally wasted tonight because that will wreck my day tomorrow. This might be my last Tuesday night off for a while since I'm taking more shifts at the bar starting next week. I need to be there as often as possible until sales do increasse. One day it would be nice to make a profit, but for now I'd settle just for breaking even...

I watched a show about the USS George Bush, CVN-77. I actually started watching it a couple weeks ago, but I had to record it and finish it tonight. I was stationed aboard CVN-70, and the Bush looks a lot like the ship I was on (The USS Carl Vinson.) I actually met one of our bar patrons who was also stationed on the Vinson. How cool is that?! He was on from 1990-1994 and I was on from 1994-1998 so we overlapped by about a month. Obviously I never met him back in 1994, though. I don't think I've ever met someone else who was stationed aboard the Vinson so that is really awesome. He and his wife come into our bar on occasion, and they seem like really nice people.

The Red Sox took a 4-3 lead, but it really doesn't matter. The Yankees are in first place by a shitload. What a bunch of crap! I still watch because it brings me some peace. I need peace in my life, but I'm not planning to go sit on a mountain in Nepal anytime, ever. There is peace and there is stupid, and going to Nepal seems pretty stupid. I'm guessing it's cold there, and the wise man at the top of the mountain would just tell me I'm fucked anyway...

I'm gonna go to the bar and spend a few bucks on some more booze before bedtime. Plus my awesome wife is there and I wanna go support her karaoke show. Hanging out here at the house by myself is awesome, I really do like it on occasion, but only to a point because my wife is cool and we have fun together.



Monday, 8-29-22: I can't fuckin' sleep.
It sucks to bivouac because you think you can probably fall asleep and then you cannot do so. I racked out a little before 2200, I tossed and turned, I dozed a little, and now here I am. Thankfully I fished a small edible out of the freezer (I'm running low what a bunch of crap) and those usually help. If I can get my ass back to bed soon I can still fall asleep around midnight. Maybe? Hopefully!

I plan to go over to Gavin's in the morning to do a second and third coat of mud in his stairwell. Most of the thing has only a first coat; I got all of that on just before we played racquetball Sunday. The bottom does have a second coat already. I need to finish it as soon as possible because I'll be taking on more work at the restaurant/bar soon. Starting next week I'm on the schedule 4 days and I will be there a lot more even when I'm not scheduled. This week I'm "only" on Friday and Saturday nights, but I was there all day today replacing a server station and taking care of a few other things. My awesome wife got there before me; she usually works a long day there Monday. We can get a lot done because we are closed so it doesn't feel like a traditional work day. I thought I'd get over to Gavin's for a bit today, but the day flew by down at the bar and I wanted that server station 100% done.

Summer should be about over, but it's 68 degrees and not getting any colder tonight. It's hot in the bedroom, but not as bad as it was for several nights earlier this month. Tomorrow will be 87, tomorrow night hot again, and then maybe we get some fall-like weather later in the week. I'm all done with summer and I am actually excited for fall. This summer was too hot and not busy enough at the restaurant. What a bunch of crap!

I don't know where all the workers are. Everyone is hiring and no one is applying. Our ad for a cook had over 1000 Failbook views and only two applicants. What a bunch of crap! One of the applicants put only this on his "work experience" section: I AM A SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE.


The other applicant came in today for an interview, and he has potential. However, he's probably looking for more money than what we can afford to pay. You can go work at McDonald's for friggin' $18 an hour these days. Speaking of McDonald's, I stopped into the Belfast McD's drive-thru on my way back from a visit with Mom and Dad last Wednesday and got two double cheeseburgers. I thought they used to be $1.99 each so I figured with inflation being high they might be $2.49 or $2.99. I didn't even look at the price on the display-thingie. I rolled up to the pickup window to pay the chick and my total was $7.54. OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I double-checked with her to ensure they had the correct order and they did.

^Used to be a couple bucks, and I've never gotten one that looks like that. Usually they are all beat to shit, but usually they still taste pretty good.

