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“You're 40?! No way!” –Jester's patron to Kat last Friday night
“You're not gonna look that good when you're 40!” –Jester's patron to his much younger girlfriend in the next breath


Thursday, 3-31-16: Kat's Wednesday night karaoke gig is crazy.
Looks like I'll only work four days this week at JH again, just like I did last week. I like it! However, working 4 days = less pay than working 5 days so nevermind. I'll end up with about 65 total hour for the period, down from the 85 or so I've had in the past two pay periods. Less pay = what a bunch of crap! More time with family = priceless.

Last week was an abridged work week because we had a snowstorm on Monday. This week is abridged because I took yesterday off to stay home with Kat. She was not feeling well at all, and she almost passed out so I didn't want to leave her home alone. I normally never call out from work, but I called in a favor and got the office covered for the day becuse staying home was the right thing to do. Family > work. A balance of both is obviously important because no work = no money. No money = no family. Kat rested up some and was only slightly better by last night when it was time to do her karaoke gig up in Orono. I called the manager there to let him know she was in rough shape. He said he totally understands but they really rely on karaoke so I actually thought about doing the show myself. I know how to do a lot of her karaoke stuff, but I definitely can not host an entire show solo so she decided to go do the show anyway.

Kat's Wednesday night karaoke show is crazy. It starts off easy around 2100 and it's not too bad for the first 1.5 hours, but by 2230 people are filling in and by 2330 it's jammed. We get totally inundated with people who want to sing drunken karaoke, and last night before midnight we actually had to pull the book and the request slips of paper because so many songs had already been requested. When you get 50 requests and each song lasts an average of 4 minutes then it is not possible to get to them all before last call. Kat tries to get a fair rotation in, but sometimes there is no pleasing everyone.

Some of the drunk Giblets can really be a pain in the arse up there. Most of the people are understanding when I tell them sorry you won't be able to sing because 800 people want to sing and we only have room for 20, but some of them can be annoying about it. Last night these two drunk chicks (who are literally young enough to be my boilogical daughters without it being weird) wanted to sing Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody. I'm not a huge Whitney Houston fan (RIP), but that is a great song. Unfortunately, they put in their request too late. Plus someone else had already requested that exact same song before they did.

Most normal people would say ok thanks for your time, but these chicks were begging and offering bribes. Actually, about 5 different people offered bribes to get moved to the front of the line. Hahaha! Of course I have to say sorry that is not how we roll. (Plus there are too many witnesses!) It was one of their birthdays so they thought mentioning that 50 times would gain them special favor. DENIED. No way anyone was cutting the line, not even if Stallone himself had arrived in full RAMBO getup.* First come, first serve beotches!

These broads kept begging and getting on my nerves and then one of their friends offered to trade spots with them so they could actually get to sing before the night ended. Great! However, not great because the stupid broads still insisted they would sing I Wanna Dance With Somebody. I told them no way about a million times, but they could not get it through their thick skulls. They said who cares if the same song gets done practically back to back to which I replied "You would get booed off the stage." The reply "No we wouldn't!" Um, ok you're no Whitney Houston back from the dead to sing so hellz yeah you would. Plus I said no so disappear!

By the time 0030 rolls around on the clock up there most of the college Giblets are totally shitfaced. They sing in large groups and they have a great time. The place is full, too. Good for them and great for the money that must be rolling through the tills behind the bar, but not so great for Kat and I when we have the Giblets spilling beer and getting in the way. The microphones take a beating, too. Thankfully none of her gear has been too badly damaged by one of the drunks yet, but it's only a matter of time before something valuable does get broken. What a bunch of crap!

In conclusion Kat's Wednesday night karaoke gig is mentally draining. I work crowd-control while she queues up the tunes for people, and working the crowd control and updating the singers list is not easy once the place gets full. Some of the 'tards don't like hearing me say NO, but there are two things they can do about it: nothing and like it.

*If Stallone really showed up I would not be helping with karaoke crowd-control because I would be worshipping the ground he walks on. The end.



Monday, 3-28-16: A good weekend. Photos of Copperpot and a tenant fail.
I had the entire weekend off from JH. Again. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I've had a few weekends off lately, and I think that is fantastic. I told the boss no Sundays for me this year, but I am willing to work Saturdays. Thankfully Jenn is my part-time savior who works many evenings and weekends. That frees me up to "only" work 40-45 hours a week. I do expect to work the last two Saturdays of the season as Jenn needs some time off for other things, but hopefully the boss will stick someone else in here so I don't have to do it.

The weekend was a good one for me. I didn't work too much on the rentals, and I only put a couple hours in on the home remodel. Katherine's room needed a shelf for the closet and some blinds; she moved up to her new room exactly one week ago. Next on the home remodel to-do list will be finishing the hallway area atop the stairs and then getting to work on the second bedroom that will be Dillon's bedroom. Dillon moved in with us a couple months ago when he hauled on his chick so we put him in Kat's studio that was about 97% completed at the time. He knows he's only using the studio as his bedroom until I finish the room upstairs. Funny thing is he got back together with his chick again. HAHAHA.

I don't expect to get much done on the house over the next three weeks, but I will hopefully pick away at it a little so that when tax season is over all I have to do up there is some mudding/taping/sanding/painting. If I can get that second bedroom done before we go on vacation May 7th then huge bonus for me. However, the stars will have to align in a major way. I'll need to have no vacancies or major issues with the rental to pull that off. Normally in the spring I have at least some tenant turnover, and I have a Giblet tenant who might need to GTFO when her lease expires at the end of May. I'll post her epic fail shortly.

The plans I drew up for the home remodel last summer/early fall are still here on my bootleg computer. Guy looks at them again since guy has not seen them in months...

The upstairs plans above are only slightly different in actual execution. First, in the master bedroom I put the closet on the bathroom side instead of on the exterior wall side. The B-vent for the furnace and water heater below runs through that closet so putting it there meant I didn't have to box in any vent pipe. Also, in the bathroom the toilet is closer to the window and the sink is closer to the door. The little kitchen I drew won't get installed until maybe this summer.

