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"Drama is a choice." - Mike (bartender at work to the younger servers who were upset with each other.))


Sunday, 3-31-24: Happy Easter ya effin' DINKS!
We have a day off today oh Jesus, hell ya! It's Easter, a holiday I give zero craps about, but being able to close today and rest is a win. We probably could have opened for brunch and done some awesome business, but F that we need a break. We did open for brunch a couple years ago and it was ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five-pound bag. It was this:

Back then we were still too new. Now that we are more established we would have had a lot of people come today. How do we know this? We had a lot of calls and people asking about it either through our Failbook page (that I don't look at) or in person. Maybe we open for brunch next year for Easter? I dunno, but having the day off is fantastic so my early vote is NO.

So essentially the month is over, and what a month it was. I had a lot of tax clients this month, and that's no different from past years. Sales were up as well, and we ended up having our best month of sales, ever. Awesome! That's with losing 2/3 of last Saturday last week to one of the worst snow and sleet storms we've had in years and losing today due to Easter. (Last year Easter was in April.) Winter has been tough over the past couple weeks, and we might get one final snow storm midweek next week that could dump on us again. What a bunch of crap!

Overall March was a decent enough month for me. Certainly better than the last few have been. I got good enough exercise, the restaurant didn't lose money, and that tax business brought us in enough precious... precious money to keep our roof over our heads through April. We also paid off a business loan so that's a massive relief.

I think we'll have a decent April, but we won't know that for 30 more days. Last year April was good, not as good as March (St. Patrick's Day in March), but much better than May. The data is easy to vary year-over-year due to when Friday and Saturdays fall on the calendar, though. This March we had five Fridays and five Saturdays so that helped. Sadly we really only had four Saturdays due to that storm last week. What a bunch of crap!

We were going to do some work at the bar this morning, but F that the day off was more important. I didn't even leave work last night until 0225 because we were BUSY for karaoke last night. We had a really strong Friday and Saturday this week; Friday was a packed dinner-rush for a few hours before karaoke (that starts after the dinner hour) died off quite a bit. Yesterday was a weak dinner before we got packed full for the night-life and karaoke. It's funny how often that happens lately. We usually get a big Friday dinner, a mediorce Friday night karaoke, and the opposite on Saturdays.

The Red Sox started their season Thursday night in Seattle. They won game one but lost the last two. I haven't watched any of the games due to work and the fact that the start times for most of the west-coast games is past bedtime. I can't even watch the games in the living room right now anyway because the cable box died. I went to Spectrum to swap it out for a new one, but the new one works like shit and half the channels don't come in. What a bunch of crap!

The sales dude said they are getting away from cable boxes and moving towards some cloud-based thing. They had a display of the new device, but I didn't understand it and without my awesome wife along with me I won't know what to do. I should look up online what that thing is called and whether or not it sucks because our friggin' cable bill is too high for the amount we use it. I asked the guy to find us a cheaper package and he started talking about clouds and I wasn't sure if they were fair-weather clouds or storm clouds so I just quit.

Okay, I read some online and this is what the thing is:

I was reading some reviews and I don't think we want it. Here is one that fits what I'd personally hate about it:

To say that the xumo box is not ready for prime time would be an understatement. When playing back recordings and wanting to fast forward, there is no visual of the program moving forward. Therefore, you have no idea of when you are past the commercials. You have to press pause when you think you might be close to the program resuming. So, you end up hitting pause and then play many times to check the progress to figure out where you are in the program. There is also no dedicated menu button on the remote. No channel up and down button; and, it is not backlit. No way to order the guide to just display the channels you are subscribed to. It has a huge learning curve;!

^All of that would suck! Maybe we will just keep the package we have because I like being able to watch live TV with pause, rewind, etc.



Wednesday, 3-27-24: Weather fail, cable TV fail.
The last storm we got on Saturday a few days ago was a giant bunch of crap that cost us probably $4000 in lost revenue. What a bunch of crap! We did save a lot on labor and product cost, but we're still out quite a bit of revenue and that sucks. A lot. What really hits below the belt is the time of the year to get such an epic storm. It's rare we get HUGE winter storms so late in the season, and even more rare to get one that lasts all day Saturday and into early Sunday. Gods damn it!