No wonder they can afford to pay $18/hr. The Belfast one probably has to pay $25/hr since it's a coastal community and fairly touristy. Not as bad as Camden or Bar Harbor, but close... I wonder if that $7.54 was just a Belfast price? I haven't been to the Brewer McD's in quite some time so I dunno...

Alright turds, all two of you who read this pathetic excuse for a website, I'm feeling a bit more tired so I'm gonna rack out and hope to sleep for a while.



Friday, 8-26-22: Time to pick up more shifts at the bar.
Our restaurant/bar hasn't had a very good summer. Sales have been slightly down year-over-year. What a bunch of crap! We're not doing horrible, but it's not what I had hoped for. Last year we were open Mondays and this year we are not. However, even with that factored in July and August will both end up being down months when compared to last year. (June was up, though.)

I believe there are a few reasons for that. First, there are a lot of concerts at the nearby Bangor Waterfront this summer with many more left to go next month. They've had some big acts this year that really draw a good crowd, and we can't capture that Bangor draw. Next month Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Loverboy, and a few others including a big country name (Luke Coombs?) are coming to Bangor so that will hurt us. A lot. I believe September 22nd is the final big act, but I'm not 100% sure.

Second, the economy sucks ass thanks to our shitbag leaders. Fucking Biden. Gas was $5 a gallon and now it's back down to $4, but everything has risen in cost including foods, shelter, and utilities. What a bunch of crap! People have less disposable income. Finally, there are more nightlife options this summer than there were last summer. Cap's does Friday night karaoke, the Eagles Club does a lot of bands, and the Maine Tavern is also back open with some karaoke.


We can't lose money forever; eventually it will all be gone. I do expect this fall will pick up quite a bit with new ads are are running and with better signage in the works. However, it's not a guarantee. Starting the week after next I'm going to take 4 official shifts per week insead of the 2 or 3 I have been doing. We need to cut down on payroll so I can help with that, and I want to run the place more often since it doesn't always run the best when we're not there. Our staff isn't terrible, but a few are just barely passable. We're losing our kitchen manager in a couple weeks so that will also hurt. I need to learn more about the kitchen since I'm only about 50% with it right now.

I'm hoping to finish most of Gavin's place next week before I take on more shifts at the bar. Even though I'm "only" on the schedule 2-3 days a week I'm there every day helping and doing carpentry, bookkeeping, paperwork, etc. I have the sheetrock installed and now I need to mud/tape, and paint. I do have this little section left to sheetrock still:

Thankfully that will only need one piece and Gavin plans to use trim along the edges so I won't have to do all those corners. Getting up there isn't too easy, but I have bootleg staging in place to drop a piece of plywood onto and stand on a small ladder:

The plywood can slide back and forth; I made the same setup for the upper stairs and it has worked well. Good thing I'm scrappy so it holds my weight just fine. I could do something more elaborate, but it gets me where I need to be and it's only temporary.



Saturday, 8-20-22: Photos of my latest carpentry project.
I have a little time mid-afternoon before I have to head back to work for the evening. I'll be working the 5-close shift, the usual for me on a Friday and Saturday night. Last night was epic busy for supper and into the night. We have five large groups so that took up half the restaurant, and it was nice seeing the place full again for the first time in quite a while. Summer has been slow-ish for us, especially on certain Friday and Saturday nights when there are concerts over at the Waterfront in Bangor. I'm looking forward to the fall when the concerts are all done and when we will hopefully pick up more business. Maybe? Hopefully. The down economy with expensive fuel and high inflation doesn't help either...

I feel pretty good today, and I got a decent night of sleep last night. 0300-1000, give or take, and then revielle and down to the bar for 3 hours of work. We had to set up the event room and I met with Bruce for a water back-flow test. I just got a good lift on in the ccellar gym, and I was able to use it three times this week. (Tues, Thurs, today.) I rarely lift weights three times a week anymore because I have other things going on. I weighed myself Thursday PM, and the scale said 140. OMG WHAT THE FUCK?! What a bunch of crap! That was my weight at age 17 in hight school, or so I recall. I gotta put a few pounds of meat on my friggin body. I thought I still ate a decent amount of food every day, but obviously not. I'll fuel up more and try to get closer to 145.