The downstairs is pretty close to my original design, too. I skipped the closet in the largest room, the room that will be Kat's studio. The furnace and water heater are in the laundry room, and the entrance to the rest of the house (not drawn) is at the bottom left at the base of the stairs that lead to the second floor. The hardest part of the entire design was the stairs, but I am happy with how the stairs all turned out. The entrance to the main part of the house is a few feet above the floor grade so I had to make it all work with minimal waste of space.

So far I've logged 530 hours on this home remodel. I've added up $22,630 in expenses, but I'm sure I have another $1000-$1500 to add in still. When it's all done I should be close to $25,000. Time to raise rents! I wonder how much value it will create for the house? My guess is only $25k. An ideal remodel creates value above and beyond the actual cost, but it's our home where we live and having the extra space is a huge, priceless value in itself.

I took Copper to the part two times each day Sat and Sun plus we went this morning before work. He is at the age where almost no amount of exercise is too much exercise for him. I took some pictures of him over the weekend; he's starting to really show a golden hue as he grows older.

^In my office. He likes to come with me when I go over there to use the gym, pay bills, and do repairs.

^He prefers sticks over the tennis ball, although he will give a good chase to the tennis ball if no sticks are lying there as a temptation. He keeps thinking he can own this giant stick, but he needs to grow a little bigger before he can actually carry it. He can drag it a bit now, though, and it's hilarious when he tries. We couldn't be happier to have Copperpot in the family.

In other news, I had to go replace this broken sink vanity on Friday night after I helped Kat set up for her Jester's karaoke show:


That took place at my rental house by the office. The tenant called me Thursday afternoon to tell me I need to call the manufacturer for warranty service because it broke. She said she leaned over it to put her eyeliner on and it cracked when she put her hand on it. OMG CHICK DID YOU SIT ON THE FUCKING THING?! Those sinks don't just crack unless you put some serious weight on them. Even worse, I just intalled that brand new sink and vanity last July when we did a $3000-ish renovation and upgrade on the place. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

A good tenant and a good person would have said "I broke it so I will pay for a new one." However, this person is not a good tenant. She is not horrible, but she is far from ideal. She tried to say it is a faulty sink, but I know better and her ass will be paying for it. A new top was $80 plus tax, and it took me time to go buy a new sink top and to install the thing. I won't make her pay for it all at once, but it will come out in the form of a rent hike over the next several months. In fact, when her lease expires at the end of May I'll hike her rent even more if I don't just outright tell her to GTFO. She's a Giblet-Head if she thinks she should not have to pay for that. What a bunch of crap!


Friday, 3-25-16: A total waste of time to be here.
Work has been painful this week. It's been sloooooooowwwwwwww. Again. March at tax time seriously blows. Not many people get their taxes done in March, at least not in comparison to the amount of hours we have to staff this place. We're open 7 days a week and 1000-1900 M-F. Those are a lot of hours. We should be here 1000-1700 M-F and maybe 1000-1500 Sat, closed Sundays in March. Oh well, at least I get a fair hourly pay rate so I'm making money even when it is slow. I make more when it's busy, though!

This job puts my ass to sleep when it is so slow. I just splurged and bought a $2.14 (after deposit and tax) Monster Java MEAN BEAN coffee energy drink:

^Tastes good and gives me powers.

Next week the upper management decided we should be opening at 0900. OMG. What a bunch of crap! I think that severely sucks. I can see being open at 0900 on the final week when we will be quite busy again, but opening that early is gods damned ridiculous this time of year. Hopefully they won't decide we have to be open until 2000 or else I will really get emotional. Coming in at 0900 sucks a bag of balls. Coming in at 1000 is perfect for me because it gives me enough time to drop Katherine off at school and to use the gym and/or take care of some other stuff without feeling rushed (rental bills, take Copper to the park, etc.) Coming in at 0900 puts the squeeze on my ass in a major way. I hate it. I seriously might just come in at 1000 and see how long it takes me to get into trouble. Hehehehe.

We had some nasty freezing rain earlier today, and it was much worse than forecasted. The weather dudes really blew it badly. It started as a thin but extremely dangerous glaze around first light that caused a 2hr school delay, but it got worse and stayed icy right up until just after lunch. I almost didn't come to work until this afternoon because the weather was garbage, but I missed all of Monday due to snow and I want money so I came in. I actually did have a customer this morning so it's a good thing I did come in. Guy came in from 30 minutes away, too. The main roads were okay by then, but not the side roads and whatnot.

All I wanna know is why? Why did winter come back now that the calendar says it is spring?! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! It was cold yesterday, too. Only about 20-25 all day. Thankfully next week should be decent with maybe 60+ next Thursday.

It's 1624 so I only have a bit over an hour here at work before Jenn comes in and I can go home. I have the weekend off again. Oh Jesus, hell ya! If Kat is feeling well enough her and I will go out on a date tomorrow night. Gav gave us a couple sweet gift cards to downtown restaurants because I helped him and Sierra with their taxes so we will use one of those. Kat and I haven't gone on a real date in a long time. Either we have work, we have pets to watch, we're tired from a long week, or Kat isn't feeling well.

Awesome, Iron Maiden's Stranger in a Strange Land comes on. I'm ripping out tunes here in this bootleg little tax office that was once some kind of health clinic. So far I like this MP3 player, but I am having a hard time loading music onto the thing. I can only load 20-30 songs before it freezes and I have to start again. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, I have a lot on here already. Probably a computer error or something. I love the SHUFFLE feature on this thing. The last one I bought didn't have that. In fact, it didn't have much at all and I hated it so I hauled on it. Hopefully I can get all my music loaded ASAP. Right now A-I is a shitload, but important bands like Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt are all still missing. What a bunch of crap!

I can't wait for the tax filing deadline to pass so I can be a free man again. This job is great, but I'm glad it's only seasonal because it cuts way into my precious... precious free time.