The day wasn't horrible, but it was far from ideal. I'd guess we only got 2-3" of snow during the day, but later in the afternoon it turned to sleet/ice and then it got heavy. We decided to stay open until 2200, and in hindsight that was very unwise because when I got out of work and tried to free the truck at 2300 it was a shit-show of sleet and ice, probably the worst bought ot sleet you'll ever see, and it felt like wet concrete everywhere. Getting into the driveway was nearly impossible as it was POURING down heavy sleet mixed with some freezing rain, and only 26 degrees. Sales were only about 1/3 of our norm for the day as well, and Saturday is our best sales day of the week so we were pwned.

The next morning looking out the window at Katherine's car:

Katherine also worked Saturday night, and I told her to pull straight into our failure of a driveway. She's young, 25, and she did what I would have done at her age and she backed in. Too bad the inches of HEAVY sleet was really like wet cement, no joke there, and it ripped her front bumper right off. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! YOU FAIL AT LISTENING BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG AND NO WORRIES I'M 48 AND GET IT BECAUSE I WAS DUMB AT THAT AGE, TOO.

When you rip your bumper off because you don't listen.

That stupid fuckin' snow/sleet storm cost us huge. Inland areas got two feet of snow and the coast had major ice that caused over 150K outages state-wide so I guess we're lucky? We never lost power because the sleet just bounces off the power lines whereas the freezing rain sticks and bogs everything down.

It was a stupid-easy winter until the past week. It got really cold, we got this huge storm, it stayed cold, and I can forget jogging outside for at least a few days because everything is snow and sleet-covered. What a bunch of crap! So funny I was jogging outside (slowly with some walking) at 50 degrees in late Feb/early this month and now forget it. We get 2-4" of rain tomorrow and Friday as well so that sucks. A lot. I had to go shovel some of the roof at the restaurant to get the drains access, and I needed my sledge for parts of it due to all the ice. What a bunch of crap!

Things aren't crazy-busy at the resturant tonight so I thought I'd drink and watch some TV while my awesome wife works. Sadly the TV has done this all day:

^OMG WTF, OVER?! All I wanna know is why? Why is this happening? Our bill is paid gods damn it. The cable box in the bedroom works so I guess it's time for a new cable box in the living room. I unplugged it and plugged it back in to no avail. Oh well, the DVR part still works for playback so I just watched an older Gold Rush before I called and talked to Mom and Dad for a bit. I thought about going to visit them this Sunday for Easter because the restaurant is closed, but F that I'd rather stay home. Plus I'm seriously afraid my wife would get mad at me if I left so yeah, I'm a pussy. If my biological family lived closer I could do both, but it's a 3-hour round-trip to get down to Warren and back so it's nearly a full day's commitment to go visit the family.

I'm looking forward to having most of Sunday off from work. I say "most" because I'm sure I'll go down to the bar to do something. It's rare we're closed two consecutive days so I have extra precious... precious time for painting, staining, etc. Things that can't be easily done on Monday when we're usually closed to have ready for Tuesday's open.

It's really quiet in here. I can't even listen to the 80s channel 1928 beause it's busted. What a bunch of crap! I should listen to music through my bootleg computer speakers gods damn it. Let's fire something up...

The Kinks, Fly Like Superman. This fucking song rules! I always thought it was an 80s song but turns out it's from 1979. Impressive! Now comes another hugely underrated band, ABC, Be Near Me. This is the exended cut that plays on YouTube. Most modern music is ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five-pound bag so the old stuff really works for me. Not all of it, Hey Mickie and Centerfield are terrible, bootleg piece of shit songs, but most of them win.

It's sad I hate Centerfield since I'm a baseball fan, but fuck that stupid song. Speaking of baseball, the Red Sox play in Seattle tomorrow night way past my bedtime for their opening 2024 game. Will they win? Hard to say, but hopes for the 2024 Red Sox are not so good because they had a garbage off-season signing no really good players. What a bunch of crap! The Dodgers spent all the money and bought everyone hahhahaa. Not literally, but that's how it seems.