Part of the reason why I'm lighter than ever in my adult life is the restaurant. I walk a lot of steps every shift in the place. A LOT. I don't track the steps with one of those "Fit Bit" things, F that. Kat has one, and she does 10k plus for steps easily when she works there. We sell all kinds of awesome foods, but I don't pig out that much and sometimes the kitchen gets so busy I can't even order food for myself. That happened last night when we got absolutely crushed with food business for over two hours. I had to hop in dish and I got dizzy. I needed precious... precious fuel but we were so busy I couldn't even shovel in any food until around 2130.

I've probably burned a lot of calories working on this stairwell for Gavin:

^5/8" sheetrock, and the 2x4 os for a platform so I can reach the top. Getting those full-sized piece at the top all by myself was a bunch of crap and sweat was rolling, but I pulled it off. Gavin would have helped, but he was busy working.

I'm guessing the entire job will take 60 hours, and I'm at around 15 right now. (Plus 5 extra doing siding earlier this month.) There is a bit more to do at the bottom and not in the photo, and I haven't finished hanging all the sheetrock yet because he has to run wires. Plus I get plenty busy with the restaurant. I can put in a few hours here and there, two yesterday, and slowly get it looking like a finished part of his place. Right now there is no hard deadline to finish so if I can give 15 or so hours a week I'll have it done in 3 weeks. Of course that is all my best guess at this point. The bottom doorway has two coats of mud and is 100% sheetrocked. The top will take a while more with all the edges and trips up and down a ladder. Then it all needs paint after all the mudding and sanding...

I probably could have worked on it some today, but F that it's 90 degrees again (what a bunch of crap!) and I need some time to unwind. I work tomorrow PM at the restaurant as well so I'll get back to his place early and midweek next week. It's too hard to do much besides the restaurant on the weekends, especially lately with us being low on help in certain areas. Last Sunday we had a cook no-show and quit, and I had to take a big 14-top group for late AM brunch. That was quite the challenge and we struggled to keep up with how busy we got. Sometimes the place is almost empty and other times it gets really damn busy. I've had to go help serve tables a few times earlier this week on stretches where it was busy. I made $66 in tips Thursday PM helping and then Kat and I went down for the night and spent almost all of it on food and drinks. We had fun, and we needed it.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site, I gotta take a shower and start getting ready for work. I usually take a nap at PM, but I feel well-enough rested to just power through. Maybe? Hopefully!



Thursday, 8-18-22: A not-trip to the midcoast.
My original plan for today was to spend several hours both on the road and down at the ol' homestead, but now it's a work day up here. I wanted to go spend some time with Dad and stack some of their 2-cords of firewood, but the weather is a bunch of crap and they asked me to wait until maybe next week. No sense stacking wood in the rain and when it's all wet. We got a huge storm yesterday with 2" of rain here in the Bangor area. It's been a very dry summer so we needed it. The drought is moderate, not severe like it is down in Warren, but I still hardly have to mow the lawn because things just aren't growing very fast.

Dad also doesn't want me to come because he might have to scoot over to Pen Bay for some more tests. His health is poor so he's been going through a battery of testing lately. Last week it seemed he had two golf-ball-sized tumors including one on his pancreas so we were thinking the worst (but hoping for the best.) Issues with the pancreas = what a bunch of crap! I believe Mr. Road House himself, Mr. "Pain don't hurt." Swayze, died from pancreatic cancer...

^Rips a guy's throat out like a boss.

The MRI on Tuesday didn't show any tumor... it's not a tumor! However, Dad still has a lot of health problems that need to be addressed. I was concerned about him being home by himself all day since Mom works Thurs through Sat, and I was also concerned about his ability to drive himself over to the doc for more testing, but he assured me he is okay to drive and doing better.