Thursday, 3-24-16: Katherine's room = done.
We had a snowstorm on Monday, not a huge one, but one that hit at just the right time to close down school and give me a good excuse to bail on work for the day. No sense coming to work on a snowy day when it will be dead and I will just sit around. No one else worked in this area either so I don't feel badly about it. The snow started at 0630, and it came down pretty hard for most of the morning before easing up in the afternoon and finally ending a bit before supper. We ended up with 7" total. Spring snow = what a bunch of crap! However, I was glad we got the storm because I am getting a little burned out from this JH tax job. Plus I've desperately needed some "bonus" free time to finish Katherine's bedroom in the new addition. Mission accomplished!

^Standing in the entryway facing the west side of the house and the bedroom. A south-facing 5-foot slider is off to the left, and this spring or early summer there will be a nice little patio out there.

^The closet was originally supposed to be in the first photo (west side of the room), but I decided to put it on that side so we could run our B-vent through there. Below the closet is the furnace and water heater, both natural gas appliances.

The floor in Katherine's brand new bedroom is the old floor from when I originally bought the house nearly two years ago. I removed all that flooring during a big renovation that created an open-floor concept in the kitchen and living room area. This is where a good part of that floor was hanging out before it got installed in the new bedroom:

^April, 2014. Taken the same day I closed on the house if I recall correctly, which I am certain I do because I see my tools and within 2 hours of owning the house I was demolishing that wall in the foreground. I've had enough of that flooring to do a dining room floor in a rental property last fall, to do Katherine's room, and to do what will be Dillon's new bedroom this spring. Not bad! I'm definitely glad I saved all of it (except for some useless edge and damaged pieces) for all these months.

Katherine was a big help on Monday; she pained the trim as I installed it in her room. We got that all taken care of by the end of the afternoon and as soon as we finished she was moving in. Her room still doesn't have curtains on the windows or a good Interweb signal, but she's all moved in and has spent the last 3 nights up there. So far so good. I hope!

I did some research and found this well-rated Netgear device to extend the Internet signal to good strength in the new area of the house:

^Model N600, dual band, does cool stuff, bakes cakes, shoots lasers, ect. Obviously those last two things are not real features. Hopefully the thing is easy to install; I'm sure it will piss me off and I will screw it all up before we finally get it working. I suck at that stuff. What a bunch of crap!

That wifi device should be enough to give Internet for Kat's studio and the two bedrooms out there. Plus it has 4 LAN ports so it doesn't have to be used solely as a wireless hot-point-thingie. Nice! Bye bye $65 when I buy it, though. It's normally $70, but on sale at Worst Buy for $62. I could order it on Amazon for $58, but then we have to wait for it. Sometimes I am willing to pay a few bucks more to not have to wait.

I bought a new mp3 player last week, and that came on Monday along with my new racquetball racquet. I just loaded some songs into the thing and have it hooked up to my little portable speaker here in the tax office. I'm rippin' out 80s tunes on the clock! However, this song is Asia's newer one called Valkyrie so nevermind about the 80s songs part. However, Asia is very much an 80s band in my mind and this song is great. If you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.

Getting Katherine's new bedroom done is something I've had on my agenda for months now so I'm glad to finally have that weight off my chest. The renovation isn't even close to done, but it has come a long way. Katherine better not sleep walk right out her slider door because there is no deck and a 10-foot drop would seriously hurt. Her room will have its own little patio very soon. How cool is that?!

I have to work until 1900 tonight gods damn it. I used to work until 1900 a lot earlier this tax season, but I didn't mind as much when we were busy. Now that we are not busy it is painful staying so late. Thankfully Jenn comes in around 1730 on most evenings during the week so I can leave, but not Thursdays. Last Thursday I got a "headache" and left at 1805 because I was bored to tears. This week I was hoping for a few snow flurries I could leave early, but it's already 1738 and just cloudy so I guess I am stuck. What a bunch of crap! I should go look in a minute in case it starts snowing. We're only supposed to get a light amount tonight before it turns to rain tomorrow, but I need any excuse possible to leave early when there are no customers.

On Monday the company bigwigs unveiled a new bonus-on top of-bonus program that I think is swell. From now until the end of the season we get an extra $3 for every return we do, and we get an extra $3 on top of that $3 for every return we start after 1800. Oh Jesus, hell ya! Unfortunately, almost no one comes in after 1800. I'd rather be home at 1800 anyway. They also increased the bonus they pay us for selling the JH prepaid cards. Nice! I don't issue too many of those thing time of year, though. I actually didn't even know we got a commission from those things. That info would have been great to have TWO FUCKIN MONTHS AGO. What a bunch of crap!

I'm done on this bootleg thing. Just over an hour left here at work then I am a free man. Goonies never say die!


Tuesday, 3-22-16: RIP. Cheza.
Kat's 10-year old Golden Retriever, Cheza, passed away on Sunday. Dogs never live long enough. Over the course of the past week Cheza struggled more and more to get up, to walk, and to go about her daily routine. By Friday she could barely stand at all; we had to lift her up to get her moving. Kat took her to the vet that morning for blood work and a checkup, and the vet put Cheza on a new diet. We hoped things could start improving for Cheza, but sadly they only got much worse. Cheza had a bad day on Saturday but did manage to walk some with our assistance. Unfortunately, by Sunday morning she could not stand up at all. She was uncomfortable and appeared to be in pain.

Kat called the emergency clinic and we took Cheza in Sunday morning. Moving her was hard as we had to fabricate a makeshift stretcher of sorts. Thankfully my pile of scrap wood from the home remodel came in handy; some 3/4" OSB with a blanket on top made for a good means of transport. Unfortunately, once at the emergency clinic we were faced with the growing reality that Cheza was never going to fully recover. She was dying. Poor Cheza. Not only could she not stand but she also could not even move. Seeing her like that was hard, and keeping her alive was not fair to her at all so we decided to have her put to sleep.

^Cheza and Copperpot in the back yard earlier this year. RIP, Cheza.

We will all miss Cheza, but no one will miss her more than Kat. Losing a pet is always hard, there is never a good time for it to happen, but this is one of the worst times for such a loss. Kat has already been in poor health lately so this really is a tough one for her. I feel terrible about it; she lost the last of her Goldens from before her and I met. I just hope Copperpot can bring her some joy on lonely days at home when I am working all day and she is alone.