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg piece of shit, I'm almost too drunk to write more. My cable TV box failed, but I put batteries in the NES WII so do you think I can drunkenly play Super Mario Wii? I don't think I can because I'm to dumb to even connect it to the TV, but we shall see. Worst case I'll just eat a pot-laced cookie and pass out until tomorrow.

I still hate my life. What a bunch of crap!

Hey, Pet Shop Boys plays this is a win! Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) I didn't even choose this one so all I wanna know is why? Why does it play? I guess I drunkenly listened to it last month or the month before hahaha. I LOVE THIS SONG! I DO NOT HAVE THE BRAINS AND I DON'T HAVE THE LOOKS SO HOW CAN I MAKE LOTS OF MONEY?! Pretty sure this song checks five or six boxes of fails in today's pussy-society since I infer the guy has the brains and the girl has the looks and that's not okay today. I think it's okay because I don't have the brains or the looks, but the message will offend nearly everyone because we are all pussies.

Oh hey, their best song, What Have I Done to Deserve This? PET SHOP BOYS FOR THE WIN! If you don't like this song then I hae you. I probably hate you anway, but I'll hate you a little more.

FUCK MY LIFE. I'm ready to die but suicide is a pussy way to check out so I'll just wait for brain tumors or cancer or something that justifies my end.



Friday, 3-22-24: Off work before close. I like it! Big storm coming. I hate it!
This is the second Friday this month where I've been able to leave work around 2300. Oh Jesus, hell ya! We have Katherine as MOD (manager on duty) and we got crushed for the dinner-hour. There was a brief wait for tables at one point, and we needed it to be busy because the weather forecast tomorrow is a giant bunch of crap. It was busy for karaoke (starting at 2030), but it died off enough where I felt comfortable leaving. I probably could have left a bit earlier than I did, but I wanted to make sure everything was good-to-go. Sales are great today, and overall they've been great this month. However, this is coming tomorrow:

^OMG WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Other forecast models vary; the Weather Channel has us around 6-12. That photo above is from the National Weather Service. Storm starts tomorrow morning, snows all day, and around the dinner-hour it could change to freezing rain for a few hours before going back to snow. On a SATURDAY. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is the one day of the week where we do our most business so tomorrow will suck. A lot.

Even worse is the fact that winter seemed to be over earlier this month. We've hit 50 degrees several times and I've gone for a few outdoor jog/walks already. The first part of the month, all winter really, has been incredibly mild with little snow and that all changed a couple days ago. We got 5" of snow late Wed night into yesterday morning and then it was COLD. Yesterday's sales were ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five-pound bag because it was really cold and windy. Gods damn it!

Sales last weekend for St. Patrick's Day weekend were good. Not record-setting, but the holiday itself was on a Sunday so that made it weird for us. Last year it was a Friday so we got totally demolished. Sales were good Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday Kat and I got into an arguement so I just left hahaha. I came home and drank a beer while I wathed Gold Rush Whitewater. That's a fantastic show, and this season has been great after three episodes. I just watched episode 3 before I came onto this bootleg site to write my useless thoughts to almost no one.

Sunday, St. Patrick's Day itself, was insane for the morning and into the afternoon hours. We had a HUGE brunch, and by late morning we were getting our asses handed to us and had to turn a few people away. I probably worked 15 hours that day and 12 or so the day before. Did I also work 12 hours Friday last week?! Probably. What a bunch of crap! I felt wasted like Doc-J and 8-Ball from Full Metal Jacket Monday, but it wasn't a day off because I had some things to do. I probably "only" worked 6 hours Monday, though. By Tuesday I was feeling better. I wasn't sick Monday, I was just drained. These busy weekends really wear us out so at least we will get a little break thanks to the garbage winter weather tomorrow. I doubt we'll have to work that hard tomorrow when sales will totally suck. Hell we might even close early if things stay crappy into the dinner-hour.

My tax season is about 70% done. I think? I have a tax return to work on now that has taken me quite some time to research. I have these clients who formed an LLC for rental properties. Then they formed another LLC so one LLC pays the other or something like that. I might not even do their taxes, I might send them down the road to someone who has the precious... precious time to spend on it. However, I've come this far so I probably will keep them and just get it done. I need to file a partnership tax return before I can even do their personal taxes. What a bunch of crap!