I also need to swing by Jason's showroom in Rockport to get a new TV for the bar. One of ours died so Jason ordered us a new one, and it's ready to pick up. I had planned to do that today, but there is no sense driving 3 hours round-trip just for a TV. Hopefully I can go early or midweek next week for a visit. I'll need to make several trips down that way this fall to keep Dad company and to help them around the house. Maybe I can also do some deer hunting while I'm there...

Revieille for my loser-ass was 0550 today, and it was 0600 yesterday. We've been on more of a "normal" sleep routine over the past few days since we crashed out hard Sunday night. I thought I'd be up late Tuesday when we got the call around 1800 that our evening bartendette was nowhere to be found. No replies to calls or texts so I had to haul my ass down there to pretend to be a bartender for about an hour until she showed up. I am NOT a good bartender because I rarely do it. It's an area I need to improve upon, especially since a good bartender on a busy day can make good money, but I'd rather have the staff handle that. That's why I almost never have to bartend; the money is usually good so there is almost always someone else willing to do it.

Thankfully I only had a few customers at the bar for the hour I was there, and they mostly drank beers and were all friendly regulars. I joked I was the substitute bartender so they weren't allowed to do anything complicated. One guy knew I was not a normal bartender and wanted to test my skills so he had me make a drink special of the week, a "Jamacian Rum Punch" or something like that. Thankfully the bar manager (who had already worked all day) left me a recipe card and I was able to follow it. I had to use the shaker and I thought it would end up with booze going everywhere, but I pulled it off and the guy said the drink was a 10/10. Super cool customer who treated me very well. Oh Jesus, hell ya!

I did get some experience behind the bar Monday night for a closed private event. One of our staff had her wedding reception at our place so I helped Katherine behind the bar when it was busy. I learned a lot from her that night so I felt a lot more prepared for my short stint Tuesday night. It's a damn good thing the bartender did show up Tuesday to relieve me, though. After I left it got very busy and I know I would have been a shit-show trying to keep up. My awesome wife was on her way to help me, she knows how to bartend, but instead we were not needed and we went to bed at a decent time.

Our sewer line here at the house is working well... for now. I got a quote to have it replaced last week, and this is how it looks:

^OMG OVER $15,000! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! FUCK THAT. For that much money I swear to the gods who do not exist that I would take a shovel and start digging it out by hand. If I started this month I'd maybe have it opened up by October hehehe. It's about 7 feet down and next to a huge maple tree so doing it by hand would be almost impossible. Plus it would wreck my body. Doing all this digging by hand back in 2015 gave me tennis elbow for a while:

^I dug out way more than what the photo shows for our home remodel. It was a lot of work. A LOT.

Thankfully we know other contractors, especially from the restaurant and seeing so many faces, so I got another quote from the owner of a company that has a good reputation and that is booked out for the year. His quote was half of the one above and they can fit us in this year. Awesome! It should have been done a couple years ago, but I failed because I was so focused on doing the restaurant remodel. What a bunch of crap!

It's closing in on 0800 so I'll be leaving soon to go do some work at Gavin's. I've put in a few hours here and there so far this week, and I've made great progress on a stairwell that I need to take pictures of for next time. I'll work at his place for a couple hours and then head over to the restaurant to help with the lunch crowd. Sometimes lunch is busy there so my help is needed, and other times it's not busy so I am not needed. Yesterday it was fairly slow, it usually is when we get a shitload of rain, so I added up some tax data to send to our tax guy (for the restaurant; I'm not doing those taxes) and went to do sheetrock at Gavin's. I'd love to see a busy lunch and a good day for the restaurant today, but hopefully not so busy that I get stuck there for most of the afternoon and evening. I know I'll be there for a couple hours for the dinner rush since we have a group of about 25 coming. After that maybe I can free up some precious... precious time to hang out with my awesome wife.