If it wasn't for Kat I wouldn't even have any pets. I don't count the pet snakes we had when we were kids when I say that. I almost had a pet a couple times before I met Kat. Once was Maggie (technically Doug's dog but he's a selfish assface so I was the one taking her to the park most of the time.) Once was Cammie (Kelly and the kids' family dog that they had before I met them.)

No, without Kat in my life I would be well on my way to being a grumpy, world-hating, no-pet having, alone with a mountain of booze, crass sourpuss of a guy. I'm sure I'd even be yelling "You kids get off my lawn!" by now. Thankfully Kat loves animals and I have found much joy by being around them. Despite Cheza's age and relative poor health she always loved to go to the park. She loved to chase the tennis ball and play fetch even though she could only run at 1/3 speed. She was super-friendly with a great disposition. She was actually a puppy-mill rescue dog who was forced to live in a crate for the first 5 months of her life. That confinement stunted her growth; thankfully Kat was able to rescue her and give her a good life.

Another one to add to our dog-heaven list. [sad] Hopefully she found Dende in her dog-heaven already. We actually think his passing last spring broke her heart and led to her relatively young passing. He was her companion for her entire life up until last year. We tried to give her new companions, and I like to think they helped keep her going just a bit longer than she otherwise would have, but in the end time always wins.


Friday, 3-18-16: Filing deadline = one month away.
The tax filing deadline for this year is April 18th instead of the usual April 15th. What a bunch of crap! I wish it was always on the 15th with no exceptions. Better yet, make it end sooner than that if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. I still have to file our taxes, but first I need to recheck everything to make sure I didn't miss out on any potential deductions. As of now we would owe a little under $2000 to the state and IRS combined. Owing on taxes = what a bunch of crap! However, that number is half of what I owed on my own taxes last year when I filed as single so overall I'm satisfied. MFJ all the way!

I like the tax season to just end on time because then I can focus on the rental property business and other adventures again. Thankfully I have the next two weekends off so I am hoping to get Katherine's upstairs bedroom done by the end of next weekend if not sooner than that. All that remains in that room is the floor, a few ceiling tiles, the bedroom and closet doors, and some trim/baseboard. It doesn't sound like much, but it will take an estimated 20 man-hours in total, give or take. The finish work takes a while.

Thankfully the upstairs bathroom is done and fully operational:

^The shitter has two flush buttons on the top of the tank. Left button = water-saving #1 flush. Right button = standard power-flush for #2.

The trim on the outside (hallway) of the door is not installed, but on the inside it is all done. I should take a better photo, but it is a small space only measuring 5x8 total so it's hard to get it all in. The tub/shower is off to the right side out of the picture. It is a small bathroom, but there is still enough space to stand in there and not feel too cramped, at least there is for this 150-lb scrappy dude. A fat person might disagree, but fat people are not allowed because they are gross.

I never posted this photo of Kat's future studio in the room downstairs, the old garage:

^Taken about a month ago, just before Dillon moved in. I still hadn't swept the floor and there was dust in the air.

That room is about 13x16 so it is very spacious. It's been 100% done for a few weeks, but Dillon moved in with us after he hauled on his chick just as I was finishing that room so now Kat has to wait until I finish the upstairs before she gets to use it for her DJ business. Dillon is using that room as his bedroom for the time being. All three of Kat's kids live with us now so it's a damn good thing we planned to expand the house or there wouldn't be enough room for everyone.

The laundry/utility room in the new addition is operational, but not 100% done just yet. I still need to install the door and window trim in that space. I also plan to put some shelves in there for storage. Once I do that and finish Katherine's room then we will have 4 of the 5 rooms done. Not bad! Only the second bedroom upstairs will need finishing plus some of the hallways both upstairs and down. I probably won't finish the second upstairs bedroom (will be Dillon's room) until May. What a bunch of crap!

If my calculations hold true then I will only have about 20 more work days here at JH, maybe 21. It's nice having weekends off from the JH job; I only requested Sundays off this season so having Saturday off for the majority of the time is bonus. I have worked some Saturdays and I might work one or two more Saturdays, but I hope I don't because I would rather be home working on the house and hanging out with my awesome wife.

This has been a VERY boring week at work. It's 1608 now so in just over and hour Jenn comes in and I can get ready to hit the road. My weekend is about to begin! Jenn almost quit earlier in the season because this job can suck on occasion. Plus she has another full time job so this income is just her supplemental bonus money. One day in the future the money I make here will be my supplemental income, but both this year and last year I've needed it for important things like a wedding and a 1000 square foot home expansion. I begged Jenn to stay so she did not quit. If she did quit then my ass would be stuck here until 1900 each day. Working that late on a slow day really is a bunch of crap. Jenn was off yesterday so I was supposed to stay til close, but I got a "headache" and had to leave at 1805. Hey, it was St. Paddy's Day so no one was coming in anyway. I hope!

Copperpot is exactly 4 months old today. He is a truly amazing dog, one of the best I have ever seen. When I walk him and take him to the park he doesn't pull on the leash, act like a dink, and/or try to take off on me. He stays close and respects our authoritai. He loves to play fetch with the tennis ball, and he is a natural at it. However, he does often ditch the tennis ball in exchange for a stick. Sometimes the sticks he grabs are bigger than the length of his entire body! He and I have gone to the park several times over the past week, but alas we may have to take a short break from the park in the coming days because some dirtball nor'easter is forecast to hit us on Monday. A spring snowstorm = what a bunch of crap! Thankfully the spring snows always melt away fast.

^Taken a couple weeks ago in our back yard. Happy 4-month old birthday Copperpot!

I just drank a Monster coffee energy drink. I am tired gods damn it. I went with Kat down to Tag's last night to help her run the karaoke show. I had a green beer and an apple beer, but I didn't get boozed up because I never get boozed up down there. Since it was St. Paddy's Day the place was busy and we didn't get home and into bed until after 0200. Kat might be taking a break from that gig, perhaps a permanent break from it, but that is a decision we have not finalized yet. Her health needs to be a top priority and too many of these weekly karaoke gigs are wearing her out. Her lupus makes her daily life a struggle, especially in the winter, and especially when we go to bed so late on her work nights. I try to help her as much as I can, but I can't always go with her to all of her gigs because I am spread very thin as is. Neither one of us get enough sleep over the course of a week. What a bunch of crap!