If the restaurant can keep growing I won't need the money so I can haul on these extra complicated tax clients. Most of the ones I do are easy, but every year I get a couple turds in the proverbial punch-bowl. The difficult ones pay well, but it's a matter of time management.

^The complicated tax clients are (thankfully) few and far between for my loser-ass. An LLC that pays an LLC... all I wanna know is why? Why the fuck is that necessary? I was a scumlord for 18 years and I never had a friggin' LLC. I probably should have, though. Hehehehe.

I will be glad when tax season ends so I can just focus on the restaurant and some projects around the house.

Oh, we had a $26,000 loan for the restaurant that we just paid off three days ago. Oh Jesus hell ya! We took out the loan last August, and I projected it would take 9 months to pay off. Our credit card/POS provider offered it to us. At first we said NO because the interest rate was high, but then we realized we were going to go out of business if we didn't get more precious... precious money so we did it. The loan was for $23.500, but we had to pay back just over $26k at a rate of 5% of credit card sales. Thanks to business picking up we got it paid off in only 7 months so now we'll have extra money that will *hopefully* keep a roof over our heads as well as keep the restaurant going. We've been hovering around break-even for the past several months so all we need is a little bit to start paying down our own debt to... ourselves.

We were on pace to have our best month of sales, ever. However, tomorrow's huge storm will likely crush that hope. It should still be a very good month, though. We lose Sunday the 31st as well due to Easter. We're not opening on Easter. F that! We tried being open on Easter a couple years ago and it was a bunch of crap. I'd rather have a rare and much-needed day off.



Thursday, 3-14-24: My stupid banner.
I haven't changed the layout of this bootleg site that almost no one ever reads since... forever! For the first year or two it was even more ghetto than it is now. Then someone, and I can't even remember who it was, made me a sweet bootleg banner that I still use to this day. Was it Doug? Might have been Lizzie? Hell if I know, but when it was made I was a totally different person in a way different place in life. Was it a better place? Yes and no, if that makes sense. I have things now that make me happier (like an awesome wife), but I have things now that suck like a couple stupid fucking cats.

When was this banner made? I'm guessing at least 15 years ago. Wow my loser-ass is getting old. Let's look at it here:

Okay, what's obsolete about this crappy banner? Life goes on and things change. I still love DEF LEPPARD. Best band, ever! If you don't love Def Leppard then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. They had some garbage albums like that total, bootleg piece of shit called Songs from the Sparkle Lounge. However, phenomenal albums like Pyromania, Adrenalize, and of course the all-time greatest album ever made, Hysteria more than make up for that trash-heap album. There has never been a better 3-album stretch than what Def Leppard was able to put together from the mid-80s through 1991. Ratt came close with Out of the Cellar, Invasion of your Privacy, and Dancing Undercover. Poison came close with Look What the Cat Dragged in, Open up and Say Ahhhh, and Flesh and Blood, but it doesn't quite reach Def Leppard's heights. (Honorable mention to Bruce Hornsby as well for his late 80s/early 90s albums.)

I still love Teddy Grahams, and Honey Teddy Grahams are the best. I rotate among them all including chocolate, cinnamon, and chocokatly chip (mulatto thanks Gavin). I still love The Goonies (best movie of all-time!), I still love Rambo and Stallone, and I still use the gym. Funny how I never drink Natty Light anymore though. Now it's more coffee brandy and milk. I obviously don't work at FedEx, but at the time that was my job. Haven't done the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race in a long time, but that was a big part of my life back then as well. I still like the Red Sox, but I'm not as devout as a fan as I was back then. If I look close I also see The Terminator and Robocop hahaha!


If I had to make a banner today, and trust me that is NOT happening because I have a medical condition knows as NFT (No fuckin' talent), I would only change/update a couple things. I'd put a Mr. Boston coffee brandy bottle in place of the Natty can and, well, maybe that's all I'd change hehehe. Probably also would want a photo of my wife in there, but she might not approve of that so nevermind. Of course she's a huge part of my life now, and back then I never knew she existed.

