In case you haven't figured it out yet, my name really isn't Rambo. I wish it was, though! Rambo is a friggin' cool name. I ain't telling you my real name because you probably already know it, and if you don't already know it then you don't need to know! My hobbies include writing worthless blogs on this bootleg site, exercising, deer hunting, and making money. My brother jokingly calls me a jew bastard but I'm not that much of a miser. Hell, I owe the bank a few hundred thousand dollars because I preside over some bootleg apartment buildings.

The heading above highlights some of the things that make life worth living such as 80s music, 80s movies, Teddy Grahams, canoeing, and the Red Sox. I remember the days when people like Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Mike Greenwell, and Dwight Evans still played on the team. My favorite player used to be Jody Reed. (If you don't recognize at least two of those names then you need to click here.)

What do you think about the site layout and design? I'd love to get your feedback so if you want to let me know how much you think it sucks then click here. If you actually like it then click here. In case you're wondering why I'd take the time to make this site in the first place, let me indulge your curiosity. In person I'm a pretty nice guy. I say please, I say thank you, and I never mooch off anyone. Being a nice guy is hard work so I need a place to lash out at the world from time to time and this site is the perfect place for me to act like a dink. It's basically my affordable psychologist; it helps keep me sane.