Wednesday, 3-16-16: Politics.
Yesterday was a Super Tuesday primary where we got a little closer to finding out who the democratic and republican presidential nominees will be. Right now these two jabronis are leading the pack:

On the left is republican Donald Trump, on the right is democrat Hillary Clinton. I think both of these presidential hopefuls are severely flawed, but I really dislike Hillary. She looks like a total beotch, her husband was a goofball president with no moral compass, and she is embroiled in the whole Bengazi controversy that won't seem to end. Good people died on her watch as Secretary of State and she tried to sweep it away. All I wanna know is why? Why is she the democratic front runner when she has so much baggage? Do people want a chick president that badly?

Trump is hilarious at times, but he is a giant pompous ass. He has issues, volumes of issues, but as of now I plan to vote for the guy. We need someone in the White House who fits outside the mold. Trump often times presents himself as someone who doesn't give a shit and will do whatever needs to be done. Unfortunately, he's probably an egotistical racist as well. What a bunch of crap!

The ideal presidential candidate is the one who will never run for office:


I know we cannot really elect a fictional character as our commander, but it would be cool if Stallone decided to run for office. I've never voted for a democrat before in my life, but I would vote for Stallone whether he represented the democratic, authoritarian, communist, or even totalitarian parties. STALLONE RULES. I would vote for Stallone even if he punched me in the face and hit on my sexy wife. (If he did more than make a pass at her I would star in Rocky 8 just so I could kick his ass!)

I didn't care that much about the presidential hopefuls when there were a dozen guys and gals running for each party, but now that the turds have been partially flushed from the proverbial political punch bowls it's getting more interesting. I would love to see a good independent come to the forefront and make some waves, but right now that seems unlikely. Thankfully whomever does get elected should be an upgrade from our current epic fail president.

In other news that piece of shit child porn-watching pedophine (actually had sex with underage kids) Jared Fogle, former Subway restaurant spokesperson, is thankfully in jail getting beat up on occasion. He got his ass kicked by some old inmate earlier this winter, and I just read that headline. That fucking loser asshole does not even deserve to live. Please next president, please condone euthanization at the federal level and have it include all perverts, rapists, and other child abusers.

^FUCKING DIE ASSHOLE. I might actually vote for Hillary if she intended to put people like him to death. Public hanging please.

This JH tax job has been quite boring lately. I've done a couple tax returns today, but right now at 1410 there is nothing going on. I could do training, but updating this turd is more fun. Hopefully I get another customer or two before the day ends, but if I don't I can still make some use of my time by working on other stuff. The archives of this bootleg site need to be brought back online still so that will be my side project during the slower days here at work.

In conclusion, if you plan to vote for Hillary then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more.


Friday, 3-11-16: Payday!
My ass got paid today. I do not know how much my ass got paid; I should go look for my pay statement on the ADP webpage. I don't get a physical check (direct deposit, beotches) and I have to do work if I want to see my pay stub. Guy looks it up while he hangs out in his little broom-closet office...

86.40 hours worked, $1146.20 gross, $876.41 net for a two-week period. It's not making me rich, but it works well enough. The 6.4 hours of overtime help the total. My hourly pay is decent, but the real cherry on top and the main reason I stick with it is the end of season bonus. This year I should get a bonus of at least double from last year. If I can get that bonus up to a take-home of $2000 or more then I will be very happy. I definitely have a chance to pull that off with 5 weeks left in the season and my numbers already well above what I did for the entire season last year.

I have not done any tax returns today so I am passing the time by reading and by shopping on Amazon.com. I picked out a new mp3 player to order, this little guy right here:

^Got mostly good reviews on Amazon. Hopefully it is not a turd.

I bought an mp3 player here at WalMart in early January, but I hated the gods damned thing so I returned it. I was gonna buy another one here, but they only have an even junkier one from which to choose. What a bunch of crap! Maybe they sell a Crapple Ipod, but F that those things use proprietary software and are way overpriced. I've never been a Mac fan at all. I got an Ipod for a birthday gift one year many years ago and sold it within the week. I wrote all about it way back when; I don't even remember what year that was so I ain't looking it up.

I had a good mp3 player a few years ago, but I gave that to my ex and I sure as hell ain't ever seeing that again. Gods damn it! I can just use my cellphone to rip out 80s tunes, but when I use my phone to call and txt that can interrupt the music so I want an actual mp3 player. If I can get something halfway decent I can even play music here in this bootleg little tax office. Plus I'm sure it will be great to have for our family vacation to Mexico in May.

Now I'm shopping racquetball racquets online. I have a decent enough racquet now, but it is getting older and I could use something better. I used Gavin's spare last week when we played and I loved that one. I might buy the same thing if I can find out exactly what it is. Unfortunately, he is in Florida now with his chick enjoying this view:

so it's just Mike and I in a 1v1 battle later today on the courts. Gavin is actually staying in Hollywood Florida (or is it Hallendale?) at the exact same place we stayed when we went in Dec 2012. He even got the exact same room. OMG. Hope he and Sierra are having a blast.

I need to upgrade my racquetball racquet so I have a better chance of winning. My lack of talent when compared to Gavin and Mike will always hold me back so I have to get better gear. I'm simply not as accurate as those two guys so I normally lose. Thankfully I am competetive enough where the games aren't usually a total waste of time. I give them a solid run for their money and I do win on occasion. It's usually great exercise; I love playing about once a week.

I don't understand how these racquets compare to each other. I know a cheap $20 racquet is not gonna get me many wins, but I also know a $250 racquet won't get me many wins. No racquet will be my magic winning racquet no matter what I buy so I am hoping to get something in the middle of the pack that performs well. I paid around $70 for my currrent racquet that is ok, but I do hope to find something a little lighter and better than what I have now. Maybe $100-$130 will get me what I want. Maybe less if I really find a deal!

^I just threw this racquet in my Amazon virtual shopping cart, but it might be the same one I have now. I will have to take a look at mine when I get home later. I do like my current racquet and might just buy the same one again.