Oh, I'd also put a little screen-shot of AOEII in there somewhere because I used to love playing that game. Haven't played it in a decade now, and might not ever play it again, but I hope I can. Maybe also a little shot of Super Mario Bros in there, SMB III, Super Mario Wii, whatever. Super Mario Wii is a FUCKING AWESOME video game. I should play video games more. One day I will work less and play video games more and then I'll be too old and I'll just die.

Do I care if I die? NOPE. I've had a great life so when it's time to say goodbye I'll gladly do it. No one can outlast death, at least no one I've ever known or heard of. Once I thought living to be 100 would be cool, but then my grandfather was 93 and he was more than ready to check out. Papa was FUCKING AWESOME. My Grammy was great, too. So were my grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa, on Mom's side of the family. I remember visiting Papa near the end of his life when he was in the hospital. I said something like "Get better so you can live to be 100." and he replied in a jovial yet-probably serious tone "Why the hell would I want to live to be 100? No booze, no strippers." That has stayed with me all these years because I got the point. He was being funny, but I get it. Living just to stay alive = what a bunch of crap! He was in pain then and just all done with life. I don't want that for anyone.

Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me plays on channel 1928. So funny! This is a great song, my favorite song for most of 1988, but it's far from their best song. Not even top 25. Honestly every song on their Hysteria album is better as are a few from their other albums. I say the same thing about Ratt's Round and Round, though. Songs you've just heard 100,000 times on the radio lose their luster a bit, right?

What is Def Leppard's best song? It's hard to say because that's like choosing between a chocolate donut, a jelly donut, or a glazed donut. They all win! Pour Some Sugar on Me is definiitely a donut, the best food ever, but it's probably more like a plain or a sugar-coated donut. Great, but better choices are out there for the taking.



Wednesday, 3-13-24: Bye bye Tik Tok? Bye bye winter!
I don't really know what Tik Tok is, but I've seen stories in the news about congress trying to boot it out of the USA. I kinda know what it is, but I've never gone to their website. I guess it's like YouTube but owned by China? That's why congress wants to give it the big ol' cowboy boot. China is bad and USA is good, at least according to the media I'm exposed to. Is that accurate? I dunno, but probably because it seems obvious to most people that COVID came from China. They say bats, I say "what a bunch of crap!"

I don't personally have a problem with China, but they seems to be a communist place run by pinkos. At some point they'll annex Tawain so then the cheap electronic crap we buy will say "Made in China" instead of "Made in Tawain." hehehe. Does it matter? A lot of the stuff we buy now is made in China. I remember when I was a kid we learned that China had a shitload of people, probably too many, and they tied up womenss feet so they can't walk right... or something like that. Oh, they also taught us that Christopher Columbus was basically a god among men but now he doesn't even get his own holiday because he wasn't really that great... I guess?

What's my stance on Tik Tok?


Congress passes a ban so that means Tik Tok has 6 months to sell to someone else or to ggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! However, it hasn't passed in the Senate yet so who knows? Then, after that, puddin-head Biden has so sign off on it so oh geez to that.

I don't want to use Tik Tok. However, I will use Youtube once in a while to listen to awesome 80s songs.


I should go to their website right now to see what the hell it is, but nevermind frig that I don't want the Chinese Red Army to own my IP address hehehe.

Probably anyone who wants my IP address can get it because I don't know how to build a firewall. I can build a regular wall, but that's not a skill I'm needed for very often in life. Building a regular wall starts off easily enough because framing isn't too hard, but then you have to sheetrock, mud, tape, sand, F that.

^I used to build digital walls around my AOEII empires. Man I miss playing that game. I probably can't even run it on my computer anymore. What a bunch of crap!

In other news I figure my tax season is about 2/3 done. I had a client earlier this week who owed $40k to the IRS and state and laughed it off. OMG! She said she expected to owe more than that. Her taxes were quite complex, relatively speaking, so it was my most expensive one for the season and probably of all-time. I don't mean to crap on her because she is actually a really cool customer. I didn't even make $40k last year AHAHAHAHA. I just think it's funny. We would have owed around $80k last year thanks to selling Allen Rd, but the restaurant was such a financial shit-show for so long that we had losses, huge losses, to offset that gain.