I don't make time to update this bootleg site enough. What a bunch of crap! I'm always doing something, but I really don't feel overwhelmed with the work I have. Thankfully I don't have to plant myself at Gavin's for a full 8-hour day because it's directly across the street from the restaurant and Gavin doesn't have a hard deadline that I need to meet. The extra money will be great to have, too. Especially since we have to drop several thousand dollars having our sewer line replaced this fall. I make $1000, I spend $7000... what a bunch of crap!



Sunday, 8-07-22: Heat, carpentry, turds, etc.
Man, it's hot. HOT. FUCKIN' HOT. 90 degrees already, and not even noon. What a bunch of crap! We've been in the middle of some serious heat that doesn't seem to want to quit. Wednesday was our "coldest" day out of the last week:

85 degrees is far from cold, but it felt a little better and it was the perfect day for a trip down to the coast. Kat and I mostly took the day off and went down to Searsport with Damon for a very nice, small getaway to a little place called Mossman Park. It's not a huge, sandy beach, but it is a nice spot to sit by the ocean and walk around some on a sandbar that's only accessable at lower tide cycles.

The kitchen and dish area in the restaurant is incredibly hot, and I had to help wash dishes for a bit yesterday PM and was soaked in sweat after about 45 minutes. What a bunch of crap! We know of a couple local restaurants that aren't even opening today due to the heat. I think we can stay open all day. Maybe? Hopefully! We do have good air-flow in our kitchen so we'll see how it goes. If the cooks start to tap out we will shut it down and just do salads, desserts, and cold sandwiches.

A heat wave around here usually only lasts a couple or three days before a front brings in cooler air, but not this year. Thankfully this is the last 90+ day for a while, if not for the rest of the year. 70 tomorrow with rain = ME WANT. It's been too hot to do much outdoors. Gavin was on vacation last week so I did some carpentry for him, a bit of siding out back, but we were only able to go play racquetball for a couple games Tuesday before the heat shut it down. We didn't even bother to play this weekend becaause of the heat. Jogging in this? NOPE.

Gavin did want me to do some sheetrock work in a new stairwell that he built, but he's not ready so this coming week I'll do some more work at the restaurant until he is ready for me. I also have to get serious about a quote for a new sewer line to the street here at our house. I needed Nichols Plumbing to come Friday to snake it out and to send in the camera. It was plugged up, but thankfully not as bad as the first one we had from a couple years ago. That one was HORRIBLE with turds all over the cellar floor. I have the photo somewhere in the archives, but it's not worth finding because it's a bunch of crap!

We have "orange berg" leading from the house to the street, and there is about a 14-foot section that has a dip. Plus there is a rock partially blocking some of it in another area. It's good for now, but it will plug again if I don't get it replaced. Sadly it might cost $10k to have done since we need to dig down 7 feet and probably go through a section of city sidewalk. Gods damn it! Ah well, I should've had it done a couple years ago but the restaurant took up too much of my precious... precious time.

The restaurant is doing better in terms of overall food sales, but worse in terms of alcohol. It seems we are more a restaurant and a little less of a bar these days. We still do have some great, busy nights, but not as busy as this time last summer for Friday and Saturday nights. There are more concerts this year over in Bangor (just 2 miles away), there are a couple more bars open now that do karaoke, and we are in a recession. The economy sucks, but the White House doesn't want to admit it. Gas was $5/gallon and now it's closer to $4.50. Still too expensive. Heat is gonna cost a lot this winter, too.

The Red Sox fuckin' suck lately and are in last place. Even the Orioles are better. What a bunch of crap! 54-55 is not going to work for playoff contention. They could rattle off 10 wins in a row and get back in it, but considering they were something like 6-17 in July and are terrible so far this month that seems highly unlikely. What a bunch of crap!

I'm not on the schedule for work today, but we have a server out this PM so if it gets busy I'll be helping. I plan to go back down to the restaurant (I was there earlier for a while) to work anyway, and if it's slow I can do some paperwork or carpentry. The employee bathroom still isn't done because I suck. It's really hot back there right now, but there is an A/C near the equipment rack that I can cool off in front of. I'm hoping to get that bathroom done this month along with several other things on my list.

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