Hey sweet, I just noticed on my pay statement that I get some extra money for the AMEX cards that I sell. I guess? Why else would there be a $21 payout that says AMEX? People who don't have bank accounts often get their refunds on our prepaid cards so score for me if I get bonus money for that. Oh Jesus hell ya! I love getting paid my sweet bonuses.


Wednesday, 3-09-16: A record warm winter.
This winter has been great. Correction, no winter in Maine is really great to me anymore. My last great winter was probably early 90s when I was still a teenager and could go ice skating on the pond out back, build snowforts, go sledding, and play tracker with Jason. I lived a sheltered youth so instead of trying to get dates with chicks and doing the "cool teenage kid" stuff I was playing with my younger brothers most of the time. Back then I don't remember getting pissed off at Mother Nature when it was so cold that my boogers froze inside my nose when I waited outside for the school bus. Now when it is cold I think it sucks. A lot. Winter = what a bunch of crap! Now I have heat and plowing bills that really add up in the winter, and I have a wife who hates the winter as well. For her it's more a health reason; lupus and cold do not play well together.

Thankfully this winter has set many records as far as warmth. Dec-Feb was way above average in temp and below average in snowfall. Oh Jesus, hell ya! March is shaping up to be a big win for us, too. Check out this 10-day forecast:

^AWESOME! It's no summer-like heat wave, but it is solidly above the norm. Today we should be around 38/18, but we are crushing it and already set a record. We're at 56, and 54 was the old record high temp for this date. This morning I went for a jog at 0830 and it was above 40 already. Score! It took my slow ass 26:33 to go 3 miles, but gods damn it I didn't stop to walk for any of it. I'm the tortoise this time of year because I am not in as good of cardio shape. Plus I'm 40 and slightly on the wrong side of my biological peak. I always jog slow in the cooler air, and I always jog slow when it's too hot. I guess I'm actually never fast in any conditions. What a bunch of crap!

Last year I went for one jog on March 11th (2.33 miles, 20:17) and not another jog until April 16th. That was in part due to the much colder air and also due to different hours working at JH. This year we open at 1000, but last year we opened at 0900 for most of the season. I don't know why they changed it to 1000, but I am sure glad they did because it gives me enough time to drop Katherine off at school and still have time to exercise and/or take care of a few things before I come to work.

I've already gone for 7 jogs this year for a total of 17.65 miles. Nice! I do have an elliptical in the gym for when it is too cold and icy to jog outside, but jogging is my preferred method of cardiovascular exercise. I'll never run a marathon, but jogging 2-4 miles about 3-4 times a week combined with some weightlifting and other exercise (racquetball, landscaping work, blueberry raking, etc.) is ideal for me.

The relatively warm weather is fantastic not only for jogging but also for taking Copperpot to the park. I stopped by the park with him to wear him down some this morning before my jog and before work; he has been getting up at 0545 every day so far this week so I need to tire him out more. Revielle should not be that early. What a bunch of crap! I should be exhausted, but I don't feel too tired right now. I'm sure later today I will be ready to crash out, though. I go to bed too late and get up too soon most days. What a bunch of crap!

I get to close the office early today so I can head over to the storefront location for a meeting and free pizza. I don't give a crap about the meeting, but free food and on company time = oh Jesus, hell ya! I have no idea what the "training" will be about, but probably the usual stuff. Last year we didn't have a meeting during the season so this is something new. Maybe they will fire some of the shitbag workers; however, they can't really do that because there literally would only be like 3 people left to man the 7 north-sector locations. What a bunch of crap!

This bootleg site is still not 100% operational. It's like the Death Star from Return of the Jedi, but without the awesome ability to destroy space frigates and planets. I am uploading files now:

I still have a lot of older files to put on the GoDaddy server for my site hosting, and I am only on the files beginning with B right now. It will be a while, several days at least, before all the older photos and webpages of this trash-heap of a site are back online. Oh well, no one ever reads this bootleg site anyway so no worries.


Tuesday, 3-08-16: Reconstructing this bootleg site and the tax job so far this season.
This piece of crap site has had the same design for 11 or 12 years, pretty much since its inception. OMG. I could redesign the bootleg thing, make it look more sleek. However, doing that would require a copious amount of effort, and since I lack many Interweb design skills it would probably end up being an epic fail. There's really no need to polish this turd of a site. In the infamous words of the late Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live. It would be like putting perfume on a pig. Hehehe.

^He has also come to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he is all out of bubblegum. If you don't like They Live then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. The low-budget 80s flick is really a fantastic classic with a very interesting concept.

I am fine with this site looking like a 6th grader threw it together (Doug made the awesome header atop the page, I do like that a lot.), but I do need to get some of the archived content back online. I switched the site from Doug's server a couple weeks ago, and I basically have to re-upload everything again. I've gotten to the recent stuff, but things from prior years are still missing. I finally figured out how to upload files thanks in large part to Gavin, but there is A LOT of stuff still not on the server. Thankfully the tax job is boring this time of year so I have free time in the office to mess with it on my laptop PC in between clients. Eventually I will get it all uploaded again. I hope! I'm fairly certain that everything from November 2015 to now is up and working, but prior to that it is very hit or miss and most of the content of this site from before I met Kat wasn't even online anyway because it was so horrible. I do plan to edit and repost all that material eventually. Maybe.

I might have a 1300 appointment in this muther today, but I dunno. The guy spoke broken English when I talked to him yesterday so I don't even know if he has a clue. I did one tax return earlier for a lady who was a couple fries short of a Happy Meal. She complained about how JH screwed up their taxes back in 2013 and the girl who was preparing their taxes was hitting on her husband right in front of her. AHAHAHAHAHA. Likely not true at all because I know who the preparer is, but hilarious nevertheless. Adventures of tax preparing at a WalMart! So many people who come here fit the stereotype to a tee. (Myself included?!)