Now the restaurant is actually proving it can make a go of it. We got CRUSHED tonight for a few hours. Like, Friday night dinner-rush crushed. I finished meeting with one of my great friends for a tax appointment and then after that it was game on at work. I thought I could come home and drink coffee brandy and milk because we added extra staff at work, but no way I could leave the place when it was total annihilation. Sales are GREAT today. It was probably our best Wednesday dinner-rush of all-time not including holidays of course. Nice weather helped. 52 degrees this afternoon with lots of sun. This time of year great weather helps sales whereas in summer great weather can hurt sales. It's still too cold for going to the lake, backyard BBQs, going to camp, etc.

I did make time to have a nice lunch with my awesome wife and go for a mid-late PM jog today. Went 1.67 miles and was slow, but it's an improvement over the 1 mile jog/walk I've done a few other times this year. Winter appears to have ended way early so that's great! I've done a few outdoor jogs, but I'll keep the treadmill set up in case I need it next week since it will be colder for a bit. Not arctic cold, but 35-40 with wind = DO NOT WANT TO JOG OUTSIDE. Even today at 52 in the sun with a N breese felt chilly at times. What a bunch of crap! I had to wear my little hat because I only weigh 142 pounds so the cold gets me fast.

There's no snow at all in the extended forecast. Maybe a few wet flakes at times over the weekend? Nothing expected to stick. We can get late March/early April snowstorms that dump a foot of snow, but storms then are a joke because it's all gone in a few days or less. Winter is over! Goodbye winter, one of the easiest winters we've ever had, you will not be missed. Living here in the winter sucks. A lot. Maybe one day the restaurant can make out investment back so we can winter in a warmer place. Maybe? Hopefully!

Last year the St. Patrick's Day week of March was the best week of sales we've ever had. Of course the massive drinking holiday was on a Friday so that helped. This year it's a Sunday so we don't know what to expect. We think it will be a great week, and it's off to a great start. I'm hoping some people will come celebrate it Friday, more will celebrate it Saturday, and more will celebrate it Sunday so we're busy all three days but not totally overwhelmed. Last year we got our asses handed to us the Friday on St. Patrick's Day. Since St. Patrick's Day is a Sunday this year we think we will be busy, but not 100% packed full that night. Hard to know since we've only been open for three years, though. Hopefully a lot of people come during the day to drink and spend their precious... precious money. They sure did tonight!

I think it will be a very busy weekend of work so I'm mentally trying to gear up for it. Tomorrow and Friday during the day I have some tax stuff to do, but not a crazy amount. I have a couple clients late AM/midday Saturday and then it's time to focus on the restaurant for a couple days. I haven't even worked on our taxes at all lately. What a bunch of crap! Oh well, the IRS extended our deadline to June 17 due to massive December storms that caused so much damage so I don't feel compelled to rush the process. We won't owe too much this year since we're poor from restaurant expenses. Being poor = what a bunch of crap!

Oh awesome, great finish to the night as Pet Shop Boys comes on the 1980s channel, Suburbia. Almost every time I hear the Pet Shop Boys I'm listening to either West End Girls or What Have I Done (to Deserve This?) but this one is a hidden gem that is a total win. If you don't like any Pet Shop Boys songs then I hate you. I probably hate you anway, but I'll hate you a little more. 1980s synth is epic. The end.



Thursday, 3-07-24: Up kinda late again, but bedtime soon.
It's halftime for the Celtics-Nuggets game in Denver. It was a late 2200 EST start time so I don't know if I can stay up until after midnight to see the end or not. Denver is winning, 60-54. What a bunch of crap! The Celtics have the best record in the NBA, but they're on the road against a fantastic team.

President Pudding-Head Biden was giving a "State of the Union" speech earlier and I watched a little bit of it during commercial breaks from the NBA game. The presidential "State of the Union" addresses are the biggest scams, ever. No matter whether or not I like the president (and I certainly hate this one) it's the same shit over and over. President shows up, gets highly applauded over and over again, says things that will mostly never happen, gets way too many standing ovations, the end. The entire thing is a giant bunch of crap! It's like one giant televised dick-sucking session where everyone in the House of Reps/congress gets to clap for the president 100 times in an hour, give or take. It's fuckin' TERRIBLE!

Biden belongs here:


I don't reall undertand the Sarlaac Pit from Star Wars. It's fuckin' awesome and if you disagree with me then I hate you. I probably hate you anyway, but I'll hate you a little more. It's a fantastic bad-guy-thing even though it doesn't make sense. It's a pit in the middle of the desert with some evil tentacle-thing that somehow lives there. How does it survive? How does it get enough food IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DEESERT?! Maybe Jabba the Hutt fed it well. the Rancor got fed well until Luke Sywalker came along and pwned it with a bone, a rock, and THE FORCE.

That last paragraph makes me want to watch Return of the Jedi again. What a great movie! The last great Star Wars movie from back in 1983. The new ones suck. A lot. Rogue One wasn't too bad, but it's ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five-pound bag when compared to the 1977-1983 original trilogy.

Oh, somehow Bobba Fett lived and apparently he's not really a heel. At least according to the Disney Channel version of Bobba Fett.

All the analysts are now talking about Biden's speech. Fox News hated it, and that's par for the course. I should see what CNN has to say before halftime ends and I flip back to the Celtics...

Oh great, CNN has Nancy Pelosi on. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! Just look at this fuckin' chick. She represents everything wrong in American politics today. She's a piece of shit. One time she ripped up Trump's "State of the Union" speech directly after his speech for the world to see and that was terrible. I gather she said it was "one of the best speeches, ever."


According to CNN Biden isn't cognatively busted, he just has a stutter that he's mostly learned how to master of the course of 50 years in politics. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A GODS DAMNED JOKE! HEY CNN LOOK AT THE GUY HE'S 81 YEARS OLD WITH ONE FOOT ON A BANANA PEEL AND ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE AND HE'S THE DEMOCRATIC FRONT-RUNNER TRYING TO GET ANOTHER 4 YEARS HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I can't take this anymore so it's back to baseketball. 70-68 Denver, really close game, but I really don't want to stay up another hour to see the end. I used to not really enjoy watching the NBA, but I've grown quite fond of it over the past few years. My only gripe is at times there are too many fouls called. Another big gripe: when the game is close in the final couple minutes it takes FOREVER for the game to end. Lots of time-outs, fouls, etc. What a bunch of crap! However, the NFL is guilty of the same thing and you can probably apply that across most professional sports.

I guess I won't have the chance to update this bootleg site that almost no one will ever read until next week. Weekends are just too damn busy with work, especially at tax time when I have not only the restaurant but also tax clients. I've prepared close to 90 tax returns now, but I have 18 of those in a holding-pattern awaiting final payment and/or review. This really hasn't been a bad week at all as far as work, and I even had precious... precious time earlier to be caught up and research dessert cases for the restaurant. Hopefully at some point soon we can get a nice display case for the front for some of our desserts so we can sell more of them. Right now we keep them out back and just have them on the menu, but it people see then they will buy more of them. Maybe? Hopefully!



Wednesday, 3-06-24: Icehouse and politics.
I watched some Gold Rush before I came to this bootleg site to write my useless thoughts to almost no one. I put on channel 1928, 1980s and here is Icehouse Electric Blue. WHAT A FUCKING AWESOME SONG. If you disagree with me I obviously hate you, but I might hate you already hehe. Can I name any other song Icehouse ever sang? NOPE! One-hit wonder band defined. This song is really great, and it's from 1987 when there was no Internet (wtf was that in 1987 in rural Maine?) and when I probably didn't even know what Super Mario Bros was yet.

Yes, I am aware Super Mario Bros was from before then, but we were kinda poor and owning a NES was a friggin' miracle that I believe was provided to us by Aunt Taresa or maybe Grammy and Papa? Hell, I can't remember. Maybe Dad worked extra OT to buy us one from "Santa Claus" but probably not and that's okay because Dad taught me more useful life-skills like how to go kill animals. Sounds crass when I write it that way, but I mean it with the utmost respect because everone should have that skill. When you can go into the woods and harvest wildlife you can eat, and you need to eat in order to live, you're doing ok. Berries and garden shit doesn't get the job done, sorry vegans.