I've already eclipsed my tax numbers from last year, and there are 6 weeks left in the season. Oh Jesus, hell ya! I actually blew past those numbers last week so now it's a sort-of bonus level for me. However, I am driven so I hope to nearly double my output from last year. I did around $36k last year and am just over $39k so far this year. If I can pass $60k this year then my bonus percentage doubles so there is a huge incentive to pass that mark. However, time is winding down on the season so odds are against me. Right now it looks like I will finish up awith around $55k. At 4% that's still a decent final check in May, but 8% would be so much nicer and I only get 8% if I cross that seemingly unattainable $60k. Right now I'd say I have a 25% chance of doing it. Getting to $59,900 would suck. A lot. It would be a bunch of crap!

I am leading the entire state in a few key areas so now it is time for me to brag. I have created the most returns, I have the best returns/hour, I have the best client survey results (won a $50 WalMart gift card from the company last week for that!), and my hold/void percentage is the best. I try to do good work because I want to make a lot of money for the company. Money for the company = money for me! Unfortunately, most of the people who work here are giant Giblet-Heads who cause our company's reputation harm. The guy who started the season working in Brewer was epic fail; he was terrible. In fact, he was so bad they moved him to other locations and as a result of his incompetence I now get saddled with his loser ass two days a week. What a bunch of crap!

This guy is HORRIBLE. Maybe he is not a bad person, but as a tax preparer he is an embarassment. He's 70, he's out of shape, he's extremely lazy, he is agonizingly slow, and worst of all his people skills are horrendous. I had the chance to watch him do a tax return here in this office last Friday for the first time, and I was crying on the inside. I had to jump in and help the poor guy out because he was so gods damned slow. Plus I had to shoot the shit with the customer because he had no ability to hold a conversation at all. Nothing worse than awkward silence. I don't always talk to my clients, but most of the time I am keeping them engaged as I do my work. Even talking about mundane things like the weather is important to help build rapport and keep them here.

Worst of all, this guy fucking falls asleep. He has narcolepsy so he will just randomly nod off. I think I will bring my digital camera with me later this week when he is here again so I can take a picture and post it onto my bootleg site. It would be an instant crap-classic! Of course I would edit out his face and never post his real name. I really need to remember to do that. For the first time in my life last Friday I was wishing I had one of those "SmartPhones" so I could take a pic and put it online immediately. My phone now has a camera, but I don't know how to get pictures onto the PC from it. What a bunch of crap!


Monday, 3-07-16: Another bootleg update from the WalMart: Creed and the new appliances.
It's 1245, I ate lunch not long ago, and now I am hoping to get some customers this afternoon or else time will really drag along. Thankfully I have my computer, a book, and crossword puzzles to get me by during the slow times. I can also text my sexy wife! However, despite the entertainment at my disposal I don't get outeuntil 1900 so it could be a looooong afternoon. What a bunch of crap!

Before I came to work today I had to oversee the Lowe's delivery guys as they brought a brand new washer and dryer over to the house. On Saturday I had one final push on the home remodel mechanical systems so there were four contractors at work all at the same time. Bruce and his helper got the new bathroom and laundry area all hooked up, and Ben Jr. and his brother-helper got my electrical systems mostly working. Bruce is done until I am ready to install a kitchenette sink (summer?), but the "sparkies" as Bruce affectionately calls them will be back later this month or early April to finish up a few electrical things for me.

Since the laundry area was 100% usable as of Saturday afternoon we made plans to move the washer and dryer from the basement up to the new addition. On Sunday morning I lined up Gavin to come help around noon, and I headed downstairs to unhook everything. I got as far as shutting off the water supplies and unplugging the washer before I thought to myself "Wait a minute, this washer weighs a FUCKING TON, it barely fits up the stairwell, and it's old so why move it at all?" It's Kat's washer and dryer, but even she didn't know how old the washer is because she got it used some years ago. That made the decision even easier. Screw moving the things when they are older and could break down any day. Better to leave them down there to function as spares and to just go get new ones. We're not made of money, far from it, but Lowe's was having a sweet sale and I had enough room left on the credit card for a special-financing deal:

We considered taking them with us yesterday so we could get them up and running, but they were temporarily out of stock on the washer so we just set it up for free delivery. That actually worked out better for us because they were able to bring both the washer and dryer to us this morning around 0830. Oh Jesus hell ya! We got them all hooked up in time for me to get ready for work. Unfortunately, they are new and confusing so Kat and I had no idea how to set the washer for a normal spin. There seems to be some computerized technology involved where it senses the load size and doles out water in stingy amounts. So the washer, nice as it may be, will probably have a way to eat us when Skynet becomes self-aware and machines rule the world one day. What a bunch of crap!

^Maybe in the future our computerized washer and dryer will learn how to manufacture evil robots. The red eyes clearly indicate the intent to cause harm. Due to the limitations of current technology these evil robots can only emerge from the back of the machines and not through the machines like the Kool Aid Man would burst through a wall back in the day. (My Photoshop skills decline with age. What a bunch of crap!)

I'm hoping to get the upstairs bathroom 100% functional this week. The toilet works just fine, and in theory the shower and tub do as well (no curtain and shower head installed yet, but they are there and ready to go.) However, we hooked up the bathroom sink only to realize I had purchased a lemon. The faucet leaks from the inside when it is turned on so I got a defective one. What a bunch of crap! Bye bye $30 for that. I could dig through my mountain of receipts, and I might just do that, but by the time I find it I will probably see it was purchased 4 months ago so no refund for me. We bought a new one yesterday along with a few other things for the bathroom (mat, TP holder, etc.) so I will install that whenever time permits this week.

In two months we will all be leaving for a week-long vacation to Mexico. We fly out of Boston on May 7th, and we return May 14th. Kat just texted me to say Daniel is not going, and that is sad. His decision to not go, if final, will affect Kat a great deal. I know she was hoping for a family vacation to include not only her and I but also the three kids and Dillon's long-time girlfriend, Debbie. We already bought the tickets for everyone so it is extra sad that he has decided not to go. Kat worked damn hard for the money to pay for the resort and flight, too. Hopefully he changes his mind, but if he doesn't change his mind this week it will be too late because he needs to get a passport still. It takes a few weeks to get a passport so that can't wait until the last-minute. It's sad that Kat's oldest son doesn't even care... whether or not he cares. I guess he cares about himself above all else and he would rather stay home and play video games than include himself in something that his own mother holds dear.