I fast-forwarded through a January episode of Gold Rush after I watched some Fox News. They talked about how much of a piece of shit Biden is and by how much Trump pwned the "Super Tuesday" primary races last night. His lone competitor, Nikki Haley, washed out like a turd washes out of a Mansfield toilet bowl. Now it's Trump vs. Biden again for the 2024 election, and it's a fucking joke yet beautiful all rolled into one. Biden can eat the peanuts out of my sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt. Worst president, ever? I still give the nod to Obama because fuck that guy. Not because he was black either, I don't care about that, but because his loser-ass made people get health insurance. He fuckin' mandated it. OMG WHO DOES THAT?! Plus he picked Biden as his VP HAHAHA WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!


I called Mom and talked to her for about 45 minutes earlier. I haven't talked to my parents in about 4 weeks what a bunch of crap! I have texted with Mom some here and there, but this is my busy season and they know it. They already got their taxes done so I'm relieved to not have to do their taxes. I used to do them, but then I fired them a couple years ago when we had a family rift. Mom hates my wife so that sucks. A lot. I don't even call Mom when I'm around Kat anymore because it's just too awkward sitting next to my awesome wife talking to my Mom when I know they are pretty much enemies. Fuck my life. Whose fault is all of that?

MINE. I should award that fail-trophy pictured above to myself, but putting it on here twice in one update seems dumb so I'll just post this instead:


Hopefully this will be the year I fail... less? If we can make money that will qualify as less of a failer. If not I guess I'm all done. So far sales are up 20% at the restaurant year-over-year so that's a huge relief. However, it's also a lot of work. A LOT. 20% has no perspective so I'll just say it's a lot. It's enough so we can pay our bills on time for the first time ever. Our 3-year anniversary is only 11 days away so that one will be fun. It will be TONS of work that weekend because it's also St. Patrick's Day weekend. How will sales be? Probably damn good. Maybe? Hopefully! We should have a loan paid off by around then so that will also help our finances by a lot.

Tax season is about 2/3 done. I haven't even worked on our taxes at all, but we have until June so I don't feel rushed. A new guy called yesterday waanting his taxes done, but I shut that shit down. I gave him a referral to the person who taught me how to do taxes because she's fantastic and I'm borderline overwhelmed most of the time. I don't advertise, I dont even have a website anymore, and I try to tell my regulars not to refer me to anyone. I did take on new clients a couple weeks ago, and I won't be doing much more of that. Every year I lose a few clients who either die, move away, don't need to file anymore, or think I suck. I've never actually had clients tell me I suck hahaha! 90%+ retention rate seems awesome to me. If I can stay around 150 for the season that's pretty good, I think. A lot of those only take 20-30 minutes, but then I get shit like this from people:

"2023 I will be able to claim my youngest son Luke who is 18 and still in highschool."


No problems only solutions (thanks, Bruce) I just raise the price more for using up more of my precious... precious time sorting out how some rando kid appears out of thin air. This same client has an electric bill for a residential property with this number: electric $2,70558


I asked her what that meant and this was her reply: "XXXXX Street electric bill is high because there is a heat pump in each unit and it’s used for AC in the summer and heat in the winter time and I pay electric now."

Okay, great. Thanks for the NOTHING update. It's more of The Nothing than The Nothing that took the beautiful lake from the Rock Biters in the North in The Neverending Story. HEY LADY WHAT WAS THE ELECTRIC BILL I KNOW IT WASN'T 270 FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR ONE YEAR GODS DAMN IT. HOW ABOUT YOU ACTUALLY READ MY QUESTION AND COME UP WITH A REAL NUMBER I CAN USE.

Price goes up again. Hey, I'm actually winning on this one!

Alright turds, all two of you who read this bootleg site of mine, I guess I'm all done for the night. When will I be back to write my useless thoughts to almost no one again? Who knows because I'm busy all the time. It's my own fault, too. What a bunch of crap!

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