In other news Kat and I watched Creed on Saturday night. I was frigging tired and thought I would fall asleep during whatever movie we did watch, but the movie was so damn good that it kept me wide awake. Creed is basically Rocky 7, and it focuses on Appolo Creed's son and a retired Rocky Balboa. Of course Rocky lost Adrian years ago; she had passed when they made Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) several years ago. Nevertheless this movie was still hard to watch at times because it's so sad when you see Rocky go visit his dead wife's grave. He does a wonderful job in all the Rocky movies, but never more does he make you feel his emotional pain than in these last two flicks without his Adrian.

I was expecting to watch a decent movie Saturday night, but it exceeded my expectations by a lot. I even needed a tissue to wipe a few tears away a couple times, and movies rarely make me cry. Creed is a great movie, a solid 9 out of 10 in my book. If you don't love Rocky movies then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you more. Stallone is fucking awesome. The end.


Saturday, 3-05-16: Booze and bathrooms.
I am frigging tired. What a bunch of crap! I'm finishing up a half-can of Monster Energy Drink here in the kitchen at the breakfast (and lunch and supper!) bar at 0720 wishing I could just crawl my arse back into bed. Unfortunately, Copperpot is pretty much on a timer these days and around 0630 he is up. This morning it was 0632. I tried to get him to go back to sleep, but that was epic fail. Oh well, it happens.

The end of the week is always hard because Kat has her late-night gigs. Even though I didn't go with her to Tag's on Thursday night I had a long day and didn't get to sleep until late. Then I got up to help her unload all the gear at 0100 and didn't fall back to sleep again for a while so I basically had two short naps in the night. I did the same thing last night so I am sleep-deprived for seemingly the 100th time in the past year. What a bunch of crap!

^Hopefully when I get my shit together later this year I don't have to drink 2-3 of these per week to get me going when I am tired...

On Thursday evening I thought I could wind down and go to bed relatively early (2130?), but that didn't happen because I had a major plumbing problem to deal with. The upstairs kitchen sink at the property next to my office backed up and it caused water to leak down into the lower apartment. I thought it would be a simple fix, a quick plunge or disassemble of the under-sink trap to clear a jam, but I was wrong. There was a jam way down in the 1.5' PVC line, but the jam was so far down the line that my drain snake did not reach enough to clear it out. Plus, to make matters worse, the drain snake housing broke so the thing was flopping around everywhere. The backed-up water in the sink was disgusting, too. What a bunch of crap! I finally got home and ate my supper at 2200 after dealing with that shit-show. Epic fail.

^Taken in 2008. The PVC drain under that sink goes through some very confusing and almost-impossible section of floor into the main line somewhere in the catacombs of the building. In order to access the entire line I would have to cut out some of the floorboards so let's hope I NEVER have to do that...

I finally had to cut out a good chunk of the under-sink plumbing to try and work my "magic." Unfortunately, I had no magic so I had to give up for the night and call Nichols Plumbing first thing yesterday morning. Thankfully they were able to come take care of it around midday yesterday. I was at work, but I was able to coordinate the whole thing with a few texts and a couple phone calls. Nichols Plumbing has taken pretty good care of me. I hate to use them because I know they don't come cheap, but Bruce doesn't have the power-augers to deal with the major clogs plus he works during the day at the UMO so I use Nichols when things get ugly and desperate. Bye bye about $250 for that service call. What a bunch of crap!

The IWE had a wrestling show down at City Side last night, a rare Friday night show (usually they do their thing on a Saturday.) It wasn't too busy at Jester's when I helped Kat set up because most of the crowd was watching the wrestling show, but when I returned later after a brief power-nap the place was jammed. Sandman was there, too. AWESOME! He was a hardcore wrestler from ECW and had his best years back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I never watched ECW, but I know my wrestling history and I have seen him make appearances a few times in WWE on their watered-down version of what because a short-lived WWE-ECW. He was having a blast last night, he was funny, and he even took a picture with my Sweet Pea at the end of the night. Oh Jesus, hell ya!

^Older photo not from last night. Hopefully I can post the photo of Sandman and my wife down at Jester's on this bootleg site soon.

I only had one drink down at Jester's last night. One drink all night in fact. I told Kat I wouldn't drink as much from now on. Often times I will tell her "I've only had a couple." When I've really had about 4 or 5. Or my couple have been really big drinks that are enough to equal 2-3 beers per one drink. She would prefer that I never drink, but I would prefer that I do drink so we talked it out on Tuesday and met somewhere in the middle. I promised her I wouldn't drink right up until bedtime and I would only have a couple and make it really only a couple and not 4 or 5 most night, especially when I am tired and each drink hits me harder. I think the biggest problem is the fact that most Fridays I will start drinking around 2100 and not stop until the very end of the night. I wouldn't usually get hammered drunk, but I would get fairly liquored up and by drinking right up unitl we ended the show I would still be drunk when we got home and in fact probably be getting even more drunk at home. Not good when I go to bed in that state of body and mind and toss and turn and keep my sexy wife awake. What a bunch of crap!

^A 25 oz can of one of these Bud Light Margarita (Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lime, or Lemonade) is equal to 2 or 3 regular beers.

I'll go work on the home remodel shortly. Right now Copperpot is harassing the cats, but he isn't being too much of a dink to them so I will let it slide. After I finish this bootleg update I will go do some insulating upstairs and start working on Katherine's bedroom ceiling. If all goes as planned today Bruce will get here at 0830 to finish hooking up the upstairs bathroom plumbing. Hopefully he can also tie in the plumbing for the washer and dryer hookups so we can move the laundry from the cellar to the upstairs. The electricians are supposed to come this morning as well so I'm hoping to have them install my hall lights for the upstairs and maybe even the outside light for the new entry. Having that bathroom 100% done will be awesome, and it very well could happen today. I hope it does. Then I can focus on Katherine's bedroom and hopefully have that done later this month. My free time is severely lacking so getting this home remodel done is taking forever. What a bunch of crap!

Hopefully I can post a photo or two of the new bathroom during my next bootleg update.

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